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Cased, C1890, English, Christopher George Bonehill Birmingham, Belmont Interchangeable 12 Bore Double Damascus Barreled Top Lever Breech Loading Shotgun Case Marked To A.E Hunt South Staffordshire Regiment**2023 UK/EU DEACTIVATION CERTIFICATED* Sn 19919 - 19919
In 1870 Christopher George Bonehill of Birmingham was recorded at 33 Charlotte Street with a factory in Morville Street. In 1873 he moved the whole business to the Belmont Firearms and Gun Barrel Works in Belmont Row. These premises had been occupied by the National Arms & Ammunition Company before they moved to Holford Mills. Bonehill was famous for making and converting Martini rifles into sporters. This is a 12 Bore Belmont Interchangeable double barrel break action shotgun made by Bonehill. It has a top lever action and original Walnut furniture with finely chequered wrist and forestock. The top of the wrist has a void white metal escutcheon. The shotgun with double 28”, 12 Bore Damascus steel barrels. The underside of the barrels has proofs and number 6302. The shotgun has double hammers & triggers & bead fore sight. The lever, side plates, hammers and trigger guard with extended tang have foliate engraved decoration and there is a hunting dog in the field scene. The action plates are signed ‘Belmont Interchangeable’ and have hunting dog scene. The barrels are marked ‘Fine Damascus and ‘Belmont Interchangeable’. Deactivated to UK/EU specification in 2023 the hammers and triggers move & the action breaks open as it should. To disassemble the gun a screw under the forestock has to be removed. The shotgun is contained in its period canvas covered wood transit case with retaining straps with buckles and lock (key absent). The case has compartments to fit the gun when broken down and accessories. Inside the case is a 3 piece wood and brass cleaning rod. The inside of the lid has a C.G Bonehill Belmont works trade label. The top of case has period ink stencilled lettering ‘A.E Hunt South Staffs Regt’ most likely the original owner of the gun. The price includes deactivation certificate & UK delivery. Sn 19919

SOLD SOLD (26/01) Winchester USA Model 1897 (M97) Pump Action 16 Bore Combat Shotgun As Used by WW1 American Troops For Trench Clearing**UK/EU 2023 DEACTIVATION CERTIFICATED** Sn 18327 - 18327
The Winchester Model 1897, also known as the Model 97, M97, or Trench Gun, is a pump-action shotgun with an external hammer and tube magazine manufactured by the Winchester Repeating Arms Company. The Model 1897 was an evolution of the Winchester Model 1893 designed by John Browning. Since the time the Model 1897 was first manufactured it has been used by American Military, Police Departments and Hunters. This model of shotgun was favoured by U.S. WW1 troops as Trench clearing weapons. This Model 1897, 12 Gauge Sotgun is furnished with a 28” barrel (46 ½” overall). It has all original metal & Walnut wood furniture. The barrel is stamped with the Winchester repeating arms Company address and Patent details and proof inspection marks and the left side of the slide ' WINCHESTER MODEL 1897 16 GA’. The bottom of the frame and barrel are numbered ‘C132419’ which dates its manufacture to 1901. Deactivated to EU specification in 2023 the weapon’s hammer and trigger move and the slide racks back and forward. The price includes UK/EU deactivation certificate and UK Delivery. Sn 18327

SOLD SOLD (24/02) c1880 English ‘Edward Adkins’ 12 Bore Side-by-Side Underlever Hammer Gun. D 1510. - D 1510
The rifle has twin 29.75" Damascus barrels with 2.75" chambers which are mounted with a smooth concave rib bearing. The lock plates are engraved with the maker's name within tight foliate scrolling borders and mounted on a checkered walnut stock which is inlaid with a white metal shield shaped plaque. A much respected gun maker Edward Adkins ran his business at 194 High St, Lewes Sussex 1861-1870 also at 60 Pyle St, Newport Isle of White 1870-c1878. There is a minor loss to the right hand side at the back where it attaches to the gun. There is a minor split to the front end of the woodwork on the stock which goes through to the action and there is a further section missing above the right hand lock plate. The left hand side of the fore end also has a small section missing. The checkering has a nice aged patina and the rest of the walnut stock has minor use related marks. The action, lock plates and trigger guard are delicately engraved. The gun is deactivated to UK / EU specification the weapon’s top lever break action opens the breech and its safety catch slides. The price includes UK /EU deactivation certificate & UK delivery. D 1510.

Early 20th Century, McCarthy Buck & Co London 12 Bore Double Damascus Barrel Side By Side Hammerless Box Lock Breech Loading Top Lever Break Action Sporting Shotgun **UK/EU DEACTIVATION CERTIFICATED** D 1469 - D 1469
McCarthy Buck & Co, traded from 40 St Andrew’s Hill, London EC, 1899-1900 and may still have been in business up to 1914. This is a double barrel hammerless sporting shotgun by McCarthy, Buck & Co made sometime in the early 20th Century. It has 30” Damascus steel barrels. The barrels, set side by side have a central flat top barrel rib and bead foresight. The rib is signed ‘McCarthy Buck & Co London’. It has its original walnut stock which has just the knocks, bumps and bruises to be expected with age and use and double triggers. The wrist & fore stock have chequered panels and the underside of the stock has an inlaid German Silver escutcheon. The action is signed by the maker ‘Chas Osborne & Co’ on the left & right sides. The shotgun is number 8648. Deactivated to UK / EU specification the weapon’s top lever break action opens the breech and its safety catch slides. The price includes UK /EU deactivation certificate & UK delivery. D 1469
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