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Optical Instruments

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C1943 WW2 Era Nazi German 'blc' Carl Zeiss Jenna. DAK (Deutsches Afrikakorps) 12 X 60 Magnification Flak / Rangefinder Farbglaser Binoculars For Tripod Mounting. Sn 20226 - 20226
These are an excellent original pair of 12 X 60 Magnification DAK (Deutsches Afrikakorps) 12 X 60 Magnification Flak / Rangefinder Farbglaser Binoculars For Tripod Mounting which were introduced C1943 (see page 226 of Fernglaser Und Fernrohre by Seeger). These are large, heavy binoculars (17” length x7”width x6” depth). The binoculars have their original sand colour finish indicating desert / tropical DAK use. The casing has the correct broad red band, possibly an aid to correct mounting and stowage. The instrument has coated optics. For adjustment of interocular distance there is a lever under the left ocular that causes rotation of a circular plate. Connectors for the desiccating apparatus are fitted to the left side of the body marked ‘trockenluft (air dry). It has a swing down sunshade swung down in front of the objecives by a lever on the side of the instrument. It has coloured glass filters (farbglaser), an adjustable rubber face shield and Bakelite rain cover for the oculars retained by a webbing strap with metal clip. The instrument has an identification plate ‘Rm-F 12x60 fur Em4mR40’ and Nazi German manufacturer code ‘blc’ which is Carl Zeiss Jenna and green cross mark. Serial number 239185 is stamped on the underside of the body. The optics function as they should. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 20226

Cased, WW2 British WD RAF MK 4, 5x Magnification Prismatic Aircraft/ U-Boat Spotting Binoculars. Sn 16785. - Sn 16785
This is an original and early production pair of WW2 RAF issue prismatic Airfield/ spotting binoculars. The MK 4 binoculars were built by Ross under a Royal Air Force contract and were introduced in 1941. They have excellent optics pre-adjusted to infinity for persons with normal sight. The "B" marking on right shoulder indicates that he optics are "bloomed", i.e. coated, and the marking War Dept arrow with "6E/383" is a Royal Air Force stores code for this type of instrument. They are also marked 'MK4' and serial number '8811' This is a fixed focus aircraft spotting binocular. It is reported that these instruments were used by observers in Beaufighters and other night fighters during WW II for reconnaissance including U-boat spotting. This explains the purpose of the large rubber eye shields which would be helpful in maintaining night vision (The rubber eye shield should be one piece however the shield on our example has at some time in its life become detached in the centre creating 2 separate eye shields which are firmly attached to the eyepieces). For reference see the book ‘Military Binoculars & Telescopes For Land, Air & Sea Service’ by Seeger, page 214. The binoculars measure 8 ¾” height including eye shields x 7” width. The binoculars are complete with their original webbing neck strap and lined RAF blue case. The lined hardboard case has a hinged lid and webbing straps. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 16785.

**VERY RARE** WW1 British Air Ministry Royal Flying Corps (RFC) Swiss Omega 30 Hour Non Luminous MK V (1916) Pocket/ Cockpit Watch. Sn 20144 - 20144
The two most import catalysts for the development of aviation watches were early aviation record attempts and war. World War I finds watch development between the pocket watch and the new wristlets with the British issuing pilots pocket watches. British Mark IV.A and Mark V pocket watches are an example of WW1 military aviation innovation. Mark V (1916) pocket watches were standard issue to British Royal Flying Corps & Royal Navy Air Service piolts. The RFC and RNAS had near identical watches, but the RNAS watches were predominately the eight-day variety and the RFC, the 30-hour. Once inside the aircraft, these watches became chronometric instruments, which the pilot fit into the instrument panel. As a result, the Mark IV.A and Mark V had long shank winding stems to extend beyond their instrument panel housing for mid-flight winding, earning the nickname, cockpit watch. The RFC aviation issue watches had an underscored capital A with a broad arrow pointing upward underneath it. This is a very rare original, WW1 British MK V RFC cockpit watch by the quality Swiss manufacturer Omega. The watch has all of the correct MK V features and dial markings (illustrated) . The case cover has the correct Air Ministry ‘A with Broad Arrow mark and other numbers (illustrated). The watch is in fully working order. The price for this very rare WW1 British RFC Omega watch includes UK delivery. Sn 20144

Early 20th Century, Cased, British J. Halden & Co Manchester & London Brass 2 Draw Telescope with Period Wood Desk / Table Stand. Sn 14978. - Sn 14978
J. Halden & Co. Ltd were producers of a range of drawing and surveying instruments and other office materials and had offices at 8 Albert Square, Manchester, London, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Birmingham, Glasgow, Leeds, with their manufacturing base at Rowsley Works in Reddish, Stockport. The business was started by Joseph Halden in partnership with A.G. Thornton in 1878 as a wholesale drawing material importer and mounting paper manufacturer. However, by the 1880s, A.G. Thornton had left the business and moved to his own premises which were based on Deansgate. The company continued producing optical instruments through both World wars and into the 1960’s. The companywas finally taken over in 1969 by the Ozalid Group, which was started as part of the German company Kalle in 1928. This is a very good cased table telescope by J.Halden & Co made in the early 20th Century with original period wood Table clamp / stand. The optics of the telescope are excellent and clear. When mounted in its extended position it is 28 ¾” in length. The brass telescope has a copper sun shade and sliding protective cover on the eyepiece. The scope is crisply engraved near to the eye piece ‘J.Halden & Co Manchester & London’. The stand has a turn screw fitting which attaches securely to the edge of a table or desk. The top of the clamp has a steel wing nut and screw which can be tightened as desired to direct the telescope vertically. The top of the wood clamp fits snugly into the brass mounting bracket of the telescope. When attached to the clamp the telescope rotates freely 360 degrees. When not in use the telescope and stand fits into its wooden case with hinged lid fixed carry handle and hook fasteners. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 14978.

WW2 1943 U.S. Military M12A2 Panoramic Artillery Gun Telescopic Sight. OPT 793. - OPT 793
This original U.S. Military, M12A2 Artillery Gun Sight is undamaged and in fully functional order with good optics which give a clear panoramic view with range grid. Made in America by M.L. Co in 1943 this item retains most of its original green paint. The sight is complete with its original mounting bracket and numbered adjustment dials. The body of the sight has model, date and manufacturer's detail stamped in white paint ' TELESCOPE PANORAMIC MI2A2 N0. 7269 W.P.B M.L. CO1943'. Price includes UK delivery. OPT 793.

**SCARCE** Officer's 1939 Pattern 1940 dated Leather Binocular Case and 1944 R.E.L. (Canadian Research Enterprises Ltd) WD 6 X 30 Magnification Binoculars With Neck Strap. OPT 833 - OPT 833
These are a cased pair of WW2, 1944 dated, 6X30 magnification, Officer’s binoculars in their original 1940 Dated 1939 Pattern Fitted Leather Hard Case. The Binoculars are 4 ¾” length & have a black textured finish, with adjustable Bakelite eyepieces. The body of the binoculars have lanyard bars & are fitted with the correct original leather neck strap. All optics are excellent and function as they should. One shoulder of the binoculars is marked with WD arrow C.G.B 53 G.A 6x30 38360-C, the other Graticule ½ o apart and ¼ o, ½ o, 1 o high R.E.L. Canada 1944 (Canadian Research Enterprises Limited (REL). This short-lived Toronto-based Crown Corporation manufactured electronics and optical instruments during World War II for the War Department). The 1939 pattern brown leather fitted case has a brass belt bar riveted to the rear and a retaining strap with brass press stud fastener that secures the lid. The edges of the case are reinforced by rows of brass rivets. The inside of the case is lined to protect the instrument. The base of the case has ink date stamp ‘1940’ and 3 other indistinct letters or numbers which can be seen in the images. All leather, stitching and rivets are clean & intact. The price includes UK delivery. OPT 833

*Quality* ‘1973’ British Army Issue Swift Instruments Mark II Telemaster Model No. 841 15x-60x, 60mm Zoom Spotting Scope with Original Tripod and Hard Case. OPT 832. - OPT 832
Swift 841 Telemaster 15-60 x magnification, with fingertip controls for the 14-lens optical system facilitates variable magnification from 15 times to 60 times closer. 60 mm objective lens with cap, with built in sun shield, 1.5 kg in weight, length:18” with 15 mm eye relief, giving a telephoto capability equivalent to conventional lenses up to 4,000 mm focal length, the mounting base is threaded and this model is attached to its original tripod. Made in Japan, these scopes were British Army issue during the 1970/80’s. This example has lost its black coating on the sun visor, and has a few other scars which add to its patina. The original tripod is supplied with the scope (which is rare) and also has some of its olive drab paint missing. The scope (with lens caps) and tripod come in its original hard case which is in good condition. The price includes UK delivery. OPT 832. (Store shelf)

WWI British Officers Trench Periscope by ‘R & J Beck’ Dated 1917.19807. - 19807
Trench warfare is a type of land warfare using occupied fighting lines largely comprising military trenches, in which troops are well-protected from the enemy's small arms fire and are substantially sheltered from artillery. Periscopes were used to survey the surrounding area, although they were prone to being damaged by rifle fire. This R & J Beck WWI trench periscope is undamaged. The main shaft has lost some wear due its age and use. The wooden removable handle is in very good condition, as are the lenses. 59 ¼ cm in length. UK delivery is in included for this lovely piece of history. 19807.

British WW1, 1918 Dated, Military Carl Zeiss, London Ltd., 6X Magnification Binoculars With Neck Strap and Fitted Leather Hard Case To R.W.Leckie. - OPT 830
These are a cased pair of WW1, 1918 dated, British 6X magnification, military binoculars in their original leather case which is stamped to R.W Leckie, R.G.A. (Royal Garrison Artillery). The Binoculars are 4” in length & have a black textured finish, with adjustable eyepieces. The body of the binoculars have lanyard bars & are fitted with the correct leather neck strap. All optics are excellent and function as they should. One shoulder of the binoculars is marked BINOCULAR, PRISMATIC Mo3 (MARK I) MAGNIFICATION 6 No 11359. The other shoulder is marked GRATICULES ½ o and ½ o, 1 o and 1 ½ o high. There is also the monogram of CARL ZEISS (LONDON) LTD and the date 1918. The front of the prism blocks have double WD arrows engraved on them together with the name R.W.LECKIE engraved on one of them. The brown leather fitted case had a carrying handle on the lid together with a spring loaded fastening fastener to secure the case. The top of the case is stamped CASE No 3 PRISMATIC BINOCUSAR MARK I J.B. BROOKS & Co Ltd 1916. Stamped to the other side of the carrying handle is the name R.W LECKIE, R.G.A. (Royal Garrison Artillery). All 5 carrying loops for the shoulder strap are fitted to the cade and all o the stitching is intact. The price includes UK delivery. OPT 830

**MINT**UN-ISSUED**BOXED**WW2 Era Military Type British Barr & Stroud Ltd London & Glasgow CF37 10X50 Magnification, Large Central Focusing Prism Binoculars With Neck Strap, Original Mint Fitted Leather Hard Case & Illustrated Instruction Pamphlets. - 19786
These are a near mint original boxed & cased pair of WW2, British CF37 10X50 Magnification, Military Type Binoculars. The Binoculars are 9 ¾” in length & have a black textured finish, with adjustable eyepieces. The body of the binoculars have lanyard bars & are fitted with the correct leather neck strap. All optics are excellent and function as they should. One shoulder of the binoculars is crisply marked '10 x CF.37 Barr & Stroud Glasgow & London'. The binoculars are Serial No. 125053. The Binoculars are contained in their mint condition fitted sturdy tan leather hard case with hinged lid. The lid of the case has its original sprung fastener and the body has its original strap studs. The fitted case is lined with padded felt to protect the binoculars and is complete with shoulder strap. The inside rim of the lid has ink stamped manufacturer detail which can be seen in the images. The cased binoculars come in their original Barr & Stroud labelled cardboard retail box. The box contains a Barr & Stroud labelled cardboard wallet which contains, as new condition, illustrated instructions for use and cleaning instruction pamphlets. The price for this mint set includes UK delivery. Sn 19786
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