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All Other Daggers and Knives

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WW2 Era Japanese Kamikaze & Kaiten Pilot's Aikuchi Suicide Dirk With Japanese Maple Shira Saya Resting Mounts. Sn 21323 - 21323
The WW2 Japanese Kamikaze (divine wind) special attack corps was formed from volunteer pilots who crashed their aircraft or 'Okhas' (piloted bombs) into enemy shipping. Kaiten (Japanese Navy One man Submarines) were also used for this purpose. A Kamikaze or Kaiten pilot could if he wished carry a small Aikuchi (dagger without guard) with which to cut his own jugular or stab himself in the last moments before hitting his target. This is an original Japanese Kamikaze / Kaiten Pilot's Aikuchi Seppuku Suicide Dirk in Shira Saya. It has a 5 ¼” long, single edged, sharp curved blade. The blade is un-signed and has just staining consistent with age. The dirk measures 6¾” overall ( in its scabbard it measures 9 ½” overall). The Dirk has a Japanese Maple handle with polished horn ferrule & wood pin securing the hilt to the blade and ringed wrist cord hole. It is correctly without finger guard. The Japanese Maple scabbard has a polished horn throat mount. The price for this rare, sought after Japanese Kamikaze piece includes UK delivery. Sn 21323

SOLD SOLD (09/11) *Unique* WWI Battlefield Shrapnel Forged into an Etched Bladed Letter Opener. 21177. - 21177
An original piece of WWI shrapnel forged and shaped into a bladed letter opener with a soldier and a field gun in a wooded area etched to the face of one side of the blade. The words; Souvenir De Fleurus Belgique (Fleurus (Fleuru) is a city and municipality of Wallonia located in the province of Hainaut, Belgium. It has been the site of four major battles) are also etched onto the stem of the blade. The blade length is 12 cm (22 ¾ cm overall). The handle of the piece is still in the shape of the gnarled steel which has no sharp edges and is comfortable in the hand. The price for this very unique and useable piece includes UK delivery. 21177. (Drawers)

**MINT**AS NEW & UNUSED****2016 LIMITED EDITION**RIO BRAZIL OLYMPICS COMMEMORATIVE**Original Boxed 24 Carat Gold Plated Swiss Victorinox ‘Gold Climber’ Folding Multi Blade / Tools Swiss Army Knife With Original Neck Strap & Illustrated Knife Care Leaflet. - 21171
In 2016 Victorinox launched a limited edition gold version of their iconic Swiss Army Climber Pocket Knife to celebrate the Rio Olympics 2016. The knife advertised as the ‘Gold Climber’ has unblemished 24 carat gold-plated scales with Victoronix Swiss emblem shield and name. Limited to only 20,000 pieces worldwide, the Victorinox Climber Gold Swiss Army Knife is a true collector’s item. When closed the knife measures and has 14 functions: 1. blade, large 2 ½” marked ‘Victorinox 2. blade, small 1 ½” 3. can opener 4. screwdriver 3 mm 5. bottle opener 6. wire stripper 7. screwdriver 5 mm 8. reamer, punch and sewing awl 9. corkscrew 10. scissors 11. multi purpose hook 12. toothpick 13. tweezers 14. key ring It comes in its original special limited edition cardboard box with ‘Victorinox Gold Climber 2016’ cardboard sleeve. The box contains the knife & its original neck strap with sprung clasp fastener which is still in its unopened cellophane packaging and its original illustrated knife care leaflet. The price for excellent piece includes UK delivery. Sn 21171 (presentation daggers box)

Pair of Finnish Hunting/Skinning Knives and Leather/Brass scabbard. 21042. - 21042
This ensemble combining a larger leuku and a smaller puukko in the same sheath. The puukko is used for smaller camp chores and whittling, and the larger leuku is intended for butchering, skinning, chopping, and heavier duty camp tasks. Both knives have laminated wood grips with engraved brass coloured pommels and bolsters with hanging rings attached. The unfullered single edged blades are engraved with the company name ‘Iisakki Järvenpää Kauhava – Finland’(Iisakki Järvenpää was a Finnish self-taught knife smith and knife manufacturer. Järvenpää initially made simple work knives, but already in 1888 he made a gift knife for the hereditary prince of Russia and future emperor Nicholas II.). The larger blade measures; 10 ¾ cm (21 ¼ cm overall) and the smaller blade measures; 7 ¼ cm (15 ½ cm overall) both are in excellent unused condition. The inlaid tan leather scabbard has brass coloured engraved furniture and a belt loop attached. Again this is in excellent condition. The price for this striking set includes UK delivery. 21042. (Drawers)

Scandinavian ‘Puukko’ Knife and Leather Sheath. 21043. - 21043
A puukko is a traditional Finnish general purpose belt knife with a single curved cutting edge, solid hidden tang and, usually, a flat spine. This lovely example has a stunning barrelled handle showing different coloured grains in the wood. The pommel is brass coloured metal and is shaped into a horses head. The fullered blade is 9 ½ cm long (knife 21 ¼ cm overall). The brass coloured metal bolster as with blade is uniquely inscribed with countries from around the globe from Scotland to Malta and Sierra Leone. The fitted leather scabbard has ornate artwork inscribed into the leather with a belt loop attached the scabbard is in very good condition with all stitching intact. The price includes UK delivery. 21043. (Drawers)

Swedish Folding/Barrel Knife with Carved Grip. ED 888. - ED 888
Swedish barrel knives are a take apart folding blade knife also known as a folding ‘sloyd’. They have been produced in Eskilstuna, Sweden since the mid-19th century until around 1952. Barrel knives were also produced in Germany, England, Finland, Norway and America. This example is brass tipped to the barrel and main body of the knife. The single edged blade is in good condition. The knife is secured inside a barrel shaped holder which is made from a dark hardwood and intricately carved. The blade is folded and stored within the barrel and is released by pinching the securing bar. There is a cap to one end with a hole to secure a lanyard. In the closed position the barrel including blade measures 11 ½ cm. The blade length is; 7 ¾ cm (including handle; 18 ¾ cm). The price for this nice example includes UK delivery. ED 888. (Folding knives Drawer)

*Unique* Small Bone Handled Scandinavian ‘Puukko’ Knife in a Reindeer Antler Sheath. 21041. - 21041
A puukko is a traditional Finnish general purpose belt knife with a single curved cutting edge, solid hidden tang and, usually, a flat spine. This knife made in Geilo in Norway (Geilo is centrally located between east and west Norway and known for tool making and skiing) is stamped to the blade on one side. The single edged blade is 8 ¼ cm long (29 ½ cm overall) inserted into a one piece bone handle entwined in leather. The unique sheath is made from a Reindeer antler held with brass rivets and capped with a leather shroud and belt strap. The price for this unusual knife and sheath includes UK delivery. 21041. (Hunting Survival Box)

SOLD SOLD (13/11) Finnish Janne Marttiini ‘Puukko’ Large Hunting Knife and Leather Sheath. SN 21134. - 21134
SOLD SOLD A puukko is a traditional Finnish general purpose belt knife with a single curved cutting edge, solid hidden tang and, usually, a flat spine. This example has a 7 ¾” blade unfullered and marked ‘J Martiini (Janne Marttiini was born on Feb. 5, 1893. He apprenticed as a blacksmith in 1902 in the small country village of Kierinki- Northern Finland. He founded his own smithy in 1928 in Rovaniemi, Finland. In 1940 a factory was built in the same town. It is now referred to as: Marttiini's Old Factory. In 1972 a new, more modern plant was built. It is still working today) with a snowy scene depicting a figure in a sleigh being pulled by a reindeer. There is a brass coloured ferrule/pommel and a wooden handle which is usually curly birch for better grip in snowy conditions. The scabbard is typically Scandinavian made of thick leather and similar Finnish scene inscribed with a strap belt loop and leg strap holder *small split to rear as shown in images*. The price for this excellent quality knife and sheath includes UK delivery. 21134. (Hunting & Survival Box)

**RARE**MINT**2007 GUINESS BOOK OF WORLD RECORDS, RECORD BREAKER**Original Boxed, Massive Wenger ‘Giant’ Swiss Army Multi Blade / Tool Knife (87 Tools 141 Functions) With Original Certificate Of Authenticity & Tools / Functions List. Sn 21060 - 21060
Wenger, known to be the more innovative of the two Swiss Army Knife manufacturers (the other being Victorinox), created this unique Swiss Knife Army that is still considered a marvel of modern Engineering. The Wenger Giant is the largest Swiss Army Knife (SAK) ever made. It is the only SAK that has the most tools, as it has every tool that Wenger has ever produced for their 85mm Swiss Army Knives. The Giant comprises 87 tools that can perform 141 different functions. The Wenger Giant did feature in the Guinness World Records. specifically, the Guinness Book Of World Records awarded it the distinction of being the ‘most multifunctional penknife‘. This is what Guinness says about the Wenger Giant: “The most multifunctional penknife is the Swiss Army Giant Knife 2007, manufactured by Wenger S.A. in Delemont, Switzerland, which contains 87 tools and offers 141 different functions”. The Giant ended up having 14 blades, three types of pliers, countless screwdrivers, saws, wrenches, and a lot of other tools. Wenger made it available for purchase around 2007, the year it won the Guinness Record. It comes only in standard red-coloured Wenger Branded scales. The Giant is an enormous SAK. Though impressive by design and craftsmanship, the model is so large that it is impractical for any type of actual use. It is not something you can carry with you anywhere, be it in your pocket or in your bag, however, Wenger has made it pretty clear that the Giant was not designed to be a practical knife, it was specifically used for promotional purposes by Wenger, mainly to attract the attention of dealers at trade shows. Our example is in mint condition with all of its original blades and tools including functioning torch & compass. Closed the knife measures 9 ¼” x 6”. The knife comes in its original Wenger labelled hard cardboard issue box. The box with removable lid measures 11”x10”x4”. The inside of the box is lined to protect the knife and contains the knife’s original certificate of authenticity and its original Wenger certificate listing all 87 tools and 141 functions (illustrated in the images). The price for this mint world record breaker which are no longer in production includes UK delivery. Sn 21060 (in white cardboard box shelves storeroom)

19th Century Indian Mughal Khanjar Dagger With Gold Inlaid Panels, Serpentine Blade & Foliate Carved Jade Hilt. Sn 21035 - 21035
The Mughal Empire 1526-1857 was an early modern empire based in South Asia between the 16th and 19th centuries. For some two hundred years, the empire stretched from the outer fringes of the Indus River Basin in the west, northern Afghanistan in the northwest, and Kashmir in the north, to the highlands of present-day Assam and Bangladesh in the east, and the uplands of the Deccan Plateau in South India. This is an excellent original Khanjar dagger as carried by Indian Mughal empire warriors and noblemen (see page 353 of A Glossary Of The Construction Decoration & Use Of Arms & Armour by Stone where similar Khanjar daggers to ours are illustrated). This Khanjar has a heavy 10" serpentine double edged, fullered blade which is clean and sharp (15” overall). Both sides of the blade have inlaid gold panels. The hilt is typical pistol grip shaped solid Jade with carved foliate decoration. As is common, this khanjar is without scabbard. The price for this attractive historic piece includes UK delivery. Sn 21035 (drawers office)
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