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Daggers and Knives

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A Collection Of 12 Various Scottish Sgian Dubh Dirk Knives With Scabbards (THE PRICE IS FOR ONE DIRK ). Sn 17803 - 17803
Scottish Sgian Dubh 'Gaelic- Black Knife' were carried by heavily armed Scottish Clansmen. Tucked into the sock, this was reputed to be the weapon of last resort. Today it remains an essential part of traditional Highland wear. This is an excellent collection of 12 Various Scottish Sgian Dubh dirks with scabbards. They each have various form hilts, some with traditional Cairngorm ‘jewel’ top mounts, Scottish themed badge mounts and embossed white metal fittings. The blades of numbers 4, 7, 10 & 12 are marked ‘Art Pewter Stainless Steel Made In Scotland’. The blade of Number 8 is marked ‘Stainless’. The back of the simulated Stag horn hilt of number 7 is decorated with a Poem of the famous Scotsman Robert Burns ‘My heart is in the Highlands, my heart is not here, my heart is in the Highlands, a chasing the Dear’. All are in excellent condition with clean blades protected by storage grease. The price is for one individual knife each & includes UK delivery. Sn 17803 (Please Note the number to the left of the dirk you want to order and quote the number at time of purchase)

Victorian Era Japanese Tanto With Ornate Brass Covered Wood Hilt & Ornate Brass Covered Wood Scabbard. Sn 17775:12 - 17775:12
This Japanese Tanto was made sometime in the Victorian era and is most likely an export piece. The cutting edge of the steel blade is 8”. The balde has staining consistent with age. It has a brass habaki and finger guard. It measures 13” overall length. Its hilt and scabbard are wood covered with brass which has ornate decoration (illustrated in the images). One side of the hilt has a small copper badge / device. The brass has some minor dents and staining consistent with age. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 17775:12

Victorian / Edwardian Era English Crookes & Crookes Sheffield Folding Multi Tool Gamekeeper’s / Shooter’s Clasp Knife With 12 and 16 Bore Shotgun Cartridge Extractor’s & Spratt’s Patent Game Meal Advertising Livery. Sn 17785 - 17785
In 1859 the Sheffield cutlers John Brookes & Thomas Crookes appear in Melville & Co’s Commercial directory of Sheffield as manufacturers of knives and dressing case instruments. The Company had a warehouse, workshops, engine house & grinding wheel behind a house on St Philip’s Road on the outskirts of the cutlery making district of Sheffield. The workshop / factory was named the Atlantic works and was previously the address of knife maker Thomas Wigfall. The Company took advantage of the booming American market making Bowies for the British & American markets (see pages 161-163 of The Sheffield Knife Book by Tweedale). Established in London circa 1860 Spratt’s pioneered the concept of animal life stages with appropriate foods for each stage. This is a nice Multi Bladed Clasp Knife by Southern & Richardson in the form popular in the Victorian / Edwardian era advertising Spratt’s game meal. The knife has 7 tools and blades (1 single edged blade, corkscrew, screwdriver tip frame, hook, 12 & 16 bore shotgun cartridge extractor bolsters, removable spike or tweezers). The blade and hook are signed by the makers ‘Crookes & Crookes Sheffield’ and have their bell trademark. The 3” single edged blade is etched ‘Spratt’s Game Meal’ on both sides (one side mostly rubbed). The hook is marked with bell trade mark alongside ‘Patent’ & ‘Graduating Extractor’. The knife has undamaged Stag horn scales. Both scales are mounted with German Silver plates embossed ‘Spratt’s Patent’ together with ‘X’ mark One scale is mounted with void German Silver oval disc. One end of the frame has a screwdriver tip. The German Silver bolsters act as shotgun cartridge extractors. One bolster has the bell trademark alongside ‘Patent’ and ‘12’ (bore). The other has the bell trademark alongside ‘Patent’ and ‘16’ (bore) The block hinge of the corkscrew is German Silver. One scale is slotted for accessory which holds a steel spike or tweezers (the accessory is firmly lodged in the scale and we do not want to risk damage by forcibly removing it). The blades & accessories have staining to be expected with age. With the 3” blade unfolded the knife measures 8” overall length. All blades and tools fold neatly into its steel frame which is reinforced with brass inserts. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 17785

Victorian Era English Southern & Richardson Sheffield Folding Multi Bladed Sportsman’s ‘Nest Knife’. Sn 17786 - 17786
Mr Southern and Mr Wilson founded the company in 1828, with Mr Wilson as the works manager and Mr Southern as the travelling salesman. A centenary booklet by the company pointed out that ‘Travelling in those days was a long… [and] very tedious business, as it had to be done by horse and trap’ and that Mr Southern was away for very long periods of time, because he had to travel throughout the country and to the Mediterranean markets. In 1847 Mr Wilson retired and was replaced by Mr Samuel Richardson, which was when the company name changed to Southern & Richardson. In 1851 the company moved from Wheeldon Works, Solly Street to the Don Cutlery Works on Doncaster Street, where they stayed for over 70 years. During the First World War the company made cutlery for the Army and Navy, continuing when 65% of their employees joined up, a figure that was the highest for all firms in Sheffield. In total, 18 employees were killed during their service.In 1919 Southern & Richardson joined Sheffield Cutlery Manufacturers Ltd, a merger led by Needham, Veall & Tyzack. This venture was not a success and in order to rationalise production, Southern and Richardson moved to the Needham, Veall & Tyzack site on Thomas Street and Milton Street. This is a nice Multi Bladed Clasp Knife by Southern & Richardson in the form popular in the Victorian era. The knife has 10 tools and blades (2 single edged blades,1 saw blade, gimlet, corkscrew, file with screwdriver tip, triangular spike, hook, removable spike and tweezers). Some of the blades and tools are signed by the makers ‘Southern & Richardson Sheffield’ and have ‘Birds nest with eggs’ devices. One blade is marked ‘Nest Knife’ together with nest device . The knife has undamaged Stag horn scales. One scale is mounted with void German Silver oval disc. The frame of the knife has German Silver edges and reinforcing pin to one end and it has a German Silver shackle. The scales are slotted for accessories which securely hold the removable steel spike and tweezers. The blades & accessories have staining to be expected with age. With the largest large 3” blade unfolded the knife measures 8 ¼” overall length. All blades and tools fold neatly into its steel frame which is reinforced with brass inserts. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 17786

Victorian, Prostitute's Garter Belt Dagger With Polished Buffalo Horn Handle, German Silver Ferrule & Leather Sheath. Sn 17781 - 17781
This is a Ladies garter belt dagger made in the Victorian era. These small concealable daggers were favoured by prostitutes to defend themselves against attack. It measures 8 ¼” overall with a 4 ¾” flat diamond section stabbing blade which has staining consistent with age. It has an elegant polished Buffalo horn hilt with small German Silver ferrule and finger guard with ball finials. There are no manufacturer marks on the dagger. The dagger comes with its original open top leather sheath with German Silver throat mount which has 2 small fixed hanging rings and chape with ball end.. The dagger fits the sheath snugly. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 17781

WW2 Production, Nazi German 1933 Pattern NSKK Dagger By RZM M7/ 36 (E&F Horster Solingen) With Scabbard. Sn 17775: 11 - 17775:11
This is an original Wartime Nazi production 1933 pattern NSKK dagger and scabbard in excellent condition. The blade is crisply stamped with the wartime Nazi production code ‘RZM M7 / 36 which denotes manufacturer by E&F Horster Solingen. Horster made approximately 4,000 early production daggers which are rated as rarity value 7 (10 being highest rarity value) in the book ‘The service daggers of the SA & The NSKK’ by Siegert. Horster continued to produce SA/ NSKK daggers after 1940 when only their RZM code is found on blades produced by the company. The lack of manufacturer’s own civilian trademark indicates that this is a Nazi wartime production dagger. The wood grip is original and undamaged. The Nazi German National Emblem and 'SA' roundel are perfectly fitted. It has a Nickel plated cross guard & pommel. The original nickel plating is excellent. The blade has the correct crisp "Alles Fur Deutschland" motto inscription. The dagger is complete with its original NSKK black anodised metal scabbard. The scabbard has a single hanging ring, nickel plated chape and throat mount. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 17775:11

Handmade Display Cases for German Daggers With or Without Straps. SN - 17694
These are examples of available cases for the WW2 Kriegsmarine, Luftwaffe and Army daggers. These measure 47cm x 14 x 4 cm covered in 'leatherette'. Each case is individually made, lined with 'silk' and formed to take the dagger & Scabbard; also if required, a shaped lid to take straps. Bespoke cases, with a manufacturer / knife maker embossed on the lid can be ordered. POA. Please discuss if you require a case for a special dagger. The price will include UK delivery. (NB. The Daggers shown in the images are not included in the price for a case. They are available separately on this site.) 17694

Post 1952, Cased Commemorative Wilkinson Sword Fairbairn Sykes 3rd Pattern FS Commando Fighting Knife With Etched Panel Blade. ED 2522 - ED 2522
This is a nice, full size, 3rd pattern FS Commando dagger produced post war to Commemorate the iconic WW2 British Fairbairn Sykes FS Commando fighting knife. It has a 177mm long blued blade etched on one side with QEII Royal appointment and Wilkinson Sword London manufacturer name together with crossed swords trademark. The 3rd pattern ribbed handle and cross guard is blued. Small flecks of its original blueing are absent which can be seen in image 2. The dagger is contained in its bespoke wooden box with hinged lid covered in green leatherette material. The case has clasp fasteners. The inside of the case is lined in green felt. The display section is edged in gold coloured cord & is contoured to snugly fit the dagger. The price for this excellent commemorative piece with bespoke case includes UK delivery. ED 2522 (NB OTHER QUALITY BESPOKE CASES FOR FS DAGGERS ARE AVAILABLE SEPARATELY ON THIS WEBSITE SEE Sn 17694)

SOLD SOLD (22/09) RARE, WW2 British Wilkinson 2nd Pattern Fairbairn Sykes FS Commando Fighting Knife With Double Etched Panels & Scabbard. Sn 17706 - 17706
2nd Pattern Fairbairn Sykes 'FS' Fighting Knives were introduced in 1941. Examples with etched blades are illustrated in Chapter 7 of The Fairbairn Sykes Fighting Knife & Other Commando Knives By Flook. Our rare to find example is in excellent condition. Its 167mm long double edged blade with medial ridge has just staining consistent with age. The blade has etched panels on both sides, one side ‘The FS Fighting Knife’ the reverse with ‘Wilkinson Sword London’ name & crossed swords legend. The hilt is brass with knurled grip and a blued oval cross guard. It has its original scabbard with brass chape and belt loop. The scabbard retains its original 4 sewn on tabs & as is common the elasticated retaining strap is absent. All stitching and leather are intact. The price for this rare FS fighting knife includes UK delivery. Sn 17706

WW2 Era Nazi German Luftwaffe 2nd Pattern Officer's Dagger By Paul Weyersberg, Solingen With Luftwaffe Acceptance Mark, Cord, Portepee & Scabbard With DRGM Hangers. Sn 17775:10 - 17775:10
An excellent, original, 2nd Pattern Luftwaffe Officer's Dagger set. The dagger has a clean blade and the ricasso is marked with Paul Weyersberg, Solingen name & trademark. The blade also has the stylised Eagle Luftwaffe acceptance stamp. It has the correct distinctive 'Eagle with Swastika' design cross guard and deep orange / brown hue 'phenol resin' grip with ornate Oak leaf decorated, hilt mount and pommel. The Swastikas on the pommel and Eagle cross guard retain much of their original gilt finish and the wire binding on the grip is tight and intact. The Dagger has its original silver/ aluminium bullion cord and portepee. The cord has some service wear but is intact. Its original scabbard is decorated with a 'hammered' design and has 2 hanging ring mounts with Oak leaf decoration. The mounts are fitted with original hanging rings and bullion stitched hangers with Oak leaf decorated buckles, bar and sprung clips. One clip is DRGM marked (Deutsches Reichsgebrauchsmuster = registered design of the German Reich). The Price includes UK delivery. Sn 17775:10
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