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Air GUNs

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*Very Rare 1981 New/Un-used* Boxed Webley Tempest .22. with Original Accessories. 21056. - 21056
Production of the original Tempest started in 1979 and was the result of Webley returning to a more compact design following some adverse feedback from customers who found the Hurricane a bit too cumbersome to handle and shoot. Until 1981 the pistol had its name displayed as a single word, ‘Tempest’ at each side of the plastic fore end. Other marking, in the form of ‘Webley & Scott Ltd Birmingham England’ on the underside of the fore end. After July 1981, however the pistol name was changed to ’Webley Tempest’ applied in a slightly different font. At the same time, the factory identification became ‘Webley & Scott Ltd Made in England’. An additional symbol in the form of a letter F with a pentagon was also added to all pistols except those designated for export to the USA. This example is an un-used 1981 pistol in .22 calibre in its original box with original un-opened Webley pellets, Webley paper targets with target holder (un-opened) and sight adjustment key. It has its Webley swing tag, final inspection card/ dated guarantee card (25th July 1981) and care and maintenance sheet. It appears that this pistol was purchased on the 25th July 1981 not used and left in a cupboard until now! You will find it extremely difficult to find a pre-1981 in such original un-used condition anywhere else. The price includes UK delivery. NB As a post 1939 Air Pistol the restrictions of the Crime Reduction Act apply to the sale & delivery of this item. 21056.

C1916 King ‘Model 22’ 500 Shot BB Rifle by Markham Air Rifle. 20397. - 20397
The King ‘Model 22’ 500 Shot BB rifle is of tin construction with wooden stock. It has an underlever action with a removable barrel for loading. When the pellets run out the end of the barrel can be pressed into a potato and used as a ‘spud gun’ (not tested). It is 31 ½ “long with an 8” barrel. The loading orifice is just under the foresight and to open you turn the front milled rim anti- clockwise as it faces you. After pouring in the BB’s rotate the front barrel face clockwise to close the hole. Made from around 1916 -1934 by The Markham Air Rifle Co Plymouth Michigan U.S.A. This example is in very good condition, the wooden stock only has very minor signs of use related wear and the tinplate has a lovely aged patina. The action, loading and firing actions work as it should with a strong spring action. (See page 152 of a Collector's Guide to Air Rifles by Hiller) The price for this scarce model includes UK delivery. 20397.

*Rare* 'The Britannia' Anglo sure shot Mark I .177 calibre Air Rifle with Bespoke Wooden Case. 21051. - 21051
'The Britannia' Anglo sure shot Mark I .177 calibre air rifle, Cox's Patent, made only for R Ramsbottom, Manchester. The first patent for the Britannia style Break Action Air Rifle was dated 1902 and they were produced between 1905 -1908 (see page 12 & 13 of a Collector's Guide To Air Rifles By Hiller). The break action is achieved by a thumb operated, gate type, barrel latch which when pulled backwards releases the barrel and allows the weapon to be cocked and loaded. This is an excellent example with original wood which has age related marks and previous owners markings * see images*. The metalwork throughout has a nice aged patina. It has a 22 ¼”2 stage rifled barrel with clean bore & typical light rifling and measures 37 ½” overall. It has a blade foresight & adjustable rear sight. The top of the frame is correctly stamped Cox's Patent, made only for R Ramsbottom, Manchester *feint*. The left side is stamped with the Britannia name and rubbed 'Trade mark'. The steel stock frame and barrel section are stamped with matching numbers '1341' together with ' RD 394207' on the frame. The rifle comes in a bespoke lined, dovetailed fitted case with four boxes of vintage pellets *see images*. The break action loading and firing actions work as they should with a strong spring action. The price includes UK delivery. 21051.

C1906 ‘The Ansonia’ Millita (Heavyweight Model) .177 Air Rifle. 21052. - 21052
Imported by E Anson & Co of Birmingham from Germany (maker Freidrich Langenham, Zella St, Blasii, Thuringia Germany) The Ansonia .177 air rifle with chequered grip with stock stamped 'E Anson & Co 14 Steel House Lane Birm'm'. It has a ridged trigger and alignment sights. The side plate is stamped 'The Ansonia'. It has a vacant cartouche to the top of the stock and a part octagonal barrel which is stamped 'The "Ansonia" Rifled Barrel'. The serial number ‘11739’ appears on the trigger block, air cylinder, face of barrel breech and the last 3 digits on the inside of the cocking lever. The push button barrel catch was patented in 1901. The wooden stock with importer stamp, oval brass coloured plate and metal butt plate are in excellent condition with only minor age related marks. The metalwork is in very nice condition with a nice patina and look. See page 160 of Dennis Hillers book ‘The collectors guide to air rifles’ Third Edition. This rifle was made between 1906 and 1911 and further sold by traders until 1939. The Rifle cocks, loads & fires as it should with a strong spring action. The price includes UK delivery. 21052.

BSA Standard No2 Pattern 2nd Series .22 Air Rifle ‘S Prefix’ Tapped and Plated for an Early Telescopic Sight. 21023. - 21023
Weighing over 3.5kgs the 45” overall length of the No2 gave rise to its unofficial nickname of the ‘Giant’ or ‘Long Tom’. The extra length came from an extended cylinder and longer barrel than the No1. The No1 had a cylinder length of 7 ¼ “, whereas the No2 had a massive 10 ½ “cylinder by comparison. The first No2’s left the BSA factory towards the end of 1919, several months after the 1919 No1 model. Some of the earliest No2’s had stocks with hand cut rather than pressed chequering. The overall length is 45” with a barrel length of 19 ½ “. It has the correct ‘2 LOAD’ stamped to the barrel between the loading hole and rear sight. The 2 indicates No2 or .22 bore. This example has a rare rear flick up sight. This series has the semi pistol grip with a rounded profile stock. The serial number ‘S19332’ is stamped to the left hand side above the trigger and dates the gun between 1926 & 1933. The 14 ¼ “stock is in good condition with a number of minor age related marks which are to be expected with a gun of this age. The right hand side has ‘Lincoln N. Jeffries 140 Steelhouse Lane Birmingham’ and the Lincoln Jeffries Trademark clearly stamped to it. See page 124 of ‘The Book of the BSA Air Rifle 1905 to 1939’ by John Milewski for reference. The metalwork is in good order, retaining the majority of its colour, again with minor age related marks and the push button for the release catch on the under leaver works as it should. The top of the cylinder has been expertly tapped to accommodate a plate for the addition of an early telescopic sight (attached). The weapon also cocks loads and shoots as it should. The price for this scarce air rifle includes UK delivery. 21023.

c1912. B.S.A. Improved Model D .22 Calibre Underlever Air Rifle with Pistol Grip. 21022. - 21022
This is a very good original BSA Improved Model D Air Rifle. These rifles were made with both straight hand and pistol grip stocks and in different variations between 1905 and 1914 (see pages 52-56 of the book of the air rifle’ by John Milewski. This example has its original pistol grip wood stock with correct chequered panels on the grip. The stock has the usual age related marks which on this example aren’t too heavy and it has a metal butt plate. The cocking arm has a ribbed release lever on the left side. It has a 19” rifled barrel and measures 45½” overall. It has a blade foresight and adjustable dial rear sight with the addition of a flip up adjustable sight. The metal work has even patina throughout. The left side of the weapon bears the serial number 65407. The loading port area is marked ‘Load 2’ and has the BSA piled arms logo. The loading tap has patent detail ‘Patent 8246/06’ and underside of the cocking lever ‘BSA Patents 8761-04 25783-10 RD479972’. The underside of the barrel is marked ‘Rd No 479972’.The Rifle cocks, loads & fires as it should with a strong spring action. The price includes UK delivery. 21022.

*Boxed* Schimel GP-22 ‘Gas Pistol *Luger’ .22 C02 Pistol. 20884. - 20884
The U.S made Schimel is said to be the first production air pistol to use CO2 capsules. Examination of the portion of the frame where the model number is situated will reveal that the "G" prefix to the model designation is stamped into the frame, whereas, the rest of the model designation, "P-22" is raised, and formed as part of the casting process. This process may at first seem curious, but when one considers that Schimel had initially planned to produce two different models, utilising the same frame, the rationale becomes clear. Those guns that were destined to become the CO2 versions were duly stamped with a letter "G" prefix, whilst the frames destined to become the multi-pump pneumatic version would have been stamped with an "A" prefix. Due to unknown circumstances, no AP-22 pistols were ever known to have been made. According to David *Shimel, the Schimel gas pistol was manufactured from 1946 to 1956 by the Schimel Arms Company. The pistol uses an 8g CO2 capsule that is housed in the grip and has a rifled .22 calibre steel barrel. The serial number is ‘G5583’ which is stamped to the left hand side above the grip. The cast zinc alloy frame (Mazak) has developed a nice patina *see images. The black plastic grips are undamaged and intact. The pistol has new seals and fires with a strong action. The scarce original box is worn but intact * one edge is loose but intact* and loading and firing instructions are inside the lid. The price for this original boxed pistol includes UK delivery. NB As a post 1939 Air Weapon the restrictions of the Crime Reduction Act apply to the sale and delivery of this item. 20884.

*Scarce* Late 1910’s The ‘TITAN’ Mk 7 .177 Air Pistol. 20886. - 20886
This is a very late 1910’s to middle 1920’s Mk7 The ‘TITAN’ .177 air pistol in very good condition. The design of the pistol was patented by ‘Frank Clarke’ of 6 Whittall Street in Birmingham. The blueing on the main body is in excellent order with only age related wear to the trigger. The black vulcanite-like grips have fine chequering are undamaged and only have minor wear to the base. It has a 7” smoothbore barrel. The 1st patent was taken out by Frank Clarke in 1917. The pistols serial number is; ‘23’. The patent covered the sliding barrel over the air chamber and action cocked by means of a rod plunger through the rear of the action. See pages 167-170 of ‘A Collectors Guide to Air pistols 3rd Edition’ by Dennis E. Hiller. The pistol cocks and fires with a strong spring action. The price for this rare to find pistol in such good condition includes UK delivery. 20886.

*Very Rare* Cased ‘Abas Major’ .177 Calibre Air Pistol Manufactured by A.A. Brown & Sons, 1 Snake Lane, Alvechurch, Birmingham between 1945 -1947. 20883. - 20883
This particular pistols serial number is 916. Only 1870 were ever manufactured making this a rare example of this British made Air Pistol. The pistol is in very good original condition retaining virtually all its factory blued finish. The original stamping’s detailing ‘ABAS MAJOR’ on the cylinder and cocking arm are clearly visible as is the serial number ‘916R42; and the calibre ‘.177’ stamped at the end of the cylinder. It is complete with its original sights and grips which are made of smooth plastic and are undamaged. It comes with later custom fit faux leather, baize lined case. The case contains an oil applicator and two boxes of vintage Webley .177 pellets. An excellent example of this scarce collectable British Manufactured Air Pistol. The pistol cocks and fires with a strong spring action. The price for this rare to find pistol includes UK delivery. NB As a post 1939 Air Weapon the restrictions of the Crime Reduction Act apply to the sale and delivery of this item.. 20883.

*James Bond Featured* Walther LP 53 .177 Calibre Air Pistol in its Original Box with Accessories. Sn 21032. - 21032
The serial number is; ‘032124’ which dates this particular pistols manufacture to circa 1960. It is in excellent condition with little wear to the finish and is complete with its original front and rear sights *light wear to the left hand side of the barrel*. The pistol cocks and discharges with no issues. It comes with its original box *age related wear to the corners* featuring two rear sight elements and a raised bladed foresight. Also accompanying the gun is its original wooden cocking aid, cleaning rod, spare sight blades and a tin of pellets. Of course this pistol has its place in cinematic history featuring with James Bond (Sean Connery) in the advertising campaign for the film ‘From Russia with Love’. An excellent example of this classic German manufactured Air Pistol with original box and accessories. Price includes UK delivery. NB As a post 1939 Air Weapon the restrictions of the Crime Reduction Act apply to the sale and delivery of this item. Sn 21032.
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