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Bayonets - German

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Nazi German M98 Fireman’s (Faschinenmesser) Dress Bayonet by Ernst Pack & Sohne Solingen & Scabbard. BAYO 412. - BAYO 412
This is an original Nazi Fireman's dress bayonet and scabbard. The basic design is taken from the standard military dress bayonet but is without the rifle mortise and stud button (see 'German Clamshells' book pages 125 - 131 by Gary L. Walker and R. J. Weinand). The cross guard is lengthened to give a re curve appearance. It has a clean polished 9 ¾” blade with fullers. The blade is crisply marked by the maker Ernst Pack & Sohne Solingen together with their trademark and has its original leather hilt washer. It has undamaged chequered grips secured with two rivets. The hilt and cross guard are chrome plated. The chrome plating has some small areas of wear consistent with age. It comes with the correct scabbard which is free of dents. The scabbard retains its original black paint finish and has the correct fixed frog bar. The price includes UK delivery. BAYO 412. (Box 2)

WWI Imperial German Model 1888/98 Ersatz Bayonet and Scabbard. BAYO 5. - BAYO 5
An original excellent example of a WWI German Ersatz M88/98 bayonet (The German Ersatz (substitute) type Bayonets were constructed during the early years of WWI and were designed to fit both the Gewehr 88 (M1888 Commission Rifle) and Gewehr 98 (M98 Mauser Gewehr 98) German rifles) with solid steel hilt. It has a half hoop muzzle ring (see No. 335 of The Bayonet Book by Watts & White which illustrates a similar bayonet). It has a 12 ¼ “fullered blade which has just light staining consistent with age and is complete with its original steel scabbard which retains much of its original green paint. The throat of the scabbard has a fixed locket and is stamped with an unreadable oval cartouche with stylised monogram). Price includes UK delivery. BAYO 5. (Box 2)

WWI Dated Imperial German 1898/05 Butcher Knife Bayonet Scabbard by Manufacturer Luneschloss. 21750. - 21750
The Bayonet M1898/05 would succeed the M1898 long bayonet. It had a much stronger design but was still very long. In the beginning of the Great War it came with high ears and without flash guard. The M1898 ‘New Pattern’ was missing the ‘ears’ and is characterised by the addition of a thin sheet of steel as muzzle fire protection on top of the grip. The original German First World War butcher blade bayonet was used with the Mauser Gewehr 98 (GEW 98) the standard issue service rifle of Imperial Germany. This example was manufactured by ‘Luneschloss Solingen’ (The Peter Daniel Lüneschloss Waffen-Fabrik company was founded in 1810. It originally began as a cutlery manufacturer but started the production of edged weapons in 1848. They marketed their own etched and engraved: weapons, cutlery and tableware. Lüneschloss registered in Solingen on May 10, 1881. The company continued to manufacture edged weapons after the end of the first world war) as stamped on one side of the ricasso. The top of the spine is stamped with a date code ‘W 16’ (1916) and inspection stamps. The top of the pommel has two further inspection stamps. The wooden grips are held with two studs are good and intact. The correct steel scabbard is showing signs of age related wear with an inspection stamp to the top of the throat. See ‘White & Watts’ The bayonet Book, pages 114 & 123, No 267. The price includes UK postage and packing. 21750. (Box 2)

*Scarce* WWI German Seitengewehr Model 1898/05 G98 Mauser 'Sawback Butcher Knife' Bayonet by durkopp werke a.g Complete with Steel Scabbard. 21751. - 21751
This is a scarce later version of the M1898/05 saw back ‘Seitengewehr’ bayonet, made by durkopp werke a.g (The Dürkoppwerke were involved in armaments production for the Wehrmacht's rearmament from an early stage , and in the mid-1930s the workforce grew again to over 2,000 people. Among other things, they produced side guns , needle bearings and roller bearings for tanks , machine guns , grenades , anti-aircraft guns , light guns , anti-tank guns , on-board mounts for aircraft and detonators) and is crisply marked to the blade with their name *very light age related staining to the blade*. The‘Seitengewehr’ was issued to NCO’s of the foot artillery and it also replaced the 98/02 bayonet used by the Pioneers. The spine carries the crown over W 16 (1916 date of manufacture). The wooden grips with flash guard are held with two pins and are very good order. These saw back versions are not common as they were made in smaller numbers initially, and most had their saw backs removed after Britain condemned them as barbarous. The scabbard is the steel version with frog stud and ball finial. See pages 114 and 124 item No 270 of Watts & White ‘The Bayonet Book’ for reference. The price includes UK delivery. 21751. (Box 2)

*Matching Numbers WWII Dated* German S84/98 III Bayonet with Scabbard and Leather Frog by Manufacturer MUNDLOS. 21753. - 21753
The Seitengewehr 84/98 was the most widely issued German bayonet of the Second World War. It was used in conjunction with the Karabiner 98k rifle. It was a development of a design which had first been introduced before the First World War, for use by machine-gunners and cyclists. Initially these bayonets were produced by modifying obsolete Model 71/84 bayonets. However, during the First World War production of new S84/98 bayonets took place, as they were simple to manufacture and used less metal than the standard S98 bayonet. The adoption of the K98k rifle in 1934 prompted the manufacture of quantities of an improved S84/98. This 1940 dated example was made by MUNDLOS AG of Magdeburg. The pommel has two waffenampt stamps. The spine of the blade is marked ‘40’ for manufacture in 1940. The all metal scabbard is in excellent order and is stamped ‘6710’ as is the ricasso. The leather frog is in equally good order with a nice patina and all stitching and metalwork in place. The price includes UK delivery. 21753. (Box 2)

*Scarce* German Dated WWII K98 Mauser Adapted by the Norwegian Army to fit the U.S. M1 Garand Rifle with Scabbard. 21697. - 21697
A scarce Mauser K98 bayonet by DURKOPP converted to fit the Norwegian issue M1 Garand rifle (Garand Selvladegevaer) with correct adapted scabbard to fit US webbing. Grip with bolt retained Bakelite scales has an extended boss fitted to the top front to fit the Garand M1 rifle. Pommel with release catch to the right rear is struck to the left side with WW2 German Waffenamt inspection marks. The deep blue fullered blade is struck to the rear left with E.u.F. Horster, with serial number and inspection mark to the right. The top of the blade stamped 38 for manufacture in 1938. German WWII scabbard struck with maker’s name BERG & Co 1938 has a Waffenamt to the ball tip and has been adapted in service to fit the standard post war US issue webbing belt. From 1950 to 1963 the US supplied 72,801 M1 rifle to Norway. In April 1957 just 5000 of these converted Mauser bayonets were manufactured from captured war time stock in Norway, to be fitted to the rifles in army service making these very rare items today. In very good condition with nice scales, nearly all the original blue to the blade and a working catch in a nice military marked WWII scabbard. A very nice example of a very scarce Mauser bayonet variation built up by the Norwegian army on a scarce pre-war / early war Wehrmacht issue bayonet. The price includes UK delivery. 21697. (German Box 2)

WW2 1942 Dated Nazi German Portuguese Contract, Steyr MP 34 9mm Sub Machine Gun With Sling, 4 Magazines (2 Nazi Marked), Leather 3 Magazine Carrier, 2 Tool Pouches With Tools, Simson & Co Suhl Bayonet & Scabbard**EARLY 1994 UK DEACTIVATION CERTIFICATED** - 21681:1
This is an excellent WW2 1942 dated, 9mm, Steyr MP 34 SMG set. This weapon has all original metal and wood furniture. An unusual feature of this weapon is the charger guide on top of magazine feed way which allows the magazine to be fitted vertically underneath to facilitate loading, then removed and fitted horizontally for firing. The weapon is date marked 1942 together with Portuguese Crest ( MP34 SMGs were supplied to Portugal by Nazi Germany). The frame and stock are stamped with matching numbers '97'. It has an adjustable tangent rear sight, winged fore sight, steel butt plate with trap, sling swivels fitted with leather sling and has 4x 32 round stick magazines 2 of which are Nazi Waffenamt and have Steyr roundels. Deactivated to early UK specification in 1994 the weapon cocks and dry fires and the magazines can be inserted and removed. The MP 34 is complete with an original brown leather magazine carrier pouch in excellent condition. The carrier for 3 magazines has belt loops to the rear. The SMG also comes with 2 original leather parts / tool pouches in similar excellent condition both of which contain original parts / tools (illustrated). One pouch has its original leather shoulder strap, the other is folding wallet type and is secured to the larger pouch by string. The SMG also has an original MP34 bayonet in excellent condition. It has a clean fullered blade. The blade is signed by the maker ‘Simson & Co Suhl’. Its steel pommel with release button is numbered 307. The bayonet’s undamaged wood scales are secured by screw bolts. The scabbard has its original blued steel scabbard with frog locket. The scabbard has no dents. The price for this excellent set includes deactivation certificate and UK delivery. Sn 21681:1

German Seitengewehr M1871/84 Bayonet & Scabbard by Austrian State Weapons Manufacturing Company, Steyr. 21604:4. - 21604:4
The M1871/84 was the first knife bayonet to become general issue in a major army, setting a trend that continues to the present day. The knife bayonet for use with the 11 mm. Mauser M1871/84 repeating rifle. This bayonet will also mount on the earlier 11 mm. Mauser M1871 rifle and the 8 mm. M1888 Commission Rifle. This example was manufactured by Oesterreichsche WaffenfabrikGesellschaft, Steyr (Austrian State Weapons Manufacturing Company, Steyr) showing the CEWG Trademark to one side of the ricasso. The crossguard has the numbers ‘1450’ crisply stamped to one side. The pommel has an inspection mark to one side of the pommel. The wooden grips are held with 2 pins and are in good condition. See page 118 of Watts & White for reference. The metal scabbard is painted black with a ball finial. The frog stud has inspection marks, and the number ‘50’. The price includes UK delivery. 21604:4.

*Scarce* WWI German Model 1898/05 G98 Mauser ‘Sawback/ 'Butcher' Bayonet by H. Mundlos & Co Magdeburg and Steel Scabbard. 21544. - 21544
This is a scarce version of the S98/05 saw back ‘Seitengewehr’ bayonet, made by H. Mundlos & Co Magdeburg and is marked to the blade with their name . The blade is good with some age related staining. The‘Seitengewehr’ was issued to NCO’s of the foot artillery and it also replaced the 98/02 bayonet used by the Pioneers. Blade length; 368 mm – 501 mm overall. The spine and pommel have the Kaisers Imperial mark. The wooden grips are held with two pins and are very good order. These saw back versions are not common as they were made in smaller numbers initially, and most had their saw backs removed after Britain condemned them as barbarous. The scabbard is the steel version with frog stud retaining the majority of its colour. See page 124 item No 270 of Watts & White ‘The Bayonet Book’ for similar. The price includes UK delivery. 21544. (Box 2)

German Miniature KS98 Desk Top/Letter Opener Bayonet and Scabbard. BAYO 167. - BAYO 167
This is a miniature version of the KS98 Dress Bayonet and has a 5 ½ " fullered polished steel blade. A rear facing quillon, wooden chequered grips and a stylised Birds head pommel. The scabbard is black painted steel but with no frog stud which would suggest use as a desk paper knife. These have not survived in as great numbers as the full size bayonets of this type. The price includes UK delivery. BAYO 167.
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