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Fuses / Fuzes

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Blue Steel Air to Surface Strategic Nuclear Missile Fuze system - O 17
A unique and extremely rare complete electronic fuze system from a British Blue Steel Air-to-Surface Strategic nuclear missile carried by Vulcan & Victor Bombers of the Royal Air Force. Introduced to 617 Sqaudron in 1962 it had a range of 320 km. Made by hawker Siddeley the missile was steel bodied & 10.6 metres long. The fuze is complete with all its electronic componants and measures 40 H, 46 L, 33 W. It is made of alloy with a steel front plate and is VERY heavy. Delivery by arrangement and price on application. A superb piece of Cold War armament and the Ultimate in fuze collecting.

Artillery Shell Fuzes - 1880 - 1980 - O 7
We have a large stock of Artillery shell fuzes from about 1880 to the most modern available. They are mainly British and combatant Nations from the 2 World Wars. Although we can supply battlefield relics most of our fuzes are in perfect condition. The following are some general images of some of our stock. Over the next few weeks we will list individual fuzes with prices. Meanwhile if you have any specific requirements please ask.

Russian Sectioned Anti-Tank Mine - O 1
An official military sectioned instructional example of a Russian TM-62M anti-tank blast mine in great condition and complete with all its parts. (Other mines reglarly available - please ask for specific requests)
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