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U.S Model 1917 Bayonet and Scabbard. BAYO 700. - BAYO 700
This is a very nice M1917 bayonet made in WW1 for the P17 30-06 rifle. It was made by Winchester thus making it a scarcer model, as Winchester only made 500,00 compared to Remington who made over 2 million. It is marked to the blade with 1917 over W on one side and the Flaming Grenade over U.S on the other. The blade is virtually mint. Blade length 17”. Total length including scabbard 23 ½”. It is contained in its green leather scabbard with belt hook but has also been fitted with a 1939 home guard pattern leather frog, as these bayonets were used extensively by the Home guard in WW2. A very nice complete home guard set. See Skennerton item B289, page 236. The price includes U.K. delivery. BAYO 700 £195

French M1866 Chassepot Bayonet AND Scabbard. BAYO 699. - BAYO 699
This is a nice M1866 Chassepot bayonet made at St. Etienne in June 1874 and marked thus to the spine of the blade. Blade length 22 ¾”. Total length including scabbard 28”. It has a curved Yataghan blade and a brass ribbed grip with a steel leaf spring and push button. The crossguard is also steel ending in a quillon and is stamped with FG60868. The scabbard is black painted steel and has L87415 stamped to the rear of the throat. See White & Watts item 194, page 84 & 92. The price includes U.K. delivery. BAYO 699 £225

Swiss 1871 Vetterli Socket Bayonet. BAYO 698. - BAYO 698
This is a nice Swiss socket bayonet with a Quadrangular or Cruciform style blade. This was used on the 10.5mm Vetterli repeating rifle, but only for a few years until 1878 when a new sword bayonet was introduced. The overall length is 23” with a blade length of 20 ¼” and a socket length of 2 ¾”. The muzzle ring diameter (M.R.D) is 20mm. There are no markings on the bayonet. See White & Watts item 599, pages 265 & 269. An unusual and early Swiss bayonet. The price includes U.K. delivery. BAYO 698 £195

SOLD SOLD (09/06) British 1848 Pattern Brunswick Sword Bayonet and Scabbard. BAYO 697. - BAYO 697
This is a nice 1848 pattern bayonet for the Brunswick rifle and its variants from 1837 into the 1880’s. This example is possibly a volunteer pattern or a colonial pattern as the Hong Kong Police force ordered a Brunswick type bayonet in 1855. The bayonet is 27” overall with a blade length of 22 ½” which has fullers on both sides. The hilt is brass with the improved release catch on the top of the grip near the pommel. There are no markings on the blade but the crossguard carries F131 & 434 with the 434 being repeated on the rear of the brass top locket of the scabbard. There is also an unclear number stamped into the butt end of the pommel (15 or 16). The scabbard is brass mounted leather. See Martin J.Brayley ‘An illustrated history of bayonets’ Pages 107-109 & Skennerton item B126, pages 92-94. The price includes U.K. delivery. BAYO 697 £395

U.S. Army M1873 Bayonet and Scabbard. BAYO 696. - BAYO 696
This is a very nice complete M1873 Bayonet for the Springfield trapdoor rifle, and was the last socket bayonet to be adopted as standard by U.S. forces. It has an 18” Tri-form blade and measures just under 21” in total length with muzzle ring diameter (M.R.D) of 19.5mm. The Ricasso is stamped with U.S. It is contained in its second pattern metal scabbard with leather frog and brass belt hook with U.S. escutcheon. See White & Watts items 909 & 910, pages 410 & 430, and Martin J.Brayley ‘An illustrated history of bayonets’ pages 226-228. The price includes U.K. delivery. BAYO 696 £295

German M84/98 3rd Model Bayonet WITH Wooden Grips. BAYO 695. - BAYO 695
This is a nice M84/98 bayonet and scabbard with matching numbers. It is in virtually mint condition with nearly all bluing remaining on the blade. The blade is marked with S/242G which is the wartime manufacturer’s code for Berg & Co. Solingen. The other side of the blade carries the number 6748 and both of these numbers are repeated on the scabbard top. There are two crisp Waffenampt stamps on the pommel end of the flashguard. The wooden grips show signs of storage wear as does the base of the scabbard but both are undamaged. The scabbard is complete with a standard German black leather frog. A very nice condition M84/98 bayonet set with matching numbers. £275. BAYO 695.

German M84/98 3rd Pattern Bayonet, Scabbard and Frog. BAYO 694 - BAYO 694
This is a nice K98 bayonet made in 1937 and dated thus t the blade spine. The blade retains a large percentage of its original bluing and carries the makers code of 5245 (Jetter & Scheerer, Tuttlingen) to the other side. The grips are wood and there are two Waffenampt stamps to the pommel. The scabbard is black steel and carries the numbers 2810 to one side and 51856 to the other. The frog is a captured Czech example which the Germans tended to use with many of their bayonets. Jetter & Scheerer were surgical instrument manufacturers but also made bayonets, fighting knives & Red Cross daggers. Any weapon by them can be considered rare. £275. BAYO694.

British No 7 MK 1 L, Bayonet For The No 4 Rifle & MK V Sten Sub Machine Gun, With Swivel Handle, Scabbard & Webbing Frog BAYO 693 - BAYO 693
An original No 7 MK 1 L, bayonet with swivelling pommel made for the No 4 rifle and MK V Sten Sub Machine Guns. The 'L' designation is for Land Service. The bayonet has a 7 3/4” blade (12 ¼” overall) with bowie knife style blade and deep fuller to both sides. The blade is stamped on the ricasso 'No 7 MK1/L' and there are no visible manufacturer marks. The blade and red Tufnell grip are in good condition. The scabbard is the No 5 Mark1 with the steel mouthpiece. The scabbard is fitted with an original webbing pattern ’37 green frog with B.S.C. 1941 D *779; 24 stamped to the rear. See Skennerton item B299 on page 243 for further information. The price includes UK delivery. BAYO 693 £325

**FALKLANDS WAR CONNECTIONS** British L1A3 Bayonet, Scabbard and Frog. BAYO 692 - BAYO 692
This is an issue L1A3 bayonet and carries the designation LIA3 960 0257 B stamped to both grips. There are no markings to the blade, but it is the early version with long fullers and waisted crossguard. Blade length 8”. Total length including scabbard 12 ½”. The crossguard is stamped with a letter C and the Enfield mark of D. The scabbard is No5 MKII with the brass mouthpiece. The frog is a standard ’37 pattern green webbing version with no markings. See Skennerton item 322 pages 260-263. £195. BAYO 692.

German Matching Numbers and Wartime Dated K98 Bayonet and Scabbard. BAYO 691 - BAYO 691
This is a very nice K98 bayonet by a scarce manufacturer. The blade is marked J.Sch Denoting manufacture by Jetter Und Ssheerer. The firm were better known for their surgical instruments and German red cross daggers and hewers under the ‘Aesculap’ trademark. This bayonet is dated 40 on the spine and numbered 1855 which is repeated on the scabbard top along with J.Sch 1940 on the other side. Blade length 10”. Total length including scabbard and handle 15 ¾ “. There are two Waffenampt stamps to the pommel. This is a very nice wartime K98 with matching numbers by a scarce manufacturer. £295. BAYO 691
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