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Bayonets - British

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Post Mutiny Indian Issue Victorian British India Pattern 1859 Socket Bayonet (NOT P1853) For Enfield Smoothbore Muzzle Loading Muskets and Scabbard. BAYO 607 - BAYO 607
This is a P.1859 Enfield socket bayonet. These are often confused with P.1853 socket bayonets but have longer sockets to fit the longer barrel P.1859 long barrel smooth bore Enfield muskets (see page 331 of Skennerton’s British & Commonwealth Military Bayonets). A label accompanying the bayonet describes it as post mutiny issue. It has a clean 17” triangular blade. The blade has a small inspection mark. The blued socket is 77mm length. The scabbard is brass mounted leather with a tear drop frog stud and the seam stitching to the rear. All leather and stitching are clean and intact. The leather has WD & arrow mark. The bayonet fits the scabbard. The price includes UK delivery. BAYO 607

**MINT**Victorian 1895 To Edwardian 1903 Dated, British WD Wilkinson 1888 Pattern, Mark 1 Type 2, Lee Metford Bayonet & WD Scabbard. BAYO 606 - BAYO 606
The Lee Metford, 1888 Mark 1 Type 2 Bayonet was manufactured for the British .303 calibre Enfield, Lee Metford Rifle which were issued to British and allied forces during the Boer War and WW1. This MK 1 Type 2 bayonet is near mint condition (see No. 802 page 387 of the Bayonet Book by Watts & White). The blade is clean & bright 12" in length, double edged and un-fullered with a medial ridge running from the ricasso to the blade tip. The ricasso of the blade is crisply stamped by the manufacturer 'Wilkinson London' with Crown VR (Victoria Regina) dates ranging from 1895 to 1903 and inspection marks. The reverse is stamped with War Dept arrow and inspection marks. It's wood grips are undamaged and are secured by 2 large brass rivets. The grips have the correct oil hole above the top rivet. The Pommel is numbered '775'. The Bayonet comes complete with excellent leather, steel mounted scabbard. All leather and stitching are clean and intact and the metal bright. The leather is impressed with WD & arrow mark.The price includes UK delivery. BAYO 606

WW1 British WD 1916 Wilkinson 1907 Pattern Sword Bayonet, WD Marked MK II Scabbard & 1914 Pattern Leather Frog With Helve Carrier Strap. BAYO 605 - BAYO 605
This is a WW1 British WD 1916 Wilkinson 1907 Pattern Sword Bayonet, WD Marked Scabbard & 1914 Pattern Leather Frog With Helve Carrier Strap all in excellent condition (see The bayonet Book by Watts & White No. 819 page 393). The sword bayonet has a clean 17 ¼” steel single edged blade with fullers which is stamped at the ricasso on one side with the King’s Crown ‘GR’ (George Rex), ’5 ’16 date (May 1916) and ‘1907’ (Pattern) together with Wilkinson (manufacturer). The reverse is stamped with WD inspection marks. The slab wood grips have impressed inspection marks & are secured with correct two screw bolts. The bayonet is complete with its original steel mounted MK II leather scabbard. The scabbard has the correct rear seam. The leather is crisply impressed with WD arrow and other indistinct marks. The scabbard is fitted with its correct 6 rivet 1914 pattern leather frog with retaining strap and brass buckle. The frog has indistinct impressed letters / numbers. The rear of the frog has the correct riveted helve carrier strap. All the stitching and leather of the scabbard & frog are intact. The price for this excellent, complete WW1 ’07 bayonet set includes UK delivery. BAYO 605

Victorian British WD 1853 Pattern Socket Bayonet For Enfield .577 Calibre Muzzle Loading Rifles and Post 1866 Brass Mounted Brown Leather Scabbard. BAYO 600 - BAYO 600
This is a very good British 1853 pattern socket bayonet with a clean 17” triangular section blade( see Skennerton's book British & Commonwealth Bayonets, item B145 pages 105-109) . The blade has WD & broad arrow inspection mark and another ordnance inspection mark. The socket with locking ring is numbered "199". The scabbard is the post 1866 variant, brass mounted brown leather with a tear drop frog stud on the riveted brass throat mount and brass chape. The seam stitching is correctly to the rear (see page 109 of Skennerton’s book). All leather & stitching are clean and intact. The price includes UK delivery. BAYO 600

British WD 1876 Pattern Martini Henry Rifle Socket Bayonet & MK II Scabbard. BAYO 599 - BAYO 599
This is an 1876 pattern Martini Henry rifle socket bayonet (see item B187 on Pages 145 and 147 of Skennerton’s book British & Commonwealth Bayonets) . The blade is stamped with WD & broad arrow mark and ordnance inspection mark. The scabbard is the mark II with 2 rivets in the leather body to hold the internal spring. The scabbard has the correct brass throat mount with frog stud which is numbered ‘13’ and brass chape (see page 146 of Skennerton’s book). The price for this bayonet includes UK delivery. BAYO 599

British WD Enfield 1856/58 Pattern Yataghan 'Bar On Barrel' Model Yataghan Sword Bayonet And Scabbard. BAYO 598 - BAYO 598
This is British Pattern 1856/58 Yataghan Sword Bayonet. This variant is the ‘bar on barrel’ variant which fitted to a bayonet bar brazed onto the rifle’s barrel as opposed to the later 'Bar On Band' variant where the bayonet fitted to a bayonet bar positioned on the forward band of the rifle (Bar On Band). The bayonets were made by English manufacturer's and the German Solingen trade (see pages 114 & 115 of Skennerton's book British & Commonwealth Bayonets). This is an excellent example of the British Yataghan Sword bayonet, Pattern 1856/58 'Bar On Barrel’ Model. The polished steel blade is in clean undamaged condition. The blade is 23" long (28 ¼”) overall. The blade is correctly fullered for three quarters of its length. The ricasso is stamped with WD & broad arrow inspection marks on one side and faint VR (Victoria regina’ on the reverse. The spine of the blade has ‘AJ7’ inspection marks and other ordnance inspection marks (illustrated). There are no visible manufacturer names. The cross guard with muzzle ring is numbered ‘425’. It's hard boiled chequered leather scales are excellent and undamaged. The steel mounted leather scabbard is excellent with all leather & stitching intact. The price includes UK delivery. BAYO 598

British Land Pattern Socket Bayonet By John Gill. BAYO 595 - BAYO 595
This is a British land pattern socket bayonet, circa 1801 and a similar version is shown as B49 on page 40 of Skennertons British and Commonwealth Bayonets book the blade is marked with the makers name ‘JOHN GILL’, this being the only marking on the bayonet. The overall length of the bayonet is 20 ½ inches with a socket length of 4 inches. The bayonet has a muzzle ring diameter of 25mm. The stud to muzzle length is 1.6 inches. This is a nice early example of a British socket bayonet. The price includes U.K. delivery. BAYO 595

**SOLD**SOLD**12/1**British 1853 Pattern Socket bayonet & Scabbard. BAYO 594 - BAYO 594
This is a standard 1853 pattern bayonet with a blade length of 17" and a socket length of 3". The muzzle ring diameter is 20mm. The blade has the markings of 228, a broad arrow over W.D. and 2 feint inspection marks all of which have been cancelled with a line though each. The scabbard is brass mounted leather and is the later type, post 1866 and principally used on Snider rifles. See Skennerton's item B145, pages 105-109 for both bayonet and scabbard types. The price includes UK delivery. BAYO 594

Scarce Bushed Pattern 1876 Socket Bayonet. BAYO 592 - BAYO 592
This is a scarce converted Martini Henry pattern 1876 socket bayonet which has been bushed to fit the .303 Martini Enfield rifle which has a smaller barrel diameter. To allow for the higher foresight on the Martini Enfield, the bridge in the socket rim has been cut out. The overall length of the bayonet is 25”, with the blade being 21.4” and the socket 3”. The muzzle ring diameter is now 16.8mm. The blade carries the broad arrow over W.D. with a crowned E over 48 and the date 2/88 (February 1888). The blade also carries what appears to be Egyptian marks and this ties in with Skennerton who shows this bayonet as No.M7 on page 378 of his book. The leather scabbard is the standard 1876 pattern with 2 rivets for the internal spring with brass mounts. The top mount caries a war department broad arrow over W.D. and an inspection stamp together with 452 on the frog stud. The chape carries a broad arrow over W.D. This is a scarce bayonet not often encountered. The price includes U.K. delivery. BAYO 592

SOLD SOLD (11/12) British L1A4 Bayonet, Scabbard And Frog. BAYO 591 - BAYO 591
This is a nice L1A4 bayonet and is the scarcest in the L1 Series of bayonets. See Skennerton Item B324 on pages 262 and 263 for full details. The bayonets grips are marked L.1.A.4. 9600259 and S.M. whilst the pommel carries the letter R on one side and the letter C on the other side. The straight sided crossguard also carries the letter C. The blade is parkerised and has the long fuller. The L1A4 bayonet was made by Hopkinsons, a Sheffield contractor. The scabbard is the No5 Mk1 and the frog is a nylon ’37 pattern. The price includes U.K. delivery. BAYO 591
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