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Military Headgear - Helmets

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WW2 1944 'D-Day' British 3rd Pattern Paratroopers Jump Helmet By BMB With Liner & Chin Strap. Sn 19742:1 - 19742:1
This is an excellent original WW2 1944 dated 3rd Pattern British Paratroopers Jump Helmet (See page 93 of For King & Country By Glenn). 3rd pattern Jump Helmets were manufactured from 1943 and featured a manganese steel shell with webbing liner & leather chin cup. They 1st saw action on June 6th 1944 for the Normandy Invasion. This helmet has no denting and is complete with correct liner, chinstrap with leather chin pad and original green paint. The leather sweatband is date stamped '44' (1944) together with manufacturer's mark 'BMB' and size 7 1/8. The sweatband has period ink hand written name ‘Cpl (Corporal) Hardy’ & ‘Essery’. As with all of our stock this item is guaranteed 100% original. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 19742:1 (NB Original WW2 British Para Denison Smocks are also available on this website)

American Vietnam War Period M1 Combat Helmet, Liner, & Camouflage Cover. HE 842. - HE 842
This is an original American Vietnam War period M1 combat helmet complete with its original liner, *missing sweatband* and camouflage cover. The outer helmet has its original sand texture green finish on it. The (large size) helmet has its original cloth camouflage cover the camouflage cover has buttonholes sewn into it to hold foliage and appears to have seen service. The inner helmet retains most of its original green finish. The helmet and all of its accessories show signs of use and service wear. The price for this helmet includes U.K. delivery. HE 842.

WWI French Artillery ‘Adrian’ Steel Helmet with WWI Dated Brass Peak Cover. HE 841. - HE 841
An original condition WWI French Artillery Adrian steel helmet (The Adrian helmet (French: Casque Adrian) was an influential design of combat helmet originally produced for the French Army during World War I. Its original version, the M15, was the first standard helmet of the French Army and was designed when millions of French troops were engaged in trench warfare, and head wounds from the falling shrapnel generated by indirect fire became a frequent cause of battlefield casualties. Introduced in 1915, it was the first modern steel helmet and it served as the basic helmet of many armies well into the 1930s. Initially issued to infantry soldiers, in modified form they were also issued to cavalry and tank crews. This example with black paint, RF Grenade and crossed cannons badge to the front *slight play*. It is missing its brown leather chinstrap but has its original 6 tongue oilcloth liner. This helmet has a brass peak cover with intricate laurel leaves and ‘Colomead Lieutenant Colonel Soldat de la Grande Guerre 1914-1918 imprinted. Price includes UK delivery. HE 841.

British WW2, Childs Steel Tommy Helmet. - HE 840
This is an original British WW2 childs tommy helmet. The steel appears to have an old green lacquered green finish and has a raw steel edge. The helmet bears no stampings or identification although it has a glued in foam sweatband. The helmet has a khaki webbing chin strap secured to the rim by 2 copper rivets. The adjuster on the chin strap is made of pressed and stamped steel. The helmet measures 10 inches by 10 ½ inches diameter. The price of this childs wartime helmet includes U.K. delivery. HE 840

American Vietnam War Period M1 Combat Helmet, Liner, & Camouflage Cover. - HE 839
This is an original Unissued American Vietnam War period M1 combat helmet complete with its original liner, sweatband and camouflage cover. The outer helmet has all of its original sand texture green finish on it and has the number 7463 stamped into it. The helmet has its original cloth camouflage cover is stencilled in black to the inside COVER HELMET CAMOFLAGE together with other details and was manufactured by Blind Inc. the camouflage cover has buttonholes sewn into it to hold foliage and appears to be unused. The camouflage cover is held on by an elasticated green webbing band that is stencilled in black BAND, HELMET, CAMOFLAGE US . The inner helmet retains most of its original green finish and is stamped on the inside in black LINER, HELMET, GROUND TROOPS TYPE 1 and -2- together with other serial numbers. The canvas and tan leather sweatband is retained by clips holding it to the canvas head support webbing and is stencilled in black HEADBAND HELMET LINER and other stock numbers manufactured by Steinberg Bros Inc. The helmet and all of its accessories show no signs of use or wear and is probably unissued. The price for this helmet includes U.K. delivery. HE 839

British WW2, 1940 Dated Tommy Helmet By Fisher & Ludlow Limited. - HE 838
This is an original British 1940 dated tommy helmet. The helmet retains much of its original worn green painted finish and has the steel safety ring attached to the rim of the helmet. The helmet is stamped to the rear inside rim F&L (Fisher and Ludlow Ltd of Birmingham).1940 (1940 date) MS . The helmet retains its black rubberised sweatband attached to the crossed steel adapter which is held by a single screw to the inside of the helmet. The webbing chin strap has a steel buckle and expanding webbing covered tensioning spring attaching it to the helmet. The price of this helmet includes U.K. delivery. HE 838

C1890 & WW1 Era Imperial Prussian Infantry Regiment Officer’s Pickelhaube Helmet With Brass Fittings & Helmet Plate. Sn 19521 - 19521
A good, original, Imperial Prussian Infantry Regiment Officer’s Pickelhaube Helmet. It has the correct original large brass Prussian helmet plate. The leather helmet is sound and in good condition, all the stitching is firm and the metal work good. It has the correct brass spike top. The leather brim has a brass edge and a brass spine runs down the back of the helmet to the bottom edge of the helmet’s leather neck flap. The brass link chain bosses have Imperial state cockades. It has the correct chin strap lugs fitted with original leather chin strap with buckle. The helmet has its original leather sweatband liner. There are no Regiment maker or date marks on the helmet. It is approx. UK size 6. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 19521

**MINT**UNISSUED**Indochina War Era French 1951 Dated Casque Model 50 / Type 202 Paratrooper’s Training Helmet By Gueneau & Cie Paris. HE 835 - HE 835
The First Indochina War (generally known as the Indochina War in France, and as the Anti-French Resistance War in Vietnam) began in French Indochina on December 19, 1946, and lasted until July 20, 1954. This is a near mint unissued condition Casque (helmet) model 50 (1950) / Type 202 French military paratrooper’s training helmet dated 1951 (a copy of a contemporary image of French paratroopers wearing these helmets is illustrated in image 1). Made of a light padded shell with khaki cloth covering, side and neck skirt and cloth chin cup. The helmet is in excellent order, near mint and un-issued. The inside has its original liner and clean manufacturer label ‘E. Gueneau & Cie 6 Fauberg Saint Honore Paris 8e number 253/c, date of manufacture in French Juillet 51 (July 1951) size 56 Type Para (UK 6 7/8). The price includes UK delivery. HE 835

WW2 1942 British WD Tommy Combat Helmet With ‘Siege Of Malta’ Camouflage Paint, Liner & Chin Strap. Sn 19446 - 19446
The Siege of Malta in World War II was a military campaign in the Mediterranean Theatre. From June 1940 to November 1942, the fight for the control of the strategically important island of the British Crown Colony of Malta pitted the air and naval forces of Fascist Italy and Nazi Germany against the Royal Air Force (RAF) and the Royal Navy. The opening of a new front in North Africa in June 1940 increased Malta's already considerable value. British air and sea forces based on the island could attack Axis ships transporting vital supplies and reinforcements from Europe; Churchill called the island an "unsinkable aircraft carrier". General Erwin Rommel, in de facto field command of Axis forces in North Africa, recognised its importance quickly. In May 1941, he warned that "Without Malta the Axis will end by losing control of North Africa". The Axis resolved to bomb or starve Malta into submission, by attacking its ports, towns, cities, and Allied shipping supplying the island. Malta was one of the most intensively bombed areas during the war. The Luftwaffe and the Regia Aeronautica (Italian Royal Air Force) flew a total of 3,000 bombing raids, dropping 6,700 tons of bombs on the Grand Harbour area alone, over a period of two years in an effort to destroy RAF defences and the ports. Success would have made possible a combined German–Italian amphibious landing (Operation Herkules) supported by German airborne forces, but this did not happen. In the event, Allied convoys were able to supply and reinforce Malta, while the RAF defended its airspace, though at great cost in materiel and lives. In November 1942 the Axis lost the Second Battle of El Alamein, and the Allies landed forces in Vichy French Morocco and Algeria under Operation Torch. The Axis diverted their forces to the Battle of Tunisia, and attacks on Malta were rapidly reduced. The siege effectively ended in November 1942. In December 1942, air and sea forces operating from Malta went over to the offensive. By May 1943, they had sunk 230 Axis ships in 164 days, the highest Allied sinking rate of the war. The Allied victory in Malta played a major role in the eventual Allied success in North Africa. This is an excellent, original, WW2 steel 'Tommy' Combat helmet. This helmet has all of its original Green and sand section colour camo paint as used in the Siege of Malta. The surface of the helmet has a few small impact dents, most likely shrapnel marks. The rim is impressed with small stamp that is indistinct but looks like a WD mark, above 1 (January) /1942 date and number ‘248’. It has its original oil cloth sweat band liner, chin strap bales & webbing chinstrap all of which are intact. The helmet is approx. UK size 7. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 19446

**RARE**Imperial Prussian Guard’s M1871 Spike Top Pickelhaube General Rank Officer’s Helmet With Horse Hair Plume State & National Cockades. Sn 19132 - 19132
This is a rare to find original Imperial Prussian Guards Model 1871 Pickelhaube for Officer’s of General rank. A similar M1897 Imperial Prussian General’s helmet attributed to Kaiser Wilhelm is illustrated on page 267 of the Pickelhaube by Bowman.The hard boiled leather body is excellent. It has the guard eagle and enamelled guard star adorns the centre of the eagle and displays a fantastic combination of multicolored enamel with the black and gold eagle of the House of Hohenzollern's nobility. It also has the motto 'Suum Cuique' (may all get their due / to each their own). All brass fittings are present and undamaged including the leather backed linked chain. The fluted, silvered spike is mounted with original white horse hair plume. The leather sweatband is clean and undamaged. The silk liner is present but worn with age and service wear. There are no maker, date or Regiment marks visible on the helmet. The price for this rare, Imperial Prussian high ranking Officer’s pickelhaube includes UK delivery. Sn 19132
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