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Daggers and Knives

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Imperial German Boar Hunting Dagger/ Sidearm With Stag Horn Grip By Schmidt Marburg With Engraved German Silver Pommel Cap H.Schenck, Schweinsburg s/m Leibb & Scabbard. Sn 10063. - 10063
This is an excellent C 1900 Imperial German Hunting Dagger/ Sidearm. These substantial weapons were carried when hunting large game such as Boar for self-defence and to deliver the 'death blow' to the hunted prey. It has a lovely curved Stag Horn handle with stepped German Silver end cap which is beautifully engraved 'H.Schenck, Schweinsburg s/m Leibb' (Schweinsburg is a mountain located in Baden-Wurttenberg Germany). It's 11" single edged blade with Bowie type swept top edge is excellent. It measures 16" overall. It has a swept cross guard * slight play* with German Silver ferrule. The blade is crisply marked with manufacturer detail 'Schmidt In Marburg'. The weapon is complete with brown leather scabbard with brass mounts. The upper mount has an acorn shaped locket stud. The leather & stitching of the scabbard are intact and has just light scuffing to be expected with age and use. Price for this nicely marked antique Imperial German hunting sidearm & scabbard includes UK delivery. Sn 10063. (German Daggers & Trench Knives)

*Rare* Post-war Hitler Youth Knife with Saw back Blade and Scabbard. BAYO 789. - BAYO 789
This is a rare post-war version of the Hitler Youth knife with the addition of a saw back blade. It is marked to the ricasso with the makers mark of ‘F.R. Plücker Jr. Solingen’ & ‘Rostrei’ (Rust Free). The blade and grips are in very good condition and there are no further marks to the knife. It is in its black painted metal scabbard *showing some paint loss* and leather belt hook. The price includes UK delivery. BAYO 789. (German Daggers & Trench Knives)

**RESERVED**5/10***Rare* Russian Diving Knife & Brass/Bronze Sheath with Leather & Steel Belt Clip. ED 2680. - ED 2680
This is a very rare Russian Heavy diving knife with an un marked 20 ½ cm stainless chromed blade (31 ¾ cm overall), brass crossguard & pommel with undamaged rubber grip. It is contained in its brass/bronze sheath & leather and steel belt clip. The leather is in excellent condition. Weighing 1.4kg in total, this rare knife and sheath are very impressive. The price includes UK delivery. ED 2680.

**RESERVED**5/10**1960's British Named T.C. Wilde Siebe Gorman & Co Royal Navy Diver's Knife & Brass Scabbard Personally Adapted With Additional Brass Belt Bars. Sn 19966:47 - 19966:47
This is an original, excellent condition, 1960's, British Royal Navy Diver's Knife and Scabbard. Made by Siebe Gorman & Co, the knife has a broad 7 ¾” long double edged blade with medial ridge (13 ¼” overall). The blade is crisply marked by the manufacturer 'Siebe Gorman & Co'. The blade has areas of staining and has a fine saw back edge. It has a brass cross guard, ferrule stamped with initials ‘T.C.W’ & tang nut fitted with large brass lanyard ring. It has a dense black plastic contoured grooved handle. The knife is complete with original solid brass scabbard with belt slot. The scabbard is named ‘T.C. Wilde’ matching the ferrule initials, no doubt a previous owner’s name. The scabbard has been personally adapted at some point in its life by welding additional brass belt bars to the rear. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 19966:47. (Store Room Hunting Knives Box).

**RARE**EARLY PRODUCTION**WW2 C1941 Pacific Theatre U.S. Marines & Signal Corps Victor Tool Co ‘Woodman’s Pal’ LC-14-B Fighting Machete With Knuckle Guard & Original Correct LC-14-B Olive Green Webbing Canvas Scabbard With Original Instructions - 20027
The Woodman's Pal was developed by Frederick Ehrsam in 1941, and quickly established itself commercially as a superior tool for the forest or jungle. During World War II the tool was issued to Signal Corps and other soldiers under the nomenclature "Knife LC-14-B" for brush clearing or as a survival tool / fighting weapon. It came with a scabbard that had a zipper down one side, a strap at the closure and a belt bar. The LC-14-B could be attached to a pistol belt or other attachment point equipped with the hanger grommets. The LC-14-B was manufactured for the Army by Victor Tool Co. of Reading, PA. Our example is in excellent condition. The blackened blade is 11 ½” long and 16” overall length. The blade has the correct agricultural form crow’s beak/ scythe head which is 5” wide. The blade is sharp with no damage. The blade is stamped ‘Woodman’s Pal 280 Trademark Patent Applied For (indicating early production) Victor Tool Co. Reading, PA’. The handle is made of stacked leather washers with a steel hand guard. The handguard is stamped "LC-14-B." model designation. The original canvas webbing scabbard has the correct belt bar press stud retaining strap, zip and belt loop. The body of the scabbard is clean and undamaged. The inside of the scabbard has 2 open top pockets and is ink stamped "LC-14-B" together with manufacturer information (illustrated). One pocket has its original illustrated instructions booklet (2 images from booklet showing Woodsman’s Pals being carried and used by troops in the field are illustrated). The price for this rare jungle warfare piece includes UK delivery. Sn 20027

**SOLD**4/10**MINT**WW2 U.S. Marines Case Cutlery Co V-44 Combat / Survival Bowie Knife & Scabbard. Sn 20012 - 20012
An original near mint WW2 United States V-44 Combat and Survival Bowie knife by Case Cutlery Co (see page 130 of ‘United States Military Knives Collectors Guide’ by Silvey & Boyd). Officially a survival knife, the U.S. Marine Corps used them as a fighting knife against the Japanese. It is a huge knife measuring 14 1/4" in length and with a black synthetic slab sided handle secured by 3 rivets. It has a brass cross guard with ball ends. It has a 9 1/4" long, broad steel bowie blade with falchion - style tip and twin narrow fullers. The blade has a crisp 'Case XX' (Case Cutlery) stamp. It is accompanied by its brown leather scabbard with rear riveted belt loop. All leather and stitching of the scabbard are intact. There are no manufacturer marks on the scabbard. The price for WW2 era Combat / Survival knife includes UK delivery. Sn 20012

Boer War/ WW1 Era British Officer’s/ Cavalry Horseman's Folding Clasp Knife By Singleton & Priestman Ltd Sheffield’ with Removable Rein Studs. 19972. - 19972
This is an excellent original, English, Sheffield made Officer’s/ Horseman's Folding Knife. It has a large 3 ½” blade, 2 smaller blades, one with thumb spur, hook, shotgun cartridge removal tool marked 12 and 16 (bores), cork screw and gouge/ stone remover. It also has its two removable rein repairing studs. The blades are stamped by the Sheffield manufacturer 'Singleton & Priestman Ltd Sheffield’'. The knife measures 5 ¼” in length when closed. It has German Silver scales, screwdriver end and lanyard shackle. The price for this quality knife worthy of further research includes UK delivery. Sn 19972

Victorian Italian Hunting Style Dagger with Etched blade and Polished Buffalo Horn Grips. 19917:9. - 19917:9
The stiletto blade is 14 cm in length (25 ¾ cm overall) and is etched to both sides. The brass coloured curved cross guard is below a carved polished Buffalo horn grip which is below a brass coloured pommel. The dark leather scabbard has brass coloured metalwork with the chape showing age related wear. There is an open hook for attachment to a pocket or belt to the rear. The price includes UK postage. 19917:9. (Drawers)

*Scarce* WWI Austro-Hungarian Empire ‘Grabendolch’ M1917 Fighting Knife by Maker ‘Joachim Winternitz Neffe’ and Sheath. 19967. - 19967
A WWI Austrian Trench Knife with an un-fullered 20 ¾ cm (33 cm overall) tapering blade with spear-shaped point which is very good and only showing minor signs of wear. The makers mark is on one side of the ricasso which is a kneeling man with bow and arrow which is the ‘Joachim Winternitz Neffe’ trademark. There is a short false edge in the top of the blade. The knife has a small elliptical crossguard, and smooth round undamaged wooden grips secured with three rivets. It is accompanied with a simple smooth metal scabbard, which has a metal loop which is riveted above a metal stud onto one side that has a thick brown leather band that acts as a belt loop. The price includes UK delivery. 19967.

1960's British Siebe Gorman Royal Navy Diver's Knife & Brass Scabbard Slotted For Belt. Sn 19966:44. - 19966:44
This is an original, excellent condition, 1960's, British Royal Navy Diver's Knife and Scabbard. Made by Siebe Gorman & Co Ltd, the knife has a broad 7 ¾” long double edged clean blade with medial ridge (13 ¼” overall). The blade is crisply marked by the manufacturer 'Siebe Gorman' *the blade appears to have been re-sharpened. It has a brass cross guard, ferrule & tang nut together with dense black plastic contoured grooved handle which has use related wear to the tip. The knife is complete with original solid brass scabbard with belt slot. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 19966:44. (Hunting Knives)
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