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A Collection of 6 Books All On German Army Uniforms & Insignia Of WW2. BO 1045 - BO 1045
A collection of 6 books on insignia badges of WW2. The first book, 'German Military Uniforms and Insignia 1967' by W.E. Inc. this book is fully illustrated with black and white plates and sketches. The second, 'Collectors Guide To The Military Badges, Medals and Decorations Of The Third Reich' book by S & R Ross, published in 1969. The third, 'Handbook On German Army Identification 1943' by the US Military Intelligence Training Centre. The fourth, 'German Army war Badges of World War Ii' book by Jamie Cross and Gordon Williamson published in 2002 and is a limited edition of 1,000. The fifth, 'German Identity Discs of World War Two' book by Michael & Ian Burrows, published in 1995. The sixth, 'A Collectors Guide To The History and Uniforms Of Das Heer, The German Army 1933-45' book by Chris Ellis. All of these books are out of print now and becoming difficult to find. The price includes UK delivery. BO 1045

Original, Vietnam War Era 1966-1967 U.S. Army Issue Uniform Shirt With Sgt’s Insignia ‘Theatre Embroidered 'Cam Ranhbay' (Air Base) With Mottos, Colourful Map Of Vietnam & U.S.A.A.F Pilot’s Type C-1 Survival Vest By Breslee Mfg Co & Accessories. Sn 11271 - 11271
During the Vietnam War it was common practise for American Soldiers to decorate their uniform & equipment with mottos and imagery. This original Vietnam War Era U.S. Army Issue Uniform Shirt has metal Sgt’s Insignia at the collar and contemporaneously ‘Theatre Embroidered ‘Cam Ranhbay' (Cam Ranh Air Base is located on Cam Ranh Bay in the province of Khanh Hoa, Vietnam. It was one of several South Vietnamese Air Force (VNAF) air bases built and used by the United States Air Force during the Vietnam War). Also 'Fighter By Day Lover By Night Drunkard By Choice Ready To Fight’, Dated 66 & 67 (1966 & 1967) With a colourful map of Vietnam Territories ‘Hanoi, Laos Camboi, Saigon’ together with neighbouring territories and possibly battle engagements. All material of the shirt is clean and intact and it has all of its original green plastic buttons. The shirt is approx. UK size 40” Chest. The olive green nylon Pilot’s escape/ survival vest is without rear mesh panels. All stitching and material are intact. The vest has an excellent manufacturer’s label ‘ Vest Emergency Sustenance Type C-1 Specification No. 3205 Order No. W33-038AC6639’ Breslee Mfg Co Property Air Forces U.S. Army’. The inside of the Vest is also stamped with The Army Air Forces Winged Star roundel, The front of the vest also has the blue, red and white printed Army Air Forces badge. The vest has an integral open top pistol holster with retaining strap and press stud fastener. It has many pockets of various sizes all with press stud fasteners individually ink stamped with the survival equipment they are meant to contain. The pockets are empty apart from 2 which contain their original correct cork edged signalling mirror holed for lanyard and a glass bottle with metal screw top lid and label marked ‘Halazone Water Purification Tablets’ with instructions for use. The bottle appears unopened and contains a large quantity of small white tablets (we cannot guarantee the nature of the bottle contents and advise that they are for display only and not for use/consumption). Price for this interesting Vietnam USAAF set no doubt owned by a USAAF pilot stationed at Cam Ranh Air Base during the Vietnam War includes UK delivery. Sn 11271

Original British NATO Airborne/ Parachutists Camouflaged Smock With Union Flag & Corporal Rank Insignia Size Code Height 190cms / Chest 112cms. (U 374) - U 374
This is an original British NATO Camouflaged Smock with elasticated cuffs, tail flap and full zip. It has its original green cotton label inside 'SMOCK PARACHUTISTS CG8415-99-132-4010Size Height 190 (cms) Chest 112 (cms)’ together with cleaning instructions. All material and stitching are in nice clean condition with no damage. The left sleeve bears a British Union Flag patch and the right a Corporal rank insignia patch. Its full zip works perfectly. The female part of the stud fastener on the left breast pocket flap is absent. Price includes UK delivery. U 374.

1949 Pattern British Royal Engineers Battledress to pte 22429557 By 'Fifty Shilling Taylors' Leeds Together With 1949 Pattern Uniform Trousers, Both Size 7. U 371 - U 371
An excellent 1949 Pattern British Royal Engineers Blouson Battledress and trousers. The battledress has "Royal Engineers" shoulder titles on both shoulders along with Royal Engineers shoulder patches. Inside it has a makers label Fifty Shilling Taylors' size 7 height 5' 8", the rest is illegible. The inside of the battledress has a WD ink stamp and hand written in ink "22429557". It is in clean undamaged condition with all buttons and buckle present. Included is a pair of matching original 1949 pattern uniform trousers. The trousers have a label inside "Trousers 1949 Pattern Size 7 Height 5' 7"-5' 8" Waist 36"-37" Williams & Sons Ltd." along with a hand written ink "22429557" to match the Battledress. The trousers have all of the buttons and buckles. The trousers are clean and undamaged and intact. The price includes UK delivery. U 371

WW2 British Royal Marines Officer's Uniform Service Tunic Jacket With Royal Marines & Lieutenant Rank Insignia. Sn 10564:2 - 10564:2
This is an excellent Royal Marines Officer's Service Tunic Jacket. The Khaki Tunic is clean & undamaged. It is single breasted with open collar, pleated chest pockets, Plain lower bag pockets and false turn back slant cuffs. All pockets have flap covers. The epaulettes bear the single star insignia of Lieutenant. All of the Tunic's blackened Kings Crown 'Royal Marines' Regiment buttons and 'Globe With Wreath' badges are present. The Epaulettes also have 'Royal Marine 'R.M' plates. The Tunic's lining is clean and intact. The body of the Tunic has brass belt bars. It is approx UK size 38" Chest. Included is it's detachable khaki belt with buckle. Price for this excellent piece of Uniform to a distinguished Regiment includes UK delivery. Sn 10564:2

WW2 Japanese Soldier's Uniform Khaki Tunic With Pouch Containing A Tin Of WW2 Printed & Hand Painted Japanese Script 'Good Luck' Messages. Sn 10427 - 10427
This is an original WW2 Japanese Soldier's Uniform Khaki Tunic With Pouch Containing A Tin Of WW2 Printed & Hand Painted Japanese Script 'Good Luck' Messages. The small Uniform tunic which is approx. UK size 34" chest, has all of it's original brass buttons and collar hooks. It has 2 Chest pockets with flaps and all material is clean. The body of the tunic has some service wear and a 1" tear above the left chest pocket which could easily be repaired. The inside of the tunic has original Japanese ink script stamps (illustrated) and the collar a faint ink stamp 'j.8008'. The tunic is accompanied by a small khaki cloth pouch with black cord draw string which is threaded through a single red bead. The outside of the pouch has faint ink stamped Japanese script characters. The pouch which is undamaged contains a green metal tin with hinged lid which has Japanese script on a white background. The tin contains a number of small pieces of cloth, paper, card and wood all of which have either printed or hand written Japanese Script, no doubt messages of Good Luck given to the War Time owner of Tunic by Friends and family (it was common practice for Japanese troops to carry good luck messages from friends and family into battle, to ward off danger). Price for this nice WW2 Japanese piece includes UK delivery. Sn 10427

Original WW2 WD Marked British Army No.2 Camouflaged Leather Jerkin By Fink & Sons. Sn 9984. - 9984
This is an excellent condition original British Army Camouflaged Tan leather Jerkin. It is made of rugged, supple 'Shaded Tan' leather which has some Green Camouflage colouring. The Jerkin has superb reinforced stitching around the edges, arm holes and button holes. It has it's original 4 large brown coloured buttons which are secure and have their original stitching. It has a thick khaki cloth lining with leather reinforcement patches stitched into the armpit areas and behind the buttons. The front of the Jerkin has contemporary white paint handwritten lettering 'Wackie Liverpool'. The liner has a stitched label with manufacturer and size details with a War Dept arrow, printed in ink 'JERKINS, LEATHER, N0.2, Size No 2, Height 5' 7" to 5'10" Breast Over Jacket 37" ins to 43" Fink & Sons'. Other faint unreadable lettering is also present. The bottom of the label has contemporary blue ink hand written lettering 'S.S. Forster'. Price includes UK delivery. Sn 9984

1949 Pattern British Coldstream Guards Battledress to RSM Rossitter By Bloom Ltd, Manchester, With Brass Crown Cuff Insignia & WW2 Medal Ribbons Together With WW2 Pattern Uniform Shirt. U 370 - U 370
An excellent 1949 Pattern British Coldstream Guards Blouson Battledress. It has "Coldstream Guards" shoulder titles on both shoulders. It has sewn on WW2 medal ribbons and brass Crown Regimental Sgt Major cuff Insignia on both sleeves. Inside it has a clear makers label 'B. Bloom Ltd Miles Platting M/cr ' size 13 height 5' 11" to 6'0", breast 38" to 39" and waist 33" to 34". The inside of the battledress has a WD ink stamp ' W arrow D M 502' and hand written ink 'Sgt Rossitter'. It is in clean undamaged condition with all buttons and buckle present. Included is an original WW2 pattern Uniform shirt made of heavy olive green cotton material. The Shirt has long sleeves and all material stitching and buttons are clean undamaged and intact. The collar of the shirt has a washed out manufacturer's / size label which has no visible detail apart from a faint WD arrow. It is approx UK size 14 1/2"- 15" collar. Price includes UK delivery. U 370

UNAVAILABLE UNAVAILABLE 1903 Dated Cameronians (Scottish Rifles) Other Ranks Undress Tunic By Compton & Sons. Sn 9286 - 9286
For nearly 300 years the Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)fought everywhere from the jungle swamps of the Far East to the frozen lands of Northern Europe. They took part in every campaign from the days of Marlborough and Wellington to Dunkirk, El Alamein and beyond. This is an excellent clean & undamaged Other Ranks Undress Tunic to the Cameronians. It is made of heavy dark blue/ rifle green serge material. It has Black Victoria Crown buttons, false gauntlet cuffs, loops and pocket flaps all edged with black braid. The epaulettes are embroided 'SR' (Scottish Rifles). The tunic has never been fitted with collar badges. The inside of the tunic has an excellent paper label 'Compton & Sons' & dated 1903 with additional detail (all illustrated). The tunic is approx UK size 36" Chest. Price includes UK delivery. Sn 9286

British 1949 Pattern, Lance Corporal's, Portsmouth Grammar School Combined Cadet Force (CCF), Northern Section, Battledress Blouson Jacket By Bloom Ltd, Manchester. U 365. - U 365
Founded in 1732 Portsmouth Grammar School has, throughout it's history, maintained a Combined Cadet Force (CCF). This comprises the Army, Royal Air Force and Royal Navy. Each section has its own residential camps based around the country. This is an excellent original British 1949 Pattern Battledress Blouse Tunic To Portsmouth Grammar CCF. It is clean, undamaged with all material, stitching and buttons in tact. Both epaulettes are mounted with slip on removeable blue cloth bands. The shoulders are mounted with blue patches embroided in gold 'Northern GS' (Northern Grammar Section) & 'CCF Portsmouth'. Both arms bear Lance Corporal stripe rank insignia. The left shoulder is fitted with an original cord lanyard with end loops. The inside of the blouse has an excellent white label printed in black ink '1949 pattern, Size 9' with additional size information and retailer detail 1954 date & War Dept arrow (all illustrated). Price includes UK delivery. U 365.
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