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MINT, UN-ISSUED. WW2 Model AK39 Nazi German Luftwaffe Pilot's Arm / Wrist Compass. Sn 17317 - 17317
This is an original, WW2 Arm Compass issued to German Luftwaffe Pilots in near mint un-issued condition. It is complete with its webbing strap with metal buckle for wearing on the arm or wrist (the strap on this example measures 8 ¼”). The rear of the Compass is clearly stamped with model detail 'AK39 Anforderz FI 23235-1' and has serial number which appears to be ‘8841778’ (all illustrated). The compass functions as it should. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 17317

C1960’s British Army X Type (PX1 MK 4) Irvin Parachute Pack With Many Labels / Markings & Correct Harnesses. Sn 17189 - 17189
The British X-Type series of Parachutes were developed in 1940 under the initiative of Raymond Quilter of the GQ company, in collaboration with Leslie Irvin of Irvins, both parachute manufacturers. The X-Type became the standard parachute for the British Army during the Second World War. It proved a highly successful design, especially when compared to the cruder German parachute. X Types continued to be used post war and the X Type PX1 MK 4 was used by the British Army from the 1960s onwards . This X Type PX1 MK 4 parachute has the correct brown webbing harness with alloy central release buckle with stores codes (illustrated). The harness is fitted with loops to take a reserve pack. It has a brown canvas backpack with issue labels (all illustrated). It is complete with inner pack & parachute. It is in packed condition (the contents have not been checked). The pack measures 15”x21”x7” and weighs just under 9Kg. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 17189

1965 British RAF Fast Jet Hawker Hunter & Lightning Pilot’s High Altitude Pressure Jerkin MK 4 With Mae West Life Preserver Jacket By Frankenstein Manchester Size 3. AE 561 - AE 561
This is an original RAF Fast Jet Hawker Hunter & Lightning Pilot’s High Altitude Pressure Jerkin MK 4 With Mae West Life Preserver Collar activated by a pull cord cylinder contained in a pocket on the jacket. The cylinder is present (unkown if any compressed air is contained in the cylinder). The purpose of these jackets were to balance the pressure exerted on the inside of the lungs (by the oxygen flow) by applying equal pressure to the outside of the body using inflatable bladders connected to the same oxygen supply as the mask / pressure helmet. This was of particular importance if the cabin was to de-pressurise when flying at high altitudes. It has the correct features such as front zip, pockets with cords and press stud fasteners, extra pockets for housing accessories (accessories are absent), communication connectors & oxygen hose. The inside of the jacket has a nice WD label with stores references, size information and manufacturer label of Frankenstein Manchester. There are also 1965 dates (all illustrated). All fabric and stitching are clean and intact. The price includes UK delivery. AE 561

RARE, Early WW1 British F.E. Becker & Co London Royal Flying Corps Pilot’s Wrist Altimeter With Original Wrist Strap. Sn 16302 - 16302
F.E. Becker & Co London were barometer and scientific instrument makers circa 1914. This is an original Royal Flying Corps Pilot’s Wrist Altimeter by F.E. Becker & Co London. It is in excellent untouched original condition, with a fine patina gained over a hundred years. It is particularly rare due to the fact that it has the Royal Flying Corps mark on the dial (Capital A Over Broad Arrow) other similar instruments were often a ‘private purchase’ but this altimeter is a correct RFC item. The tan leather strap is also in excellent condition. The strap is oversized to enable the altimeter to be worn over gauntlets, or the sleeve of a flying coat and has its original brass buckle. Sn 16302

**SOLD**SOLD**10/9****BATTLE OF BRITAIN & 633 SQUADRON FILM INTEREST**Early To Mid-1950’s British WD RAF Pilot’s & Air Crew MK IV ‘Mae West’ Life Preserver Jacket. Sn 16178 - 16178
Mae West life jackets were introduced during WW2During World War II, Allied aircrew called their yellow inflatable, vest-like life preserver jackets "Mae Wests" partly due to cockney rhyming slang ‘West’=’Vest’ but also due to the resemblance of the jacket to the legendary actress’s ample figure. The 'Mae West' was inflated by a carbon-dioxide cylinder. They were made of yellow fabric, enabling the airman to be more easily detected and therefore rescued if he should bale out of his aircraft. The WW2 pattern was constantly modified. Interestingly, this post war MK IV example from the 1950’s is the type used in the iconic movies The Battle Of Britain & 633 Squadron as WW2 examples were hard to find & these 1950’s jackets were very similar in appearance to those worn in WW2. It has the correct MK IV features such as extra pockets for housing accessories (accessories are absent), connectors & cord with toggle for dinghy attachment. This Mae West has all of its original strapping with webbing flaps The inside of the jacket has a nice WD label with stores references and an ink patent stamp. The rear of the jacket is ink stencilled ‘SM 271’ (all illustrated). All fabric and stitching of the Mae West are clean and intact. It is approx UK size 38” Chest. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 16178

WW2 British Spitfire Fighter Aircraft Control With Cannon Fire Button Mounted On Wooden Base With Glazed Display Panel Mounted With A Pilot’s Medal Group, Cloth Kings Crown RAF Wings Patch & 2 Brass Badges. Sn 16187 - 16187
This is an original WW2 era partial Spitfire control. The column head has its original bound control handle with cannon fire button and lever. The handle hub and movable lever have various small markings which appear to be: 'J31H 955 JS A', ‘F8 AKB’ within roundel ‘AH 1606’, ‘1SS3’, ‘JD & SB’, ‘DR 648’ within roundel & ‘558’ within roundel. With further research these markings may assist to identify the aircraft from which the control was recovered. The alloy column and control are mounted on a wooden board. The board has a glazed display panel lined with green felt. The panel contains a WW2 medal group comprising War and Defence Medals and 1939-1945 Star With Battle Of Britain bar, all with ribbons. Please note 2 other medals in the display, DFC & Air Crew Europe, are later reproductions. Also in the display is an original KC RAF Wings Patch, a small brass RAF wings badge and a brass KC badge. The column with control is 13 ½” height. The wood base measures 16 ¼” x 9” x 1 ½”. The price for this interesting display piece worthy of further research includes UK delivery. Sn 16187

RARE, WW1 1917 Patt U.S. Air Service Type 1-A Pilot’s Western Electric Leather Flying Helmet To Jack Mayer Of The 88th Aero Flying Squadron. Sn 16179:1 - 16179:1
This is an excellent original WWI U.S. Air Service Western Electric Type 1-A Flying Helmet. The Western Electric Type 1-A was the first helmet to incorporate radio telephone communication equipment and saw limited use at the end of the war. The russet brown leather helmet is lined in flannel and laces in the back for a snug fit. The crown of the helmet is also fitted with a strap and buckle for further adjustment. There are leather housings for earphones mounted on each side (earphones lacking). An original label mounted on the inside reads "Western Electric Co. Inc. / No. 1-A Helmet / Large Size". The lining has contemporary ink handwriting ‘Jack Mayer 88 Aero Sqd’ ( The 88th Aero served on the Western Front, France: 24 May-11 November 1918, performed : Sorties 1,028,Combat missions: 557,Enemy combats: 13,Killed: 3 pilots, 3 observers,Wounded: 1 pilot, 6 observers, Missing: 3 observers (POW),Aircraft lost: 46, Victories Enemy aircraft shot down: 4 Enemy balloons shot down: 0,Total enemy aircraft destroyed: 4). The helmet is clean and undamaged. It fits approx. UK head size 7. The price for this rare to find WW1 pilots helmet worthy of further research includes UK delivery. Sn 16179:1

WW2 Nazi German Luftwaffe & NSFK Glider Pilots Uvex Flying Goggles. Sn 15703:59 - 15703:59
Uvex goggles were used by Luftwaffe & NSFK glider pilots during WW2 (see pages 79 & 233 of the book Vintage Flying Helmets by Prodger). This is an original example of the Uvex flying Goggles in good condition. The goggles are clean & undamaged with all of the correct Uvex features including One piece synthetic foam cushion mask for comfort, plated frames and headband with adjustment buckle. The lenses are intact. There are no visible date, model or manufacturer marks on these goggles. The display head illustrated in the images is not included. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 15703:59

Post WW2 Korean War Era British 2nd Pattern Type C RAF & Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm Fighter Pilot’s Leather Flying Helmet With Ink Pilots Name ‘Forrester’. Sn 15670:10 - 15670:10
An original WW2 era 2nd Pattern Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm & RAF pilot's Type C leather flying helmet. These helmets were introduced in the late 1940’s and had 2 additional loops to the rear of the helmet (see page 206 of the book Vintage Flying Helmets by Prodger). The helmet is made of the correct brown leather with correct chamois leather lining and padded leather ear roundels. It has the correct webbing chin strap, press stud fasteners, hook and straps including the correct 2 additional post WW2 loops to the rear. It also has the correct leather rubber ear cups for comms. The helmet is clean and undamaged with just light service wear. The lining has a contemporary hand written ink name ‘Forrester’ no doubt the name of the pilotsissued with this helmet (illustrated). The helmet is a small head size approx. UK size 6. The lining has an indistinct blue ink roundel (illustrated). The price for this helmet worthy of further research regarding the pilot’s name includes UK delivery. Sn 15670:10

Early WW2 ‘Blitzkrieg’ Nazi German Luftwaffe K33 Fighter Pilot’s Brown Leather, Fleece Lined, Combat Flying Helmet By Wriegal & Wagner . Sn 15793:16 - 15793:16
This is an excellent original K33 Luftwaffe flying helmet. These helmets are similar in construction to the LKp S100 & FK34 flying helmets but had no provision for communication equipment. K33 helmets were issued to fighter pilots and air crew in combat positions where no communication was necessary early in the Blitzkrieg (see page 23 of Luftwaffe Vs RAF by Prodger). All leather, straps with buckles and press stud fasteners are present clean and intact. The leather is supple. The helmet has the correct clean fleece lining and original, crisp, ink printed, cloth manufacturer’s label ‘Wriegal & Wagner Uchtenfels Bayer Ostmark Grosse’. The helmet would fit approx. head size 6 ½. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 15793:16
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