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Fuses / Fuzes

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Inert German WW1, 1917 dated Dopp.Z.92.n.F Time and Percussion Fuse. Sn O 1023 - O 1023
This is a German WW1, 1917 dated time and percussion fuse introduced in 1892 and used in German 90mm, 100mm, and 150mm gun shrapnel shells. It was also used in the 150 heavy howitzer with the incendiary and high explosive shells. This heavy nose fuse is made of brass and is complete with its steel shrapnel collar. The brass powder ring is graduated from 2 to 40 and is stamped Dopp;Z.92.n.F. over SSWN17 (the manufacturer and date 1917) . It is also stamped SK 101 and 21 . The price includes UK delivery and no licence is required to possess these inert rounds in the UK if retained as part of a collection or displays. Sn O 1023

WW2 Inert Unfired 1939 Dated German ZZS/60nA Mechanical Time Fuze Used by The German Navy. Sn O 1022 - O 1021
This is an inert WW2 1939 dated German ZZS/60nA mechanical time fuse used by Kriegsmarine in WW2 for use in 88mm, 105mm, 127mm, 170mm and 230mm Illumination rounds. The fuse which is in excellent condition has a steel body which is stamped ZZS/60nA over 15/1939 W . There is also a marine Waffenampt and a makers monogram. There is an alloy nose cone held in with a screwed collar. The price includes UK delivery and no licence is required to possess these inert rounds in the UK if retained as part of a collection or displays. Sn O 1021

WW2 INERT Unfired German Anti Concrete Shell Base Fuse (BdZf15cmGr19Bd) For The 15Cm s FH18 Field Gun. Sn. 956 - O 956
This is an unfired WW2 INERT German Anti-Concrete shell base fuse (BdZf15cmGr19Bd) for the 15Cm s FH18 Field gun. The steel fuse is stamped on its base BdZf15cmGr19Bd RHS 433/39 with a feint white stencil 6G . The alloy circular plate on the base of the fuse is stamped GV KV OV meaning long, short and no delay when setting the fuse delay. The base fuse is screwed into the unfired steel gain which is stamped tye on the base. The first picture shows the fuse unscrewed from the gaine side by side. Price includes UK delivery. Sn O 956

Very Rare early INERT WW2 Unfired Proximity Fuse T80E6. O 955 - O 955
This is a very rare early unfired WW2 proximity (VT Variable Time) fuse T80E6 and was the first proximity fuse issued for service. The fuse was initially developed by Pye Ltd in Britain and was sent over to the USA for development in September 1940, by the British Technical Mission who also revealed the details of the magnetron used to improve radar. The fuse’s innovation is that it had a miniaturised radar receiver in it as the means of detonating a projectile close to its target with reliability, whether being an aircraft or the ground. This unfired fuse was recovered from the Ardenne in Western Europe where this type of fuse was first used and shows evidence of it being buried in its appearance. The fuse is fitted with its hollow steel transit plug where the gain is fitted. These fuses were used against ground and aerial targets Price includes UK delivery. Sn O 955

SOLD SOLD (28/02) INERT Unfired WW2 German ELAZ 25 B Aircraft Bomb Fuse In Original Bakelite Container. Sn. O 895 - O 898
This is a inert WW2 German ELAZ 25 B Aircraft bomb fuse as used in German high explosive aircraft bombs over 50kg in weight. The three segments on the top of the fuse are stamped ELAZ 25 B / bt c / 23 o . There is much original green colouring to the fuse body. The Bakelite case is dated 1941 and has the makers code ‘egg’ the case cap is stamped ‘2L’ Price includes UK delivery.

WW1 1917 German Inert, Z.s.u.m W.M, 17cm Minenwerfer Fuse. O 714. - O 714
This is an excellent example of an inert time and percussion Fuse for the WW1 German Heavy Minenwerfer. Used to great effect throughout WW1 as a 'Trench Mortar' this fuse is correctly stamped Z.s.u.m. W.M (Werfe Mortar) and A.E.G. 17'. It is made from Brass with an alloy cap and has a time ring which indicates that it could be used between 7 and 25 seconds before detonation. This is a nice original inert fuse in great condition. Price includes UK delivery. O 714

Inert Kynoch Railway Fog Alarm Signal - O 374
This is an inert example of a Railway warning detonator or Fog signal. It came from the Kynoch factory via a retired employee along with 5 mint and original box labels. They were intended to be placed on railway tracks in fog or other hazardous conditions to warn drivers and rail workers of the hazard. Activated by the pressure of the train. These are very difficult to find in any condition and only inert from Kynoch. Price includes UK delivery.

Blue Steel Air to Surface Strategic Nuclear Missile Fuze system - O 17
A unique and extremely rare complete electronic fuze system from a British Blue Steel Air-to-Surface Strategic nuclear missile carried by Vulcan & Victor Bombers of the Royal Air Force. Introduced to 617 Sqaudron in 1962 it had a range of 320 km. Made by hawker Siddeley the missile was steel bodied & 10.6 metres long. The fuze is complete with all its electronic componants and measures 40 H, 46 L, 33 W. It is made of alloy with a steel front plate and is VERY heavy. Delivery by arrangement and price on application. A superb piece of Cold War armament and the Ultimate in fuze collecting.

Artillery Shell Fuzes - 1880 - 1980 - O 7
We have a large stock of Artillery shell fuzes from about 1880 to the most modern available. They are mainly British and combatant Nations from the 2 World Wars. Although we can supply battlefield relics most of our fuzes are in perfect condition. The following are some general images of some of our stock. Over the next few weeks we will list individual fuzes with prices. Meanwhile if you have any specific requirements please ask.

Russian Sectioned Anti-Tank Mine - O 1
An official military sectioned instructional example of a Russian TM-62M anti-tank blast mine in great condition and complete with all its parts. (Other mines reglarly available - please ask for specific requests)
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