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WW2 Japanese Soldier's Uniform Khaki Quilted Winter Tunic. Sn 18554. Sn 18554 - 18554
This is an original WW2 Japanese Soldier's Uniform Khaki winter Tunic. The small Uniform tunic which is approx. UK size 34" chest, length from collar to base is 27”. All bar one of it's original brass buttons and the collar hooks are intact. It has 2 Chest pockets with flaps, and two waist pockets and all material is relatively clean. The body of the tunic has some service wear, and there appears to be two belt hooks which are missing. The inside of the tunic has original Japanese ink script stamps (illustrated). Price for this nice WW2 Japanese piece includes UK delivery. Sn 18554

Original WW2 1944 Dated British Army WD Size No. 2 Camouflaged Leather Jerkin By Dephyrane Garments Ltd London. Sn 15018. - 15018
This is an excellent near Mint condition British Army Camouflaged leather Jerkin. It is made of 'Shaded Tan' rugged supple leather which has Green Camouflage colouring. The body has a few small flecks of white paint no doubt as a result of storage post war in a garage or loft. The Jerkin has reinforced stitching around the edges, arm holes and button holes. It has 3 of its original 4 large brown coloured buttons which are secure and have their original stitching. It has a thick khaki cloth lining with leather reinforcement patches stitched into the armpit areas and behind the buttons. The liner has a stitched label with date, manufacturer, size details & War dept arrow, printed in ink 'JERKIN, LEATHER No. 2 CAMOUFLAGED Size No 2 HEIGHT 5’ 7” - 5’10” Breast Over Jacket 37” - 40” Dephyrane Garments Ltd London 1944’ together with WD arrow and stores code. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 15018.

WW2 1945 RAF Sergeant's Tunic With Embroidered Air Gunner Badge, Rank Insignia RAF Eagle & Air Gunner & Radio Operator / Mechanic Patch Size 8. U 378 - U 378
This is an excellent, original, WW2, 1945 dated, RAF Sergeant's Tunic. The Airforce Blue, Serge Tunic has 2 external pockets the top 2 pockets are buttoned and the lower are the correct flap covered pockets with no buttons. All of the Tunic's brass buttons with embossed ‘King’s Crown and Eagle in Flight' are present as its original belt hooks and belt with large brass buckle. The Tunic is in excellent clean undamaged condition with all stitching intact. The arms bear 'RAF Eagle' patches and Sergeant Stripes insignia. The left sleeve also has a cloth patch issued to Radio Operator / Mechanics. The breast has the correct original winged ‘AG’ Air Gunners embroidered badge. The inside of the Tunic has a nice white cotton label printed 'WD Arrow Jackets O.A. Size No. 8 Height 5’7” to 5’8” breast 37” to 38” Waist 34” Verner & Baxter Ltd 1945’ there is also a June 1945 ink stamp. The price for this excellent WW2 dated RAF Tunic includes UK delivery. U 378.

1952 British WD Para Airborne Troops Camouflaged Denison Smock By George Davis & Co Manchester Size 5. Sn 19599:10. - 19599:10
This is an original, British Camouflaged Denison Smock with elasticated cuffs, tail flap and correct half zip direct from an ex member of British Special Forces. These post war Denisons remained faithful to the WW2 design with slight variations in the brown colours progressively lightening to a brick red colour (see pages 146 & 147 of the book Denison by Wilson & Military Mode). It has a nice white cotton label marked 'Smock Denison Airborne Troops Size 5 Height 5 Ft 9 ins to 5 Ft 11 ins Breast 37 Ins To 39 Ins & manufacturer's mark 'George Davis & Co Manchester’ together with ‘1952’(date) and WD arrow. An ink hand written rank and name are visible on the label ‘LT (Lieutenant) H.C. Bridger’ and an ink stamp ‘24’. All material and stitching are clean with just minor service wear. All zips and Newey stud fasteners are present and work perfectly. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 19599:10.

C1970’s / 1980’s Northern Ireland ‘Troubles’ & Falklands War Era British SAS Ventile Windproof Hooded Camouflaged Smock. U 382. - U 382
These Camo sniper smocks were used by Special Air Service during the 1970’s & 1980’s and issued to SAS troops during the Northern Ireland ‘troubles’ & Falklands war. This example is in clean lightly worn condition. All fastenings, velcro and zippers are in good order. It has Four pockets on the front plus one on 1 sleeve. Its stand up collar with hood has correct draw strings. The inside of the smock has a nice label with SAS ventile smock designation, stores code, cleaning instructions & size 180 (cms height 5’ 10”) & 104 (cms 41” chest). The price includes UK delivery. U 382.

WW2 1944 Size 6 British WD Airborne Paratrooper’s Camouflaged Denison Smock By Silberston & Sons Ltd. Sn 19599:5. - 19599:5
This is an original WW2 dated British camouflaged Denison Smock with tail flap and half zip direct from an ex member of British Special Forces (see page 96 of Denison published by Wilson & Military Mode where a WW2 Denison with similar Camo pattern is illustrated ). It has its original clean and undamaged white cotton label inside ' Smocks Denison Airborne Troops Size No.5 Height 5 ft 9” to 5ft 11” Breast 40” – 42” L. Silberston & Sons Ltd, War Dept arrow 1944 (date) and number 1547'. The inside of the smock has WD ink marks (all illustrated). All material is clean with no mothing. It's zip is present but absent the ‘pull’ attachment. It has correct ‘monkey tail’ & 'Newey' marked stud fasteners. One of the lower pockets has either been professionally replaced in service or missed receiving camo paint treatment when originally produced at the factory (visible in image 3). The price includes UK delivery. Sn 19599:5.

WW2 1945 British WD Airborne Paratrooper’s Camouflaged Denison Smock With Correct 'Half Zip' Fastener By Silbertson & Sons Ltd Small Size 1. Sn 21665 - 21665
This is an original WW2 British Camouflaged Denison Smock with correct half zip (see pages 100 to 106 of Denison published by Wilson & Military Mode where similar 1945 dated smocks are illustrated ). It has its original clean and undamaged cotton label inside 'Smocks Denison Airborne Troops Size 1 Height 5 Ft 3”- 5 Ft 5”, Breast 34”- 36”, 1945 (date) and War Dept arrow'. All material and stitching are clean with just light service wear. It's half zip works perfectly and it has correct 'Newey' stud fasteners. As is common the original ‘monkey tail’ flap has been contemporarily removed. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 21665

Original, Nazi NSDAP (National Socialist German Workers Party) 2 Piece Construction Arm Band with Nazi Unit Ink Stamp. N 189. - N 189
The armband was originally adopted to distinguish members of the NSDAP from members of other political parties. This was particularly important for the proto-SA whose only uniform, if they had one, was that of the old Imperial Army or of the various Freekorps of which many were veterans. The Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei (the Nazi party) armband was worn on the left upper arm. Its quality depended on the budget of the wearer. This is an excellent, original Nazi Party arm band. The armband is made of blood red cotton material with central stitched white roundel panel & black ink Swastika. The armband has an original Nazi Ink Eagle with Swastika and indistinct German script roundel (illustrated). The edges of the armband and roundel have the correct intricate stitching found on period Nazi items. Our example is a very good two piece with original unit stamp which authorised its issue. See page 108 of Service badges and emblems- Third Reich Cloth Insignia by B.L.Davies & I. Westwell for reference. The price includes UK delivery. N 189. (Small flags box)

WW2 Manchester Regiment Officer’s Uniform Khaki Service Jacket With WW2 Campaign Medal Ribbons, Lieutenant Insignia, Lanyard & Trousers By Moss Bros London. Sn 11531. - 11531
After distinguished service in both World War I and World War II, the Manchester Regiment was amalgamated with the King's Regiment (Liverpool) in 1958, to form the King's Regiment (Manchester and Liverpool) which was, in 2006, amalgamated with the King's Own Royal Border Regiment and the Queen's Lancashire Regiment to form the present Duke of Lancaster's Regiment (King's, Lancashire and Border). During WW2 the Manchester Regiment served in Italy, North West Europe and the Far East. This is an original WW2 Manchester Regiment Officer's Uniform. The Tunic is clean & has just the service wear to be expected. It is single breasted with open collar, pleated chest pockets and plain lower pockets with flaps. The epaulettes bear enamel and gilt rank insignia stars of Lieutenant. The lapels have metal Regiment Insignia. The tunic is mounted with WW2 campaign ribbons. The Tunic has all but one of its original brass King's Crown Regimental buttons. The left shoulder of the Tunic is fitted with an original green cord lanyard. The Tunic is approx UK size 38" Chest. The matching trousers have side slash pockets and buttoned fly. They are approx 30-32" Waist, 33" Leg. The trousers have no damage but do have light service wear. The lining of the trousers’ have a clean manufacturer label ‘Moss Bros Covent Garden London’ (illustrated inset in image 2). Price includes UK delivery. Sn 11531.

Post WW2 Palestine Service British WD Kings Own Regt Battledress Blouson Jacket Campaign Medal Ribbons, Para Jump Wings, Lewis Gunner/ Marksman Badges, Shirt, Tie, Trousers & Service Record Pte 14816357 K.W. Jamison. Sn 15113. - 15113
This is an excellent original Khaki , Parachute Regiment Battledress Blouson Tunic & Trousers which belonged to a Paratrooper who served in WW2 and later post war in Palestine (other Para uniform to the same Paratrooper worn by him in WW2 is available separately our stock numbers Sn 15114 & Sn 15115). The jacket has front flap pockets with buttons and adjustable waistband with buckle. It is clean & undamaged, all stitching and buttons are intact. The sleeves are mounted with correct red shoulder titles with Kings Own in white. The right sleeve also has the correct embroidered Parachute Regiment 'Jump Wings' (see pages 168 to 183 of British Airborne Insignia by Lock & pages 97 to 110 of For King & Country by Glenn) one sleeve also has Lewis gunner & marksman badges. The jacket is also mounted with the Soldier’s campaign medal ribbons mounted for wear. The inside of the jacket has an ink stamps ‘WD 903’. One of the top pockets of the jacket contains the Soldier’s original WD service document which accompanies this uniform. It is approx. UK size chest 36 to 37”. Also included is the Soldier’s clean and undamaged, uniform serge shirt complete with all buttons, service tie which is clean but has areas of wear & uniform trousers. The trousers have manufacturer’s NSM stamps. The trousers have open top slit side pockets, flap rear pockets with buttons and adjustment tabs with buckles. The trousers are clean and undamaged and intact. The Uniform has no mothing. The price for this uniform worthy of further research re the Paratrooper's service includes UK delivery Sn 15113.
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