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Holsters, Accessories and Leather

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WWII German Leather Holster for the Walther PP Semi Auto Pistols. L 220. - L 220
This is an original, WWII, dark brown leather holster for Walther PP Pistols (The Walther PP (German: Polizeipistole, or police pistol) series pistols are blowback-operated semi-automatic pistols, developed by the German arms manufacturer Carl Walther GmbH Sportwaffen). The holster has a flap, top cover and single retaining strap with single brass stud fastener. The front aspect of the holster has a magazine pouch which is covered by the flap when closed. The rear of the holster has a double belt loop. The underside of the flap has a small manufacturer's mark which appears to contain letters ‘PP BERLIN GB’. All of the stitching is intact and the brass stud is in place. The price includes UK delivery. *Holster Only* L 220.

WWI Named to ‘W.H. Collins MC’ Webley .455 Service Revolver Holster Stamped Maker Geo. G.Bussey & Co 1917. 20193. - 20193
William Henry Collins entered the France/Flanders theatre of war as a Company Sergeant-Major in the 2nd Battalion Middlesex Regiment, on 7 November 1914. Later served as such with the 3rd Battalion Hampshire Regiment. Promoted to 2nd Lieutenant in the Hampshire Regiment on 16 April 1917. On 1 September 1918, 2nd Lieutenant Collins led ‘A’ Company, 10th Battalion Hampshire Regiment, in an assault on Bulgarian positions at the Roche Noire Salient, Salonika. Though wounded in the action, Collins continued to lead his men until all the objectives had been taken and a defensive position secured, taking 28 prisoners in the process. For his leadership and bravery in action, Collins was awarded the Military Cross. Post-war he served in India as a Captain in the Bombay, Baroda & Central India Railway Regiment. W.H. Collins was awarded ‘The Great War ‘Salonika’ M.C. group of four ‘For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty during an attack. No other officers were left in his company, and his three senior Sergeants were casualties, but he led his company with great skill and determination, setting a splendid example to all under his command. In capturing a position he was wounded, but did not wait to have his wounds dressed until all his objectives had been captured and his company was reorganised’. The holster is in very nice condition with all leather and stitching intact. W.H. Collins MC The Hampshires is clearly stamped to the front flap and Geo. G.Bussey & Co 1917 to the belt hook (George Gibson Bussey was born 1829 in Yorkshire, to a working family, and found work as an apprentice saddler at a young age. Having moved to London in 1851, he established himself as a saddler and gunsmith, and demonstrated an astute interest in identifying consumer trends. Bussey was reputed to have spent many early mornings strolling through the fashionable shopping areas of London, watching as windows were redecorated with new products, in an effort to ascertain which products were growing in popularity. Using such insight, by 1855 he had registered as a gun-case maker at 173 High Holborn; an apparent intersection of his two primary skill sets.). The price for this valued piece of history includes UK delivery. 20193.

WW1 1918 U.S. Army G & K (Graton & Knight) Leather Holster For Smith & Wessson & Colt .38 Calibre 4” Barrel Service Revolvers With ‘A.G’ Army Inspector’s Mark. Sn 20198 - 20198
These holsters were the standard holster for American troops carrying S&W and Colt .38 service revolvers. The holster is in excellent condition. It has a full flap cover with eyelet which fastens to a brass stud on the front of the holster. The front of the holster is embossed with the ‘U.S’ (Army) roundel. On the reverse it has a leather belt loop, secured with stitching and 3 brass rivets. The leather belt loop on the back of the holster is impressed by the manufacturer ‘G&K’ (Graton & Knight) above ‘1918’ date and US Army inspector’s mark ‘A.G’. The muzzle end of the holster has a brass lanyard ring for thigh cord. All of the stitching & leather of the holster is clean and intact. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 20198 (NB The S&W 1914 Patent .38 4” barrel revolver illustrated in the images is not included but is available separately on this website reference Sn 20067:26)

WW1 1917 Imperial German J.M Eckart Ulmad Army Officer’s Leather Holster For Luger PO8 9mm Parabellum Pistols. Sn 20148 - 20148
An original, WW1 dated Leather Holster for Luger 9mm Parabellum Pistols. Made of brown Cow hide, the Holster has an integral leather pouch with stud fastener sewn into the inside of its lid, for a Luger pistol stripping tool. The holster has a magazine pouch on its right aspect. The flap cover of the holster is secured by a buckle which functions as it should. The holster has a quick draw strap with correct leather toggle. The inside of the flap is impressed with 1917 date and manufacturer detail ‘J.M Eckart Ulmad’. All leather and stitching are clean & intact. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 20148

**COMPLETE **ORIGINAL**MATCHING DATES & MAKER**WW1 1917 British Officers' Hobson & Sons London Sam Browne Equipment Belt Rig With Webley MK VI Service Revolver Holster, Ammo Pouch, Sword Frog & Cross Belts. Sn 20139 - 20139
This is an original WW1 Officer's Sam Browne equipment belt rig in excellent condition. The belt has all brass buckles and fittings including shoulder cross straps. The belt is fitted with an excellent .455 calibre MK VI service revolver holster with flap cover and stud fastener. The rear of the holster has the correct belt loop & brass fittings. The belt is also fitted with an excellent original ammunition pouch with flap cover, retaining strap & stud fastener and an original Sword frog. The buckles, leather & stitching of all components of the rig are intact. The belt, holster and ammo pouch have matching impressed maker cartouches ‘Hobson & Sons London’ together with matching 1917 dates. There are no maker or date marks on the sword frog or cross straps. The belt is adjustable from approx UK size 36" to 40" waist. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 20139

A Set of Heavy Leather 1940 Dated German Military Motorcycle Saddle Bags with Waffenamt Stamp by Maker Stolla Sohn Vienna, Austria - L 219. - L 219
A set of heavy brown leather German Military saddle bags dated 1940. They are nicely stamped with the date ‘1940’, makers code cgu (Stolla Sohn Vienna, Austria) and a large Waffenamt. Complete with flaps, securing straps and buckles. Shown in detail in the printed ‘Men-at-Arms Series’ No 234- ‘German Combat Equipments 1939-45’. Illustration page "E. All but one strap is in very good condition. The buckles work as they should and the stitching barring the internal stitching is intact *shown in picture 3* Price includes UK delivery. L 219. (Holster Box)

George V – VI White Buff Leather Dress/Parade Belt with Frog. L 404. - L 404
A white buff leather British dress/parade belt with frog attached. The Crowned Lion on Crown badge is of Brigadiers & Colonels during the reign of George V, (WW1) and George VI. The belt measures 42” tip to tip. The leather is in good supple condition and the metalwork is in very good condition. The price includes UK delivery. L 404. (box bottom shelf store room near armoury door)

Victorian Boer War Era British Infantry Other Ranks Buff Leather Belt With Brass ‘Snake’ Buckle & Hanger Straps. 19966:43 - 19966:43
An excellent original Victorian Boer War Era British OR’s Buff Leather Belt . All leather and stitching are clean and intact and it has the correct brass bars, buckles, hook and 2 hanger straps It has an excellent original brass ‘Snake’ buckle. The back of the belt has original black ink stencilled number ‘249’ and other indistinct letters and numbers (illustrated). The belt is 29” length adjustable to approx. 38”. The price includes UK delivery. 19966:43 (box bottom shelf store room near armoury door)

Victorian Boer War Era British Royal Artillery Or Royal Engineers Officers Buff Leather Sword Belt With Gilt Queen’s Crown Buckle. 19966:42 - 19966:42
An excellent original Victorian Boer War Era British Officers Buff Leather Sword Belt .All leather and stitching are clean and intact and it has the correct brass bars, buckles, hook and hanger straps It has an excellent original gilt brass belt buckle embossed with Queen’s crown Royal Artillery or Royal Engineer’s Regiment badge embossed “Honi soit qui mal y pense” (the motto of the British chivalric Order of the Garter, the highest of all British knighthoods, except in Scotland) over thistles and banner ‘Ubique’ (The Royal Engineers & Royal Artillery motto is 'Ubique' meaning 'Everywhere', reflecting the fact that their units have been involved in all of the British Army's battles and campaigns). The belt is 32” maximum length. The price includes UK delivery. 19966:42 (box bottom shelf store room near armoury door)

*Pre 1953* British WW1/WW2 Period Royal Navy Officer's Leather Belt with Sword Hangers and King's Crown Gilt Brass Buckle. 19966:41. - 19966:41
A nice British WW1/WW2 period Royal Navy Officer's leather belt with sword hangers and King's crown gilt brass buckle, pre 1953, with brass fittings, black leather. The size is approx. 38" waist fully extended, it is in excellent condition. The black leather Royal Navy sword belt is worn by Officers and Warrant Officers below flag rank. The price includes UK delivery. 19966:41.(Holster box in stores)
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