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Badges and Insignia

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Framed Post WW2 British Irish Guards Banner & 2 Irish Guards Pennants . Sn 17543 - 17543
The Irish Guards (IG), part of the Guards Division, is one of the Foot Guards Regiments of the British Army and, together with the Royal Irish Regiment, it is one of the two Irish infantry Regiments in the British Army. The regiment has participated in campaigns in the First World War, the Second World War, the Iraq War and the War in Afghanistan as well as numerous other operations throughout its history. The Irish Guards claim six Victoria Cross recipients, four from the First World War and two from the Second World War. This is a framed banner of the IG with 2 IG pennants. The tasselled maroon and blue stripe cloth banner mounted on a blue background features the embroidered Capstar badge of the IG with motto "Quis Separabit" (Latin)"Who Shall Separate Us?". The banner is clean and undamaged with no mothing. The banner is contained in its glazed wood frame. The frame measures 25 ½”x 24 ½”x 1 ¾”. The top of the frame has 2 holed brass bars for wall hanging. The banner is accompanied by two, IG cloth pennants . One made of blue serge material has ‘Sergeant’s Mess 1st Battalion Irish Guards’ embroidered in gold and the IG Capstar embroidered badge with motto. The rear of the pennant has a tab label ‘Mayfield Jays heraldic embroidery with their Hampshire England address (illustrated). The gold stitch edged with tasselled bottom edge pennant has bullion tasselled cord and is mounted on a brass bar. The second pennant of blue and maroon striped cloth has a tasselled lace bottom edge and printed IG Capstar badge with motto. The rear of the pennant has a manufacturer label ‘Signet Tie Co Made In Linlithgo Scotland’. The pennant comes with its blue and maroon rope tasselled cord. The pennant is mounted on an ivorine bar. The price includes UK delivery (NB we will only ship Internationally without the glazed frame as damage during transport would be inevitable). Sn 17543

Victorian Officers Waist Belt Clasp To Prince Alberts Light Infantry. Sn 16486 - 16486
This is a Victorian officer’s belt clasp to Prince Alberts Light Infantry. The clasp dates to 1881 when under the Childers Reforms the old 13th Foot became Prince Alberts Light Infantry (Somersetshire Regiments), however within months the regiments title had changed to Prince Alberts (Somersetshire Light Infantry) making this belt clast a short lived pattern. The male portion has the strung bugle with 13 and a crown with Jellalabad. The female portion carries the ‘Prince Alberts Light Infantry’ on a circle. Both portions carry the matching bench marks of 6. There is slight wear to the high points of the male portion due to polishing but overall the clasp is in excellent condition. The price includes U.K delivery. Sn. 16486

Sudan Defence Force Hallmarked Silver Officers Cap Badge. BA 896 - BA 896
This is a scarce Sudan Defence Force officers silver cap badge by WJD and is hallmarked for Birmingham in 1930. Originally the badge had a central screw post fitting but this has either broken or been removed. This has been replaced with a slider which appears to be contemporary. The Sudan Defence Force was a British Army unit formed in 1925 to maintain the boarders of the Sudan whilst under the British administration. During the Second World War the force also served beyond the Sudan in the East African Campaign and in the Western Desert campaign. Most of the officers of the Sudan Defence Force were British Army Officers on secondment for a few years whilst the troops were mostly local native troops. This is a very nice genuine hallmarked officers cap badge to a scarce unit. The price includes U.K. delivery. BA 896

RARE, Original, British, Derbyshire Imperial Yeomanry Kings Crown Gilded Metal Helmet Plate Issued For Use At The Coronation Of King Edward VII (9th August 1902). Sn 13907:29 - 13907:29
This is a large original Derbyshire Imperial Yeomanry Helmet Plate. These plates were issued for use by the 3 Troops of Derbyshire Imperial Yeomanry in attendance at The Coronation Of King Edward VII (9th August 1902). Less than 40 Troopers were present and this example is in excellent condition made of gilded metal and with the correct 4 screw posts in the centre of the badge. These plates are larger than the standard helmet plate which are brass with 2 posts. This is a rare helmet plate. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 13907:29

Original, WW1 Era Imperial Prussian NCO Guard’s / Grenadier’s Infantry Pickelhaube Helmet Plate. Sn 13588 - 13588
This is a large original Imperial Prussian NCO Guard’s / Grenadier’s Infantry Pickelhaube Helmet Plate. The plate features the gilt brass Imperial Prussian Eagle With motto banner and central silvered metal star with central embossed Eagle and motto roundel. The curved Eagle is 7 ½” from wing tip to wing tip. The rear has the correct mounting rings. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 13588

Victorian Other Ranks Helmet Plate To The Loyal North Lancashire's. BA 885 - BA 885
This is a very nice 'Other Ranks' helmet plate to the Loyal North Lancashire Regiment. The Loyal Regiment (North Lancashire) (until 1921 known as the Loyal North Lancashire Regiment) was a line infantry regiment of the British Army that was in existence from 1881 to 1970. It is the Star and Wreath two part construction with a separate removable central boss. It has 3 loops to the rear. It is in excellent condition. The price includes UK delivery. BA 885

Pre WW1 C1902- 1914 British Kings Crown Manchester Regiment Helmet Plate. Sn 13349 - 13349
An original very good example of the crowned star pattern plate mounted with laurel wreath and garter. The centre carries the Manchester City heraldic coat of arms and the base of the wreath has a scroll with ‘The Manchester Regiment’ name. There are 3 loops to the reverse. A nice example of a pre WW1 helmet plate. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 13349

A Large Frame Of 'Volunteer Artillery' Badges And Insignia 1859-1908. Sn 11633 - 11633
The frame is comprised of a large Victorian Crown helmet plate, a Busby Grenade Plume holder and Plume, a large Forage Cap Victorian Crown badge, two General Pattern Pagri Badges, two Grenade badges and Bullion Grenade Badges, a Standard King's Crown cap badge, two Victorian Crown Pouch or Belt Plates, one Victorian Crown Belt Buckle, one white metal Belt Buckle and three Victorian Epaulettes (one Bullion). The Volunteer Artillery wore white metal badges for other ranks and silver or silver plated for officers. Regular units wore gilt or brass badges. This is a very impressive display and would grace any collectors wall. ********* PLEASE NOTE IT HAS BEEN DIFFICULT TO PHOTOGRAPH THIS FRAME DISPLAY BECAUSE OF THE REFLECTION FROM THE GLASS, IT IS FAR MORE IMPRESSIVE THAN THE PHOTOGRAPHS DEPICT *********** The price includes UK delivery. Sn 11633

Original LIFEGUARDS Officer's Full dress Plumed Helmet Plate by Firmin. W.01. English in Presentaion Case. BA 882 / 6251 - BA 882 / 6251
This totally Mint and original Gilt, Enamel and White metal, full dress Officer's helmet plate to the Lifeguards was presented to W.0.1 Tony English on his retirement from the Regiment. It is a magnificent detailed and intricate plate 6 inches x 7 1/2 inches. It was purchased by the Regiment from Firmins and specially framed to present to W.01 English who was the ' Queens Master Taylor to the Lifeguards'. The attractive wood frame is 14 inches x 14 inches x 3 1/2 inches. This is a fine and unique item, with provenance and highly decorative. Price includes UK delivery. BA 882 / 6251.

A Silver St. John Ambulance Ass. Medal, St. John Ambulance Brigade Badge & Order of St. John Priory Of Wales Miniature L.S. Medal & Ribbon. Sn 10391:3 - 10391:3
A Silver St. John Ambulance Association medal named to 242893 Herbert Jordan and hallmarked for 1919. These were issued for efficient service, bars were added for further service. The second is a St. John Ambulance Brigade membership badge complete with wearer's pin on the reverse. The last being a Order of St. John, Priory Of Wales miniature Long Service medal and ribbon. The medal is to Robert P. Williams and it is hallmarked on the reverse for 1913. This is complete with correct ribbon. The price includes Uk delivery.
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