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Victorian 1857 Dated Brass Handled Military Short Sword Sidearm Hanger With Scabbard, Frog & Belt. ED 2215 - ED 2215
This is an excellent, original, British Military short sword side arm. It has 23 ¼” heavy single edged curved blade and measures 29” overall. The blade has a small continental ‘crown above R’ mark and has its original hilt washer. It has a rugged brass handle deeply grooved for grip with full knuckle bar, curved quillon cross guard with ball end and rounded pommel. The knuckle guard is dated ‘1857’ with indistinct letter. The Sword is complete with original Leather Scabbard with brass locket and chape. The scabbard is fitted with its original leather frog which has leather strap hangers & metal buckles. The frog is stamped with letters and numbers. Also included is its original leather belt. The leather belt is 2” wide and 44 ½” length. The belt tab is stamped with letters and numbers. The belt has a white metal buckle and stud. The belt is holed to accommodate the buckle prongs and stud. All marks on the sword, frog and belt are illustrated in the images. The price includes UK delivery. ED 2215

Magnificent 'Twenty Fifth Anniversary of the Channel Isalnds Liberation' 43" Sword, Mounted For Display, Limited Edition LR 99 Commemorative Piece By Wilkinson Sword. Sn 13548 - 13548
A limited edition (LR 99) made by Wilkinson Sword craftsmen to commemorate the 25th Anniversary of the Cannel Islands Liberation 1945-1970. The Channel Islands were occupied during World War II by German forces from 30 June 1940, until May 1945. They were liberated by British forces following the general German surrender. Considered not defendable by the British government in 1940, the islands were demilitarised and some civilians were given the opportunity to evacuate to England before the German forces arrived. The island leaders and some civil servants were asked to stay in their posts to look after the civilians in their care. 41,101 remained on Jersey, 24,429 on Guernsey and 470 on Sark. Alderney had just 18. Apart from undertaking a few commando raids, the islands were ignored by the British government until June 1944 when additional attacks on German shipping and radar units took place. To avoid starvation of civilians, permission was given for Red Cross parcels to be sent to the islands during the winter of 1944-45. Liberation would have to wait until the end of the war in Europe. The sword has a double edge plated steel blade, acid etched with a commemorative inscription "Twenty Fifth Anniversary of the Channel Islands Liberation 1945-1970". On the reverse it is stamped with 'LR 99', being part of a limited edition sword. It has a gilt metal crossguard, pommel and langet which bears the Guernsey and Jersey arms. It has a very nice wire bound green leather grip. The blade measures 33 1/2"long. It is mounted beautifully on a large polished mahogany plaque which is drilled for wall mounting and measures 9" x 46". The price includes UK delivery. Sn 13548 ****(see the other sword in stock Sn 13549)***

Late Victorian / Edwardian Bamboo Sword Stick With Thin Heptagon Spike Blade Stag Horn Handle & Scabbard. Sn 12897 - 12897
This is an attractive Sword Stick in the form popular in the late Victorian/ early Edwardian era. The stained bamboo hilt has a curved stag horn handle which is undamaged and a German Silver ferrule. It has an unusual heptagon shaped 21 ½” long spike blade which tapers to a sharp point and measures 33 ½” overall length. The blade has natural aged staining consistent with age but no rust. The sword stick measures 35 ¾” overall in its scabbard. The stained bamboo scabbard has a conical brass end cap. Price includes UK delivery. Sn 12897

**UNAVAILABLE**WW2 Turkish Army Officer's Dress Sword With Etched Blade ‘Ankara H-O 1.3.1940’ & Nickel Plated Brass Scabbard. Sn 12896 - 12896
With the opening up and consequent modernisation of Turkey to the West during the 19th century, the Ottoman Empire adopted many European influences both in Military dress and equipment. This was especially so with regards to swords. Many Turkish swords in that era were manufactured in Germany or based on German patterns (see page 216 of World Swords by Withers where a similar sword to our example is illustrated). This is a Turkish Army Officer's Dress Sword and Scabbard. It has a wire bound black grip with finger grooves. It has a brass knuckle guard and curved pommel with lanyard ring. The cross guard has 2 langets one bears the Turkish ‘crescent Moon & Star’ symbol. Its 31 ¼” tapering curved blade is beautifully etched on both sides with foliate panels. One side incorporates banners and arms and the other side has the Turkish ‘Crescent Moon & Star’. The riccaso is etched . ‘Ankara H-O 1.3.1940’. Its brass scabbard with 2 hanging rings and large shoe is undented and retains most of its original nickel plating. Price includes UK delivery. Sn 12896

Victorian/ Edwardian Gentleman’s Mallaca Sword Stick With Sterling Silver Birmingham Hall Marked Collar & Ornate Silver Ball Top Handle By ‘TC & Co’ (Most likely Theodor Cohn & Co, London) . Sn 12743 - 12743
This is an attractive Victorian Gentleman’s Mallaca Sword Stick. It has an ornate foliate design silver ball top handle and Birmingham silver ‘Lion & Anchor’ hallmarked collar with ‘TC & Co’ manufacturer mark (illustrated. Most likely Theodor Cohn recorded 13 Bedford Street, London, 1899). The handle is pierced with silver mounts for wrist strap. It has a diamond shaped 25 ½” blade and measures 32 ½” overall length. The blade is has light staining consistent with age & tapers to a pin sharp point. The sword stick measures 33 ½” overall including scabbard. The Mallaca handle and scabbard are undamaged with just light surface wear consistent with use. The scabbard has a conical brass end cap. Price for this attractive piece includes UK delivery. Sn 12743

C1900 Brazilian Republic Heavy Cavalry Troopers Sword With Pipeback Blade By Weyersberg Kirschbaum & Co Solingen Germany & Scabbard. Sn 12555:4 - 12555:4
On November 15, 1889 Marshal Deodoro da Fonseca deposed Emperor Dom Pedro II, declared Brazil a republic, and reorganized the Government. From 1889 to 1930, the Government was a constitutional democracy, but democracy was nominal. Immediately after the Republic was established Imperial German arms manufacturers supplied Brazil with arms and equipment to bolster the new regime's military. The Republic ended in 1930 with a military coup, also known as the Brazilian Revolution of 1930 that installed Getúlio Vargas as a dictator. This is an excellent original, Brazilian Republic Heavy Cavalry Troopers Sword & Scabbard made in Germany C1900. The Sword’s 32” pipeback blade has some areas of light staining and pitting but no rust. The blade is fitted with original leather hilt washer. The sword measures 38” overall length. The full steel knuckle bow is faintly marked with the Brazilian Republic Crest with 5 pointed star and banner ‘15 De Novembro De 1889’ commemorating the establishment of the Republic (illustrated). A sword with a similar crest is illustrated on page 142 of World Swords by Withers. The blade is marked by the German manufacturer ‘Weyersberg Kirschbaum & Co Solingen’ (illustrated) and the back of the blade has a small 5 pointed star Brazilian Republic inspection mark. Its leather covered wood hilt is wire bound. The hilt has service wear but the wire binding is tight and intact. It is complete with its original steel scabbard with single hanging ring. The scabbard has even patina throughout and just a few minor dents consistent with age and service use. Price includes UK delivery. Sn 12555:4

WW2 Japanese Army Officer's Brown Leather Sword Belt and Rare Brass Chain Sword Hanger. L 358 - L 358
A WW2 Japanese Army Officer's brown leather sword belt and rare brass chain sword hanger. The sword belt is in very good condition. It has a 2" steel buckle secured on a leather tab which is stitched to the belt, it has a leather keeper, the stitching is all present and secure. The buckle has fixed belt prongs. At the other end of the belt there is a leather strap belt end which has seven sets of double buckle holes. The end is in very good condition and has a stitched star. On the reverse it is plain leather. There are no markings on the belt. The belt measures 42" long and 2 3/4" wide. Complete with the belt is a rare brass chain sword hanger. The chain hanger is clipped onto a metal loop which is stitched onto a leather belt loop, see the close up photograph.The hanger is in perfect condition and has a brass clip with hook and a separate hook on a chain at one end and a brass clip at the other end. The stitching is present and secure. It measures 14 1/2" long from end to end. (see 'Military Swords Of Japan 1868-1945' book by Richard Fuller and Ron Gregory, pages 92 plate 104 for the hanger). The price includes UK delivery. L 358

1st Edition Of 'Swords Of Hitler's Third Reich' Book By Major John Angolia. BO 1027 - BO 1027
A 1st Edition copy of 'Swords Of Hitler's Third Reich'' by Major John Angolia. It was privately published in 1969 by Frederick J. Stephens. This was the authors first book and covers all known swords of Hitler's Third Reich including the Herman Goring Wedding Sword and the Armistice Sword together with accoutrements and accessories. It is a classic work and should be in any serious collector/student library. The price includes UK delivery. BO 1027

Victorian English Small Sword/ Mourning Sword. Sn 9143 - 9143
This is a nice original Victorian English Small Sword/ Mourning Sword. It has a 28 1/2" triform blade (35" overall). It has a scallop handguard with an elegantly shaped knuckle bow, handle & pommel all of which are decorated with ball protrusions. The sword has nice patina throughout. Price includes UK delivery. Sn 9143

**UNAVAILABLE**UNAVAILABLE**Victorian Sidearm Of The Queen's Westminster Rifles & Scabbard. Sn 8293. - 8293
This is an excellent original sidearm of Queen Victoria's Westminster rifles. It has a 19 1/2" shallow diamond section blade with rounded tip, white metal cross guard with turn down shell bearing the Queen Victoria flat topped Crowned Portcullis. It has an undamaged wire bound fish skin grip, white metal ring and pommel. It is complete with it's original brown leather scabbard with plated chape and locket with frog stud. price for this nice Victorian sidearm includes UK delivery. Sn 8293.
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