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De-Activated and Inert Ordnance and Ammunition. Free From Explosive. (F.F.E)

These, collector cartridge or items of ordnance has been reassembled from genuine component parts and are/is completely inert. There is no powder or explosive inside and the primer(s) has been treated to remove the possibility of explosion and prevent its illegal use.

Collecting code.

1) All ammunition and ordnance should be treated as being live and dangerous until 100% certain they are inert and F.F.E.
2) Never mix inert collectors ammunition or ordnance with live rounds.
3) Never load collectors cartridges into a weapon or try to fire a primer, it is potentially dangerous and detracts from the value.
4) A striker mark on a primer does not automatically mean the cartridge is not live.

Collectors cartridges and inert ordnance do not require a firearms certificate and no special precautions need to be taken for their storage and display.

No liability is accepted or implied for any injury caused by mis-use of any of the items supplied

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