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Military Headgear - Helmets

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Original WWII Royal Navy Medic/First Aid Brodie Helmet with Liner. 20689. - 20689
A medic is responsible for providing emergency medical treatment at a point of wounding in a combat or training environment, as well as primary care and health protection and evacuation from a point of injury or illness. Additionally, medics may also be responsible for the creation, oversight, and execution of long-term patient care plans in consultation with or in the absence of a readily available doctor or advanced practice provider. Combat medics may be used in hospitals and clinics, where they have the opportunity to work in additional roles, such as operating medical and laboratory equipment and performing and assisting with procedures. This WWII M1917 (Brodie) helmet is in remarkably good condition for its age. It still retains the majority of its blue paint and red cross on white background markings. The left hand side is painted with a double chevron denoting rank. The liner is fully intact as is the webbing chin strap. The helmet is approximately size 7. The price for this piece of history includes UK delivery. 20689.

Vintage Belgium, Antwerp Police Police 'Combe ' Helmet With Helmet Plate and Numbers '331'. Sn 13907:54 - 13907:54
A vintage Belgium, Antwerp Police 'Combe' helmet and helmet plate with numbers '331', complete with chin strap. The helmet is in excellent condition and is made from hard lined dark blue felt & serge. On the outside it has a serge head band and on the front this has the numbers "331". above this is the Antwerp Police helmet plate in chromed metal and above this a chromed combe top with front. The combe runs all the way back to the neck protector. The combe also incorporates two vents, one either side. Inside it has a leather sweat band with stitched red cotton sweatband and drawer string. The chin strap is black leather and has a metal adjusting buckle. This is a very nice condition example of the Antwerp Police helmet. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 13907:54.

EXTREMELY RARE, 1 Of ONLY 1000 MADE, NAPOLEONIC ERA 1802-1813 French ‘Garde De Paris’ Cuirassier Cavalry Officer’s Helmet With Red Feather & Red Horse Hair Plumes, Black Horse Hair Mane, Liner & Leather Backed Link Chin Strap. Sn 15167. - 15167
The Garde De Paris (Guard of Paris) was established on 4th October 1802 by Napoleon Bonaparte. It distinguished itself in battles of historical significance, including Danzig and Friedland in 1807, Alcolea in 1808 and Burgos in 1812. In 1813 it was dissolved following the attempted coup of General Malet and replaced by the Imperial Gendarmerie of Paris and then, under the Restoration, the Royal Guard of Paris and the Royal Mounted Police of Paris. This is an excellent original French ‘Garde De Paris’ Cuirassier Cavalry Officer’s Helmet. Only approx. 1000 helmets to the ‘Garde De Paris’ were made. The helmet has a nickel plated brass skull, brass rim, ear to ear brass sun-ray band Imperial Eagle to the centre above banner ‘Garde De Paris’. It has leather backed scales chin strap and ornate brass ear bosses. It has a superb head combe finial, neck guard and original removable red feather and red horse hair plumes with correct ornate bosses. It also has its original plaited black horse hair falling mane. The brass has original gilt finish. The exterior of the helmet has no dents. The helmet is complete with leather liner which has just the service wear to be expected. It is approx. UK size 7. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 15167.

U.S. ‘Skullguard’ Fire Department firemans helmet. Sn 4974 - Sn 4974
For centuries, firefighters have worn helmets to protect them from heat, cinders and falling objects. Although the shape of most fire helmets has changed little over the years, their composition has evolved from traditional leather to metals (including brass, nickel and aluminum), to composite helmets constructed of lightweight polymers and other plastics. This is a great example of a black composite MSA "skullgard" fire helmet of a USA Fire Department. It has a wide brim, front leather badge, “USA FD". With a leather liner and strap with buckle including a nice makers label inside of M-S-A, Pittsburgh, the size is around 6 ½ . The price includes UK delivery. Sn. 4974

Original WW2, 1942 Dated British WD Unissued Overseas Service Tropical Solar Topee Helmet By Helmets Limited. HE 836 - HE 836
This is an original WW2, 1942 Dated unissued British WD Overseas Service Tropical Solar Topee Helmet. This is an excellent unissued original British WW2 Overseas Service Tropical Solar Topee Helmet. The helmet retains its original leather head band, chin strap & vented top mount. It is also complete with leather sweatband which is marked O over W ARROW D over 821 inside the headband. The headband also has a small white label printed in red with 6 7/8 Helmets Ltd Wheathampsted 1942 (date). The khaki canvas cover is undamaged and has its original khaki head band 'Pagri' & vented top mount. The helmet is complete with leather sweatband and original foil liner. The foil lining has minor wear but consistent with age. All other material and stitching of the helmet & sweatband are clean and undamaged. The helmet has original metal chin strap brass hooks. The price for this WW2 dated helmet includes UK delivery. HE 836.

WW1 Imperial German Bavarian Reserve Infantry Officer’s Fibre Pickelhaube Helmet With Brass Fittings, National & State Cockades, Large Helmet Plate & Removable Spike Top. Sn 20643:1 - 20643:1
A nice fibre bodied Pickelhaube indicating manufacture during WW1 when leather became short. The front plate is of a reserve infantry Officer, with large nickel reserve Officer’s cross to the centre of the gilt Bavarian front plate. The helmet has domed chin scales, square cut front peak & all correct National & State cockades with screw off spike. To the interior, the light tan liner is all complete with its green inner silk. The helmet is approx. UK size 6 ½. A nice complete Bavarian WW1 Pickelhaube. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 20643:1

*Scarce* WWII Belgian Ostend Police Helmet POL 996. - POL 996
A scarce WW2 period Police Officers composite helmet of the Belgian port of Ostend in Flanders (The Coat of Arms of Ostend (Belgium) consists of a shield with 3 keys and a chevron). The helmet is military style, painted white with brass edging and fitted whit a white metal coat of Arms badge of Ostend to the front. The helmet is in great condition for its age. Inside it has its original buff leather liner and brown leather chinstrap. It is a large size and inside is an old label, "507 Ostend 58". The price includes UK delivery. POL 996.

WW1 British MK II 1918 Pattern Brodie Trench Helmet With Brodie Ink Stamped Sweat Band, Rim Stamped ‘HV / 572’ & Chin Strap. Sn 20539 - 20539
An original WW1 MK II 1918 Pattern British Brodie Steel helmet. It has its original textured olive paint & no dents. It has its correct small central copper rivet at the crown and chinstrap bales attached with correct split pins. It is fitted with its original black oilcloth liner with red ink 'Brodie' manufacturer's stamp. The inner rim is stamped ‘H.V over 572’. It has its original brown leather chinstrap with buckle. The helmet is approx. UK size 7. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 20539

British 1871 Pattern 1st (King’s Own Regiment Of Horse) Dragoon Guards Cavalry Troopers Helmet With Horse Hair Plume & Link Chin Strap. Sn 20506 - 20506
Dragoon Guards was the designation used to refer to certain heavy cavalry regiments in the British Army from the 18th century onwards. The British Army first used the designation in 1746, when the King's Own Regiment of Horse, the Queen's Own Royal Regiment of Horse (prior to 1727 the Princess of Wales's Own) and the 4th Horse were re-designated as the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Dragoon Guards respectively. This is an excellent 1871 pattern British 1st Dragoon Guards (King’s Own Regiment Of Horse) Troopers Helmet with horse hair plume & leather backed link chin strap. It has a brass skull with brass fittings, brass top spike with horse hair plume. It has Tudor rose boss devices to each side to support the leather backed brass link chin. It has a very ornate original helmet plate featuring white metal star with central brass wreath bearing Royal Latin motto and large number ‘1’ on an enamel field of black. This helmet is as found and un-messed with, professionally cleaned it would look even more spectacular. It is approx UK size 7. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 20506

Early 20th Century Austrian Markt Sankt Florian City Fireman’s Steel Helmet With Chromed Cross Top, State Helmet Plate, Original Chinstrap & Liner. Sn 20426 - 20426
An excellent, original early 20th Century Austrian Fireman’s Helmet. The helmet has a black painted steel shell and large chromed top cross piece. The left and right sides of the helmet have ventilation holes. The front is mounted with original enamelled state helmet plate with banner ‘Markt St Florian’ (Markt Sankt Florian is a City in Upper Austria) on a chromed field of oak leaves. It has its original leather chinstrap with buckle and original leather liner with padded crown. The helmet has no dents and the original black paint finish has just minor service wear. The helmet is approx UK size 7. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 20426
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