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WW1 Era Imperial German Kingdom of Wurttemberg Army Officer’s Clamshell Sword By Weyersberg Solingen With Regiment Marked ‘B.K.122 L II’ to the Bezirkskommando Landwehrbezirke 122 (weapon number ) II (District 2) & Scabbard. Sn 16367 - 16367
This is an original, WW1 Era, German Kingdom of Wurttemberg Army Officer’s Sword & Scabbard. The Sword is in very good condition. It has a single edged, fullered, 30” blade. The blade is manufacturer marked ‘Gebr Weyersberg Solingen’. The blade has just light staining consistent with age. Its brass cross guard, knuckle bow, & urn shaped pommel are undamaged. The hilt’s clamshell is cast with the heraldic arms of the Kingdom of Württemberg. The arms show an impalement of the three antlers that represent Wurttemberg on the dexter (viewer's left) side, and the three lions passant of medieval Swabia on the sinister(viewer's right) side and banner with motto ‘Furchtlos und treu’ (Fearless & Loyal). See page 462 of ‘Swords Of Germany’ by Angolia where an illustrated sword although different in form, has a hilt with the same Wurttemberg heraldic arms on the hilt. It has an undamaged chequered horn grip. The hilt is stamped with Regiment mark ‘B.K.122 L II’ to the Bezirkskommando Landwehrbezirke 122 (weapon number ) II (District 2) . The district commanders of the Bezirkskommando were high ranking Officers responsible for training and supply of Landwehr (military) districts (see page 32 of German Small Arms Markings by Gortz & Bryans where the Regiment mark B.K is Identified as Bezirkskommando’. The sword is complete with its original black leather scabbard with brass mounts. The mounts have some denting and the leather some service wear to be expected with age. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 16367

Late 19th / Early 20th Century Belgian Fonson & Co Fabricants Bruxcelles Infantry Officer’s Sword & Scabbard. Sn 17608 - 17608
This is an original Belgian Infantry Officer’s Sword made sometime in the late 19th / early 20th Century. Our example has a 36” long steel blade with fullers and rolled spine. It measures 42” overall. The blade has just light staining consistent with age. The blade has a crisp rectangular manufacturer’s cartouche ‘Fonson & Co Fabricants Bruxcelles’. The blade is fitted with original hilt washer. It has a pierced brass knuckle guard cast with foliate decoration and stepped pommel with matching decoration on the edges. The guard is numbered ‘152’. Its fish skin covered hilt has small areas of service wear to be expected. The binding is secure. The sword is complete with its original steel scabbard. The scabbard with shoe has even patina and no dents or damage. It is fitted with single hanging ring. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 17608

Victorian Gentleman’s Bamboo ‘T’ Section Steel Blade Sword Stick With Antique Ivory Topped Handle. Sn 17326 - 17326
This is an attractive Victorian Gentleman’s Bamboo Sword Stick. The antique ivory topped handle is undamaged .The hilt has a scabbard retaining clip which functions as it should and is operated by an antique ivory button. The hilt is also holed for wrist cord. It has a 24” ‘T’ section steel blade. The blade has staining consistent with age and tapers to a sharp point. The sword stick measures 36 ¼” overall in its scabbard. The handle and scabbard are undamaged. The scabbard has a steel end cap. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 17326

WW1 Into WW2 Era Alexander Coppell (Alcoso) Solingen, Imperial German Infantry Officer's Dress Sword & Scabbard. Sn 17284 - 17284
This is an original Alex Coppell (Alcoso), Solingen, Imperial German army Officer's dress sword. The sword has plain brass langets & flat knuckle bow. It has an undamaged wire bound grip. The wire is tight and intact. The hilt’s brass hilt back strap, ferule have foliate decoration and it has a stepped pommel with ball end. The sword measures 36” overall and the ricasso of its 30 ½” single edged, curved blade with fullers is stamped with the Alcoso company name with scales’ trademark (partially obscured by the langet). The polished blade has small areas of staining consistent with age. The sword is complete with its original steel scabbard with 2 brass hanging rings. The scabbard has no dents. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 17284

Victorian Era British 1827 Pattern Royal Navy Officer’s Sword With Brass Basket Hilt, Post 1846 Fullered Blade & Scabbard By E&W Seagrove Portsea. Sn 17261 - 17261
The year 1827 brought about a radical change in the design of British Naval Officer’s swords. The Napoleonic stirrup hilt was replaced with a solid gilt brass half basket hilt based on the 1822 pattern Infantry Officer’s sword. Post 1846 examples have fullered blades (see page 247 of World Swords by Withers). This is a good example of the 1827 pattern British Royal Navy Officer’s Sword and Scabbard. The Sword has a single edged blade with post 1846 fullers which is 29 ¾” in length (36” overall). The blade has heavy staining consistent with age which may be hiding etched decoration. There is no visible manufacturer name on the blade but again may be present under the staining. The blade has the ordnance acceptance proof star and inlaid ‘proof’ roundel. It has the correct gilt brass lions head with mane pommel and grip strap & half basket knuckle guard with the Royal Navy Queen Victoria Crown and fouled anchor motif. One side of the guard has a small hinged folding langet which, when folded flat fastens to a pin on the throat mount of its scabbard and holds the sword securely in place. The sword’s fish skin grip with wire binding is undamaged. The sword is complete with its black leather scabbard which has gilt brass mounts and 2 hanging rings. The leather and stitching of the scabbard are intact. The lower section of the scabbard has an ornate brass mount with the name of the manufacturer (illustrated). The price includes UK delivery. Sn 17261

SOLD SOLD (11/01) WW2 1939 British 1895 / 1897 Pattern Flights Ltd London Infantry Officer’s Presentation Sword To Sgt Major A.G.A Mines RAMC On His Appointment To H.M’s Commission’ Acorn Knot Scabbard Sam Browne Frog. Sn 17136:7 - 17136:7
This is an original 1895/97 Infantry officer’s sword presented by members of the Sgt’s mess No.1 Company to Sgt Major A.G.A Mines Royal Army Medical Corps (RAMC) 24th February 1939 on his appointment to His Majesty’s Commission. These swords were a great improvement on previous patterns with better protection to the hand through its ¾ basket hilt (see page 179 of World Swords by Withers & pages 165-167 of Swords of the British Army by Robson). The sword has a 32 ½” single edged blade with partial fullers. The blade has its original leather hilt washer. The ricasso is marked by the manufacturer ‘Flights Ltd London’. The reverse has the ordnance acceptance ‘proof’ star and roundel. Both sides of the blade have etched panels featuring the Kings Crown, Heraldic Arms and King George VI Royal Cypher ‘GR VI’ (George Rex) and RAMC Regiment device. It has the correct ¾ bowl guard voided with foliate design and ‘Kings Crown VI GR’. It has the correct fish skin grip with wire binding which is tight and intact. One side of the blade has a crisp panel with presentation detail (illustrated). The back of the blade is numbered ‘17287’ which may assist to identify the date the sword was commissioned. The back of the blade is also etched ‘Made In England). The sword is complete with its leather covered field scabbard which has a brass throat mount and frog strap. It is fitted with its original leather sam browne frog with 2 hanging straps and correct brass stud and brass buckles. The leather and stitching of the scabbard and frog are intact. The price for WW1 presentation sword worthy of further research includes UK delivery. Sn 17136:7

MATCHING DATE & REGIMENT MARKS British WD 1893 Dated 1885 Pattern Cavalry Troopers Sword With German Made Weyersberg Kirschbaum & Co Solingen Regiment Marked ‘Y NTBH’ To The Northumberland Yeomanry Hussars & Scabbard. Sn 17136:4 - 17136:4
There were two distinctions for which the Northumberland (Hussars) were especially proud. The first was that the regiment was the sole ‘Imperial Service’ Yeomanry regiment before the Great War, during which the second distinction was that the First Line was the first Territorial Force unit in action. The Northumberland (Hussars) could trace its origins to December 1819 when the Northumberland and Newcastle Volunteer Corps of Cavalry formed, under the command of Charles John Brandling, of Gosforth House. Justification for its formation was attributed to the revolutionary spirit then especially prevalent in the North of England. On a pro rata basis Northumberland and Durham sent more volunteers to South Africa than any other district. Ninety-seven officers and men of the contingents from the two counties gave their lives for their country in the South African campaign. This is an excellent original, 1885 Pattern British Cavalry Troopers Sword with Scabbard both Regiment marked to the Northumberland Yeomanry Hussars & dated 1893. These swords were designed during the period when the British army was continuing to argue on the merits of the ‘cut’ versus the ‘thrust’ of British cavalry blades. The hilt design features a Maltese Cross motif cut into the knuckle guard and is a distinctive feature of these swords (see pages 48 – 57 of Swords Of The British army by Robson). The Sword’s fullered 34 ¼” blade has just light staining consistent with age. It measures 39 ½” overall length. The grip strap and blade have WD inspection marks. The ricasso is marked by the German manufacturer ‘Weyersberg Kirschbaum & Co Solingen’. The back of the blade has inspection marks. The knuckle guard has the correct Maltese cross motif which has Regiment marks ‘‘Y NTBH’ To The Northumberland Yeomanry Hussars it is also dated ‘11/1893’ (November 1893) & weapon number ‘121’. It has the correct boiled leather chequered scales in very good condition secured by the correct 5 rivets. It is complete with its steel scabbard which has 2 fixed hanging rings. The scabbard has matching Regiment, date & weapon number marks The price includes UK delivery. Sn 17136:4

Victorian Customs Officer's Briar Wood Rummage Sword Stick By Mole Birmingham. Sn 17095 - 17095
Victorian Customs Officer's carried sword sticks not only for self defence against smugglers but also to rummage & test bales and other consignments for hidden contraband. This is a very good, original, Victorian era Customs Officer's sword stick. Made of briar, it is 36 ¾” overall in its scabbard. The heavy duty square blade is 29 ½” in length tapering to a sharp point. The blade is undamaged with just staining consistent with age and is stamped by the prestigious blade maker 'Mole, Birm' (Birmingham). The handle has a brass ferrule. The blade fits snugly into its scabbard which has a brass throat mount. There is no ferrule on the tip of the scabbard which is holed most likely to allow water to run out when searching ships or barges at docks. The price for this sturdy Victorian Sword stick includes UK delivery. Sn 17095

1885 Period Into WW1 & WW2 Japanese Officer’s Army Kyu Gunto Parade Sword With Gendaito Hand Forged Blade, Scabbard With Replacement Leather Field Combat Cover & Later Carry Bag Cover. Sn 16923 - 16923
This is an original Japanese Officer’s Army Officer's Parade sword. The sword has been assessed by UK Japanese sword expert Bill Tagg. A copy of his hand written notes accompany the sword. In extracts from his notes he states “An 1885 period Kyu Gunto sword with traditional Gendaito hand forged blade. Looks like Hizen school work from tang shape & forgingwhich is Suguha (straight) with Nie crystals on the Ha-Buchi. Blade has a cutting edge of 27”. Hada is very fine wood grain. The tang is un signed. Hilt is missing a family mon badge, can see small hole in fuchi where it would have been. The whole sword is of 19th century manufacture, a sword carried in both world wars”. The hilt has a push button scabbard retaining clip which is complete but does not lock into the throat mount of the scabbard. The Ray skin covered handle has small areas of wear to be expected and its original wire binding is intact. All the fittings are original. The sword is complete with wood scabbard which has a single hanging ring. The scabbard is fitted with a replacement field combat cover. All leather and stitching of the cover are intact. Also included is a later carry bag cover with draw cord. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 16923

Set Of 4 Books On Japanese Swords. BO 335 - BO 335
This is a set of 4 books on Japanese swords. The Samurai Swordsman by Stephen Turnbull, a 1st edition of 2008 in a mint condition with its dust wrapper. A Primer of Japanese Sword Blades by B.W. Robinson. This paper book was published in 1974 by the Arms and Armour Society. Shosankenshu, a List of Names and Kakihan by Henri Joly. This is the amended edition of 1985 and was published by The Holland Press. The book is in a mint condition with its dust wrapper. These books are well illustrated and is a must for anyone collecting or studying Japanese swords. The price includes U.K. delivery. BO 335
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