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British Officers WW1 1915 Hallmarked Quality Silver Folding Cigarette Case By A and J Zimmerman - MISC 883
This is a quality good sized English Sterling silver British officers WW1 folding silver cigarette case made by A and J Zimmerman. The case measures 3 ½ inches square and is curved in shape. The case is kept closed by a spring strap and there are two elastic straps to keep the cigarettes secure when the case is carried and opened. The cigarette case has a vertical striped pattern engraved on the front and rear of the case together with a monogram J P McV engraved in the cartouche. The case weighs 4.32 ounces and has a gilt finish to the inside. The case is hallmarked sterling silver to A and J Zimmerman for the years 1915 to 1916. The price includes U.K. delivery. MISC 883

WW2 German MG34/MG42 Spent Cartridge Case Catcher - MISC 882
This is an original German WW2 MG34/42 spent cartridge case catcher. The catcher was fitted to the underside of the MG34/42 when used in a confined environment, eg inside a vehicle. This catcher is made of a steel frame with a coarse green cloth bag closed by 2 studs held to the frame by 6 rivets. Both the exterior circumference of the catcher and the stud holes are lined with leather edging sewn on. The steel frame retains much of its original green finish. The price includes U.K. delivery. MISC 882

WW2 British RAF Double Sided Silk Escape Map Number 44A For Burma And Siam (Thailand) - MISC 881
This is an unused WW2 British RAF double sided silk escape map number 44A, Sheets 44C and 44D, covering southern Burma and Siam (Thailand). These maps were issued to RAF personal that in the event of not being able to made it back to friendly territory had a means of planning their journey to freedom. This map is in an excellent unfaded unissued condition with no wear or holes. The map is coloured and the edges are not frayed. The price includes U.K Delivery. MISC 881

Operation Desert Storm, Flag, Safe Conduct Pass And Sadam Hussain Banknote - MISC 878
These are Operation Desert Storm bring back souvenirs. They consist of a Iraq national flag measuring 117cm x 78cm dating from 1991 to 2004 with Allah u Akbar (God is Great) printed in green across the centre and having a gold coloured sewn border. There is permit to pass (safe conduct pass) and an Iraq banknote with a picture of Sadam Hussain on the front. The price for this nice bring back souvenir collection includes U.K. delivery. MISC 878

British WW1 SMLE Rifle Bayonet Attachment, Trench Mirror - MISC 880
This is a rare WW1 British trench mirror for attaching to the tip of a bayonet for looking over a parapet. The mirror is has a swivel attachment with a small hole in it to fit on the tip of a bayonet to secure it. The glass mirror is intact and it retains most of its original khaki painted finish, but the metal mirror protecting cover has become detached at some time in its life. The price for this rare item includes U.K. delivery. MISC 880

SOLD SOLD (08/01) WW1 British Officers Original Issue, Officer's Cleaning Kit And Roll For The Webley Mk VI .455 Service Revolver By Lightwood & Sons Ltd. Birmingham - MISC 879
This is an original WW1 British issue officer's cleaning kit and roll for the Webley Mk VI .455 service revolver by Lightwood & Sons Ltd. Birmingham. The roll is made of coarse webbed canvas in green and has piped edges. The roll is stamped inside with "Lightwood & Sons Ltd. Birmingham" and is secured with a tie lace on the outside. Inside the roll there are 2 elasticated securing bands which are sewn to the roll containing two tins, two bristle pull through brushes, a brass jag and a brass tipped cleaning rod with a threaded end. One tin is empty and the other tin contains a full packet of Government size 4in" by 2in" cleaning patches. The two cleaning brushes and jag have brass threaded ends which screw onto the cleaning rod. The price for this hard to obtain item includes U.K. delivery. MISC 879

Operation Desert Storm, Two Flags, Multi National Force-Iraq Patch, Operation Telec Aide Memorie And Sadam Hussain Banknote. - MISC 877
These are Operation Desert Storm bring back souvenirs. They consist of a large Transitional Islamic State of Afghanistan flag, dating from 2002 – 2004, measuring 95 x 56cm with a yellow tasselled edge to three sides. There is a small Iraq national flag measuring 64cm x 36cm dating from 1991 to 2004 with Allah u Akbar (God is Great) printed in green across the centre. The cloth patch is for the Multi National Force Patch and is unissued. Operation Telec was the start to the British invasion of Iraq on the 19th March 2003 and British troops were issued with this aide memorie booklet. There is also a Iraqi banknote with a picture of Sadam Hussain on the front. The price for this nice bring back souvenir collection includes U.K. delivery. MISC 877 £250

British Officers WW1, 1918 Dated Complete Haversack Gas Mask, Case, Filter, Hose and Instruction Certificate. - MISC 876
This is a complete and rare WW1, 1918 dated British officers gas mask with its original khaki canvas haversack. The haversack is complete with its hose, nose clamp, mouthpiece, filter, filter ejection spring and an envelope containing the instructions dated 23rd October 1918, record of care and spare tape for repair. The haversack has a fine webbing strap and has a JE emblem and a number (30996OX) on the inside of the flap. The eye pieces are intact and there is the nose clamp and mouthpiece inside the mask. The canister retains some of its original green painted finish. The outside of the mask is stencilled in black with the number 3. The price includes U.K. delivery. MISC 876

SOLD SOLD (08/01) WW2 Era Junghans Nazi German Artillery Officer’s Stop Watch. Sn 18048:27 - 18048:27
This is an original, WW2 era Nazi German artillery officer’s stop watch. It has a nickel plated brass casing and glazed white face with 60 second counter and additional 30 second counter. The face is signed by the maker ‘Junghans’. The knurled winder at the top of the case is fitted with a lanyard ring. The rear of the case is crisply marked with german Army / Heer Eagle with Swastika above ‘Artl’ (Artillery). The stop watch is in fully working order. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 18048:27

WW1 1916 British WD Bonehill Birmingham No.3 British Army Bayonet Training Fencing ‘Musket’. Sn 18026. - 18026
This is an original British Army Bayonet Training Fencing Musket. These pieces of equipment were used to train recruits in the art of offensive and defensive bayonet techniques (WW1 era British Soldiers engaged in bayonet training with one of these muskets is illustrated in image 3). The Musket shaped device has a sprung steel fore end tube with round flat end cap which retracts into a steel sleeve to cushion impact during training. The ‘Musket’ has a wood stock with stippled steel butt plate. The stock is impressed ‘G.Bonehill Rifle Maker Birmingham’ and WW1 dated 1916. The ‘Musket’ measures 63 ½” overall. The fore end spring mechanism works correctly. The steel wrist block with stippled steel grip tang has WD inspection marks. The price for this interesting fully functional British WW1 dated bayonet training piece includes UK delivery. Sn 18026
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