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Post WW2 ‘Repubblica Italiana’ Italian Cavalry Or Infantry Officer’s Sword With Etched Blade, Scabbard & Felt Transit Cover. Sn 19839 - 19839
This is an Italian Infantry or Cavalry Officers Dress Sword. An innovative feature of these swords is that they have a recessed thumb hole behind the hilt quillon. This allowed the thumb’s full extension and consequently a more solid grip when the closed hand is around the grip (see page 129 of World Swords By Withers where a similar sword is illustrated and described as a Cavalry officer’s sword). It's straight 32 ¼” steel blade is undamaged and clean. Both sides of the blade have etched foliate decoration incorporating banners & arms including crossed rifles with fixed bayonets and crossed cannon below drums usually found on infantry swords. One side of the blade has the emblem of the Italian Republic which was formally adopted by the newly formed Italian Republic on 5th May 1948. The emblem, shaped as a Roman wreath, comprises a white five-pointed star, the Stella d’Italia (English: "Star of Italy"), and banner with the inscription in "REPVBBLICA ITALIANA" in Roman square capitals. It has a full steel voided bowl knuckle guard with correct recessed thumb hole and knurled back strap for grip. The polished horn or celluloid grip has finger grooves. The sword is complete with original steel scabbard with 2 hanging rings. The sword comes with its green felt transit cover with draw string fastener. The material is clean. The top section has an old stable tear which could be re-stitched. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 19839

**1960 PERSONALLY PRESENTED BY QE II** British Royal Navy Officer’s Sword By Gieves With Etched Presentation Panel To Midshipman William David Spence Kay Smith, Scabbard With Covers & Gieves Midshipman’s Telescope With Similar Presentation Inscription - 19616
This is an excellent British Royal Navy Officer’s Sword and Scabbard with Covers and Midshipman’s telescope both with presentation inscriptions, both personally presented to a named RN Midshipman. The sword has a clean single edged straight blade which is 31 ¼” in length with central fuller (37” overall). The blade is crisply engraved with Naval fouled anchor & foliate panels on both sides together with ‘Crown E II R’ (Queen Elizabeth II Regina) One side has a presentation panel which reads ‘ Presented By Her Majesty The Queen Midshipman William David Spence Kay Smith 19th December 1960’. The riccaso is marked on one side by the manufacturer ‘Gieves’. It has a gilt brass Lions head with mane pommel and grip strap & full knuckle guard with the Royal Navy Queen’s Crown and fouled anchor motif. One side of the guard has a small hinged folding langet which, when folded flat fastens to a pin on the throat mount of its scabbard and holds the sword securely in place. The sword’s fish skin grip with bullion wire binding is undamaged. Attached to the guard is its twisted bullion cord and portepee. The sword is complete with its black leather scabbard which has gilt brass mounts and 2 hanging rings. The sword is accompanied by its original Chamois leather soft cover with draw cord top and brown leather transit case / cover with full flap top and buckle fastener. With the sword is a nickel plated brass and cord lashed, Royal Navy Midshipman’s Single Draw Naval Telescope With Extending Sun Shade & Sliding Eye Piece Shutter by ‘Gieves Ltd No 10655’. The optics of the telescope function as they should. The telescope has a removable lens cover. The sun shade has the same presentation inscription as the sword to the same midshipman below heraldic arms. The price for this interesting Royal Navy Officer’s set worthy of further research includes UK delivery. Sn 19616

WW2 Era Nazi German WKC (Weyersberg Kirschbaum & Cie Solingen) Kriegsmarine Marked Naval Officer’s Sword With Folding Langets Kriegsmarine ‘Eagle Swastika M' & ‘N (Nordsee/North Sea) 2668 (Krieg Property Number) Marked, Lion’s Head Pommel & Scabbard. - ED 2658
This is an excellent original Nazi German Kriegsmarine Marked Naval Officer’s Sword & scabbard (see Chapter 8 of Angola’s book Swords Of Germany where Lion’s head kriegsmarine swords similar to ours are illustrated). Our example has the correct brass hilt with Lion’s head pommel, bar guard and 2 folding Langets, one cast with Kriegsmarine fouled anchor device and the other marked with Kriegsmarine ‘Eagle Swastika M Mark’. There is also a Kriegsmarine property number ‘N 2668’ (on page 170 of Angola’s book he states that only Kriegsmarine issue swords are found with ‘N’ Nordsee (North Sea) or ‘O’ Ostee (Baltic Sea) property numbers) . The correct wire bound grooved ivory hue celluloid / resin grip is undamaged. All wire is tight and intact. It has a 27 ½” long pipe back blade (32 ¾” overall length). The blade is manufacturer marked ‘WKC’ and with helm trademark that belongs to Weyersberg Kirschbaum & Cie Solingen. The blade has just light staining consistent with age. The sword’s leather scabbard has brass mounts and 2 brass hanging rings. The price includes UK delivery. ED 2658

**RARE**WW2 C1945 Japanese Officer’s Brown Leather Bound Swagger Sword Stick Brought Home From Burma By British RAF Gunner LAC Milnes On Display Stand With Photocopies Of Original Images Of LAC Milnes In Uniform & Copies of Antecedents & Service Records. - 19715
This is an excellent rare to find, WW2 C1945 Japanese Officer's brown leather covered wood Swagger Sword Stick & Scabbard brought home from WW2 by British RAF Gunner LAC Kenneth Milnes 2945 & 2963 Squadron. The swagger stick is accompanied by Photocopies Of Original Images Of LAC Milnes In Uniform & Copies Of Some Of His Antecedents & Service Records (illustrated in the images). The records record LAC Milnes as being born in Bradford Yorkshire 20th July 1921, serving with both 2945 & 2963 squadrons and being repatriated 15th October 1945 via Saigon & Calcutta having spent most of his service in India. The Japanese form 11 ½” flat section, single edged spear point blade is clean and has light scrolling decoration on both sides near to the hilt. It measures 17 ¾” overall length in its scabbard. The wood grip & scabbard are bound in wrythen twisted and ring tool decorated brown leather. All leather and stitching are clean & intact with just small areas of wear to be expected. The hilt has a white metal ferrule. The swagger stick comes with an attractive Tropical hard wood display stand which is mounted with a white metal plate engraved ‘WW2 Japanese Swagger Stick Brought Back From The Burma Campaign’. The price for this rare find includes UK delivery. Sn 19715

**FAMOUS MASTER SMITH**Early WW2 WW2 Japanese Army Officer’s Shin Gunto Sword Possible Gendaito Smith Signed ‘NOSHU JU KANE AKI SAKU’ & Blossom Stamp Scarce NCO’s Leather Tassel Cord, Combat Hilt Cover, Scabbard Leather Cover, Cloth Bag Expert Assessment - ED 2657
This sword has been assessed by a UK based Japanese sword expert Bill Tagg. His assessment accompanies this piece. In exerts from the assessment he states “Army officer’s Shin Gunto sword. Possible mill steel gendaito blade. Better quality than showa to blades, mill steel sometimes mixed with Japanese sand iron then hammered, folded and forged then quenched in water. This would explain it having a cherry blossom stamp (made circa 1938-1940). Signed by its maker ‘NOSHU JU KANE AKI SAKU’ a noted smith of National fame, won 1st seat in 1941 sword exhibition rated making medium to high grade Gendaito. Real name Kuriyama Kagijiro born 1888 died 1966. Worked as RJT (Rikugun Jumei Tosho) army approved smith. Rated by Aki hide as master sword smith. In original polish showing finger rust scuffing, old rust marks both sides of point area possible blood damage, used in war. Saya is original shira saya converted for field use, honoki wood with leather field cover in good condition. Drag end has wear & tear, reinforced with small nails with white metal throat band. Tsuba standard gunto & several seppa. Faded condition. Tsuka complete and good condition with sarute loop which has a scarce variation NCO’s Leather Tassel Cord with fringes like an Officer’s, never seen one like this before (rare). Finished with a scrce leather cover which goes over the tsuka to protect from water damage.. Closed by draw string. Top end lost some stitching (open). Possibly senior NCO from old Samurai family carried this none regulation sword”. In his illustrations Bill provides measurements of the blade and other dimensions / characteristics which can be seen in image 2. The price includes UK delivery. ED 2657

**RARE**1st Pattern 1st Type WW2 Era Nazi German Luftwaffe Officer's Dagger By Eickhorn Solingen With 1st Type Heavy Nickel Plated Fittings & Scabbard Numbered 10 Fitted With Hanging Chains. Sn 19617 - 19617
The Luftwaffe came into existence in 1935. Luftwaffe Officers were authorised to wear the 1934 Pattern 'Fliegerdolch' flier's dagger (see page 124 of Daggers Swords & bayonets Of The Third Reich By Stephens). This is an original 1st pattern 1st type Luftwaffe Officers dagger with scabbard and chains in excellent condition. The dagger has the correct leather grip with all binding wire present and tight. It has the correct 1st type heavy Swastika pommel and stylised winged cross guard also with stylised Swastika. The Swastikas have traces of original gilt finish (later variants had light alloy fittings). It has a 12" dagger blade with original dark blue leather hilt washer. The balde has just light areas of rubbing consistent with service carry and is marked by the manufacturer ‘Carl Eickhorn Solingen’ together with Squirrel trade mark within roundel. Its original correct steel scabbard is covered with dark blue leather and has nickel plated metal chape and locket. The throat mount is stamped with number ‘10’. The leather is complete and undamaged. The scabbard is fitted with original nickel plated hanging chains and sprung alloy clasp. The price for this rare Luftwaffe piece includes UK delivery. Sn 19617

**NAPOLEONIC WARS ERA** British Cavalry Officer’s Private Purchase 1796 Pattern Type Sabre With Brass Fittings & Scabbard. Sn 19224 - 19224
The Pattern 1796 Light Cavalry Sabre was used primarily by British Light Dragoons and Hussars during the Napoleonic Wars (see page 77 to 93 of World Swords by Withers where variations of 1796 pattern swords are illustrated). This original 1796 type Sabre is in excellent condition for its age. It has a single edged, fullered 29 ½” Sabre blade (34 ½” overall). The blade has staining consistent with age and use and a few minor nibbles to the cutting edge. The blade has no visible maker or date marks. Its cross guard with rounded langets, knuckle guard & pommel with back strap are the same as pattern 1796 sabres but are brass rather than steel indicating private purchase. Its grooved leather bound wood grip with wire binding are in excellent condition. The Sabre is complete with its original leather scabbard with brass mounts, frog locket & 2 hanging rings. The sword fits the scabbard snugly. The leather of the scabbard is clean and all stitching intact. The price for this Napoleonic Wars era Cavalry Officer’s Sword with Scabbard includes UK delivery. Sn 19224

**HIGH QUALITY**ANCIENT BLADE EARLY EDO PERIOD C1600-1670’s**LARGE** Japanese Horseman’s Su-Yari Fighting Spear With Rare Signed Tang ‘Hachi Man’ (God Of War), Saya Scabbard, Japanese Oak Shaft & Expert Assessment. Sn 19630 - 19630
This ancient Japanese Su-Yari spear ancient blade with blade scabbard and Oak shaft has been assessed by UK Japanese sword expert Bill Tagg. A copy of his hand written notes with illustrations accompany the spear. Extracts from the notes include “A large Su-Yari spear complete with Saya to cover blade, finished in black crackle lacquer finish, some damage & bits missing plus its Hadome parrying bar in iron 8” across for protecting hands when fighting. The oak shaft is mounted with decorated copper bands with Shakudo edging very attractive also wrapped in split bamboo twine then red lacquered. Finished with thin black lacquer over rest of pole. There are patches in the lacquer showing Ray skin under it. Possibly whole shaft originally covered in it. Damaged over years / battles. Painted over in meiji period when this was sold out of japan as a curio. The tang has 2 kanji inscription which reads ‘Hachi Man’ (God of War). A rare inscription could dedicate this to the God of war or maybe an offering to the hachi man shrine which is possibly why its not signed by the maker. The 19” cutting edge unusually has a Gunome Midare temper line in Nioi. Hamon are mostly Suguha (straight). They are difficult to temper because of shape. Blade in old 19th century polish, bright with some patches of rust and scratches. One small chip on edge otherwise good condition and un-touched from when it left japan. This has been an expensive and high quality item in its day, needing more research to possibly identify a maker. Dates to early Edo period 1600 to 1670’s”. In his illustrations Bill identifies and decribes other blade characteristics and measurements which can be seen in image 2. The overall length of the blade including tang is 39”. The Spear with blade attached is 7 Feet overall length. Due to length delivery of this spear with ancient blade & expert opinion will be within the UK only and at cost. Sn 19630

WW1 & WW2 Era Japanese Type 32 Army & Cavalry Trooper’s Sword With Kokura Arsenal Marks & Scabbard. ED 2653 - ED 2653
An excellent, WW1 & WW2 era Japanese type 32 army and Cavalry Troopers sword with scabbard (see Swords Of Imperial Japan By Dawson Chapter 11). The sword has a regulation steel and wood chequered hilt. It has its regulation steel guard with cord slot & its spring loaded scabbard release catch works perfectly. The guard has small Kokura arsenal marks. It has a clean, 30 ¾” fullered curved steel blade with serial number 100731 at the ricasso. It is complete with original steel scabbard with single steel hanging ring. The shoe of the scabbard has struck out letters or numbers and number ‘40610’. The price includes UK delivery. ED 2653

**RARE**Child / Cadet Size French C1880 /90 Cavalry Sword. Sn 19239:1 - 19239:1
This is an unusual rare to find child / Cadet size sword with similar features of the C1880 and C1890 Cavalry swords such as polished horn wire bound grips, similar pommel caps found on both C1880 and C1890 swords 4 bar guard found on C1880 swords (see pages 111 and 113 of Wither’s book ‘World Swords’ where full size French C1880 and C1890 Cavalry swords are illustrated). The grooved polished horn grip is small in size and its wire binding is intact. It has deep cast decoration to the small bar guard, quillon, knuckle bow & pommel cap. The 24 ¾” blade has fullers and is undamaged with just light staining consistent with age. The sword has no maker or date marks. The blade has a leather hilt washer. The child / cadet size sword measures 29 ½” overall. There are no visible manufacturer marks on the sword. The sword is without scabbard. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 19239:1
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