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American Knives and Bowies

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SOLD SOLD (04/09) American Wild West Era G.J. Neill Oxford Mississippi Spear Point Frontiersman’s Bowie With Gutta Percha Hilt, Brass Fittings & Open Top Leather Scabbard. Sn 17673 - 17673
This is a very good Bowie fighting knife in the form popular with American frontiersmen. It has a heavy 7 ¼” long steel spear point Bowie blade which has just staining to be expected. The knife measures 12 ½” overall. One side of the blade is crisply marked by the maker or retailer ‘G.J. Neill Oxford’ (there are no English cutlers named Neill listed in either the London or Sheffield knife books. Oxford is a city in, and the county seat of, Lafayette County, Mississippi, United States. Founded in 1837, it was named after the British university city of Oxford in hopes of having the state university located there, which it did successfully attract. Although we can find no record of a cutler named Neill working in the City further research may identify the maker). It has a brass cross guard, ferrule and pommel cap. The chequered Gutta percha hard rubber grip is excellent and undamaged (also indicating American manufacture). The Bowie has its original brown leather open top scabbard. The stitched rear seam of the scabbard is open but could easily be re-stitched. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 17673

American WW2 Mark 1 Fighting Knife And Scabbard. ED 2519 - ED 2509
This is an American WW2 Mark 1 fighting knife made by PAL. The ricasso is marked R H PAL within a circle 36 and MADE IN U.S.A. The blade is 6 inch fullered to both sides with a single edge and a short top edge. The crossguard is made of steel and the grip is made of leather washers with brown plastic spacers at the top and bottom. The pommel is made of aluminium with a crossed steel pin holding the blade to the grip. The scabbard is of brown leather, stitched and riveted with a press stud fastener. See M.H.Cole, U.S Military Knives, Paes 74 – 89. The price includes UK delivery. ED 2519

**SCARCE**WW2 U.S M4 Knife Bayonet By Utica For M1 Carbines & M8A1 Scabbard By BM Co & VP. Sn 17534 - 17534
This is an original, scarce, WW2 US M4 Knife Bayonet by Utica complete with its original M8A1 scabbard by the BM Co which is the Beckwith manufacturing Company (see page 107 No.8 of Cole’s book US Military Knives Book III). The bayonet is in very nice condition. It has the correct compressed leather rings handle. Its steel blade measures 6 ½” length. The cross guard is stamped 'US M4 Utica' and with the Frankford Arsenal ‘ ignited grenade’ mark. The pommel has the correct ‘pincer’ bayonet release catch. Its olive green plastic scabbard has the early holed tip for cord without metal chape and an integral webbing frog with belt loop which has a single retaining strap with brass press stud fastener and blackened wire belt bar. The steel throat mount is correctly stamped 'U.S. M8A1' and with 'BM Co' manufacturer detail (Beckwith Manufacturing Company). The rear of the scabbard is stamped with the ‘VP’ mark of Victory Plastics. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 17534

WW2 Early US M3 Fighting Knife Blade Manufacturer Marked Utica & M8A1 Scabbard With Integral Frog By PWH & Thigh Cord. ED 2507 - ED 2507
An original WW2 early US M3 fighting knife and M8A1 scabbard with integral frog. It has an undamaged 6 ½” blade which has just staining consistent with age. The blade is crisply marked 'USM3 UTICA' (early M3 knives had manufacturer and model designation stamped on the blades. Later variants have those markings on the cross guard as it was believed stamping the blades risked weakening the steel). The leather ringed handle is undamaged and has just light service wear to be expected. It has a steel cross guard and pommel. The knife is complete with its later original green plastic M8A1 scabbard with integral green webbing frog which has a single retaining strap and press stud fastener. The throat mount of the scabbard is stamped 'USM8A1' & by the manufacturer 'PWH’. The scabbard is fitted with thigh cord. The price includes UK delivery. ED 2507

WW1 1917 Dated U.S. Military Diston & Sons Design Model 1917- 1918 Trench/ Fighting Knife By American Cutlery Co (A.C. Co.) Sn 13463 - 13463
In 1917 several designs were submitted to the U.S. Ordnance Dept for a new fighting knife. The design by Henry Diston & Sons, Philadelphia was chosen over others (see pages 22 – 23 of Cole’s book U.S. Military Knives).This is an excellent original example of the Diston design Model 1917- 1918 Trench/ Fighting Knife by the American Cutlery Co. The blade is a simple but effective blackened 8 ½” triangular spike (13 ½” overall) secured to a contoured walnut grip with finger grooves. The edges of the steel knuckle bow bears 2 rows of steel flange teeth. The grip also has a stepped steel pommel nut. The inside of the bow is crisply stamped 'A.C. Co USA’ and dated ‘1917'. The original green leather scabbard has blackened fittings including an integral brass belt hanger all in great condition. Price includes UK delivery. Sn 13463

North American Frontier Era, Buffalo Hunters Skinning / Fighting Knife With Dismountable Blade Polished Horn Scales, Bronze Bolsters & Period Leather Scabbard. Sn 17196 - 17196
This type of knife were used by Buffalo Hunters during the American Frontier era. This example has all the patina age and construction of a Frontier piece made in the early to mid 1800’s most likely in North America. It has polished horn scales which are secure but do have light surface hairline cracks. The hilt has bronze bolsters (similar to the bronze seen on firearms of the period such as Winchester’s Yellow Boy Carbines). One bolster has the initials ‘CS’ scratched into it (most likely a previous or original owner of the knife). The 5” blade has staining and patina consistent with age. The knife measures 9 ½” overall length. There are no visible manufacturer marks on this piece. This knife has a steel lever with bronze thumb spur lug. The hinged lever opens from the frame to allow the blade to be unhooked from a spigot within the frame of the knife, most likely to allow removal for cleaning/ sharpening or insertion of another type of blade or tool such as a small hatchet blade. The Bowie comes with its period open top scabbard with leather stitched seam and riveted metal belt bar. The leather & stitching are intact but has patina and wear to be expected with age. The price for this knife worthy of further research includes UK delivery. Sn 17196

EXTREMELY RARE, ORIGINAL, Sterile WW2 U.S. Office Of Strategic Command (O.S.S. Special Forces) Smatchet By Case Cutlery USA & Original Leather Covered Wood Scabbard. Sn 16685 - 16685
During WW2 the American Company W.R.Case & Sons Cutlery co made smatchets for the American O.S.S. Special Forces who engaged in Espionage and Covert Operations behind enemy lines during the War. The U.S. Government requested that these knives were made without manufacturer or War Dept markings i.e sterile so that the origins of the weapon could not be determined if captured. These weapons are extremely rare. Examples of the O.S.S. Smatchet and scabbard are illustrated on page 156 of the book U.S. Military Knives III by Cole. Page 157 of the same book illustrates a letter from the president of Case Cutlery dated 1960 addressed to the author of the book confirming that Case Cutlery made sterile smatchets during WW2. This original example of the O.S.S Smatchet is excellent and undamaged. It has the correct large, blackened, leaf shaped blade 10 ¾” in length (16 ¼” overall) which is riveted to its undamaged slab wood grips. It has a large oval steel cross guard and alloy pommel holed for wrist strap, fitted with a later nylon wrist cord. Its scabbard is the correct wood covered leather with heavy duty stitching and rivets. It has a short retaining strap with press stud fastener and the rear has the correct diagonal riveted belt loop. Both the Smatchet and Scabbard are sterile having no manufacturer, Unit or WD marks as described in the previously mentioned letter from Case Cutlery. The price for this WW2 O.S.S. weapon and scabbard rarely seen on the collector's market includes UK delivery. Sn 16685

RARE, WW2 C1941 Pacific Theatre U.S. Marines & Signal Corps Victor Tool Co ‘Woodman’s Pal’ LC-14-B Fighting Machete With Knuckle Guard & Original Correct LC-14-B, A.A. Hamel Olive Green Webbing Canvas Scabbard With Zip & Belt Loop. Sn 16681 - 16681
The Woodman's Pal was developed by Frederick Ehrsam in 1941, and quickly established itself commercially as a superior tool for the forest or jungle. During World War II the tool was issued to the U.S.M.C, Signal Corps and other soldiers under the nomenclature "Knife LC-14-B" for brush clearing or as a survival tool / fighting weapon (see page 131, item 144 of ‘United States Military Knives Collector’s Guide’ by Silvey & Boyd). It came with a scabbard that had a zipper down one side, a strap at the closure and a belt bar. The LC-14-B could be attached to a pistol belt or other attachment point equipped with the hanger grommets. The LC-14-B was manufactured for the Army by Victor Tool Co. of Reading, PA. Our example is in excellent condition. The blade is 12” long, 2 5/8” at its widest point and 16 ¼” overall length. The blade has the correct agricultural form crow’s beak/ scythe head which is 5 ¼” wide. The parkerised blade is in excellent condition, sharp with no damage. The blade is stamped ‘Woodman’s Pal 280 Trademark Pat Applied For Victor Tool Co. Reading, PA’. The handle is made of stacked leather washers with a steel hand guard. The handguard is stamped on the back "LC-14-B." The original canvas webbing scabbard has the correct belt bar, press stud retaining strap, zip and belt loop. The zipper is fitted with a small leather pull cord. The body of the scabbard is clean and undamaged. The front is ink stamped 'US' (Army). The rear 'A.A. Hamel Victor Tool Co'. The inside of the scabbard has open top pockets and is ink stamped "LC-14-B" together with manufacturer information ‘A.A. Hamel’ ( all illustrated). The price for this rare WW2 jungle warfare piece includes UK delivery. Sn 16681

RARE, KA-BAR FIGHTING KNIFE CONNECTIONS, C1910 American Keenwell Mfg. Co. Olean, NY (Union Cutlery) Bowie Knife, Hatchet Axe Combination With Interchangeable Blades & Correct Original Tooled Leather Scabbard. Sn 16277 - 16277
The American Union Razor Company was started in 1898 by Wallace R. Brown a grandson of Job R. Case in Tidioute Pennsylvania. The operation was soon moved to Olean, New York where Union produced Olcut, Keenwell and Ka-bar stamped knives. The company also changed its name from Union Razor to Union Cutlery Company. They continued to produce high quality cutlery until around 1977. This is an excellent, rare to find Bowie knife hatchet combination stamped with the Keenwell Mfg Co mark. According to the Houston Price Guide to knives this stamping was used around 1910 by Union Cutlery. The brass and steel frame hilt has steel bolsters and Ivory hue smooth celluloid scales secured by brass pins. One bolster has an adjustable steel screw with knurled edge. When the screw is undone it allows the hatchet and knife blades to be changed. The tangs of the knife and axe have a round recess which fits the screw thread in the hilt securely. The cutting edge of the knife blade is 5” length and it has a ribbed recess section in the back edge of the blade. The blade has just light staining consistent with age. The blade is crisply marked by the manufacturer ‘Keenwell Mfg Co Olean, NY’. When configured as a knife the knife measures 9 ¾” overall length. The hatchet blade has just light staining consistent with age and is marked with matching manufacturer detail. The cutting edge is 2 ½” length. When configured as a hatchet it measures 12” overall length. The knife blade edge and hatchet head blade are both sharp. The combination comes with its original leather scabbard which securely houses the combination configured as a knife with retaining strap and press stud fastener together with a separate integral pocket with flap cover and press stud fastener which houses the hatchet blade. The brown leather scabbard has heavy duty reinforced stitched and riveted edges. The leather has tooled decoration to the front aspect and single belt loop to the rear. All leather, stitching & rivets of the scabbard are clean and intact. The price for this rare to find combination includes UK delivery. Sn 16277

WW2 MK 2 U.S. Navy MK 2 Kabar Fighting Knife With USN Mark 2 Grey Plastic Scabbard By BM Co & VP. Sn 14588:9 - 14588:9
This is an original WW2 era Mark 2 Ka-Bar fighting knife & Scabbard (see page 78 of the book ‘United States Military Knives Collector’s Guide By Silvey & Boyd No. 63 for illustration & page 89 No 166 for description). This example is in excellent condition. The grip is constructed of the correct compressed smooth leather washers, correct finger guard and has a steel pommel. The blade is stamped ‘KA-BAR’ on one side and ‘USN MK 2’ on the reverse. It has a 7” clean, blackened, bowie blade with fullers. It is complete with its correct grey plastic scabbard with integral webbing frog and retaining strap with press stud fastener. The throat mount is stamped to the front ‘USN MK 2’ and the rear ‘NORD-4723 BM Co (Beckwith Manufacturing Co) /2’ and ‘VP’ (Victory Plastics). All markings are illustrated. The scabbard is holed for thigh cord. The price for this WW2 Ka-Bar knife with scabbard includes UK delivery. Sn 14588:9
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