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"Denison, British Airborne Specialist Clothing From WW2 to the Present Day" Book By Bruce Wilson. BO 1019. - BO 1019
A mint condition, hardback copy of "Denison, British Airborne Specialist Clothing From WW2 to the Present Day" by Bruce Wilson. The book, printed by Artisan Litho. in 2013 was written in collaboration with 'Military Mode Publishing' and 'The Airborne Assault Museum'. This is a definitive book and a great reference for any collector of Airborne Denison smocks and uniform. It is fully illustrated throughout with black and white and colour plates showing examples of Denison smocks and Airborne uniform. The price includes UK delivery. BO 1019

Set of Three Hardback Books – World Bayonets 1800 to the Present- British Army Cloth Insignia 1940 to Present – British Army Collar Badges 1881 to Present. BO 469. - BO 469
World Bayonets 1800 to the Present; collecting bayonets as a popular hobby is a quite recent development in the world of arms collecting. Fakes are not a serious problem and no one should be discouraged from collecting for fear of being cheated. Hardback with dust cover- 62 illustrated pages-good condition. British Army Cloth Insignia 1940 to Present; Cloth insignia have been in use in the British Army in one form or another for a considerable time. This book covers subjects such as; quality of badges, method of wear, colours employed and collecting cloth insignia etc. Hardback with dust cover- 60 illustrated pages-good condition. British Army Collar Badges 1881 to Present; metal badges worn on the collar were introduced for infantry regiments in 1874, and at first were used only by privates and non commissioned officers. Hardback with dust cover -67 illustrated pages-good condition. The price for this set of books includes UK delivery. BO 469.

*Author Signed/First Edition* Hardback Copy of Collecting the Edged Weapons of the Third Reich Volume VIII. BO 468. - BO 468
Detailed information on the dress side-arms of the Technical emergency corps (TENO). An insight into ‘The other Solingen’, the small blade manufacturing village of Steinbach, located in the former East Germany (DDR). An inside look at a myriad of rare of rare and exotic edged weapons, featured for the first time, including the Martin Bormann SS Honor sword and the RMBO Ostministeriums dagger belonging to Freidrich Heil. A host of translations of Solingen period documents from the large Carl Eichorn and WKC firms giving clear authoritative facts on the edged weaponry of the Reich including much more. Hardback with slip in very good condition – 372 illustrated pages. The price for this rare author signed first edition includes UK delivery. BO

*Author Signed/1st Edition* Hardback Copy of ‘Collecting the Edged Weapons of the Third Reich Volume VIII’ by LTC. (RET.) Thomas M. Johnson. BO 467. - BO 467
For the reader/collector who is yearning for more information on this fascinating and ever-growing hobby, the news is good. Rather than the usual four-to seven-year preparation period between successive volumes, Volume VIII include an in-depth study of the following topics: A first person account of the authors ties to the German blade-producing city of Solingen. The dress side-arms of the RLB organization. An update on the status of the one-of-a-kind Hermann Goring Reichsmarschalls dagger. More rare and unusual blades of the Reich. Third Reich edged weapons in wear and The Third Reich boot knife. In very good condition, hard back with dust slip, 364 illustrated pages. The price for this author signed 1st edition piece includes UK delivery. BO 467.

*Rare 1st Edition* Hardback ‘The Bayonet Book’ by John Watts & Peter White. BO 466. - BO 466
This book is intended as a detailed guide to the bayonets, past and present, used by the major countries of the world. Though extensive coverage is given, it is inevitable that some countries have not been given a specific section and these may be found in the ‘unclassified’ section. Bayonets are merely accessories to firearms and should be strictly considered in relation to their present weapons; perhaps to the extent that ideally the firearms should also be illustrated, as has indeed been done in some specialist works on particular countries. First edition September 1975 in hardback with dust cover and in good condition with 504 illustrated pages. The price for this rare 1st edition includes UK delivery. BO 466.

*Author Signed* Hardback Copy of Head-Dress Badges of the British Army by Arthur L. Kipling & Hugh L. King. BO 465. - BO 465
In the preparation for this book the object has been to describe and, where possible, illustrate the large variety of head-dress badges worn by the British Army from the period when they were made in composition of the armed forces, particularly in the reduction of the number of Cavalry Regiments and the change in role of most of the Yeomanry. Only head-dress badges are dealt with and no reference is made to other items of clothing or equipment on which regimental insignia is worn such as collars, waist belts, band pouches, shoulder belts and sporrans etc. Hardback 468 illustrated pages-very good condition. The price for this rare author signed book includes UK delivery. BO 465.

*Scarce Signed 1st Edition* No58 of the first 100 Copies of Reproduction-Recognition by Fredrick J. Stephens. BO 463. - BO 463
A very rare certificated author signed copy of Reproduction-Recognition – Frauds and reproduction of German Third Reich Blades by renowned author Frederick J. Stephens. During the three decades since the end of World War II there has been growing interest in the military technology of Hitlers Germany. This is especially true of the edged weaponry of the Third Reich. Scarcity and increased demand by collectors for German WWII edged weapons continues to each new heights. Scarcity and increased demand by collectors and investors have produced greater interest in this field of collecting than any other time. Unfortunately this increase in value has surfaced a real culprit to intimidate collectors ‘the reproduction Third Reich edged weapon’. Hard back 138 illustrated pages with author signed certificate (58/100) inside the front cover. Condition good with light staining to some pages from storage. The price include UK delivery. BO 463.

Hardback Copy of ‘Bayonets’ From Janzens Notebook Author Jerry L. Janzen. BO 461. - BO 461
This book has several objectives, including the documentation of my collection, presentation of the information I have accumulated and, finally the compilation of a book for the novice collector, partial collector and bayonet related collector. The book is organized by country with pieces arranged more or less chronologically by date, and a number of factors are important to keep in mind when using this book i.e; the references are from a variety of authors, the illustrations are not to any scale, the reference system utilizes the page number, measurements are given only for sockets and the U.S. section is subdivided as to type of bayonet for easier reference. Hardback in very good condition – 257 illustrated pages. The price includes UK delivery. BO 461.

*Two Author Signed First Editions* The Collectors Book of German Bayonets 1680-1945 (Part One & Two). BO 460. - BO 460
For many years collectors of German bayonets have had to buy reference books from a variety of sources, each with a different way of listing individual specimens or groups, and often contained within larger volumes that show bayonets from all over the world. This two part publication is an attempt to give both new and established collectors a comprehensive guide that clearly identifies the rare and unusual from the more common bayonets. Starting at the earliest date and keeping original, modified and later types in family groups. Each full length bayonet photograph has been numbered in sequence, with a brief description of the model type and scabbard, plus details of the manufacturers trademarks, regimental markings and dimensions. Part one – Hardback 551 illustrated pages (un-used condition). Part two – Hardback 640 illustrated pages (un-used condition). The price for this un-used pair of first edition author signed books includes UK delivery. BO 460.

3 Original Nazi German Civilian Deutsches Reich Arbeitsbuch [Employment Identification Documents] All With WW2 Dated Entries & Ink Stamps. Sn 12974:9. - 12974:9
The Arbeitsbuch was a result of the Labour Law of February 1935 that required labour registration and the use of the appropriate document. The purpose of the Arbeitsbuch was to document the work history of each German citizen. During the twelve years of the Third Reich the Arbeitsbuch came in three editions. The main difference were the variations of the cover. The first style (far left and far right in image 1) came with a Weimar eagle, small swastikas on all four corners and the words Deutsches Reich and Arbeitsbuch in the old German Fraktur lettering. On the cover of the second style (centre in image 1)the Nazi eagle replaced the Weimar eagle and the swastikas in the corners were discontinued. The third style not included in this collection had a slightly changed Nazi eagle but the Fraktur lettering was replaced by the simpler Altschrift. The Arbeitsbuch had, depending on which edition, between 32 and 38 pages. These documents were for German citizens only, foreigners who worked in the Reich had to carry a similar book which was printed on a different colour paper and which contained a photo of the owner while no photo was required in the domestic document. This was the "Arbeits-buch für Ausländer". This is a collection of 3 original Nazi German Civilian Deutsches Reich Arbeitsbuch. The collection consists of 2 of the 1st type and 1 of the 2nd type. All are clean with undamaged pages and hand written and ink stamped entries including WW2 dates detailing the employment history of the named citizens to whom the documents belonged. The 1st type documents have 32 pages, the 2nd type 38 pages. Price for this collection of original Nazi documents includes UK delivery. Sn 12974:9.
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