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Military Headgear - Helmets

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WW1 British Made Brodie Combat Helmet By M/247 (J & J Maxfield & Sons Ltd Sheffield 1916 –1918) Supplied To U.S Army Expeditionary Forces (U.S Designation The Model 1917 Trench Combat Helmet) With A.J. Bates Webster Mass (Massachusetts USA) Liner. - 21863
The Brodie helmet is a steel combat helmet designed and patented in London in 1915 by John Leopold Brodie. A modified form of it became the M1917 Helmet in the U.S.A. American troops were issued with M1917 helmets to deploy in France late in 1917. The United States government initially purchased some 400,000 helmets from Britain. From January 1918 the U.S. Army began to use helmets manufactured in the U.S. This is an original, WW1 British made Brodie combat Helmet provided to the US Army for WW1 use. It has its original textured olive paint which has some surface wear consistent with age and service use. The skull has an original painted blue band most likely a formation marking. It has its correct small copper rivet at the crown and chinstrap bales attached with split pins. It is fitted with its original black oilcloth liner with A.J. Bates Webster Mass (Massachusetts USA) Ink Stamped Oil Cloth Sweat Band, Net Liner & Leather Chin Strap with buckle (illustrated). The underside rim of the helmet is stamped by the British manufacturer ‘M (J & J Maxfield & Sons Ltd Sheffield 1916 – 1918) / 247 (batch number)’. The helmet is approx. UK size 6. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 21863

WW2 Era Nazi German City Police Shako With Maker Or Retailer labels ‘Schutze Auffahrt’, Large White Metal Plate, State Cockade, Liner & Chin Strap. Sn 21777 - 21777
This is an excellent, original, Nazi Era / WW2 City Police Shako. The black patent leather shako has a pair of wire mesh vents on either side. It has an impressive, large stamped alloy Nazi Police Eagle with swastika and Oak leaf wreath on the front along with a detachable alloy State cockade. It has black leather chinstrap with buckles and its swivel chin strap bales are present. It has a peak / visor and neck protector. It is complete with its original brown soft leather sweatband liner with leather cord in clean condition. The crown and headband have nice maker or retailer labels in German lettering which looks like ‘Schutze’ and ‘Auffahrt’. The sweatband is ink stamped with size ‘56’ (UK 6 7/8 ) and has hand applied ink initials ‘C.H’. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 21777 (office table)

Imperial Prussian Guard’s M1871 Spike Top Pickelhaube General Rank Officer’s Helmet with Horsehair Plume State & National Cockades. Sn 19132. - 19132
This is a rare to find original Imperial Prussian Guards Model 1871 Pickelhaube for Officers of General rank. A similar M1897 Imperial Prussian General’s helmet attributed to Kaiser Wilhelm is illustrated on page 267 of the Pickelhaube by Bowman. The hard-boiled leather body is excellent. It has the guard eagle and enamelled guard star adorns the centre of the eagle and displays a fantastic combination of multi-coloured enamel with the black and gold eagle of the House of Hohenzollern's nobility. It also has the motto 'Suum Cuique' (may all get their due / to each their own). All brass fittings are present and undamaged including the leather backed linked chain. The fluted, silvered spike is mounted with original white horse hair plume. The leather sweatband is clean and undamaged. The silk liner is present but worn with age and service wear. There are no maker, date or Regiment marks visible on the helmet. The price for this rare, Imperial Prussian high ranking Officer’s pickelhaube includes UK delivery. Sn 19132.

Victorian 12th (Prince of Wales) Lancer's Troopers Lance Cap WD Marked & 1902 Dated with Queen’s Crown Plate & Plume. Sn 9493. - 9493
This is a scarce, original, Cavalry Trooper's Lance Cap of the 12th (Prince of Wales) Lancer's. The Lance Cap has a skull and peak of black patent leather with yellow & green cloth band. It has a mortar board top with red cloth ridged sides and yellow cord descending the angled corners. It has a brass plume boss with red horsehair plume. The boss is fitted with a yellow & green material ball mount bearing the embossed 'Queen's Crown with Crossed Lances and 12' of the 12th lancers. The Cap plate has a Victorian Crown at the top over the Royal Arms of Great Britain with 5 Battle Honours including the Crimean War. The leather backed brass chin chain is suspended from two Lion's head ear bosses. The Lance Cap is complete with sweat band and liner. The Crown has ink stamps ‘WD with Arrow’ & ‘9 (September) 1902’ (Queen Victoria died on 22nd January 1901 and was succeeded by King Edward VII, Uniform including Helmets & Lance Caps made during the reign of Queen Victoria continued to be issued with Queen’s crown plates in the early years of King Edward’s Reign). Material on the inside of the helmet has remnants of a size and manufacturer label which is unreadable. It is approx. UK size 6. Price includes UK delivery. Sn 9493.

French Late 1800's Third Republic Era Model 1876 Cuirassier Cavalry Regiment Helmet by Alexis Godillot with Plumes & Horse Hair Mane. Sn 17563. - 17563
An original Model 1876, France, Third Republic, Cuirassier Cavalry Regiment Helmet produced by Alexis Godillot (1816-1893). The helmet has a black painted metal skull, a brass peak binding, ear to ear wreath with ignited grenade to the centre. The skull has no dents. It has a leather backed scales chin strap with buckle and ornate ear roundels. It has a superb Medusa head finial with 'shaving brush' plume in its original brass holder and removable red ostrich feather plume to the left side. It also has a plaited red horsehair falling mane. The rear of the helmet is stamped 'Alexi Godillot' and with faint numbers which appear to be '15 6 74 9'. The helmet has its original leather sweatband liner which has some service wear. It is approx UK size 6. The price for this impressive helmet includes UK delivery. Sn 17563.

French Model 1882, WW1 Era Cuirassier Cavalry Regiment Helmet with Plume & Horse Hair Mane Manufacturer marked By G. Helbronner & Franck, Paris. Sn 9970. - 9970
An excellent WW1 Era French Model 1882 Cuirassier Cavalry Regiment Helmet. The helmet has a white metal skull, brass peak binding, ear to ear wreath with grenade to the centre. The white metal of the skull has some tarnishing to small areas consistent with age. It has leather backed scales chin strap and ornate ear roundels one of which is Stamped by the manufacturer 'B. Franck, Paris'. The rear of the helmet is marked by the manufacturer 'G. Helbronner' together with number '59' and small ' Star with letter C'. It has a superb Medusa head finial and removable red Ostrich feather plume to the left side. It also has a plaited black horse hair falling mane. The exterior of the helmet has just light service wear. We have left it in its original uncleaned, as found condition. Professionally cleaned this impressive helmet would have an even greater dramatic appearance. The helmet is complete with cloth liner which is undamaged and has just the service wear to be expected. It is approx. UK size 6 ½. Price for this impressive helmet includes UK delivery. Sn 9970.

**Original** WW2 1944 'D-Day' British 3rd Pattern Paratroopers Jump Helmet By BMB With Liner & Chin Strap. Sn 21682 - 21682
This is an excellent original WW2 1944 dated 3rd Pattern British Paratroopers Jump Helmet (See page 93 of For King & Country By Glenn). 3rd pattern Jump Helmets were manufactured from 1943 and featured a manganese steel shell with webbing liner & leather chin cup. They 1st saw action on June 6th 1944 for the Normandy Invasion. This helmet has the correct liner and has most of its original green paint. The leather sweatband is crisply date stamped '1944' together with manufacturer's mark 'BMB' and size '7 5/8'. The helmet has its original webbing chinstrap arrangement with leather chin cup. As with all of our stock this item is guaranteed 100% original. The price for this D-Day Para jump helmet includes UK delivery. Sn 21682

Original Pre WWII German Black Leather Berlin Police NCO Shako by Manufacturer EREL Robert Lubstein Berlin 55. 21695. - 21695
Shako or Tschako, the distinctive helmet of the German Police worn during the 1920s and until 1945. The shape and construction is similar to the World War One Jäger helmets and Scharfshützen helmet. An early 1934-1935 produced police pattern Tschako in black that pre-dates the more common green wool body version. Has very fine quality police eagle with bullion wire cockade (often missing). A great Polizei helmet (shako) as used by the metropolitan police, unlike some of the more common ones found trimmed in brown for rural police, this one is with black trim for the metropolitan police. Interior is very good and the leather is supple with a clear Robert Lubstein Berlin 55 Erel Berlin sticker within (Erel is a very famous brand. The company is still making hats in Germany today. It stands for ER EL, first letters of name - last name of Robert Lubstein, the owner and designer.Until 1939 the address of the factory was "Berlin NW 21, Alt Moabit 105". Then they moved to the Heinrich Roller address and changed the label to reflect the change) and shows only light age. Complete with original leather chin strap. A small 55. The price includes UK delivery. 21695.

WWII Era Bersaglieri Light Infantry Hat With 1st Bersaglieri Plate & Black Capercaillie Feather Cockade. Sn 13203. - 13203
The Bersaglieri (Marksmen in English) are a corps of the Italian Army originally created by General Alessandro La Marmora on 18 June 1836 to serve in the Army of the Kingdom of Sardinia, later to become the Royal Italian Army. They have always been a high-mobility light infantry unit, and can still be recognized by the distinctive wide brimmed hat that they wear (only in dress uniform in modern times), decorated with black capercaillie feathers. The feathers are usually applied to their combat helmets. Another distinctive trait of the Bersaglieri is the fast jog pace they keep on parades, instead of marching. Italy began the Second World War with 12 Bersaglieri Regiments of three battalions each. Over the preceding years the Army had resisted suggestions to dilute their quality, and recruits continued to be of above-average size and stamina, endured intense physical training and had to qualify as marksmen. The Bersaglieri fought in southern France and then in Greece, later, Bersaglieri Regiments were also deployed on the Eastern Front. One Battalion of Bersaglieri participated in the East African Campaign. This is an original WW2 Era Bersaglieri Hat. The helmet’s body, sweatband, lining and leather chin strap are clean but have areas of surface wear consistent with age. The front of the helmet has its original large gold coloured metal plate with Number ‘1’ to the 1st Bersaglieri Light Infantry mounted on a cloth rosette in the colours of the Italian flag. The hat has its original leather chin strap with buckle and is mounted with the correct original Capercaillie Feather cockade. The helmet is approx; UK size 7. Price includes UK delivery. Sn 13203.

WW2 Era Japanese Army Civil Defence / Home Guard Steel Combat Helmet With Padded Liner & Leather Chinstrap. Sn 21589 - 21589
This is an original WW2 Japanese Civil Defence / Home Guard Steel Combat Helmet complete with its original padded leather liner & original leather chin strap with buckle (one side of the strap has perished with age and become detached). The steel helmet has most of its original olive paint finish and no dents. The helmet is approx. UK size 7. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 21589
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