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Daggers and Knives

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WW2 Era British Military Ghurkha’s Kukri With 2 Skinners Scabbard & Frog. ED 2542 - ED 2542
This is an original WW2 British Military Kukri as issued to Ghurkhas. The sturdy military grade weapon is 16 ¾” overall. The wood handle which has a steel pommel cap. The wood has knocks bumps and bruises to be expected with service use and age. The curved 12 ¾” blade has the distinctive Kukri ‘notch’. The blade is undamaged and has just light staining consistent with age. The scabbard made of wood is covered in leather. It has a pointed brass chape and 2 small pockets for the skinners at the throat. The skinners blades (one 2 ¾” the other 3”) are typically curved and have light stable surface rust. Their wood handles are secure and undamaged. The scabbard is fitted with its riveted frog with 2 belt loops and buckles. All leather and stitching are clean & intact. There are no visible date or manufacturer marks on the kukri, skinners, scabbard or frog. The price includes UK delivery. ED 2542

**AS FOUND**UN-MESSED WITH**WW2 1943 Early US M3 Fighting Knife Blade Manufacturer Marked UC (Utica Cutlery) & M8 Scabbard With Integral Frog By BM Co (Beckwith Manufacturing Company). Sn 16593 - 16593
An original WW2 early US M3 fighting knife and M8 scabbard with integral frog in as found, un-messed with condition. It has an undamaged 6 ½” blade which has just staining consistent with age. The blade is crisply marked 'US M3 UC 1943' (early M3 knives had manufacturer and model designation stamped on the blades. Later variants have those markings on the cross guard as it was believed stamping the blades risked weakening the steel). The compressed leather ringed handle is undamaged and has just light service wear to be expected. It has a steel cross guard and pommel which has the Frankford arsenal ignited grenade mark. The knife is complete with its original green plastic M8 scabbard with integral green webbing frog which has a single retaining strap and press stud fastener. The plastic has traces of original field applied black camo paint. The throat mount of the scabbard is stamped 'USM8' & by the manufacturer 'BM Co' (Beckwith Manufacturing Company). The price includes UK delivery. Sn 16593

**RARE**WW1 Austro Hungarian Trench Fighting Knife By Resicka Vienna & Scabbard. ED 2541 - ED 2541
An original Austro Hungarian WW1 Fighting/Trench Knife & Scabbard. The knife has a single edge 8 ¼” steel blade with an overall length of 13 ¼”. The blade is undamaged and has just light staining consistent with age. The ricasso has the 'R' mark of the manufacturer Resicka Vienna. The smooth wooden scales are secured with steel pins. The oval cross guard has small inspection marks (illustrated). The scabbard is metal, has even patina and no dents. The rear of the throat has 2 fixed strap bars fitted with small webbing belt loop. This is a very good condition, rare WW1 trench knife and scabbard. The price includes UK delivery. ED 2541

WW1 Era British Officer’s Private Purchase Bowie Alloy Hilt Knuckle Bow Trench Fighting Knife By Hibbert & Sons Or George Ibberson Sheffield & Leather Scabbard. ED 2540 - ED 2540
In the early 20th Century, Hibbert & Sons & George Ibberson were long established Sheffield cutlers. Both made popular private purchase weapons during WW1 including trench daggers & knuckle knives (See page22 & 23 of British & Commonwealth Military Knives by Flook and plate 29 page 23 where a knuckle knife by Hibbert & Sons in the same form as ours is illustrated. Flook states that Ibberson also made this form of knuckle knife). This a is an original WW1 era British Officer’s private purchase trench fighting knife by either Hibbert & Sons or George Ibberson with its original leather scabbard. It has the correct ebony handle which has a deep chequered design. It has the correct alloy 4 finger stall knuckle bow hilt and a slim undamaged 4 ¾” single edged, Bowie shaped nickel plated steel blade. Although there are no visible manufacturer marks this knife is identical to the knife illustrated in Flook’s book. The knife measures 9 ¼” overall length. Its original brown leather scabbard has a retaining strap with press stud fastener. All leather & stitching of the scabbard are intact. The price includes UK delivery. ED 2540

Large J.E. Middleton & Sons Sheffield Hand Made Bowie Knife With Stag Antler Scales & Scabbard. ED 2539 - ED 2539
This is an impressive, original, Large Bowie Knife made in Sheffield by the now deceased J.E. Middleton & his sons Ron & Roy Middleton. It has a 9¾” long deep swept Bowie blade which is a broad 2” at its widest edge and has a decorative scalloped section to the back edge. The knife measures 14 ¾” overall. The ricasso is stamped with the Knife makers name 'J.E. Middleton & Sons, Rockingham Street, Sheffield'. It has a brass cross guard and undamaged stag antler scales secured by pins. The Bowie has its brown leather scabbard. The rear of the scabbard has a single belt loop impressed ‘RM’ (either Ron or Roy Middleton who made the scabbards for Middleton & Sons Bowies). All stitching & leather of the scabbard are clean & intact. The price includes UK delivery. ED 2539

SOLD SOLD (13/01) 1970’s George Wostenholm & Son Sheffield I*XL Bowie Knife With Stag Antler Scales & Tooled Leather Scabbard. ED 2538 - ED 2538
Along with Joseph Rodgers, George Wostenholm is possibly the most famous name in Sheffield cutlery. Geo Wostenholm’s first knife making works were established in 1785. The Wostenholm business now forms part of the Egginton Group, Sheffield. This Wostenholm I*XL Bowie was made in the 1970’s and is in excellent condition. The Bowie has Stag antler scales secured by pins and brass cross guard. The deep swept 10 ¼” Bowie blade is etched on one side with manufacturer and model designation & ‘Original Design by Colonel James Bowie’ (all illustrated). The Bowie is 15” overall length. The Bowie is complete with its brown leather scabbard and ‘I*XL Sheffield Eng’ on its belt loop. The price includes UK delivery. ED 2538

**CASED**MINT**Early 20th Century, Large ‘I*XL Californian’ (Gold Rush) Bowie Knife By Geo Wostenholm & Son, Washington Works Sheffield With Polished Horn Scales Coffin Handle. ED 2537 - ED 2537
Along with Joseph Rodgers, George Wostenholm is possibly the most famous name in Sheffield cutlery. Geo Wostenholm’s first knife making works were established in 1785. The Wostenholm business now forms part of the Egginton Group, Sheffield. During the Victorian era Wostenholm sent knives to the American market during historic episodes in American history such as the and Californian Gold rush 1848–1855 & American Civil War. The knives continued to made post Victorian into the modern era and were built to the same form and exacting standards of their Victorian predecessors. This is an impressive, I*XL Bowie Knife made by Geo Wostenholm & Son at their Washington Works Sheffield in the early 20th Century commemorating the California gold rush of 1848-55. It has a 9 ¾” long deep swept bowie blade which is 1 ¾” broad at its widest point. The knife measures 14 ¾” overall. The ricasso is stamped with the Knife's model detail 'I*XL.' and the blade is marked with the makers name and address together with American Eagle and ‘California Knife’ highlighted in gilt (all illustrated). It has brass cross guard & attractive, undamaged coffin shaped polished horn scales secured by brass pins. The Bowie comes with its wooden case with hinged lid. The lid has tooled line decoration and is inset with void brass shield. The case has a brass catch fastener which does not lock the case. The inside of the case is lined in cushioned red felt contoured to snugly fit the Bowie. The inside of the lid has a paper Wostenholm trade label (illustrated). The price for this impressive cased Bowie includes UK delivery. ED 2537

**MINT**BOXED** Post 2003, Wilkinson Sword CSK185 Dartmoor Combination Survival knife With Bead Blasted Satin Stainless Steel Saw Back Blade, Survival Kit, Scabbard & Instruction Booklet. Sn 17970 - 17970
The Dartmoor survival knife was invented by Ray Mears in 1986. Ray Mears is the now famous British woodsman, instructor, businessman, author and TV presenter whose TV appearances cover bushcraft and survival techniques. Made by Wilkinson Sword 1st type Dartmoor survival knives were redesigned in early 2003 with updated alterations and re-designated ‘CSK185 Dartmoor Combination Survival Knife’. This is a near mint original example of the CSK185 Dartmoor knife. It measures 13 ½” overall with a hefty broad, 7 ¼” long hardened & tempered bead blasted satin, drop point with flat bevel, saw tooth profile & spear point stainless steel blade ideal for chopping, slashing, piercing, hammering & boring. It has a high impact nylon polymide grip, over moulded non-slip thermoplastic rubber, stainless steel lanyard hole fitted with wrist cord & tang screw nut at the pommel. The handle doubles as a chamber to store survival equipment. The knife comes with its original storage tube with removable compass cap which holds survival accessories including fishing weights, line & fishing hooks. The blade is clean and un-used condition. The knife is complete with its glass fibre reinforced nylon polymide scabbard and thermoplastic rubber scabbard holder which has multiple hanging points for belt wear or jacket / rucksack attachment. The knife & scabbard come with their original contoured foam box with CSK185 Dartmoor labelled cardboard sleeve and original Wilkinson Sword Dartmoor illustrated instruction pamphlet. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 17970

Victorian / Early 20th Century English Form Spear Point Bowie Knife With Chequered Polished Horn Scales & Leather Scabbard With German Silver Mounts. Sn 18036 - 18036
This is a Spear Point Bowie Knife in the form popular in the Victorian era and early 20th century. The 5 ¾” Spear Point Bowie blade with medial ridge is undamaged with just light staining consistent with age. There are no visible manufacturer marks. It has undamaged Chequered Polished Horn Scales secured by German Silver pins & German Silver cross guard. Its open top leather scabbard has a German Silver Throat mount with frog stud and German Silver chape. All leather is clean and intact. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 18036

Early 20th Century Joseph Rodgers & Sons Sheffield Cutlers To His Majesty Bowie Knife With Stippled Polished Horn Scales & Scabbard. Sn 18035 - 18035
Joseph Rodgers had an unsurpassed reputation for knife making in the 19th century. The Star and Maltese cross were granted to Rodgers by the Company in 1764 and both he and later his sons continued to produce quality knives throughout the Victorian era at various premises in Sheffield including the world famous 6 Norfolk Street. Due to the high quality of their work Rodgers & Sons were awarded Royal Warrants. This is an early 20th century Bowie made by Rodgers & Sons. It has stippled polished horn scales secured by steel pins & German silver cross guard. It has a 5 ½” Bowie blade. The blade has staining consistent with age & is crisply marked ‘Joseph Rodgers & Sons, Cutlers To His Majesty Sheffield England’ together with their ‘Star and Maltese cross’ trademark & Crown GR (George Rex). The brown leather open top scabbard with rear stitched seam is clean and undamaged. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 18035
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