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SOLD SOLD (13/09) *Scarce* Re-Print of a Limited Edition from 1912-‘Japanese Sword Fittings-Naunton Collection’ by H.L.Joly. BO 458. - BO 458
Originally published as a limited edition of 300 in 1912 this Holland Press re-print from 1978 is very hard to come by. Privately printed in London in 1912 in a limited edition of 300 copies, it has been much sought after as the finest publication on the subject in any western language. The large 10 x 12” format permits six to nine full size tsuba reproductions or thirty kozuka or fuchi-kashira pairs to be shown on each of the 88 plates. The 1300 items illustrated represent the cream of 4585 fittings described so ably by the top experts of his day. The collection covers all types from the earliest iron guards to the sophisticated soft metals with precious inlays. The author arranged the work by types and schools of which 66 are described in detail and illustrated. Now re-printed in the original size on 434 pages, the 88 plates show 463 tsubas, 390 kozukas, 280 pairs of fuchi-kashira, and 165 pairs of menuki. Hardback with dust cover, measuring; 33 x 17 x 7 cm. The price for this scarce book includes UK delivery. BO 458.

*Unique* Imperial Museum Reserve Stock Field Service Regulations – Volume 1. Organisation and Administration. 1930 Manual. BO 457. - BO 457
This is a recently released Imperial Museum reserve stock (officially stamped) 1930 Field service regulations VOL 1. Organisation and Administartion manual. Hardback 436 pages all intact with signs of use. The contents include; Organisation of the forces in the field, Command, The staff, The adjutant Generals branch, Miscellaneous appointments to headquarters, Distribution of fighting troops and System of providing and maintaining personnel in the field plus many more. 14 x 11 ½ cm. The price includes UK delivery. BO 457.

*Unique* Imperial Museum Reserve Stock Infantry Training General Staff War Office 1911 Manual. BO 456. - BO 456
This is a recently released Imperial Museum reserve stock (officially stamped) printed in 1911 Infantry Training manual. Hardback 217 illustrated pages all intact with signs of use *feint notes to a few pages*. The contents include; The training of recruits, Squad drill without arms, Squad drill with arms, Drill of the machine gun section and many more. The price includes UK delivery. BO 456.

*Unique* Imperial Museum Reserve Stock Field Service Regulations – Part 1. Operations. 1909 (Reprint 1914) Manual. BO 455. - BO 455
This is a recently released Imperial Museum reserve stock (officially stamped) 1909 reprinted in 1914 Field service regulations Part 1. Operations manual. Hardback 302 pages all intact with signs of use. The front and rear covers binding is loose but intact. The contents include; The fighting troops and their characteristics, Inter-communication and orders, Movement by land and sea, Quarters and General protective duties and many more. The price includes UK delivery. BO 455.

Scarce *Out of Print*Hardback Copy of ‘The British Service Lee’ by Ian Skennerton. BO 454 - BO 454
Britain’s military forces have always been able to depend upon reliable and well-tried firearms, and the arrival of the age of the repeating rifle was to prove to be no exception, in fact, the magazine Lee series has seen the longest period of service of any modern weapons family because the 7.62 NATO conversions of the No4 rifle are still in use today. Specific chapters are devoted to the Australian, North American and Indian production, and lists of markings are provided to assist with identification of these rifles. Hardback 410 illustrated pages *signed by Hugh J.G. Andrew on the inside cover. The book is in very good condition and doesn’t appear to have been used. The price includes UK delivery. BO 454

Scarce *Out of Print*Hardback Copy of ‘The Lee Enfield Rifle’ by Major E.G.B. Reynolds. BO 453. - BO 453
This book comprises of a factual history of the Lee Enfield rifle and its forebears. The introduction of firearms into the armies of this country goes back a long way. In 1590 Sir John Smythe in a book that was promptly suppressed as contrary to public policy, was lamenting that the firearm had superseded the long bow, a far superior weapon, and even complaining that the firearms of the time were inferior to those of his youth. Hardback with dustcover, 224 illustrated pages in near perfect condition *signed on the inside cover by a ‘Hugh J.G. Andrew in 1893’. The price includes UK delivery. BO 453.

WWII Official Japanese Naval Officer’s Academy Photograph Album With Original Photographs & Japanese Ink Script. Sn 4253. - 4253
This is an original WWII Official Bound Japanese Naval Academy Photograph Album. The Album measures 10 ¾”x 7 ¼”x ¾” when closed. It has a dark green leather effect cover and retains its original green knotted cord. The cover of the album has impressed Banner & Japanese Script together with number ‘2062’ all highlighted in gold. The cover is also impressed with The representation of a Japanese Battleship at Sea with Blazing Guns. The album contains 64 Pages of cardboard and tissue pages. The cardboard pages are printed with contemporary images of Naval Officer’s and other ranks undergoing training at a Naval Acadamy, parades, drill, weapons and equipment training. There are also many individual and group portraits of individual Officers and Cadets. There are also original colourful hand drawn ink representations of Japanese battle flags and anchors. The tissue pages have original printed Japanese text and also serve to protect the images on the cardboard pages. All pages of the album and images are clean and undamaged. Price includes UK delivery. Sn 4253.

A Set of Three WWII Training Handbooks on Infantry Weapons, Rifle Training and Small Arms Training-Rifle. BO 452. - BO 452
Book No1 – Modern Infantry Weapons and Training in their use by Sergaent R. C. Sweeting of the ‘The Prince of Wales own Regiment of Yorkshire’. Paperback, 124 illustarted pages covering; Field craft, Squad formations, zeroing (all arms) and The instructor etc. Book No2 – Handbook of the rifle for use in schools-training and care of arms for .303 and .22 rifles by Captain L. R.Godfrey for Denstone College O.T.C. Paperback 128 illustrated pages covering; Aiming, the use of the sling, the aperture sight and position and hold etc. Book No3 – Small Arms Training, Volume 1, Pamphlet No3 Rifle ‘1937’. Paperback, 68 illustrated pages covering; Examination of the rifle, accuracy and aim, aiming at targets and elementary aiming off for the wind etc *some instructors handwritten notes on some pages*. The price for these three pieces of history includes UK delivery. BO 452.

Three Handbooks on British Military Rank Badges and Medal Ribbons. BO 451. - BO 451
Book No1 – British Military Badges and Buttons. Paperback, 88 illustrated pages contents including; British military badge, buttons, badges and buttons from 1958 to present and list of plates etc. Book No2 – Rank badges of British allies. Paperback, 47 illustrated pages contents including; U.S.A. army, U.S.S.R. army, China army, Holland army etc. Book No3 – Ranks & Medal Ribbons of the fighting service. Published by the Daily Mirror priced at sevenpence nett. Paperback 31 illustrated pages covering; Royal Navy, R.A.F., Victoria Cross, Campaign medals and Womens Auxiliary services etc. The price for these 3 pieces of history includes UK delivery. BO 451.

Two WWII Pocket manuals on the Sten Gun and other Automatic Guns. BO 450. - BO 450
Manual No1 – Sten Machine Carbine 9mm, Mk,II and Mk III. Published in 1942 strictly reserved for use in the Home Guard. Fold out, covering; Assembling, trigger mechanism, breech block and return spring housing etc. Manual No2 – Manual of Modern Automatic Guns-Sten, Bren, Lewis, Thompson, Vickers, Browning etc. Paperback flip over style 15 illustrated pages covering; Loading, firing, mechanism stoppages and stripping etc. The price these two collectors items includes UK delivery. BO 450.
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