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SOLD SOLD (11/09) Victorian British Leather Bound Flexible Cosh With Integral Weighted End & Wrist Cord. MISC 881. - MISC 881
This is an original Victorian era cosh. The cosh is tightly bound in plaited leather strips. The cosh measures 7 ¾” length and has a plaited leather wrist cord. The flexible shaft has weighted ‘club’ head. The price includes UK delivery. MISC 881

SOLD SOLD (11/09) Early 19th Century, Large British Royal Navy Bosun’s ‘Press Gang’ Cord Bound Flexible Cosh With Integral Weighted Ends & Wrist Cord. MISC 880 - MISC 880
Press gangs were well known for the physical force they used in recruiting men into the Royal Navy during the 17th and 18th centuries. It was, however, a practice which Parliament had first sanctioned several centuries earlier. The Crown claimed a permanent right to seize men of seafaring experience for the Royal Navy, and the practice was at various times given parliamentary authority. Impressment was vigorously enforced during the naval wars of the 18th century by Acts passed in 1703, 1705, 1740 and 1779. The men pressed into service were usually sailors in the merchant fleets, but might just as often be ordinary apprentices and labourers. During the wars with France from 1793 to 1815, an impress service operated in British coastal towns. Although further laws passed in 1835 upheld the power to impress, in practice it fell into disuse after 1815. This is an original early 19th Century cosh in the form used by Royal Navy Press gangs when ‘pressing’ men into Naval service. Those resisting ‘the press’ would often face assault and restraint to enforce their ‘recruitment’. The cosh is tightly bound in waxed cord. The cosh measures 13 ½” length and has a plaited wrist cord. The shaft has weighted ‘club’ head ends which double as pommel ends for striking and to assist grip. The price includes UK delivery. MISC 880

WW2 April 1945 Dated British WD Haggers & Daniels Ltd London ‘Outfit First Aid Large For Armoured Fighting Vehicles’ In Original Transit Tin Containing Original Un-Opened WD & WW2 Dated Packed Dressings By Various British Manufacturers. Sn 17693:2 - 17693:2
These WW2 first aid kits were carried in British tanks and other armoured fighting vehicles during WW2. The black painted metal tin measures 10 ½” x 8 ¼” x 2 ¾”. The tin has a folding brass carry handle and is secured by 2 sliding brass bolts. The front of the tin has original stencilled lettering ‘Haggers & Daniels Ltd London, 4 45 (April 1945) Outfit First Aid Large For Armoured Fighting Vehicles’ and has an impressed WD arrow. The case is fully packed with original WW2 un-opened dressings all WD marked most 1938 or 1939 dated and all with various British manufacturer marks including: Arthur Berton Ltd London, Baily & Son Stockport, Johnson & Johnson Slough & Gargrave and Charles Newsome Manchester 1. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 17693:2

Victorian Single Iron Flued Toggle Head Boat Thrown Arctic Whale Hunting Harpoon With Ebonised Wood Shaft & Length Of Rope Attached. Sn 17633 - 17633
An original Victorian Whale harpoon. These harpoons were hand thrown by Whale hunting crews from boats. Harpoon heads were made in various forms. Ours is the single flued toggle head variety, designed to pivot when the flesh of the Whale was punctured hooking the harpoon head in the Whale. The harpoon including its undamaged ebonised wood pole is 5 feet 3 ¾ inches overall length. At some point in its life ‘Arctic Toggle Harpoon’ has been painted on the wood pole. The blackened iron shaft is 21” length and the toggle head is 5 ¾” length. The toggle head swivels as it should and has the even patina of a Victorian harpoon. The iron shaft has a length of rope attached. An excellent maritime display piece. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 17633

1948-1950, British War Dept Factory Sectioned Cut-Away Lee Enfield No4 Mk1 .303 Calibre, SKN 2480 Armourer’s Instructional Rifle Action, Shoulder Stock & Part Barrel. Sn 17568 - 17568
This is a now scarce Lee Enfield .303 No4 "SKN" Armourers Instructional Action. Approximately 2500 official SKN No4 actions were manufactured between 1948 & 1950 utilising components from out of service rifles. Quite a number of skeleton actions were assembled by the Gun trade and by REME workshops, but these lack the official SKN number on the left hand wall of the action body. The contract was originally given to ROF Enfield, but following legal action involving the alleged un-licensed Government manufacture of the L2 Sterling SMG, manufacture was given instead to Sterling Engineering as part of the legal settlement. Sterling then sub-contracted the work to List Engineering of Dagenham, which completed SKN's returned to ROF Enfield for inspection and service acceptance. This example is stamped with the correct SKN designation (see page 230 of the Lee Enfield Story By Skennerton) ‘SKN 2480’. The stock has an alloy butt plate with trap. Component parts were carefully sectioned at the factory, with cutaway areas painted red. The piece measures 28” overall length. This SKN is in excellent overall condition. The bolt action works as it should and it cocks and dry fires. The sectioned magazine can be removed. As a sectioned instructional piece not capable of discharging, no licence is required to own this item in the UK if retained as part of a collection or display. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 17568

**UNIQUE** Original, Large Victorian 1st Lancashire Volunteer Artillery Brass Barrack’s Bell With Original Striker Mounted For Use On Ebonised Wood Plinth. Sn 17550 - 17550
The Lancashire Artillery Volunteers were first raised in 1859 as part of the Volunteer Force raised in response to threats of French Invasion. A total of 23 Artillery companies were raised initially. However, in Manchester, numerous units that would later form the Lancashire Artillery Gunners had existed from as early as 1804, when the Duke of Gloucester inspected the Heaton Artillery Volunteers before they were shipped off to the fronts of the Napoleonic Wars. Officers and men of the Lancashire Artillery Volunteers continued to give service during the two world wars of the 20th Century. This is an excellent, original, Victorian era Barrack’s Bell of the 1st Lancashire Volunteer Artillery with original Striker (we have been unable to identify which barracks this bell came from). The brass bell in the frame & on its stand is 18” tall and 12 ½” in diameter at its widest point. The diameter of the bell mouth is 9”. The bell is complete with heavy striker and works perfectly with a loud deep resonance. There is a wear ring on the inside of the bell which corresponds exactly to the point of contact with the striker. The bell is mounted on its brass frame with curved arms. The top of the bell has integral spigots which are bolted to the frame and allow the bell to swing freely. The body of the bell is crisply marked ‘1st Lanc. Volr Artillery’. The bell frame is securely brass bolted to its ebonised wood stand which is undamaged and measures 8 ½” x 8 ½” x 2”. This impressive, unique bell weighs approx 17Kg (including striker frame & plinth). The price for this piece worthy of further research includes UK delivery. Sn 17550

MASSIVE, Framed Original WW2 Japanese Soldier’s 'Yosegaki Hinomaru' (Or Good Luck) Battle Flag With Approx 200 Signatures & 2 Japanese Coins Stitched To 2 Corners. Sn 17188 - 17188
This is a massive, original approx. 43” x 30” WW2 Japanese 'yosegaki hinomaru' or good luck Battle Flag. These flags were signed by family members, friends & Colleagues of Japanese Soldiers and presented to them before leaving for war. It is made of white silk and has a central vivid red painted roundel surrounded approx. 200 Japanese script signatures. The flag has some staining consistent with age to be expected. 2 Japanese coins are period stitched to the correct leather hanging tabs on 2 corners (possibly another gesture of good luck wishes). The Flag is contained in its later varnished wood glazed frame. This item including frame measures 45 ¾”x32”x ¾”. The small area of glare shown in image 1 are merely reflections from the camera flash. Delivery will be within the UK only and by arrangement at cost. Sn 17188

Complete, 1970’s British Military Armourer’s General Purpose Machine Gun (GPMG) Tool Kit With Original Waxed Webbing Haversack . Sn 17158 - 17158
This is an original 1970’s era British Military Armourer’s Tool Kit for the British GPMG. The large number of original metal tools / accessories, 2 oil bottles and main spring (all illustrated) are contained in their original fold out waxed webbing haversack with shoulder strap. The haversack has straps with brass buckles to allow the folded bag to hold the tools securely. Internally the haversack has pockets and loops to fit the tools and accessories. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 17158

RARE, Pair Of Boer War Era British Army 1868 Pattern Lancer’s Cavalry Lances With Red & White Pennants . Sn 17141 - 17141
An excellent original, rare to find, pair of British Army 1868 Pattern Lancer’s Cavalry Lances in Boer War era form with Red & White pennants. The Bamboo lances have 6” steel spear points with integral ferrules (12 ½” overall spike lengths) and 7” conical spike feet. Each lance measures a massive 9 feet (2.75 metres) and are undamaged. The centre section of one lance has a buff leather loop the other has buff leather binding without loop. The top section of each lance are mounted with red and white forked pennants which are undamaged (an 1868 pattern Lance and a red & white pennant similar to ours are illustrated on page 151 of Swords & Sabres by Withers). Due to the size of these lances delivery will be by arrangement, at cost and within the UK only. Sn 17141

Victorian Era Gentleman’s Tropical Palm Wood Walking Stick With Animated Hand Carved Snake Device 4 Piece Marine Ivory Handle. Sn 17117 - 17117
This is an attractive Victorian Era Gentleman’s Walking Stick. It has an undamaged, curved, 4 Piece Marine Ivory Handle with hand carved carved snake device. The snake curling around the handle has delicately carved individual scales and inlaid black ebony eyes. The mid section of the handle twists animating the snake to give the appearance of the snake tightening its grip on the hilt. The walking stick measures 38” overall. The tropical palm wood shaft has a brass end cap and a white metal ring near to the handle. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 17117
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