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Original, Nazi NSDAP (National Socialist German Workers Party) 2 Piece Construction Arm Band with Nazi Unit Ink Stamp. N 189. - N 189
The armband was originally adopted to distinguish members of the NSDAP from members of other political parties. This was particularly important for the proto-SA whose only uniform, if they had one, was that of the old Imperial Army or of the various Freekorps of which many were veterans. The Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei (the Nazi party) armband was worn on the left upper arm. Its quality depended on the budget of the wearer. This is an excellent, original Nazi Party arm band. The armband is made of blood red cotton material with central stitched white roundel panel & black ink Swastika. The armband has an original Nazi Ink Eagle with Swastika and indistinct German script roundel (illustrated). The edges of the armband and roundel have the correct intricate stitching found on period Nazi items. Our example is a very good two piece with original unit stamp which authorised its issue. See page 108 of Service badges and emblems- Third Reich Cloth Insignia by B.L.Davies & I. Westwell for reference. The price includes UK delivery. N 189. (Small flags box)

WW2 Manchester Regiment Officer’s Uniform Khaki Service Jacket With WW2 Campaign Medal Ribbons, Lieutenant Insignia, Lanyard & Trousers By Moss Bros London. Sn 11531. - 11531
After distinguished service in both World War I and World War II, the Manchester Regiment was amalgamated with the King's Regiment (Liverpool) in 1958, to form the King's Regiment (Manchester and Liverpool) which was, in 2006, amalgamated with the King's Own Royal Border Regiment and the Queen's Lancashire Regiment to form the present Duke of Lancaster's Regiment (King's, Lancashire and Border). During WW2 the Manchester Regiment served in Italy, North West Europe and the Far East. This is an original WW2 Manchester Regiment Officer's Uniform. The Tunic is clean & has just the service wear to be expected. It is single breasted with open collar, pleated chest pockets and plain lower pockets with flaps. The epaulettes bear enamel and gilt rank insignia stars of Lieutenant. The lapels have metal Regiment Insignia. The tunic is mounted with WW2 campaign ribbons. The Tunic has all but one of its original brass King's Crown Regimental buttons. The left shoulder of the Tunic is fitted with an original green cord lanyard. The Tunic is approx UK size 38" Chest. The matching trousers have side slash pockets and buttoned fly. They are approx 30-32" Waist, 33" Leg. The trousers have no damage but do have light service wear. The lining of the trousers’ have a clean manufacturer label ‘Moss Bros Covent Garden London’ (illustrated inset in image 2). Price includes UK delivery. Sn 11531.

Post WW2 Palestine Service British WD Kings Own Regt Battledress Blouson Jacket Campaign Medal Ribbons, Para Jump Wings, Lewis Gunner/ Marksman Badges, Shirt, Tie, Trousers & Service Record Pte 14816357 K.W. Jamison. Sn 15113. - 15113
This is an excellent original Khaki , Parachute Regiment Battledress Blouson Tunic & Trousers which belonged to a Paratrooper who served in WW2 and later post war in Palestine (other Para uniform to the same Paratrooper worn by him in WW2 is available separately our stock numbers Sn 15114 & Sn 15115). The jacket has front flap pockets with buttons and adjustable waistband with buckle. It is clean & undamaged, all stitching and buttons are intact. The sleeves are mounted with correct red shoulder titles with Kings Own in white. The right sleeve also has the correct embroidered Parachute Regiment 'Jump Wings' (see pages 168 to 183 of British Airborne Insignia by Lock & pages 97 to 110 of For King & Country by Glenn) one sleeve also has Lewis gunner & marksman badges. The jacket is also mounted with the Soldier’s campaign medal ribbons mounted for wear. The inside of the jacket has an ink stamps ‘WD 903’. One of the top pockets of the jacket contains the Soldier’s original WD service document which accompanies this uniform. It is approx. UK size chest 36 to 37”. Also included is the Soldier’s clean and undamaged, uniform serge shirt complete with all buttons, service tie which is clean but has areas of wear & uniform trousers. The trousers have manufacturer’s NSM stamps. The trousers have open top slit side pockets, flap rear pockets with buttons and adjustment tabs with buckles. The trousers are clean and undamaged and intact. The Uniform has no mothing. The price for this uniform worthy of further research re the Paratrooper's service includes UK delivery Sn 15113.

Late WW2 1945 British WD Airborne Paratrooper’s Camouflaged Denison Smock With Correct 'Half Zip' Fastener By P. Frankenstein & Sons Ltd Manchester. Sn 17601. - 17601
This is an original WW2 British Camouflaged Denison Smock with tail flap and correct half zip (see pages 100 to 106 of Denison published by Wilson & Military Mode where similar 1945 dated smocks are illustrated ). It has its original clean and undamaged white cotton label inside ' Airborne Troops Size 4 Height 5’ 6” to 5’ 8” Breast 39” to 41” P. Frankenstein & Sons M/C (Manchester) Ltd, 1945 (date) and War Dept arrow'. All material and stitching are in excellent clean undamaged condition with no mothing. It's half zip works perfectly and it has correct 'Newhey' marked stud fasteners. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 17601

*Excellent Condition* 48 inch Chest U.S. WWII Type A-2 100% Goat Skin flight jacket by *Licenced Manufacturer Cooper Defence Contract in the U.S.A. 21344. - 21344
The Type A-2 leather flight jacket is an American military flight jacket originally invented and developed for and closely associated with World War II U.S. Army Air Forces pilots, navigators and bombardiers, who often decorated their jackets with squadron patches and elaborate artwork painted on the back. Sometimes casually referred to as a bomber jacket, its original designation was "Jacket, Pilot's (summer)", and its wartime usage was limited neither to pilots nor to bomber crews. The Type A-2 flying jacket was adopted as standard issue by the U.S. Army Air Corps as the successor to the Type A-1 flying jacket on May 9, 1931, per specification number 94-3040. The jacket is in excellent condition which can be seen from the images. Inside the jacket has the orange Cooper badge with a red white and blue scroll under gold wings. The badge reads; COOPER TYPE A-2, Under exclusive manufacturing by the Cooper Defence Contract Division – U.S. AIR FORCE with a Made in U.S.A badge sewn in. There is also a badge stating; TYPE A-2 SIZE 48R. The jacket has a sewn in badge stating; 100% Goat Skin shell and 50% cotton and 50% polyester lining. The leather is unmarked and undamaged with a nice supple feel. The banding and cuffs have very minor bobbling due to use but is barely noticeable when being worn. The price includes UK delivery. 21344.

**MINT**UNISSUED**Original WW2 1945 British WD Commando Skeleton Assault Jerkin / Vest By W&G With 4 Original Bren Gun Magazines. Sn 21305 - 21305
This is a near mint un-issued British skeleton assault vest / jerkin used by special forces & Commandos during WW2 (a period WW2 image of Commandos wearing these vests is illustrated in image 1). This vest is dated 1945 and made from brown canvas. They are a simplified version of the full assault vest and allowed the soldier to carry up to 4 Bren mags or 10 grenades. The pockets have their original wood toggle fasteners. Each pocket contains to original Bren Gun magazines. Originally these were produced in a range of sizes but were soon made with adjustable laced side sections allowing one size to fit all. It also has a side loop arrangement to carry the Enfield spike bayonet. The flat back enabled a rucksack to be carried as well. The rig is 1945 date stamped and has the maker's details 'W&G' together with WD Arrows. It has the correct bayonet loop and laced side sections. It is approx. UK men’s size 38” to 40” chest. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 21305

**WW1 Scottish Gordon Highlanders Collection**2 Tassel Horse Hair Sporran With Leather Pouch & Regiment Badge, Glengarry Cap, 3 Tassel Leather Pouch, Sgian Dubh Dirk By Nowill & Sons Sheffield & Large White Metal Regimental Kilt Or Cape Badge. Sn 21220 - 21220
The Gordon Highlanders were a line Infantry Regiment of the British Army that existed for 113 years, from 1881 until 1994 when it was amalgamated with the Queen's Own Highlanders (Seaforth and Camerons) to form the Highlanders (Seaforth, Gordons and Camerons). This is an original WW1 era collection to the Scottish Gordon Highlanders all found together consisting of 2 Tassel Horse Hair Sporran With Leather Pouch & Regiment Badge, Glengarry Cap, 3 Tassel Leather Pouch, Sgian Dubh Dirk By Nowill & Sons Sheffield & Large White Metal Regimental Kilt Or Cape Badge. The white horse hair sporran has 2 brown horse hair tassels, with engraved brass top mounts. It has its brown leather pouch with flap covered pocket and 2 belt loops. The front of the Sporran has the white metal Regiment badge of the Gordon Highlanders mounted on the brass cantle which has engraved thistles decoration. The Glengarry with original Stags head Regiment badge & motto ‘Bydand’ (Steadfast). It has the correct dark blue serge body with black headband and red bobble at the crown. It is fully lined with clean material and has correct black ribbon tassels. The Glengarry is approx. UK size 6 ½. The Scottish Sgian Dubh 'Gaelic- Black Knife' were carred by heavily armed Scottish Clansmen and Scottish Regiments. Tucked into the sock, this was reputed to be the weapon of last resort. Today it remains an essential part of traditional Highland wear. This nice example made in Sheffield England has a clean 3 ¾” blade & scalloped back edge. The blade is maked by the maker ‘Nowill & Sons Sheffield’. Its black wood grip is undamaged as is its original wood scabbard. The leather pouch has a leather flap cover with clasp fastener and 3 leather tassels to the front. The rear has a single belt loop. The Kilt or cape badge is made of white metal and is pierced with Regimental stags head and ‘Bydand’ motto. This badge is 3 ¾” diameter. The price for this excellent set to a famous Scottish Regiment includes UK delivery. Sn 21220 (caps shelves storeroom)

Cold War 1955 British WD Red Beret With Queen’s Crown Parachute Regiment Badge By Kangol Ltd Size 6 7/8 & WW2 Pattern 1952 British Camouflaged Denison Smock. Sn 21207 - 21207
This iconic Parachute Regiment Red Beret is in excellent undamaged condition with all material clean and intact. It has the correct leather headband rim and 2 ringed ventilation holes. It is mounted with the original polished Queen’s Crown metal Parachute Regiment winged badge. The rear of the badge has the correct lug mounts, backing plate & split pin. The crown of the beret has printed detail in white ink '6 7/8' (size), WD arrow and ‘1955’ date. It is also marked by the manufacturer ‘Kangol Wear Limited’. The original, WW2 Pattern British Camouflaged Denison Smock has elasticated cuffs, tail flap, full zip and correct ‘Newey’ stud fasteners. The epaulettes have plastic buttons. It has a washed out white cotton label with what looks like a very faint 1952 date (to faint to photograph, no other visible marks left). All material is clean but does have areas of service wear to be expected. The Denison is approx. UK size 5’8” height / 40” chest. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 21207

UN-ISSUED CONDITION, British, WD, 1942 Pattern Jacket Parachutists Over Smock. Sn - 6019
This is an original, excellent, un-issued condition British 1942 pattern Jacket Parachutists over smock. The smock is made of olive denim it features 2 grenade pockets, an "ape tail" with correct Newey khaki painted brass snaps for adjusted comfort and a full length brass zip with a 6 inch denim pull cord attached to it. . Inside the smock is stamped on the right hand side a reversed E W crowfoot D 347 (see photographs). The front of the smock from the bottom of the collar measured 37 inches in length with an overall length of 58 inches to; the bottom of the ape tail. There are no rips or tears to the smock and the zip functions as it should. See pages118 – 119 in Denison by Bruce Wilson. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 6019

Early Post WW2 1946 Dated British WD Airborne Paratrooper’s Camouflaged Denison Smock With Correct 'Half Zip' Fastener By John Gordon & Co Large Size 5. Sn 20898 - 20898
This is an original early post WW2 British Camouflaged Denison Smock with tail flap and correct half zip (see pages 100 to 106 of Denison published by Wilson & Military Mode where similar smocks are illustrated ). It has its original clean and undamaged cotton label inside 'Smock Denison Airborne Troops Size 5 Height 5’ 9”- 5’ 11”, Breast 37”- 39”, 1946 (date), War Dept arrow John Gordon & Co'. All material and stitching are clean with no mothing. It's half zip works perfectly and it has its original zip pull tab. It has its original correct 'Newey' stud fasteners & corect Bakelite buttons at the epaulettes & cuffs. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 20898
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