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RARE, Early WW1 British F.E. Becker & Co London Royal Flying Corps Pilot’s Wrist Altimeter With Original Wrist Strap. Sn 16302. - 16302
F.E. Becker & Co London were barometer and scientific instrument makers circa 1914. This is an original Royal Flying Corps Pilot’s Wrist Altimeter by F.E. Becker & Co London. It is in excellent untouched original condition, with a fine patina gained over a hundred years. It is particularly rare due to the fact that it has the Royal Flying Corps mark on the dial (Capital A Over Broad Arrow) other similar instruments were often a ‘private purchase’ but this altimeter is a correct RFC item. The tan leather strap is also in excellent condition. The strap is oversized to enable the altimeter to be worn over gauntlets, or the sleeve of a flying coat and has its original brass buckle. Sn 16302

WII Model AK39 German Luftwaffe Pilot's Arm Compass. Sn 14708. - Sn 14708
This is an original, WWII Arm Compass issued to German Luftwaffe Pilots. It is complete with its extended original leather strap with metal buckle for wearing on the arm over Flight suits. The rear of the Compass is clearly stamped with model detail ' AK39, FI 23235-1'. It also has serial number '30207657' (all illustrated). The compass functions as it should. The price for this original Luftwaffe item includes UK delivery. Sn 14708.

American McDonald Phantom 20mm Aircraft Gun Ammunition Flexible Feed For The M61 Vulcan Gun. - MISC 912
This is a 20mm aircraft machine gun flexible ammunition feed that feeds ammunition from the ammunition trough to the machine gun that was probably fitted to a McDonald Phantom Aircraft M61Vulcan multi barrelled gun. The feeder needs to be flexible and durable and this one is made up of individual articulated stainless steel sections with pressed steel ends, one to attach to the gun and the other to attach to the ammunition trough. The feed measures 2 feet in length and can be almost bent into a full circle and bent sideways about 30 degrees sideways in either direction. The feeder can also be twisted 90 degrees round its axis. One pressed steel end is stamped EEP 90 in an oval and engraved BA9.97.1207 ISS2C JULY 1974. This feed strip would have probably been used by the McDonald Phantom aircraft The price includes U.K. delivery. MISC 912

RAF Post War Mahogany Station Clock. Sn - 19641
This is an original post WW2 Era mahogany cased fusee movement station clock. The clock has a 15 inch diameter round mahogany case attached by 4 tapered wooden pins with finger holds. There is a mahogany rectangular movement and hanging cover at the back measuring 12 inches high with a rounded base, 8 ½ inches wide and 4 ½ inches in depth. The top of the rear of the movement cover has a brass hanging strap screwed on it and the bottom has a brass securing bracket with a horizontal slot to adjust the inclination of the clock. The bottom of this cover has a curved fitted swinging down trapdoor 4 ½ inches by 3 inches that hinges down and is kept closed by a simple brass turn catch for access to the pendulum. There is also a side access door for attaching the pendulum 5 inches by 2 ¾ inches secured by a simple catch. The back of this case has stamped ty the bottom 5 BQB57/3. The inner face of this clock has the number 123 stamped into it. The 12 inch diameter steel hand painted face is to the case with 4 slotted screws. The face above the hands is the RAF PER ARDVA AD ASTRA (the way to the stars) and the Queens crown transfer on it. The bottom of the clock below the VI figure has MADE IN ENGLAND on it. The clock hands are made of blackened steel and are held in place by a pin. The single winding hole is directly below the hands. The glass face is held in a brass hinged bezel secured by a simple side catch. The brass fuse mechanism is stamped at the bottom 24/82 over 5 BQB57/3 which is the same number as the case. The clock has a brass lead weighted pendulum and a petite winding key. The clock has been overhauled and keeps good time. The price for this RAF station clock includes U.K. delivery. Sn 19641

**RARE**WW2 1943 RAF Royal Air Force Bakelite War Savings Campaign Plaque By De La Rue Plastics. Sn 19626 - 19626
During WW2 once local councils had reached certain savings targets to support the war effort these plaques were presented and displayed in the Town Hall or similar places. Army plaques were also presented but the R.A.F. Wings For Victory examples are much rarer to find as the savings targets took much longer to achieve. (A WW2 army war savings plaque is available separately on this website Sn 4785). This WW2 dated RAF example is made of ivory hue Bakelite. It measures 23” x 14” x ½” . It has a large panel depicting a naked warrior with sword in hand about to slay a triple headed serpent. The R.A.F. motto 'Per Ardua Ad Astra' is along the top edge and at the bottom text reads ' War Savings Campaign 1943 - Presented By The Air Ministry In Recognition Of Successful Achievement In Wings For Victory Week'. Beneath that are some RAF pilot's wings. The rear of the plaque has cast manufacturer detail in small lettering De La Rue Plastics. The bottom edge of one corner has an old small stable chip only visible on close inspection. The rear of the plaque is mounted with cord for wall hanging. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 19626

1950’s RAF-issue Type –G sunglasses and Case. 19640. - 19640
Introduced in the 1950’s, these are very similar to the standard WWII issue Mk.VIII glasses. They are in a blue anodised aluminium case marked with the store reference; 22G/1399 Type G Large. It also carries the War Department's crow's foot symbol. Inside the case is a blue velvet insert, and the name ‘N.A.T.S. T.R.Gregory 23 Cadet’ is on a tag inside of the lid. The glasses themselves have a gold-coloured frame with flat side-arms (to facilitate wearing a gas mask?) and the ear-pieces are of a very flexible, sprung design that hooks all the way around the ear, so they are tightly-retained during flight. The lenses are glass and have no scratches or defects that I can see, and overall, they are in great condition, considering their age. The case, as you would expect, has some scratches and the edge of the lining is coming loose, but is also in good condition. A great piece of history for the enthusiast’s collection. The price includes UK delivery. 19640. (Handcuffs)

Transit Cased WW2 Nazi German Luftwaffe Fl.23421 Einheitspeilscheibe PSE Aircraft Compass By 'jlq' (V.Hodek, Flugzeuggerte, Prague). Sn 19041 - 19041
This is an excellent original transit cased Second World War German Luftwaffe compass Fl.23421 Einheitspeilscheibe PSE. The compass has manufacturer specification plates to side of compass and inside lid of fitted wooden case, the Nazi wartime manufacturer code 'jlq' is 'V.Hodek, Flugzeuggerte, Prag' an aircraft equipment manufacturer based in nazi occupied Prague (capital of the now Czech Republic). The case which measures 9”x6”x7 ¾” has stencilled designation Fl.23421. The wooden case with hinged lid and leather carry handle has no damage and original paint. The fitted case snugly fits the compass and its fixing bracket. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 19041

WW1 Themed British Royal Flying Corps (RFC) / Royal Naval Air Service (RNAS) Hand Oil Painted Commemorative Painting 29th Squadron RFC By London Artist / Graphic Designer Geoff Wiggins C1970’s. Sn 19150 - 19150
This is a Hand Painted 29th Squadron RFC / RNAS Commemorative, showing a British WW1 aircraft over water within an oval laurel spray with four bladed propeller below, crossed union flags and crowned GR (George Rex). To one corner is 1915 and another corner 1917. The lower section has 29 Squadron and battle honours / stations. It measures 47 ½ x 68cms.This oil painting on wood with wood frame although un-signed is no doubt by British London based artist / graphic designer Geoff Wiggins who painted many similar commemorative pieces in the 1970’s. All colours are vivid and the paining clean with no damage. The rear of the painting has cord for wall hanging. Sn 19150

WW1 Themed British Royal Flying Corps (RFC) Hand Oil Painted Commemorative Painting 5th Squadron RFC By London Artist / Graphic Designer Geoff Wiggins C1970’s. Sn 19149 - 19149
This is a Hand Painted 5th Squadron Royal Flying Corps Commemorative, showing a early WW1 RFC aircraft in flight over land within a laurel spray with draped flags of United Kingdom and France over the top, crowned GR (George Rex) and to the side RFC. Below details of 5 Squadron with battle honours / stations. Dates 1914 and 1915 to top corners. This oil painting on wood with wood frame measures 79 x 60cms and although un-signed is no doubt by British London based artist / graphic designer Geoff Wiggins who painted many similar commemorative pieces in the 1970’s. All colours are vivid and the paining clean with ho damage. The rear of the painting has cord for wall hanging. Sn 19149

WW2 Era Japanese Fighter & Bomber Aircraft Compass. Sn 19143 - 19143
This is an original WW2 Era Japanese Fighter & Bomber Aircraft Compass. It has blackened brass casing with brass and glass top. It has a black face dial to the interior with white graduated numerals and silvered arrow indicator. The casing has its original data plaque with Japanese script markings and serial number (illustrated). The face is 4” diameter and it measures 5” diameter overall x 2 ½” height. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 19143
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