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Bayonets - American

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**MINT** Post 1980 To Date, U.S. Military Phrobis M9 MK III Buck 188 Knife Bayonet & Scabbard With Wire Cutting & Quick Release Webbing Assembly. Sn 17657 - 17657
In the 1980's, after many years of searching for the ultimate Fighting/ Utilty Knife Bayonet, the U.S. Military introduced the Phrobis Generation of Knives. These knife Bayonets are still used by The U.S. Military to date (see Chapter 7 of The American Gladius' By Pattarozzi). This near mint bayonet has its olive green deep ribbed grip & cross guard with muzzle ring. It has a pristine 7" Bowie type blade with saw back. It also has a wire cutter assembly hole. The ricasso is crisply stamped 'M9 Phrobis III U.S.A' on one side and ‘Buck 188 USA ‘ on the reverse. The knife is contained in its original olive green Military scabbard. The scabbard with wire cutter attachment is complete with quick release webbing assembly, removable belt clip and sharpening stone pocket (empty). The rear of the scabbard is fitted with sharpening stone. The price for this excellent complete knife bayonet and scabbard set includes UK delivery. Sn 17657

American P17 Bayonet, By Remington Scabbard And Frog. BAYO 520 - BAYO 520
This is an American made and issued Pattern 1917 bayonet for the U.S. P17 rifle. This bayonet was acquired from the U.S.A. and used by various auxiliary forces in Britain during WW2. The ricasso caries the date 1917 and REMINGTON within a circle. The other side of the blade has the flaming grenade over U.S with an eagle acceptance mark and inspectors number. The scabbard is the original American issue with belt loop attachment which has had a British leather frog fitted for Home Guard use. These bayonets are interchangeable with the Pattern 1913 bayonet already in use and therefore presented no spares or supplies issue. See Skennerton item B289 on page 236. The price includes UK delivery. BAYO 520

SOLD SOLD MINT UN-ISSUED ,FINAL PATTERN, Imperial USA M5A1 Knife Bayonet & U.S. M8 A1 Beckwith Manufacturing Company (BM Co) / Victory Plastics (VP) Scabbard With Integral Frog. BAYO 439 - BAYO 439
A near mint un-issued condition, final pattern M5 A1 bayonet by Imperial (see Cole Book III page 112 & Brearley ‘An Illustrated History Of Bayonets’ page 246). The bayonet pattern started with the M5 & went through modifications mainly to the operating lever, to this final designation M5 A1. The cross guard is marked with manufacturer & model detail (illustrated). The bayonet has a sharp 6 ¾” parkerised blade, un-damaged hilt with correct operating lever and is contained in its correct scabbard with integral webbing frog which has a belt bar and retaining strap with press stud fastener. The scabbard is marked with designation and manufacturer details ‘M8 A1’ BM Co (Beckwith Manufacturing Company) & ‘VP’ (Victory Plastics). The price includes UK delivery. BAYO 439

U.S. Army Model 1873 Socket Bayonet For Springfield Trapdoor Infantry Rifles. BAYO 404 - BAYO 404
This is an excellent, original, U.S. Army Model 1873 Socket Bayonet For Springfield Trapdoor Infantry Rifles This model of bayonet was the last to be adopted as standard issue by U.S. Forces (see White & Watts item No 909 Pages 410 & 430). It has a 18" Tri-form blade which is straight and has just light staining. It measures 20.875” overall length. The blade is stamped ‘U.S’ (Army) above letter ‘S’ inspection mark. The socket is complete with locking ring. The bayonet’s muzzle ring diameter is 19.5 mm. The price includes UK delivery. BAYO 404

Peabody 1873 Pattern Socket Bayonet For The Peabody Martini Rifle. BAYO 245 - BAYO 245
This is probably an American socket for the Peabody Martini rifle made by the Providence Tool Company of Rhode Island, U.S.A.. These rifles were mainly used by Turkey and Romania amongst others. This bayonet carries several markings on the socket, namely BLB No313 & 5906. On the socket is WA H CF . These are probably State National Guard markings. The bayonets blade has a cruciform cross section and has an overall length of 544mm with a blade length of 490mm. See White & Watts, item 620 on pages 277 and 279. The price includes U.K. delivery. BAYO 245

SOLD SOLD Home Guard, Remington (1915 Dated) P14 Bayonet, Scabbard & 1940 Dated British 1939 Pattern Leather Frog By Lees (W) Ltd For Home Guard Issue. BAYO 243 - BAYO 243
This is a nice U.S. P14 bayonet made by Remington in WW1 for the P.14 ,303 rifle These bayonets were reissued at the start of the Second World War to the Home Guard. The bayonets were fitted with a British made leather scabbard before issue. The bayonet has a parkerised blade. The ricasso is stamped with Remington roundel and 1917 (Pattern). The reverse is stamped with Frankford Arsenal ignited grenade mark, eagle's head and ‘15. The bayonet has an excellent blade & grips and a nice U.S. green leather scabbard with brass belt clips. The bayonet is fitted with a nice 1939 Emergency Pattern Home Guard leather frog. The rear of the frog is nicely marked by the manufacturer LEES (W) LTD (W. Lees of Walsall), 1940 (1940 date) and a crowfoot. The P.14 rifles were adopted by UK Reserve Forces both in WW1 & Home Guard extensively in WW2. Price for includes UK delivery. BAYO 243

American U.S. M5-1 Bayonet, Scabbard And Frog. BAYO 301 - BAYO 301
This is an American M5-1 bayonet made by Aerial. This bayonet has the improved locking catch which was necessary due to the difficult in operating the original catch. The bayonet is marked on the crossguard U.S.M5-1 and AERIAL together with the U.S. government Department of Defence acceptance mark consisting of a stylised eagle surmounted by 3 stars. This replaced the old flaming grenade and was in use between 1955 to the mid-1960s. The bayonet is contained in its correct U.S. M8A1 scabbard made by P.W.H. and its green cloth frog. See Cole Book 3, page 112 and Brearley, An Illustrated History of Bayonets, page 246. The price includes U.K. delivery. BAYO 301 £145

VERY RARE ‘THE FIGHTING 69th’ (U.S. 69th Infantry Regiment) Original WW1 1917 Dated Remington Pattern 1913 Presentation Sword Bayonet With Etched Blade. Sn 15156 - 15156
The 69th Infantry Regiment is a Regiment of the United States Army. It is from New York City and known as the "Fighting Sixty-Ninth" a name said to have been given by Robert E. Lee during the Civil War. An Irish heritage unit, it is also nicknamed the "Fighting Irish". The Regiment’s history dates back to 1849, when it was created as the 9th Regiment New York State Militia, and A Company, 1/69 can trace roots back to the American Revolution. The Regiment has seen combat in five wars: the American Civil War, World War I, World War II, the Iraq War and the Afghanistan War. It has also participated in 23 campaigns, so many that the staffs of its Regimental colors are authorised to be one foot longer than normal to accommodate them all. This very rare piece is an original WW1 1917 dated Pattern 1913 Remington bayonet for Pattern 1914 (P14) rifles which has been etched to the ‘Fighting 69th’ for presentation. The bayonet grips have two vertical grooves which distinguishes it from Pattern 1907 bayonets and are secured with two screw bolts. The pommel has a push release button which works as it should. The cross guard is waisted and has a muzzle ring. The 16 ¾” single edged blade is fullered. The ricasso has inspection marks on one side (including struck out British WD arrow) together with U.S. (Army Mark). The reverse has 1913 (pattern) above ‘5 17’ (May 1917 date) and Remington roundel. One side of the blade is etched ‘69th Infantry Div (The Fighting 69th) Army Of The United States Of America U.S. Army E Pluribus Unum (translation -out of many, one) 1917 France 1918 (The Great War)’. The blade has staining consistent with age but no damage or rust. The bayonet is without scabbard. The price for this very rare WW1 presentation bayonet to the ‘Fighting Irish’ includes UK delivery. Sn 15156

U.S. Rare M1 Garand Bayonet With Wooden Grips By A.F.H. and Scabbard. BAYO 294 / BAYO 287 - BAYO 294 / BAYO 287
This is a rare newly made M1 bayonet and not a cut M1905 or M1942 blade. The six groove grips are wooden instead of the usual plastic grips and are held to the bayonet by one screw bolt. This is unusual as the grips are normally of black plastic.. The fullers on the blade do not go down to the tip, stopping 2 ¾ inches from the tip. The bayonet is stamped on the ricasso with A.F.H. (Union Fork and Hoe) U.S. and has the Flaming Grenade (Frankford Arsenal). The bayonet is carried in its correct composite olive green plastic scabbard with a steel mouthpiece on which is stamped the U.S. flaming grenade and its designation M3. The bayonet is virtually identical to the one shown as in item 930 on pages 412 and 437 in The Bayonet Book by White and Watts. The price includes UK delivery. BAYO 294 / BAYO 287

Original American Merrill Navy Rifle Model 1862 Bayonet and Scabbard. Sn 13928 - 13928
A scarce original bayonet for the Merrill Navy rifle. It has the typical brass grip of the period with a long Yataghan blade measuring 25.5", 31.5" overall. Attached to the rifle it became in effect a pike to repel boarders. There are no markings on the bayonet except for an indistinct number on the blade and "1152 on the top of the hilt. The blade is in very good condition. The scabbard is brass mounted black leather and is in excellent condition. (See 'Bayonets From Janzens Notebook' book by Jerry L Janzen, page 208 item No 3). This is a scarce bayonet in excellent condition. (Also see White & Watts No 893, page 424 where the overall length is given as 36.5". This is a print error and should read 30.5"). The price includes UK delivery. Sn 13928
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