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1970’s Webley Jaguar .177 Calibre Small Frame Break Action Air Rifle. AI 670. - AI 670
Webley introduced their Jaguar air rifle in 1970 and production ran through to 1979 (see Page 225 of Hiller’s Book 'A Collectors Guide to Air Rifles'). The woodwork and metal work of this example are in very good undamaged condition. It has a 14” clean rifled barrel and measures 36 ½” overall. The air chamber has its original spot welded sight rail and the weapon is marked with model and manufacturer detail (illustrated). It has a post fore sight and adjustable rear sight. The loading and firing actions work as they should. See pages 88 & 89 of Webley Air Rifles 1925-2005 by Christopher Thrale. The price includes UK delivery. NB as a post 1939 Air Weapon the restrictions of the Crime Reduction Act apply to the sale and delivery of this item. AI 670.

**QUALITY**Inter War Era German Reichsbund Deutsche Jägerschaft (German Hunting Society) Akah (Albrecht Kind GMBH) Portable Leather Covered Double Opening Rifle Cartridge Magazine For 48 x .423 Mauser Calibre Ammunition With Sliding Patch Draw. Sn 20462 - 20462
This is an excellent, original, quality made Portable Magazine For .423 Mauser Calibre ammunition as used by the Reichsbund Deutsche Jägerschaft (German Hunting Society, which was the official hunting society in Nazi Germany, 1934–1945. Membership was mandatory for all who possessed a hunting licence). The leather covered metal hard case, measures 7” x 4” x 1 ½”. The top and bottom of the magazine has hinged lids with white metal clasp fasteners. Each section has white metal open tubular top plates to accommodate individual rounds . Each section is designed to hold 24 rounds of .423 Mauser Calibre Rifle Ammunition (48 total). One side of the magazine has a small sliding draw for patches. The leather on the front of the magazine is impressed with crossed rifles and Oak leaves wreaths and has manufacturer detail ‘Akah’ (the trademark of Albrecht Kind GmbH which was founded on 24 September 1853 by Mr Albrecht Kind in Hunstig, a small village situated approx. 50 km to the east of Cologne). The case is fitted with original adjustable leather strap with eyelets which has a wood toggle and steel adjustment stud. The price for this excellent functional German Reich piece includes UK delivery. Sn 20462

1960’ Diana Mod 27 .22 Air Rifle. AI 679 - AI 679
Diana as a brand is German in origin, hailing from Mayer and Grammelspacher dating back to 1890, and the company certainly has a colourful history. The Model 27 first saw light of day way back in 1910; although its early form followed the basic blueprint of the day, with no forend to speak of, just the butt section. Sold around the world under various guises (namely Original, Beeman, Hy-Score, and Milbro) it’s all part of the identity crisis suffered by Mayer and Grammelspacher through two world wars! Features include an adjustable rear sight and also an adjustable breech bolt, with a lockable adjuster. The Diana 27 (1953-1987) is a break barrel single shot spring-piston air rifle. It was made in both .177 and .22 calibres, though when some companies like Hy-Score (807) and Winchester (427) rebranded it, they did so in .22, only. The rifle has a one-piece beech wood stock that’s fairly flat, so not a lot of shaping was done. The barrelled action is all steel. Though plain looking, it also looks upper class when compared to the new air rifles we see today. 41 ¾“ in total length with a 14” barrel. The dark wooden stock has a few small use related marks and the metal work retains the majority of its blueing with rub marks on the cocking lever. The front of the barrel has light surface rust. The top of the cylinder wears the Diana motif with ‘Diana MOD.27 Made in GT Britain’ ‘Drilled for Scope -.22’. The serial No 271745 is on the cocking elbow and the age 5 60 (May 1960) is stamped to the butt end of the stock. The price includes UK delivery. NB as a post 1939 Air Weapon the restrictions of the Crime Reduction Act apply to the sale and delivery of this item. AI 679.

Victorian Era English Form Boar / Deer Hunting Dagger / Sidearm With German Made Alexander Coppel GmbH (Alcoso), Solingen Blade, Polished Horn Hilt, Brass Lion’s Head Pommel & Scabbard. Sn 20504 - 20504
This is an excellent original Victorian era Hunting Dagger / Sidearm. These substantial weapons were carried when hunting large game such as Deer or Boar for self defence and to deliver the 'death blow' to the hunted prey. This example has an undamaged solid polished horn hilt & heavy brass fittings including re-curving cross guard and Lion’s head pommel. Its 18” single edged steel blade has fullers. The blade is undamaged with just light areas of staining consistent with age. It measures 23 ¾” overall. The blade is etched on one side with the German maker’s trademark. The sidearm has its original leather covered wood, open top scabbard with rear seam and German silver throat mount and ball tip chape. The throat mount has a frog bar. All leather & stitching are excellent. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 20504

BSA Cadet Major Air Rifle .177 Post War 1955-1957. AI 680. - AI 680
A nice BSA (Birmingham Small Arms) Cadet Major air rifle in .177. Dimensions, overall length:42”. Stock length: 684mm. Barrel length: 468mm. Weight: 2.5kg. Earlier stocks on both models had a cross grain strengthener in the grip and the rear trigger guard screw held the action to the stock, sometime around 1948 this changed to a more traditional locking stock bolt. The Major comes with an adjustable rear sight. See ‘The Collectors Guide To Air Rifles’ pages 35-38 by Dennis.E.Hillier. This example is still retains its original blueing. The serial number is printed on the left hand side at the very rear of the cylinder: CC25509 which dates the gun between 1955 and 1957. The wooden stock is in excellent condition. The barrel blueing is a little worn underneath due to cocking, but the rest of the metal retains the majority of its colour. A lovely gun for the collector. The loading and firing actions work as they should. The price includes UK delivery. NB as a post 1939 Air Weapon the restrictions of the Crime Reduction Act apply to the sale and delivery of this item. AI 680.

**QUALITY**German Hand Made Hubertus Knife Company Multi-Tool Hunting Knife With Rostfrei (Stainless / Stain Resistant) Saw Section Steel Blade, Stag Antler Scales With Folding Blades / Tools & Leather Scabbard With Belt Frog. Sn 20463 - 20463
The Hubertus Knife Company was founded by Kuno Ritter in 1932, called The Ritter Knife Company. Kuno Ritter and his crew made the first Boy Scout knives for the German Boy Scouts and produced many Styles of Hunting Knives as well. In the 1950's the growth of the Knife Industry took a leap and William Ritter son of Kuno Ritter changed the Company's name to HUBERTUS.The name HUBERTUS in German means "The Saint of the Hunters". Walter Ritter and wife Beate took control of the operation of the Company in 1984 and are still producing knives in a little factory in Solingen Germany. Hubertus knives are all handmade and are some of the finest quality knives still in production today. This is an excellent Hunting knife by Huburtus. The knife has a fixed single edged 4 ¼” long blade with integral finger guard and 1” bone cutting saw section near to the hilt. The blade is crisply etched on one side with manufacturer detail and ‘Rostfrei’ indicating stainless / stain resistant steel (illustrated). The blade is clean. The knife’s hilt has excellent Stag antler scales secured by brass pins. The hilt contains folding blades / tools which consist of a 2 ¾” curved blade with purpose made blunted end for skinning or de-jointing, a corkscrew and a 3 ¼” saw blade with bottle opener notch and screwdriver tip. The fold out blades are marked ‘Rostfrei’. The knife comes with its original green leather scabbard which has a retaining strap with press stud fastener & removable frog with belt loop and retaining strap with press stud fastener. All leather and staining are clean and intact. The price for this quality handmade German multi-tool hunting knife and scabbard includes UK delivery. Sn 20463

C1880 Etched Regimentally Marked Imperial German NCO Sabre and Scabbard by Weyersburg Kirschbaum & Cie . ED 2165. - ED 2165
This model sword was also used after WWI, in both Weimar and Nazi Germany; it is a smaller dress sword that was obviously modelled on the German 1848 sabre. Many of these swords have their maker’s marks hidden under the langets as this example does; under a light a kings head and knight’s head over WK & C can be made out, that was the mark used after Weyersburg (King’s Head logo) merged with Kirschbaum & Cie (Knights Head Logo) in 1883. The single fullered 31 ¼ inch blade features etched military trophies and floral motif half way up the sword and more floral etching half way up the spine. The style of etching is consistent with imperial era blades. The hilt is constructed of silver coloured, possibly nickel-plated steel. The grip is triple wire wrapped shagreen (Fish skin). One of the langets has the regiment mark ‘S.Kö.I.1.’ etched to it as does the locket on the scabbard. The blade has some staining consistent with age. The scabbard has a large silver coloured, possibly nickel-plated steel locket, chape and hanger. The metalwork and leather are in very good condition. The leather stitching is fully intact. See page 202 of ‘The Illustrated Encyclopaedia of Swords and Sabres’ by Harvey J S Withers. The price includes UK delivery. ED 2165.

*Scarce* 1st Pattern 1910 Dated Hook Quillon 1907 Pattern Sword Bayonet By Enfield Regiment marked ‘4CT’ To The 4th Battalion ‘The Devils Own’ Irish Connaught Rangers, WD Marked Scabbard, 1914 Pattern Leather Frog & Helve Carrier. 12378 / 12383 - Sn 12378 / 12383.
1st Type 1907 pattern bayonets with hook quillon were introduced in 1908, after 1913, ‘07’ Pattern bayonets were produced without hook quillon (see page 186 of British & Commonwealth Bayonets by Skennerton). This is a near mint, original 1st type hook quillon 1907 pattern sword bayonet by Enfield, complete with correct, original scabbard, frog & extremely rare original helve carrier (we have never had one of these helve carriers in stock during 30 years trading). The sword bayonet has a clean 17 ¼” steel single edged blade with fullers which is stamped at the ricasso on one side with the King’s Crown ‘ER’ (Edward Rex), ’7 ’10 date (July 1910) and ‘1907’ (Pattern) together with Enfield’s ‘EFD’ mark. The reverse is stamped with inspection marks. The bayonet is fitted with 1st pattern hook quillon cross guard which incorporates a muzzle ring. The grips are secured with two screw bolts. The pommel is stamped ‘4CT’ to the 4th Battalion Connaught Rangers (The Connaught Rangers "The Devil's Own" was an Irish Line Regiment of the British Army originally raised in 1793 as the 88th Regiment of Foot (Connaught Rangers), which gained a reputation both for indiscipline and for its prowess as shock troops and streetfighters with the bayonet while serving under the Duke of Wellington during the Peninsular War in Spain. The Regiment was involved in most of the major actions of WW1 including Ypres & The Somme. Some 2,500 Connaught Rangers were killed during WW1). The pommel is also stamped with weapon number ‘694’. The bayonet is complete with its original steel mounted brown leather scabbard. The scabbard has the correct rear seam. The leather is crisply impressed with WD arrow. The scabbard is fitted with its correct 6 rivet 1914 pattern leather frog with retaining strap and brass buckle. The rear of the frog has the correct helve strap which is attached to the leather helve carrier. The carrier has riveted fittings (one rivet on the carrier is absent). All the stitching and leather of the scabbard, frog and carrier are intact. The price for this rare piece in near mint condition includes UK delivery. Sn 12378 / 12383.

**UNUSUAL**Late Victorian Era ‘J. Sainsbury Ltd’ (London) Spear Point Bowie Knife With Quality Made Later Scabbard. ED 2214 - ED 2214
This late Victorian form Bowie has undamaged thick walnut scales secured by brass pins, the edge of one scale is scalloped for grip. It has a heavy brass finger guard sections and pommel cap sections secured by brass pins. The Bowie has a 7 ¾” long single edged spear point form blade. It measures 12 ½” overall length. The blade has some staining and has aged patina. Unusually one side of the blade is faintly marked ‘J. Sainsbury Ltd’. We cannot find any reference to a knife maker named Sainsbury but it may be that in the early days of Sainsbury’s the British Supermarket, the founder John Sainsbury may have retailed this type of knife (J. Sainsbury plc, trading as Sainsbury's, is the second largest chain of supermarkets in the United Kingdom. Founded in 1869 by John Sainsbury with a shop in Drury Lane, London, the company was the largest UK retailer of groceries for most of the 20th century). The later quality made open top scabbard is leather and has a single belt loop. All leather and stitching of the scabbard are clean and intact. The price for this unusually marked knife worthy of further research includes UK delivery. ED 2214

**MINT****BRITISH WARTIME STOCK POST WAR 1950’s EXPORT TO USA FOR ISSUE TO AIRBORNE & RANGERS**WW2 Era British WD 2nd Pattern Fairbairn Sykes FS Commando Fighting Knife Cross Guard Stamped ‘B2’ over ‘England’ & England Marked Scabbard. Sn 20444:12 - 20444:12
2nd Pattern Fairbairn Sykes 'FS' Fighting Knives were introduced in 1941 (see page 89-93 of The Fairbairn Sykes Fighting Knife & Other Commando Knives By Flook). This is an original, near mint, British made WW2 2nd pattern, FS dagger and scabbard in excellent condition. The hilt is blackened brass with knurled grip and a blued steel oval cross guard. The cross guard is faintly stamped ‘B2’ with crisp ‘WD arrow’ (a British FS designation) over ‘England’ indicating export to USA for Airborne & Ranger issue post WW2 in the 1950’s from wartime stock (see page 213 of Flook’s book where he describes an FS dagger with cross guard stamped ‘England’ as being a USA 1950’s export item from British war time stock). It has a 173 mm long double edged blued blade with medial ridge. The knife has its original scabbard with external blackened chape. The scabbard retains its original 4 sewn on leather tabs and as is common its elastic retaining strap is absent. The belt loop has ‘England’ double stamped. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 20444:12

**RARE**CARRIED & USED**WW2 British Wilkinson Sword 2nd Pattern Fairbairn Sykes FS Commando Fighting Knife With Double Etched Panels & Scabbard With Rare Khaki Field Combat Cover. Sn 20444:13 - 20444:13
2nd Pattern Fairbairn Sykes 'FS' Fighting Knives were introduced in 1941. Examples with etched blades are illustrated in Chapter 7 of The Fairbairn Sykes Fighting Knife & Other Commando Knives By Flook. Our rare to find example is in very good condition. Its 167mm long double edged blade with medial ridge has just light staining consistent with age. The blade has etched panels on both sides, one side ‘The FS Fighting Knife’ the reverse with ‘Wilkinson Sword London’ name & crossed swords legend, both etchings are rubbed consistent with age and WW2 service. The hilt is brass with knurled grip and oval steel cross guard. It has its original scabbard with brass chape and belt loop. As is common its original 4 sewn on tabs have been cut back and as is common its elasticated retaining strap is present and attached but perished in the centre. The scabbard comes with its original rare to find khaki canvas field combat cover. The cover fits the scabbard perfectly and has its own hilt retaining strap. The cover has areas of surface wear to be expected with age and Ww2 service use. The price for this rare FS fighting knife includes UK delivery. Sn 20444:13

**MINT**WW2 British 3rd Pattern Fairbairn Sykes FS Commando Fighting Knife With Number 1 Mould Mark & Scabbard. Sn 20444:14 - 20444:14
This is an original WW2 3rd pattern Fairbairn Sykes fighting knife in near mint condition (see Chapter 8 of The Fairbairn Sykes Fighting Knife & Other Commando Knives By Flook). It has an undamaged ribbed blued alloy handle & 174 mm double edged blued steel dagger blade with medial ridge and blued steel oval cross guard. The hilt has number 1 mould mark. The dagger is complete with original leather scabbard with external brass chape and belt loop in the same near mint condition. The scabbard has its original elasticated retaining strap and retains its 4 original sewn on leather tabs. All leather & stitching are intact. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 20444:14
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