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Antique Cannon

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SOLD SOLD (13/06) British, Late 18th, Early 19th Century, Fo’c’sle Deck Gun for a Merchant Ships Defence Deck Cannon on a Wooden Display Stand. Sn - 21819
In the late 18th and early 19th Century merchant ships carried a swivelling deck gun on the forecastle of the ship as a defence against marauding pirates boarding their ship. These guns were simple in design but effective and were fired by a lighted match. This is a British swivelling deck gun from the late 18th and early 19th Century. The gun is made from cast iron and measures 35” in length with a 20 inch barrel. The bore of approximately 1.25 inches. The gun would have had an iron mounting spike on the bottom of the forged mounting bracket and the two arms were secured to the barrel by lugs either side of the barrel by forging. The cylindrical cannon barrel has a slight taper, increasing from the muzzle to the touch hole. The cannon is complete with a later hard wood display stand which measures 18” x 5 ½ “ x 4”. The cannon including its stand weighs 14.12 Kg. The price for this cannon with stand includes UK delivery. N.B. As an antique black powder cannon no licence is required to own this item in the UK if retained as part of a collection or display. Sn 21819

SOLD SOLD (13/06) Victorian, Cast Iron Signal Cannon Fitted on a Wooden Carriage with Cast Iron Wheels. Sn - 21818
This is a Victorian cast iron signal cannon fitted onto a naval type carriage with cast iron wheels. This type of cannon was popular in Victorian times for starting yacht races. The cannon barrel measures 27 inches in length and has a tapering multi-stage cast iron barrel with raised mouldings and bell-shaped muzzle. The touch hole is centred on a raised lip and has 8 inch wide plain trunnions. The barrel has a knob shaped cascabel with a top loop for ropes to arrest the recoil which was mainly a naval feature. The barrel is fitted on a stepped wooden carriage with 4 cast iron wheels, the front wheels being 5 inches in diameter and the rear ones 4 inches in diameter. The carriage measures 12 inches tall and 15 ½ inches long. The total length of the cannon is 27 inches. The price includes UK delivery. N.B. As an antique black powder cannon no licence is required to own this item in the UK if retained as part of a collection or display. Sn 21818

1/12 Scale Model of a Long Nine Naval Cannon c.1812. Sn - 21608:13
This is an excellent 1/12 scale model of a British long nine naval cannon. Long nine cannons referred to a full length naval canon as opposed to a cannonade, the longer barrel giving it a much longer range. The cannons were fitted to 74 gun ships of the line in the bow and the stern in order to manoeuvre the extra length. This model carries a brass plaque inscribe THE LONG NINE CIRCA 1812 SCALE 1 INCH TO 1 FOOT MADE TO THE ORDER OF Mrs IVY COCKER JANUARY 1974. The models brass barrel measures 11 inches long and sits on a wheeled carriage with an elevation screw and cannon balls. The wooden base measures 12 inches by 6 inches. The cannon is for display purposes only and the price includes U.K. delivery. (Stockroom R Hand Shelf with Tripods) Sn 21608:13

Original DISPLAY ONLY, Small, 19th Century Oriental Cast Bronze Lantaka Merchant Ship Defence Deck / Rigging Cannon With Wooden Display Stand. Sn 21180 - 21180
Lantaka were a type of bronze cannon mounted on merchant vessels travelling the waterways of Malay Archipelago in the 1800’s. Their use was greatest in precolonial South East Asia especially in Malaysia, the Philippines, and Indonesia. The guns were used to defend against pirates. Many of these beautiful guns were mounted on swivels and were known as swivel guns. Small examples could be mounted in rigging and be fired hand held by Ship’s crew. This is an excellent original 19th Century Cast bronze Lantaka Swivel Cannon. It is 17 ½” in length indicating it would have been deployed in the rigging or used as a hand held weapon by crew. It has a ¾” bore at the muzzle opening. It has the correct 2” bronze mounting spike with cast curved arms secured to the barrel by lugs either side of the barrel. The spike is intact and has no damage. The cannon barrel is stepped to octagonal at the breech and it has a flared ornate muzzle. The barrel has fixed sights which are incorporated into the cast design which features stylised designs. Its aiming handle is hollow for adding an additional wood handle. The barrel is open and it has its original open touch hole. The Lantaka is complete with a later hard wood display stand which is 8”x3 ¾”x3 ¾”. The top of the stand is holed and fits the cannon’s spike snugly. The Lantaka including stand weighs 4.040 Kg. The price for this historic Lantaka with stand which would make a superb display / conversation piece includes UK delivery. N.B. As an antique black powder cannon no licence is required to own this item in the UK if retained as part of a collection or display. Sn 21180

SOLD SOLD (09/02) Winchester USA Model 1898, 1901 Patent 10 Gauge Antique Obsolete Calibre Breech Loading Black Powder Blank Firing Signal Cannon On Wheeled Carriage With Copies Of Articles Related To Winchester Cannon Specifications. Sn 18680 - 18680
This is an excellent original Winchester 1901 Patent 10 Gauge Black Powder Signal Cannon. The 10 gauge, Winchester Breech Loading Signal Cannon was designed and patented by Charles H. Griffith for the Winchester Repeating Arms Company in 1901. The cannon were first offered for sale in the March 1903 Winchester Catalogue. These cannon emitted loud noise and smoke & were used to start yacht races. Accompanying the cannon is a copy of articles on these cannon detailing their development, specifications and use. The steel cannon barrel of our example is 12” long and has the post 1908 thicker muzzle barrel diameter of 1 ¼” which was introduced to replace the earlier, rarer 1” muzzle barrel diameter which were often damaged by being mishandled in transit when users picked up the cannon by the rear of the carriage causing muzzles often to make contact with the floor. Its smooth bore has just staining and residue consistent with age and use. The metal work has black paint finish. The underside of the barrel & trunnion have matching numbers 301. The gun has London Black Powder proofs indicating period UK import from the USA. The breach mechanism with hinged hatch and hammer mechanism is in working order. Attached to the firing mechanism is its original pull cord with wood toggle handle which doubles as a muzzle plug. These cannon are for blank cartridges only and are “NOT FOR BALL”. The barrel has faint Winchester manufacturer detail Patent information and calibre (illustrated). The cast iron wheeled carriage has cast correct cast markings “W. R. A. Co, Trade Mark, Registered in U. S. A.”. The price includes UK delivery. NB As an antique, obsolete calibre black powder signal cannon no licence is required to own this item in the UK if retained as part of a collection or display. Sn 18680

EXTREMELY RARE, IMPRESSIVE, ORIGINAL, NAPOLEONIC BRITISH PENINSULAR WAR ERA, 1 ½ Pounder Cannon On English Heritage Supervised Professionally Restored Peninsular War Portuguese Allies Wheeled Oak Field Carriage With All Original Period Iron Fittings. - 15398
The Peninsular War (1807–1814) was a military conflict between Napoleon's Empire (as well as the allied powers of the Spanish Empire), the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland and the Kingdom of Portugal, for control of the Iberian Peninsula during the Napoleonic Wars. The war began when the French and Spanish armies invaded and occupied Portugal in 1807, and escalated in 1808 when France turned on Spain, previously its ally. The war on the Peninsula lasted until the Sixth Coalition defeated Napoleon and is regarded as one of the first wars of National liberation. During the Peninsular war Britain supplied its ally Portugal with arms including artillery pieces to assist the war effort. This original Georgian 1 ½ pounder field cannon was found in the early 1980’s on its Portuguese form wheeled carriage indicating that this cannon was one of those supplied to Portugal by Britain during the Peninsular war. These Cannon were often pulled / transported by Mules to and around the battle field. Although the cannon itself and all of the carriage’s original metal work was found to be in excellent condition for its age the woodwork had to a great extent perished. To the credit of the finder, they understood the historical significance of this artillery piece and consulted with English Heritage who supplied detailed plans of period artillery carriage construction & with their advice and supervision made an exact reproduction of the woodwork in Oak. The carriage is mounted with a brass plate inscribed ‘carriage made by A.C Cruse Ipplepen Devon April 1982’. All of the original iron fittings including many iron pyramid studs, bolts, nuts, wheel rims, elevation adjustment wheel, trunnion brackets, rope drag hooks, handling bars, strengthening frames, assembly pins and chains were then painstakingly re-fitted to the carriage to bring this superb artillery piece back to life. The cast iron cannon barrel itself measures 100cm length, the touch hole is open and the smooth bore clean. The top of the barrel has the George III crown as depicted on coins of the era and calibre detail ‘1 ½’ (Pounder). There are no visible proof marks on the cannon. The cannon has even patina, no rust and correct trunnions. The cannon sits securely on the carriage and is held in place by the correct removable iron trunnion plates with 4 chains and pins on the carriage which allows the barrel to be easily removed for inspection or transport. All metal work of the carriage has even patina and no rust. The Oak, spoked wheels with iron pyramid studded rims and iron supports are secured by the correct chains and pins, allowing the wheels to be easily removed for inspection or transport. The cannon including the carriage measures 2.1082 Metres overall length, 96.5 cms width from axle hub to axle hub and 73.5 cms height (diameter of wheels). This is a substantial, extremely rare, historic artillery piece and delivery will be by arrangement and at cost. Sn 15398

Large Iron Garden Cannons on Carriages - A 8
We have several large and very heavy ornamental garden cannons on carriages in black wrought iron. These look very nice in the garden. The price is for one but we do discount on pairs. ( Due to the weight UK delivery only by arrangement and at cost.)
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