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Optical Instruments

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Rare Complete WW1 (1915 Dated) Vickers Machine Gun No 12 MkIII** Rangefinder With Tripod And Wooden Carriage Case. OPT 839 - OPT 839
This is a WWI (1915 dated)British Vickers machine gun range finding No12 MKIII* * scope with case and tripod. The rangefinders were used by machine gun crews to calculate the distance / trajectory of targets bot in direct range and distant peaks to triangulate on maps. This set in contained in its original wooden transit chest with its rare rubber eye pieces and leather cover. The range finder was manufactured by Barr & Stroud Ltd in 1915 and retains most of its original green painted finish. The tripod stand is marked Barr & Stroud Glasgow and London. The scope has its original carry strap and lens covers. The wooden chest is in good condition with all straps and catches in good working order. Internally the case is in similar condition and is complete with its brass attachment rod in the lid compartment. The price includes UK delivery. OPT 839

RARE, Cased WW1 Maxim Machine Gun Zielfernrohr ZF12 Optical Sight, Perfect Optics By G. Rodenstock Munchen. Sn 16857 - 16857
Every Maxim Gun was issued with a 2 ½ power optic sight known as the ZF12 (Zielfernrohr which translates to Scope). These sights were clamped onto sight base which was screwed to the left rear of the gun’s receiver (see pages 182 & 183 of ‘The Devil’s Paintbrush’ by Goldsmith). This is an original rare Maxim gun ZF12 optical sight in its original fitted leather case. The original green painted brass sight with steel base has the correct graduated dial. The optics work perfectly and have the correct triangular reticule. It has a metal lens cover with leather retaining strap and one side of the sight has manufactuer detail ‘G. Rodenstock Munchen’ model designation ‘ZF12’ and serial number ‘No 1340’. It is contained in its original fitted leather case with hinged lid and retaining straps with press stud fasteners. The rear of the case has 2 riveted belt loops. The inside of the lid has 2 flap pockets with press stud fasteners. The rear of the case has manufacturer detail which is to feint to photograph. The top of the lid is numbered 12 above 82748. The price for this rare cased Maxim gun sight includes UK delivery. Sn 16857

WW2 Nazi German Army Scouts Kalte Fett Winter/ Russian Front Dienstglas (Service Glass) 6 X 30 Magnification Binoculars By 'eug' (Optische Praezisionswerke GmbH, Warsaw, Occupied Poland) & Steel Case. OPT 838 - OPT 838
These are an excellent original cased pair of Nazi German Army, 6 X 30 Magnification, Binoculars. These types of binoculars were issued to Army Scouts. The Binoculars have a black textured finish, with adjustable eyepieces. The body of the binoculars have lanyard bars and are fitted with original leather neck strap. It’s Bakelite adjustable eye pieces are undamaged and all optics are excellent and function as they should. One shoulder of the instrument is marked Dienstglas 6 x 30, 60704 & H/6400 (refers to reticle scale graduated in mils). The other ‘KF’ ( Kalte Fett indicating Cold Weather Lubrication for Russian Front Winter use. see page 122 of Military Binoculars & Telescopes For Land Air & Sea By Seeger where the ‘KF’ marking is illustrated) & ‘eug’ manufacturer code (eug is the Nazi German War time manufacturer code for Optische Praezisionswerke GmbH, Warsaw, Occupied Poland ). The Binoculars are contained in their original fitted sturdy black painted metal case with hinged lid metal clasp fastener stamped with roundel cartouches and hanging rings. The case is fitted with 2 leather belt straps to the rear. One of the straps is Waffenamt. The inside of the lid is padded to protect the binoculars. The inside of the bottom of the case is stamped with a small circular cartouche containing ‘OFT2’ . Price for this excellent set of nicely marked cased WW2 Era Nazi Military Binoculars includes UK delivery. OPT 838

RARE, WW2 Era Japanese J.E.S. (Nikon) 7 X 71 Magnification, Binoculars With Additional Eye Piece Lens Shades & Tropical Waxed Canvas Covered Case. Sn 16875 - 16875
These are an excellent, rare to find, cased pair of WW2 era Japanese Binoculars. The binoculars have a black textured finish, with adjustable eyepieces. The body of the binoculars have lanyard bars. All optics are good and function as they should. The right shoulder of the binoculars is crisply stamped '7 x 71’. The left shoulder is manufacturer marked ‘J.E.S’ (Nikon) together with 2 small Japanese script characters, ‘No 2268’ and ‘I.K.K’ within roundel. The instrument measures 7 1/4" width x 7" Height. The binoculars are contained in their fitted sturdy Tropical use, waxed olive canvas covered case with hinged lid. The lid of the case has a sprung fastener which attaches to a brass stud on the front of the case. The case has hanging loops fitted with webbing shoulder strap. The rear of the case has a large riveted belt loop. The inside of case is lined in blue felt. The lid has a webbing loop compartment secured by press stud which holds 2 additional eyepiece lens shades. The top edge of the case opening has indistinct Japanese script characters (illustrated). The price includes UK delivery. Sn 16875

SOLD SOLD (01/12) MINT, UN-ISSUED CONDITION, 1985 British WD Swiss Cabot Watch Company (CWC) G10 Military Quartz Movement Wristwatch With Special Boat Service (SBS) Pattern 18mm Width Nylon Wrist Strap. Sn 16873 - 16873
In 1980, the first quartz watch issued to the British Forces was made by CWC. The last CWC G10 issued was around 2008. These watches were issued to the British Military as standard, they are the definitive military watch, supplied to MOD over many years. They are feature a clear, precise, durable timepiece. They feature: Acrylic glass, Water resistant to 5 ATM, .Battery hatch for ease of replacement, 38mm case including crown, Swiss-made using Swiss parts to British military specification, Quartz movement & Bars for NATO issue 18mm strap. Our example is in excellent un-issued condition. It has the correct Luminous hands and indicator sectors. The rear of the case is date stamped ‘85’ (1985) and has stores codes together with WD arrow (illustrated). The watch is fitted with SBS pattern Navy Blue with 2 green stripes, 18mm width nylon strap which is mint condition and fully adjustable with correct fittings and buckle. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 16873

Cased, WW2 British WD RAF MK 4, 5x Magnification Prismatic Aircraft/ U-Boat Spotting Binoculars. Sn 16785 - 16785
This is an original and early production pair of WW2 RAF issue prismatic Airfield/ spotting binoculars. The MK 4 binoculars were built by Ross under a Royal Air Force contract and were introduced in 1941. They have excellent optics pre-adjusted to infinity for persons with normal sight. The "B" marking on right shoulder indicates that he optics are "bloomed", i.e. coated, and the marking War Dept arrow with "6E/383" is a Royal Air Force stores code for this type of instrument. They are also marked 'MK4' and serial number '8811' This is a fixed focus aircraft spotting binocular. It is reported that these instruments were used by observers in Beaufighters and other nightfighters during WW II for reconnaissance including U-boat spotting. This explains the purpose of the large rubber eyeshields which would be helpful in maintaining night vision (The rubber eyeshield should be one piece however the shield on our example has at some time in its life become detached in the centre creating 2 separate eye shields which are firmly attached to the eyepieces). For reference see the book ‘Military Binoculars & Telescopes For Land, Air & Sea Service’ by Seeger, page 214. The binoculars measure 8 ¾” height including eyeshields x 7” width. The binoculars are complete with their original webbing neck strap and lined RAF blue case. The lined hardboard case has a hinged lid and webbing straps. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 16785

Transit Cased WW2 German Supplied Finnish Army ‘SA’ Marked Carl Zeiss Jena Optical Sight For The 37mm M/36 Bofors Anti Tank Artlllery Gun With Accessories. MISC 879 - MISC 879
Finland accepted the 37mm Bofors M/36 as their new main anti tank gun in October of 1938. This is an excellent original, brass optical sight for mounting to the 37mm M/36 Bofors supplied to The Finnish army by Germany. The instrument which measures 155mm overall length with original eye cup attached is fully functional and has crisp German Carl Zeiss manufacturer, designation and Finnish Army ‘SA’ mark (all illustrated). The instrument retains its original black paint finish. Its original steel transit case has a hinged lid and clasp fastener. Internally the case has contoured fixed wooden blocks which fit the instrument snugly. The top of the case has carry strap and is marked ‘SA’. The case retains all of its original green paint. The case contains its original rubber eye cup, cleaning brush and ‘SA’ stamped chamois leather cleaning cloth. Price for this cased Finnish army artillery instrument includes UK delivery. MISC 879

1950’s-1960’s Transit Cased British Kelvin Hughes Ltd, Vulcan / ’V’ Bomber Aircraft Periscope Type 0201 with Original Screw Off Handles & Wire With Connecters . Sn 16349 - 16349
Kelvin Hughes is a British company specialising in the design and manufacture of navigation and surveillance systems and a supplier of navigational data to both the commercial marine and government marketplace. The company provides radar systems to navies, governments, coastlines, ports and VTS installations as well as radars for land based security and surveillance applications. Part of Kelvin Hughes' history includes producing the first Type Approved commercial radar in 1947 as well as the first paper chart tracing service in 1971. This is an original transit cased British Kelvin Hughes Ltd, Vulcan / ’V’ Bomber Aircraft Periscope Type 0201 used by pilot’s and air crew to check the surface of fuselage in flight. The brass periscope is 29” length and has its original screw off handles both marked ‘Bowden’ and wire with connecter blocks. The instrument has its original rubber eye cup and is in full working order . The frame is mounted with its original identification plate with designation, serial number and manufacturer detail (illustrated in image 2). The periscope, handles and wire are contained in their original fitted wood transit case. The case is undamaged, has a hinged lid with hook fastener and internally has swivelling blocks which securely house the instrument. The case has its original air force grey paint which has just surface wear to be expected with storage. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 16349

WW1 Era British Royal Navy Midshipman’s ‘Officer Of The Watch’ Single Draw Brass Naval Telescope With Sun Shade, Sliding Eye Piece Shutter & Intricate Cord Lashing. OPT 836 - OPT 836
This is an original WW1 era Royal Navy Midshipman’s ‘Officer Of The Watch’ Telescope. It is made brass & bound with intricate cord lashing over the centre section of its casing. All optics of the telescope are excellent and function as they should. The scope has a sun shade & the eye piece has a sliding shutter. The scope is 19 ¾” in length when closed and 26 ¼” extended. There are no external manufacturer or date marks on this instrument. The price includes UK delivery. OPT 836

WW1 1918 Imperial German Army Hensoldt-Wetzlar Periskop Trench Periscope. Sn 16335 - 16335
Moritz Hensoldt, born in 1821, is the founder of the Hensoldt line. In 1852, he established a small optical company in Sonneberg, Thuringia, which relocated to Wetzlar, Hesse, in 1865. Since then Hensoldt has been a vital part of the centre of optics and precision mechanics in Wetzlar. The Company made binoculars, rifle scopes and other optical Instruments for the German army through both World Wars. This is a fully functional, WW1 dated German Trench Periscope by Hensoldt. These periscopes were used for looking over parapets for a safe view over 'no mans land'. The club shaped instrument is 21 ½” Long and heavy enough to be used as a cudgel in close quarter trench fighting. The lenses are clear and undamaged. The top section of the instrument rotates to give the user a 360 degree field of view. The steel and brass casing retains its original green paint and is undamaged. It has an adjustable Bakelite eyepiece which has small nibbles around the outer edges to be expected with age and service use. The instrument also has a swivel cap to cover the top lens. The periscope is dated ‘1918’ and marked by the manufacturer ‘Hensoldt Wetzlar No. 11943’ and ‘Periskop Hensoldt’ together with trademark. The casing is also stamped with small digits ‘128a’ (all illustrated). The price includes UK delivery. Sn 16335
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