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Complete, 1970’s British Military Armourer’s General Purpose Machine Gun (GPMG) Tool Kit With Original Waxed Webbing Haversack . Sn 17158 - 17158
This is an original 1970’s era British Military Armourer’s Tool Kit for the British GPMG. The large number of original metal tools / accessories, 2 oil bottles and main spring (all illustrated) are contained in their original fold out waxed webbing haversack with shoulder strap. The haversack has straps with brass buckles to allow the folded bag to hold the tools securely. Internally the haversack has pockets and loops to fit the tools and accessories. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 17158

WW2 Japanese Silk 'Yosegaki Hinomaru' (Or Good Luck) Battle Flag. Sn 16969 - 16969
This is an excellent original 33” x 26" WW2 Japanese 'yosegaki hinomaru' or good luck Battle Flag. These flags were signed by family members and friends of Japanese Soldiers going to war together with messages to bring good luck. The Soldier would carry these flags into battle in the hope that the flag would bring them good fortune. This flag is made of white silk and has a central red ‘sun’ roundel with stitched edge. The ‘sun’ is surrounded by numerous Japanese script signatures. One edge of the flag has a stitched hem for pole or mounting to a rifle. The material has just staining and wear to be expected. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 16969

RARE, Pair Of Boer War Era British Army 1868 Pattern Lancer’s Cavalry Lances With Red & White Pennants . Sn 17141 - 17141
An excellent original, rare to find, pair of British Army 1868 Pattern Lancer’s Cavalry Lances in Boer War era form with Red & White pennants. The Bamboo lances have 6” steel spear points with integral ferrules (12 ½” overall spike lengths) and 7” conical spike feet. Each lance measures a massive 9 feet (2.75 metres) and are undamaged. The centre section of one lance has a buff leather loop the other has buff leather binding without loop. The top section of each lance are mounted with red and white forked pennants which are undamaged (an 1868 pattern Lance and a red & white pennant similar to ours are illustrated on page 151 of Swords & Sabres by Withers). Due to the size of these lances delivery will be by arrangement, at cost and within the UK only. Sn 17141

Victorian Era Gentleman’s Tropical Palm Wood Walking Stick With Animated Hand Carved Snake Device 4 Piece Marine Ivory Handle. Sn 17117 - 17117
This is an attractive Victorian Era Gentleman’s Walking Stick. It has an undamaged, curved, 4 Piece Marine Ivory Handle with hand carved carved snake device. The snake curling around the handle has delicately carved individual scales and inlaid black ebony eyes. The mid section of the handle twists animating the snake to give the appearance of the snake tightening its grip on the hilt. The walking stick measures 38” overall. The tropical palm wood shaft has a brass end cap and a white metal ring near to the handle. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 17117

British ML 4.2 Inch Mortar Sight Mk4. MISC 879 - MISC 879
This is a British ML 3 inch and 4.2 inch mark 4 sight for the British Army’s muzzle loading heavy 4.2 inch mortar used extensively from its introduction in 1942 and whose main use was in firing High Explosive and Smoke rounds. The mortar was used by both British and US forces during WWII. The sight was made by G.D.LTD in 1954 and was designed to measure bearing and angles and would be attached near the muzzle end or was mounted on one of the mortar's legs. The sight is engraved on the body for 3 inch and 4.2 inch mortars with the large alloy drum scale ENGRAVED FOR SIGHT S.B. 4.2 IN MORTAR MK 4. The sight retains most of its original black paint and is complete with its mounting lug. The price includes U.K. delivery. MISC 879

Pietta Sheriff’s 1851 (American Western Colt M1851 Navy) 9mm Blank Firing 6 Shot Single Action Revolver. Sn 16885 - 16885
The Colt M1851 Navy cap & ball revolver was a six-shot, single-action percussion weapon produced by Colt's Manufacturing Company. It saw widespread use in the American Civil War and on the American Western frontier. The Colt design lives on today in the form of quality full size replicas and blank firing pistols true to the original Colt pistols, from Italian manufacturers Uberti, Pietta, and Euroarms. This Pietta manufactured example of the Colt Navy revolver, retailed by Pietta as the 'Sherrif’s 1851' is in excellent condition. The pistol has a 5" round stepped to octagonal blued steel barrel and measures 11 ½” overall. The right side of the barrel is crisply stamped 'Sheriff’s 1851 Cal 9mm K’. The left side 'Pietta Made In Italy'. It has a brass frame & blued cylinder. It has an undamaged wood grip. The pistol’s single action firing mechanism works correctly and it has the correct blocked and slotted barrel & off set cylinder. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 16885

MINT, Blank Firing, Pietta Western Remington New Army 9mm Calibre Single Action Revolver & Black Leather Holster By PWL (Price Western Leather Company). Sn 16884 - 16884
The Remington New Army Model, was a single action, 6 shot, percussion revolver manufactured by Remington & Sons in .44 Calibre used by soldiers of both sides during the American Civil War. The Remington design lives on today in the form of quality full size replicas and blank firing pistols true to the original Remington pistols, from Italian manufacturers Uberti, Pietta, and Euroarms. This quality Pietta manufactured example of the Remington Army revolver retailed by Pietta as the ‘Western Remington New Army’ is in near mint condition. The pistol has an 8” blued steel octagonal barrel and measures 14 ½” overall. The right side of the barrel is crisply stamped ‘Western Remington New Army Cal 9mm Knall'. The left side 'Pietta Made In Italy'. It retains all of its original blue finish and has a brass frame. Its wood grips are excellent and undamaged. The pistol’s single action firing mechanism works as it should. It has the correct blocked barrel & offset cylinder. The pistol in similar near mint condition, comes with a quality black leather holster true to the form of original American Civil war period holsters. Made of cow hide all leather and stitching are clean and intact. It has a full flap cover and brass press stud fastener. The rear of the holster has a single belt loop which is impressed by the manufacturer ‘PWL (Price Western Leather Company) Made In England’ above ‘9303’ and ‘L/7’. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 16884

WW1 1917 Cased British Officer’s ‘Diswan’ (Swan UK / Edison USA) Bullseye Trench Torch. Sn 16874 - 16874
Established in 1886, within five years of the foundation of Swan's Electric Light company at Duck Lees Lane, Ponders End Factory, Middlesex, England the Company swiftly amalgamation with the American Edison's British operations to form ‘Ediswan’. The company made a broad range of lighting equipment including torches and equipment for the British military in WW1. This is an original WW1 1917 dated Cased British Officer’s ‘ Bullseye’ lens trench torch by ‘Ediswan’. These torches were meant to be used while still in their cases to provide protection in the field to the body of the case. The torch measures 12” overall length. The leather bound metal body has nickel plated brass mounts including on/off switch, screw off battery compartment cap which has a stylised Union flag and WD arrow scratched into the surface of the plating & screw off bullseye lens holder. The Bullseye lens is clean and undamaged. The body of the torch is stamped with ‘1917’ date and manufacturer detail ‘DISWAN’ together with ‘2’ above ‘302871’. The torch has no damage and is in excellent condition (we do not know if the torch works). The torch has its original brown leather case with hinged lid so it can be used while cased and leather shoulder strap. The case is correctly holed to allow the on /off button to be used while cased. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 16874

SOLD SOLD ‘MEMENTO OF THE GREAT WAR’ Original WW1 British No.5 Mills Hand Grenade Hollow Casing Period Converted To Ink Well 1915 Regd No 651542 With Porcelain Ink Pot Insert On Pen Holder Plinth. Sn 16573 - 16573
This is an original WW1 British No.5 Mills Hand Grenade hollow casing period converted to ink well. The top of the casing has been factory cut and hinged to provide a lid and the body contains a white Porcelain pot for ink. The edges of the pot have some chips but it is still able to hold ink as it should. The segmented casing is bolted to its original heavy square glazed ceramic plinth the top edges of which are grooved to hold pens / quills. The bolt, nut can be accessed from the underside to remove the casing from the plinth if required. The underside of the plinth is cast with indistinct Registration numbers which appear to be ‘ Reg No 6-2414 and 1116-9’. The front aspect of the plinth has ‘MEMENTO OF THE GREAT WAR ACTUAL HAND GRENADE CASTING AS USED BY THE ALLIES’ In yellow. The rear aspect has ‘Regd No 651542.’ & ‘1915’ date. The plinth measures 4”x4”x1 ¼” and the height of the whole piece with grenade mounted and lid closed is 4 ½”. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 16573

WW2 Era Steel Cased, Nazi German Kriegsmarine U-Boat Radio Room R2 Radione 5 Valve Short Wave Radio Broadcast Receiver By Nikolaus Eltz Wien. N 518 - N 518
5 valve, steel cased German R2 Radione broadcast receivers were introduced in 1939. Steel cased versions were used on board Kriegsmarine U-Boats and were part of their listed radio room equipment to monitor public broadcasts for intelligence purposes and provide crew entertainment by piping music through the U-Boat on down time. Bakelite cased versions of the R2 Radione were manufactured for public use. A contemporary image of an R2 set in radio room use is illustrated in image 3. This is an excellent, original steel cased Kriegsmarine U-Boat R2 Radione set. The set has been examined internally and all component parts are present but we have not had it working. It is sold as seen without power lead and we cannot give any guarantee regarding functionality. The set has the correct original knobs, tuning dial and switches. The steel casing retains its original green paint and is undamaged and without dents. The top of the casing has its original leather carry handle. The rear of the casing has a central screw bolt which unscrews to allow the rear panel to be removed and allows access to the internal components. The underside of the case has an identification plate with model designation ‘R2’ maufacturer detail (illustrated), serial number ‘1449’ & voltage information ‘110-220/6’. The front of the casing has a metal Radione shield badge. The set measures 12” x 13 ½” x 6 ½”. The price includes UK delivery. N 518
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