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Antique Edged Weapons

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QUALITY, RARE, 1803 – 1852 English Thomas Conway Manchester Hunting ‘Stone Bow’ (Large Wood & Steel Bullet Shooting Crossbow) In A Bespoke Period Solid Mahogany Case With Inscribed Plate To ‘Henry Burgess Springfield Salford’. Sn 15212 - 15212
The bullet-shooting crossbow, referred to as “Stone bow,” is a modified version of the classic crossbow. The bow was usually constructed with wood and steel, depending on the preference. It typically utilizes bullets and stones as projectiles instead of the traditional quarrel. The Stonebow reached its height of popularity between 1760 and 1810. The designs of the period, as well as later versions, remained popular even after the invention of the gun, probably due to their silence when shooting. This trait made the Stonebow a good weapon for poachers. Thomas Conway was an English Gunsmith with premises in Manchester at 179 Chapel Street, 3 Market Street & 43 Blackfriars Street, Deansgate between 1803-1852. This is a quality made Stonebow by Conway of Manchester. It has its original walnut rifle type stock with steel butt plate and chequered wrist and steel trigger guard. The wood has some aged stable cracks. The top of the stock is slotted for its integral cocking leaver and the ovoid plate at the top of the action is signed by the maker ‘Conway Manchester’. The action works as it should. The cocking lever with handle is retained in its slot by means of a sprung metal catch at the butt end. The steel bow with central winged 4” prongs is riveted to the stock via steel tangs either side. All metal work is clean with no rust or signs of repair. The Stonebow measures 30” at its widest and 29” length. The Stonebow is contained in its quality period made solid Mahogany case with hinged lid and lock with key. The lid has a brass plate inscribed ‘Henry Burgess Springfield Salford’ no doubt the name of the original owner of this fine piece. The heavy solid case has no damage and the lock functions as it should. The Stonebow is un-strung but the case contains remnants of an original period cat gut bow string dried with age. The case measures 31 ½” x 33 ½” x 6 ½”. The price for this large Stonebow unusual to find with case includes UK delivery. Sn 15212

Rare & Original Napoleonic Era French Spontoon / Pike With Napoleonic Eagle Etched Blade. A 12 / 5001 - A12 / 5001
This is an original French Napoleonic era Spontoon / Pike. It has a wood shaft with no end cap. It is 82 ¼” overall length. The removable crossbar has pyramid ends and is 5 ½” width. The leaf shaped spear point blade with medial ridge is 11” length. One side of the blade is etched with the Napoleonic Eagle. It is secured to the shaft by a 3 ½” long steel ferrule with 4 ½” riveted steel straps. The shaft is undamaged and the metal has even patina. Due to the size of this item delivery will be by arrangement and within the UK only. A12 / 5001. (NB A similar but longer spontoon from the same period is also available see stock number Sn 12884. The pair would make a superb display piece either together or individually)

Boxed Miniature Display Partizan 'Pike' by Wilkinson Sword. Sn 9745:2 - Sn 9745:2
Boxed Miniature Partizan 'Pike' by Wilkinson Sword. The 'Partizan' evolved from the pikes, which became widely used in the English Civil War as defence against attacks by massed cavalry. The Partizan is well presented in a dark blue box measuring 11 1/4" x 3 1/2" x 2" which is embossed on the lid in gold with 'Wilkinson Sword' and the crossed swords. Inside the box there is a blue velvet base with locating loops for the Partizan. Also inside the box is a 'Wilkinson Sword' card with a description and history of the Partizan on one side. The Partizan measures 9" overall. It is a true miniature in every detail. This would make an excellent presentation gift. The price includes UK delivery.
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