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WW2 Era British King’s Regiment Officer’s Tunic With Lieutenant Colonel’s Rank Insignia, Campaign Medal Ribbons, 14th Army (Burma Campaign) Formation Patches & Aiguillette Lanyard. U 376 - U 376
This is a very nice WW2 Officer’s tunic for a Lieutenant Colonel in the King’s Regiment. It carries his rank insignia on the epaulettes & Officer’s collar dogs on the lapels. All of the brass buttons are King’s crown & on the sleeves are 2 cloth formation patches for the 14th Army. The medal ribbon bar has the 39-45 star, Burma star & Defence medal ribbons. The 14th Army was formed in India in October 1943 & fought in Burma through many of the hardest battles until withdrawn to India in June 1945. The tunic comes complete with its original removable buckled belt and Aiguillette. A nice tunic for a man who was obviously in Burma & could well have been involved with the Chindits. The tunic is approx. UK men’s size 36” chest. All material is clean & intact with no mothing. The price includes UK delivery. U 376

WW2 British RAF Irvin Flying Jacket, Warrant Officer’s Cap & Uniform Flying Jacket Mounted With Medal Ribbons Together With 2 Contemporary WW2 Era Photographs & WW2 Lancaster Bomber Flight Records All To RAF Pilot / Aircrew Jim Morris Direct From Family. - 16541
This RAF collection was received from the Family of WW2 RAF Pilot / Aircrew Jim Morris. The excellent WW2 British RAF Irvin Flying Jacket is made of brown leather. It has the correct panels, neck and waist straps with buckles and plush fleece lining. The leather is supple and clean with just a few small areas of service wear to be expected. The breast pocket is absent its flap. It’s body and cuff zips function as they should and are marked by the manufacturer ‘DOT Made In England’. The lining is clean and has its hanging chain. There is no size/ manufacturer labelling. It is approx. size 38” chest. The Uniform Fling Jacket made of RAF blue serge is clean with no mothing and undamaged with all buttons present including King’s crown RAF wing buttons on the breast pockets. The breast is mounted with original WW2 medal ribbons: 1939-45 Star, Aircrew Europe with rosette, Defence medal, War Medal. It is also mounted with Flight Engineer wing. The epaulettes have RAF Volunteer Reserve insignia. The jacket is approx. 38” chest. The RAF Warrant Officer’s peaked cap is excellent clean and undamaged.Made of RAF blue serge material, it has a dark blue head band and patent leather visor together with chin strap. The brown leather sweat band of the cap is clean and AM Crown Air Ministry marked.. The cap is mounted with original brass King’s crown RAF badge. The cap is approx UK size 6 1/2. Accompanying the set are WW2 flight records and contemporary photographs which were found with the Uniform. The back of both photos have handwritten name Jim Morris and date 1944. The flight records have the contemporary hand written names of a number of pilots flying sorties in Lancaster bombers and various dates in 1944 with squadron 115. Also with the paperwork is an original June 1941 dated Air Ministry guide to Aircrew in the event of capture. The price for this WW2 RAF collection includes UK delivery. Sn 16541

RESERVED RESERVED Early WW2 1940 British WD Army No.2 Leather Jerkin Size 3 By Miller. U 375 - U 375
This is an excellent condition original British Army Tan leather Jerkin. It is made of rugged, supple Tan leather. The Jerkin has superb reinforced stitching around the edges, arm holes and button holes. It has it's original 4 large brown coloured buttons which are secure and have their original stitching. It has a thick khaki cloth lining with leather reinforcement patches stitched into the armpit areas and behind the buttons. The liner has a label with manufacturer and size details together with War Dept arrow, printed in ink 'JERKINS, LEATHER, N0.2, Size No 3, Height 5' 11" to 6' 2" Breast Over Jacket 40" to 46" S.Miller'. The label is also dated ‘2nd Jan 1940’. The lining is ink stamped with WD and arrow above ‘240’. The price includes UK delivery. U 375

WW2 D-Day Landings Era, April 1944 Dated British WD 1942 Pattern Parachutists Over Smock Size 5 By Dunlop Rubber Co Ltd. U 130 - U 130
An excellent, original, British 1942 pattern Parachutists over smock. Made of olive denim it features 2 grenade pockets, an "ape tail" with 3 sets of Newey brass snaps for adjusted comfort and a full length brass zip. Inside it has a superb, original label (illustrated), ink marked ‘Jackets Parachutists 1942 Pattern Size No. 6 Height 6'1" to 6'2”, Breast 39" - 44" Dunlop Rubber Co Ltd Apr (April) 1944’ together with WD arrow. The price for this WW2 Para smock made just 2 months before the D-Day landings 6th June 1944 includes UK delivery. U 130

Vietnam War 1960’s-1970’s U.S. Army, Armour, Body Fragmentation, Protective Flak Jacket Size Large. Sn 15984:3 - 15984:3
This is an original Vietnam war era U.S. Army flak jacket. The jacket made of jungle green nylon and webbing has the correct laced sides, zip & press stud fasteners and protective ¾ collar. The jacket has 2 flap chest pockets with press stud fasters. All material, zips and fasteners are clean and have just minor areas of wear. The jacket retains its original ballistic protective lining. The inside of the jacket has its original instruction for wear label (illustrated). There is no size label but it is approx. UK man’s large size. The inside of the jacket also has contemporary hand written names and slogan (illustrated). The price includes UK delivery. Sn 15984:3 NB We do not guarantee the protective abilities of the ballistic lining.

UN-ISSUED CONDITION, WW2 1945 Dated British WD 1942 Pattern Jacket Parachutists Over Smock Size 5 By L. Harris Ltd. Sn 15998:6 - 15998:6
An original, excellent, un-issued condition British 1942 pattern Jacket Parachutists over smock .Made of olive denim it features 2 grenade pockets, an "ape tail" with correct Newey brass snaps for adjusted comfort and a full length brass zip. Inside it has a superb, original label (illustrated), ink marked ‘Jackets Parachutists 1942 Pattern Size No. 5 Height 5'11" to 6', Breast 38" - 43" L. Harris Ltd 1945’ together with WD arrow. The inside of the smock also has a WD with arrow ink stamp. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 15998:6

WW2 1944 British WD RAF Lightweight Tropical Bush Shirt / Jacket By Ballymena Mfg Co With Cloth Formation Insignia , 1942 Trousers By Blond Brothers, 1945 Belt By Johnston Allen Co & 1942 Air Ministry Marked Side Cap By Silberston & Sons Ltd With RAF Ba - 15703:48
This is an original WW2 British RAF lightweight tropical bush jacket, trousers & side cap. The light cotton jacket has chest and hip patch pockets with flaps and buttons. The jacket has its original RAF Kings crown buttons (the top collar button is plain). The epaulettes and shoulders have cloth formation insignia. The inside of the jacket has an excellent clean WD size and manufacturer label together with 1944 date (illustrated). The tropical trousers have open top hip pockets and press stud fly. The rear of the trousers has a clean WD size and manufacturer label together with 1942 date. The inside of the trousers has a crisp AM air ministry ink stamp (all illustrated). The belt has a clean WD size and manufacturer label together with 1945 date (illustrated. )The air force blue serge side cap is WD ink stamped together with 1942 date, 7 3/8 size & manufacturer’s name (all illustrated). The cap has its original brass RAF cap badge and buttons. The cap also has a contemporary hand written name ‘J.A. Anderson’ no doubt the name of the RAF soldier or pilot who was issued with the cap. All of this uniform was found together and all material is clean and intact. The price for this excellent WW2 RAF uniform collection includes UK delivery. Sn 15703:48

Original WW1 1914 Pattern Imperial German Military Officer’s 2 Piece Bayern State Gilded Brass Buckle and Period Brocade Belt. Sn 15703:33 - 15703:33
Imperial German States issued their own buckles bearing State insignia. These buckles were in general brass or alloy with insignia plates attached by folding tabs. This is an excellent original Officer's 2 piece 1914 pattern brass Bayern State 2 Piece gilded brass Buckle and belt. The front of the buckle is mounted with the Bayern State ‘Crown’ badge secured by the correct 3 folding prongs. There are no manufacturer or date marks on the buckle or belt. The original period leather and blue felt backed brocade belt is 2” wide, 39 ½” in length and holed for size adjustment. The belt has a brass bar which correctly attaches to a hook on the back of the buckle. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 15703:33

Early WW2 1940 Dated 1939 Pattern British WD Home Guards Officer’s Khaki Winter Great Coat, Size 5, By Lotery & Co Ltd With 2nd Lieutenant's Rank Insignia & ‘Home Guard H6’ HG Unit Shoulder Titles. Sn 15703:27 - 15703:27
This is an excellent original early WW2 dated 1939 pattern British HG Officers Khaki Winter Great Coat. The heavy khaki serge material has all of the correct King’s Crown buttons on the body and epaulettes apart from one small button on the lower section of the rear vent which is absent. The coat has 2 large flap pockets. The large collar has the correct hook and the rear has the correct vent and adjustment strap. Both sleeves have cloth ‘Home Guard H6’ HG Unit Shoulder Titles and both epaulettes have enamel and brass 2nd Lieutenant rank insignia. The inside of the shoulders and sleeves are lined. All material is clean and has no mothing. The inside of the overcoat has a clean printed label with size, pattern detail, WD arrow, 1940 date and manufacturer name ‘H.Lotery & Co Ltd’. The lining also has an original ink marking ‘5/7-S 5’. The label and ink stamps are illustrated. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 15703:27

WW1 Era British Royal Welsh Fusiliers (RWF) Territorial Officer's Mesopotamia / Gallipoli Service Tunic Jacket With Major Rank Insignia, Overseas Service Stripe, Formation Patches & Rare To Find Silk 5 Tape Regiment ‘Pig Tail’ Flash. Sn 15703:18 - 15703:18
The RWF Regiment has a very unique feature to its uniform; a flash made up of five overlapping silk ribbons at the back of the neck. This legacy is from 1808 when the common practice of soldiers wearing pigtails was abolished. The Regiment did not receive the orders until 1809 when it returned to England and then continued to wear the ribbons which had tied the pigtails. In 1834 the Regiment was finally given permission to wear this non-regulation item by special Royal concession. Elements of the RWF Territorials fought in Mesopotamia and at Gallipoli. This is an excellent Service Tunic Jacket of the WW1 era as worn by troops fighting in Mesopotamia and at Gallipoli. The lightweight sand coloured Tunic is clean with just minor areas of service wear. It is single breasted with open collar, pleated chest pockets, Plain lower bag pockets and false turn back cuffs. All pockets have flap covers. The lapels have brass ‘T’ Territorial insignia. The epaulettes bear the single King’s Crown insignia of Major and RWF brass titles. It has Kings Crown RWF Regiment buttons (one pocket button is absent). Both shoulders have black and white formation patches. One sleeve has an overseas service stripe. The back of the collar has its original RWF silk 5 tape Regiment ‘Pig Tail’ flash. The body of the Tunic has brass belt hooks. There are no visible manufacturer or date marks on the Tunic. It is approx UK size 38" Chest. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 15703:18
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