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Military Headgear - Caps

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A 1978 British WD Parachute Regiment Red Beret With Regiment Badge By British Compton Webb (Headdress) Ltd Size 57 & Post 1984 British Camouflaged Denison Smock Size 180/104 tO Captain D. Williams. Sn 11965. - 11965
This iconic Parachute Regiment Red Beret is in excellent undamaged condition with all material clean and intact. It is mounted with the original Metal Parachute Regiment winged badge. The rear of the badge has the correct mounts. The crown of the beret has printed detail in white ink under clear plastic film, "57 (size) 8405-99-976-0220 Compton Webb (Headdress) Limited A/78/CLO/54359/CB(CT)3b". The original, post 1984 British Camouflaged Denison Smock has elasticated cuffs, tail flap, full zip and correct ‘Scovill’ stud fasteners. (See page 177 of 'British Airborne Specialist Clothing From WW2 To The Present Day Denison' book by Bruce Wilson.) Dated by the addition of a First Field Dressing Pocket on the rear of the right hand upper sleeve which this smock has got. It has a green cotton label inside the collar marked 'Smock Parachutist's 8415-99-132-4016 Size 180/104 Name No Launder and Re Proof In Accordance With Specification UK /SC/3698" and it has hand written Capt. D. Williams 222/714". All material and stitching are clean and it is in very good condition. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 11965.

Vietnam War American CIA Phoenix Program PRU (Provincial Reconnaissance Unit) Special Forces Beret With Unit Badge & Saigon Manufacturer’s Label. Sn 21449:5 - 21449:5
The PRU Provincial Reconnaissance Unit was created in 1966, the PRUs were small teams of tough Vietnamese paramilitaries used to seek out and eliminate the Viet Cong Infrastructure as part of the Phoenix Program. Under the control of the province chief but armed and paid by the American CIA, they were successors to the short lived Counter Terror Teams (CTT) that had been formed in the early 60's to hunt down VC leaders. Often comprised of former VC (Hoi Canh) or men looking for revenge, PRU teams were frequently accused of atrocities. The Provincial Reconnaissance Units were integrated into the National Police in 1972. The PRU also acted as advisors to the US Army in the field. An original copy of an image of PRU members with American troops operating in Vietnam during the war is illustrated in image 1. This is an original PRU beret. The black serge material is clean and intact. The crown of the beret has size marking ‘57’ and a nice original Saigon maker’s label both protected by its original clear plastic cover. The beret has the embroidered colourful cloth badge of the PRU (illustrated). The price for this Vietnam war special forces piece no doubt a veteran’s bring back includes UK delivery. Sn 21449:5

WW2 1945 North Africa Campaign British Officer’s Slouch Bush Hat By Harritz Hat Factory South Africa With Royal Army Service Corps (RASC) Divisional/ Formation Patch, Ostrich Feather Plume & Pagri Headband. Sn 21363 - 21363
The Royal Army Service Corps (RASC) was a corps of the British Army responsible for land, coastal and lake transport, air despatch, barracks administration, the Army Fire Service, staffing headquarters' units, supply of food, water, fuel and domestic materials such as clothing, furniture and stationery and the supply of technical and military equipment. During WW2 the RASC served in all theatres of war including Italy & North Africa. This is an original WW2 Slouch Hat Bush hat by a South African manufacturer with formation patch of the RASC. The hat has its original khaki Pagri headband and its khaki body is undamaged. It has its original ventilation holes at the edge of the crown and press stud fastener on the left side of the brim and skull. The hat is mounted with its original embroidered cloth Divisional/ Formation Patch with Ostrich feather plume. The hat has its original leather sweatband . The sweatband is impressed by the maker ‘Harritz Hat Company’ and 1945 date. The sweatband has an ink hand written name ‘S.Kirkham’ most likely the Officer who owned this hat. The hat is approx. UK size 6 ½ and it is clean with no mothing. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 21363

**EXTREMELY RARE**NEVER SEEN**1860-1875 Victorian, 2nd Lancashire Light Horse Volunteers Officer’s Shako, Liner Marked ‘R.J. Nodder Church Street Liverpool’, With Plume, Queen’s Crown Shako Plate & Japanned Metal Transit Tin. HE 820 - HE 820
British Volunteer Forces were revived in 1859 after a French invasion scare. In 1860 the Rifle Volunteers were formed including the 2nd Lancashire Light Horse Volunteers (LLHV): The intention was that the unit was to be a Mounted Rifle Corps and in local newspapers of the time was referred to variously as “Liverpool Mounted Rifles”, “Liverpool Mounted Volunteer Corps” and “Liverpool Mounted Volunteers” and “Liverpool Light Horse”. The unit was commanded by Major Nicholas Blundell of Crosby and on 21st June 1861 approval was given for the unit to become the 2nd Lancashire Light Horse Volunteers, although even after that the unit was still referred to in local newspapers as “The Liverpool Light Horse”. The unit which was attached to the 5th Lancashire Rifle Volunteers ( Liverpool Rifle Brigade ) along with the 15th and 42nd Lancashire Rifle Volunteers. The unit was disbanded in the year of 1875. 2nd LLHV Officer’s Shako plates alone are extremely rare and fetch Circa £600 each, Shako’s of the 2nd LLHV are seldom seen & never with their transit tins. This is an original 2nd LLHV Officer’s Shako, with Shako plate and transit tin. The leather Shako The Shako has a cloth backed black velvet covering with a broad silver lace headband and patent leather peak with bullion brim. The crown of the Shako is leather. The velvet covering has wear to be expected with age. The Shako has its original removable red horse hair plume, white metal rose, Lion's head and grotesque face bosses. It has its original white metal link chain. The front of the Shako is mounted with its original Victorian die-stamped white metal 2nd LLHV Officer’s Shako plate which consist of an elongated star mounted with three lions, passant guardant in pale “The Coat of Arms of the Duchy of Lancaster” and the star surmounted by a Victoria crown. The Shako’s leather sweatband is undamaged. It’s silk lining has wear & has become detached from the crown at some point in its life. Red cloth lining material accompanying the Shako has gold leaf lettering ‘R.J. Nodder Church Street Liverpool’ & heraldic arms. The Shako is approx. UK size 6. The Shako is contained in its original japanned tin transit case with hinged lid & carry handle in very good condition with no cracks or dents and original finish. The price for this extremely rare piece includes UK delivery. HE 820

WW1 Era, Imperial German Army Officer's Peaked Cap, Elsner & Manchen, Bromberg. Sn 7629. - 7629
This is a good, WW1 Era, Imperial German Army Officer's Peaked Cap. The cap is made of blue felt which retains all of its colour. It has red piping and Prussian rosettes. It has a black fibre peak which is slightly loose and silk lining. The lining has some service wear around the headband. The crown lining is complete and has an excellent black ink manufacturer's/ retailer's stamp 'Elsner Manchen, Bromberg' (illustrated). The cap is approx UK size 6 1/2. Price includes UK delivery. Sn 7629.

Vietnam War U-Tapao Thailand US Air Force Boonie Hat. HE 341. - HE 341
Boonie hats got their name, legend has it, from a Tagalog word “bundok,” which means mountain. The term “boondocks” started getting used by Army service personnel during the Philippine American War which started in 1899 when Filipinos rose up to fight for their independence rather than be ruled by another colonial leader. Boondocks was used as military slang for Filipinos from the mountains. The term evolved to mean anything associated with the jungle or remote wilderness. Over the years it became “boonie” for short. In very good condition, size 4, the inner liner is in excellent condition. To the right hand side of the hat there is a ‘U-Tapao’ badge (U-Tapao Royal Thai Navy Airfield is a military airfield of the Royal Thai Navy (RTN). To the left hand side is a ‘Thailand’ badge. The rear badge is what appears to be a ‘Confederate flag’ and to the front looks to be a ‘Thai Special Forces’ badge. The neck strap/cord is in perfect condition, the air vents and press studs are as they should be. The price for this interesting piece includes UK delivery. HE 341.

Original WW2 Imperial Japanese Army, Original, WW2, Infantrymans Field Cap With Neckflaps. - HE 340
This is an original WW2, Imperial Japanese Army infantry mans field cap. The cap has a brown wool felt outer with a short peak and an adjustable leather neck strap held to the sides of the cap by 2 steel rivets. The interior of the cap is lined with a coarse cotton lining with a head size adjuster at the rear with a brown cord through 4 hollow iron rivets to provide tension. The sides of the cap have 3 ventilation holes on each side reinforced with iron hollow rivets. The cap has four cotton havelock neck flaps sewn onto it. The cap has sewn onto the front a brown Imperial Japanese 5 sided badge with the yellow 5 pointed star sewn onto it. The cap is in very good condition with no holes or repairs to it. The price includes U.K. delivery. HE 340

C1992 Austrian Senior Police Officers Cap PO 91 - PO 91
A very ornate peaked cap of a senior Austrian Police Officer. The Federal Police is commanded by the Austrian Federal Ministry of the Interior. The Federal Minister of the Interior is the highest law enforcement authority. The Provincial Police Directorates - established as federal authorities in the provinces - are subordinate to the Federal Minister. The Federal Gendarmerie was an Austrian federal police agency. It was responsible for approximately two thirds of the population on approximately 98% of Austrian national territory, alongside the Federal Safety Guard Corps and Detective Corps. All Austrian law enforcement agencies were merged into the Federal Police (Bundespolizei) agency, with effect from 1 July 2005. This cap has a gold bullion boss on the white linen peak with the red & white Austrian roundel in its centre. It has a gold and enamel cap badge with a red shaped backing. Thick twisted gold cap cords, gold buttons and on the left side a gold flaming grenade with fitted red backing cloth. Dated 1992 and size 58 and is in good condition. The price includes UK delivery. PO 91.

British South Africa Police (BSAP) Shko Style Native Police Constables Helmet With Badge. Sn 13907:58. - 13907:58
A Vintage British South Africa Police (BSAP) Shako Type helmet. This is the shako used by forces of the British South Africa Police (BSAP), which was the paramilitary police force of Rhodesia. It was created as a force of mounted infantrymen in 1889 by Cecil Rhodes’ British South Africa Company. In 1896 it began to operate independently and “Company” was dropped from its name. It remained part of Rhodesia’ paramilitary police force until it was disbanded following the formation of the Zimbabwe Republic Police in 1980. The unit saw action in the First and Second Matabele Wars, the Second Boer War, the First World War, the Second World and the Rhodesian Bush War. The helmet is cork and covered with khaki, it has a flat top and to each side there are vents. The helmet has a headband. It retains the original Rhodesian brass helmet plate. Inside it has a green lining in the peaks and inside it has a leather sweat band and two brass hooks for a chin strap. 13907:58

American Drill Instructors Hat/Campaign Hat. Sn 20423. - Sn 20423
A campaign hat (also Stetson, drill instructor hat, drill sergeant hat, round brown, ranger hat, sergeant hat, Scouts hat, Smokey Bear hat, lemon squeezer) is a broad-brimmed felt hat with a high crown pinched at the four corners.The hat worn by male United States Army drill Instructors is olive drab in colour (often referred to as ‘the lemon squeezer’ because of its shape), however, it was originally beige in colour but in 1983 the colour was changed to green with the style remaining unchanged. This example is in good overall condition with slight scuffing to the upper brim. The leather inner brim lining is loose in parts but nothing major. The chin strap and buckle are in good condition. Size 7/8. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 20423.
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