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British Knives and Bowies

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RARE, ORIGINAL, STERILE, WW2 British Commando/ SOE / Special Forces Smatchet & Leather Scabbard. ED 2491 - ED 2491 / 16949
In many respects the WW2 British Special Forces Smatchet is one of the most mysterious British issue knives of the period. Its development appears to have been around the same time as the F-S Commando dagger i.e. 1940-41. The Smatchet is listed as equipment issued to Commandos for D-day and are attributed as being used by the Special Operation Executive (SOE). While some examples bear War Dept Broad arrows no examples have been found bearing manufacturer's names (see pages 234 to 237 of The Fairbairn Sykes Fighting Knife & Other Commando Knives By Flook). This rare, original example of the Smatchet is clean and undamaged. It has the correct large leaf shaped blade 10 ¾” in length which is sharp and has staining consistent with age and contemporary rubber covered wood grip, most likely applied to assist grip. The rubber is complete and secure but does have surface wear to be expected ( a WW2 smatchet with the same rubber covered hilt is illustrated in item 14.15 page 235 of Flook’s book and item 14.14 on the same page shows a contemporary image of members of the SOE carrying smatchets). It has a large oval brass cross guard and correct alloy pommel holed for and fitted with cord. As is common with special forces weapons this smatchet is sterile having no manufacturer or WD marks. Its original scabbard is leather stitched over wood former and is identical to the scabbard illustrated with the smatchet at item 14.15 page 235 of Flook’s book. The rear of the scabbard has a diagonal leather belt loop. All leather is intact but has light surface scuffs to be expected. The price for this rare piece of WW2 Special Forces Equipment includes UK delivery. ED 2491

Edwardian Era English George Butler & Co Sheffield ‘Maker To His Majesty’ Multi Blade / Tool Folding Pocket Knife With ‘Cigar Fork’, Mother Of Pearl Scales & Period Suede Pocket Case. Sn 17073:1 - 17073:1
The English cutlers George Butler & Co Sheffield are recorded C1810-1952. Located at their Trinity Works (see pages 169-170 of the Sheffield knife Book by Tweedale). This is an excellent, original, Edwardian era folding pocket knife / multi tool by Butler & Co. It has a 2” single edged blade, 1 ½” blade, scissors, a button hook, file, gimlet & a cigar fork. 5 of the 7 blades / tools have crisp manufacturer marks (all illustrated). All of the blades and tools are clean and fold securely into the frame of the knife. The frame of the knife has tooled decoration. It has superb Mother of Pearl scales secured by pins. One scale has an inlaid German Silver escutcheon. The knife comes with its period suede pocket case which has a flap cover and press stud fastener. The knife has obviously been with the case for many years accounting for the splendid condition of the knife. The price for this attractive, nicely marked, Edwardian pocket knife by a reputable maker with pocket case includes UK delivery. Sn 17073:1

SOLD SOLD (16/01) Late 19th Century Prostitute's Secret Garter Belt Dagger With Cast Steel Blade, Antique Ivory Scales & Leather Sheath. ED 2487 - ED 2487
This is a Ladies garter belt dagger made sometime in the late 19th Century. These small concealable daggers were favoured by prostitutes to defend themselves against attack. It measures 8” overall with a 4 ½” double edged stabbing blade with medial ridge. The blade has just staining consistent with age and is marked ‘Cast Steel’. It has antique ivory scales secured by pins and German silver finger guard. The dagger comes with its original open top leather sheath which has a small belt loop to the rear. The dagger fits the sheath snugly. The price includes UK delivery. ED 2487

Limited Number 292 Of 500, Boxed Post 2003 Wilkinson Sword ' CSK185 Dartmoor' Combination Survival knife With Bead Blasted Satin Stainless Steel Saw Back Blade, Survival Kit, Scabbard & Instruction Booklets. Sn 17057 - 17057
The Dartmoor survival knife was invented by Ray Mears in 1986. Ray Mears is the now famous British woodsman, instructor, businessman, author and TV presenter whose TV appearances cover bushcraft and survival techniques. Made by Wilkinson Sword 1st type Dartmoor survival knives were redesigned in early 2003 with updated alterations and re-designated ‘CSK185 Dartmoor Combination Survival Knife’. This is a near mint original example of the CSK185 Dartmoor knife. It measures 13 ½” overall with a hefty broad, 7 ¼” long hardened & tempered bead blasted satin, drop point with flat bevel, saw tooth profile & spear point stainless steel blade ideal for chopping, slashing, piercing, hammering & boring. It has a high impact nylon polymide grip, over moulded non-slip thermoplastic rubber, stainless steel lanyard hole & tang screw nut at the pommel. The handle doubles as a chamber to store survival equipment. The knife comes with its original storage tube with removable compass cap which holds survival accessories including fishing weights, flys, lures & fishing hooks. The blade is nicely marked with the Wilkinson Sword name and crossed swords trade mark and is numbered 292/500. The knife is complete with its glass fibre reinforced nylon polymide scabbard and thermoplastic rubber scabbard holder which has multiple hanging points for belt wear or jacket / rucksack attachment. The knife & scabbard come with their original contoured foam box with CSK185 Dartmoor labelled cardboard sleeve and original illustrated instruction pamphlets. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 17057

MINT, RARE, ONE OF 7,000, 1960’s British Military Wilkinson Sword RJH Jungle Fighting Knife With Correct British 1908 Pattern Cavalry Sabre Handle & Scabbard. Sn 17027 - 17027
This is a near mint example of a scarce survival / fighting knife produced by Wilkinson Sword Co in the 1960's. Intended for the M.O.D approximately 7,000 knives were made. The M.O.D. didn't adopt the knife and they were eventually sent to the far east and sold to the military as private purchase weapons (see page 123 of Flook's book ‘British & Commonwealth Military Knives). Our example has a clean polished 8” fullered Bowie blade and correct near mint, 1908 pattern Cavalry sword hilt which features chequered panels & thumb recess for grip. The blade is etched ' WILKINSON SWORD LONDON ENGLAND' on one side & ' RJH JUNGLE KNIFE' on the reverse. The hilt has the correct short brass finger guard and large brass pommel nut. The knife comes with its near mint, original brown leather scabbard which has an integral belt loop and retaining strap with press stud fastener. The scabbeard is impressed ‘Made In England’. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 17027

Late 19th Century ‘H. Osman & Co City’ Prostitute's Secret Garter Belt Dagger With Ivorine Hilt & Leather Sheath. Sn 17013 - 17013
This is a Ladies garter belt dagger made sometime in the late 19th Century. These small concealable daggers were favoured by prostitutes to defend themselves against attack. It measures 8” overall with a 4 ¼” double edged stabbing blade with medial ridge. The blade has just staining consistent with age and is marked ‘H. Osman & Co City’ (unknown). It has an elegant Ivorine handle with ribbed & beaded white metal ferrule and finger guard. The dagger comes with its original open top leather sheath. The dagger fits the sheath snugly. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 17013

SOLD SOLD (16/01) Large Victorian Mawhood Brothers Palm Tree Works Sheffield Bowie Knife With Polished Horn Scales & Scabbard With German Silver Fittings. Sn 16991 - 16991
An Immigrant from Australia, John Parkinson Mawhood founded the Company Mawhood Brothers at the Palm Tree Works, Pond hill, Sheffield in 1863. The Company specialised in making quality tools and blades. This is a large Victorian bowie by Mawhood Brothers. The 17 ¼” long, Bowie has polished horn scales secured by brass pins. One scale has a void brass plate mounted by pins. It has a thick brass finger guard with ball end & a 12”single edged, steel Bowie blade. On one side it is crisply marked by the makers ‘Mawhood Bros Sheffield England’ together with their Palm tree trademark. The blade is undamaged and has just areas of light staining consistent with age. Its original brown leather scabbard has a German silver throat mount with ornate belt bar & chape with ball end. All leather & stitching of the scabbard are intact. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 16991

QUALITY, Victorian 1869-1874 Joseph Rodgers Cutlers To Their Majesties Sheffield For Manton & Co Calcutta Spear Point Bowie Hunting Knife German Silver Crossguard, Silver Escutcheon & Original r Scabbard With German Silver Mounts. Sn 16981 - 16981
The Manton family were English gunmakers beginning with John in the early 1800's, then his younger brother Joseph who operated circa 1825-35. J. Manton and Son operated circa 1832-1862 and Manton & Co is listed as operating in London and Calcutta circa 1869-74. Manton’s Calcutta operation specialised in supplying quality firearms and blades to British officer’s & Gentlemen in India. Joseph Rodgers had an unsurpassed reputation for knife making in the 19th century. The Star and Maltese cross were granted to Rodgers by the Company in 1764 and both he and later his sons continued to produce quality knives throughout the Victorian era at various premises in Sheffield including the world famous 6 Norfolk Street. Due to the high quality of their work Rodgers & Sons were awarded Royal Warrants. This is an quality 12” long, Spear Point Bowie hunting knife & Scabbard made by Rodgers at their Norfolk street workshop for Manton & Co Calcutta. It has chequered horn scales secured by brass pins. A void silver escutcheon is mounted on one scale and oval German silver crossguard. It has a 7 ¼” double edged, spear point steel blade with central fullers on both sides. One side of the blade is crisply marked ‘Joseph Rodgers & Sons, Cutlers To Their Majesties No 6 Norfolk Street Sheffield England’ together with ‘Star and Maltese cross’ trademark and the reverse ‘Made For Manton & Co Calcutta’. The excellent, original brown leather scabbard has a rear belt loop with void German silver plate & German silver throat mount and chape. Running between the chape and throat mount is a German silver strengthening / seam bar. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 16981

Post 1913 British Lockwood Brothers Sheffield (John Sellers & Son / Richard Elliott) C+W Trademark Belt Knife With Hand Forged Stainless Steel Blade, Ivorine Scales & Scabbard. Sn 16842 - 16842
The Sheffield cutlers Lockwood brothers was reputedly founded in 1797 by John Lockwood. The family thrived under the management of his 4 sons, William, John, Joseph & Charles who succeeded him. They made quality knives for many years using the ‘C+X’ trade mark. By 1933 the company name had disappeared from local directories and the company’s name and trademarks were acquired by Shefffield cutlers Richard Elliott and later John Sellers who operated in Sheffield until C1975 (see pages 191,219 & 270 of the Sheffield Knife book by Tweedale). True stainless steel was invented in 1913 and quickly became popular in knife making. This is a Lockwood Brother C+X trademark belt knife. It has a clean 5” drop point stainless steel blade. The blade is etched ‘C+X’ above ‘Lockwood Brothers Sheffield’. It also has ‘Hand Forged Stainless Steel’ near to the ricasso indicating post 1913 manufacture. Its Ivorine scales are clean, undamaged & secured by brass pins. The knife has a leather scabbard with tooled decoration which has a blued steel belt bar to the rear. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 16842

Victorian / Boer War & WW1 British Underwood London Officer’s Private Purchase, Fighting / Hunting Knife Etched To Colonel Robert Edward Myddelton-Biddulph, Chirk Castle, North Wales. 16789 - 16789
The Underwood family of London based Cutlers began their knife making heritage with Yeeling Underwood in 1791. Henry Thomas Underwood was recorded as working at 56 Haymarket between 1822 until his death in 1860. The family business continued making knives marked ‘Underwood’ until 1925 when the company ceased trading. Colonel Robert Edward Myddelton- Biddulph, was born 1866 & died 1949. Lived at Chirk Castle, Denbighshire (the castle was built in 1295 by Roger Mortimer de Chirk, uncle of Roger Mortimer, 1st Earl of March as part of King Edward I's chain of fortresses across the north of Wales. It guards the entrance to the Ceiriog Valley. It was the administrative centre for the Marcher Lordship of Chirkland. The castle was bought by Sir Thomas Myddelton in 1593). Colonel Robert Edward Myddelton- Biddulph was the son of Richard Myddelton and Catherine Arabella Howard. He married Lady Violet Nevill, daughter of William Nevill, 1st Marquess of Abergavenny and Caroline Vanden-Bempde-Johnstone, on 19 August 1898. He was awarded the Territorial Decoration (T.D.) He held the office of Justice of the Peace (J.P.) He held the office of Deputy Lieutenant (D.L.) He lived at Chirk Castle, Denbighshire, Wales. His Military Service is recorded:- Lt. in Royal Welsh Fusiliers – 1885, Major with Royal Filed Artillery 1917,Lt. Col 1921.He served France and Egypt.He was awarded 1915 Star, War and Victory Medals. This is Colonel Robert Edward Myddelton-Biddulph’s private purchase fighting / hunting knife which he would no doubt have carried through the Boer War & WW1. The heavy knife has undamaged polished horn scales secured to the tang by brass pins. It has a 5 ¾” single edged drop point blade which has just light staining consistent with age and measures 10 ¼” overall length. The blade is marked crown VR (Victoria Regina) and with manufacturer detail ‘Underwood 56 Haymarket London’. The back edge of the blade has an etched panel ‘R.E.M Biddulph Chirk Castle N. Wales’. The knife has its original undamaged, open top brown leather scabbard with stitched rear seam and belt loop. The loop has an old leather cord attached which has obviously been with the scabbard for many years. The price for this knife worthy of further research regarding the Officer who owned it includes UK delivery. Sn 16789
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