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WW2 Era Turkish Army Officer's Brass Hilt Dress Sword With Etched Blade ‘Ankara H-O 1.3.1940’ & Nickel Plated Brass Scabbard. ED 2536 - ED 2536
With the opening up and consequent modernisation of Turkey to the West during the 19th century, the Ottoman Empire adopted many European influences both in Military dress and equipment. This was especially so with regards to swords. Many Turkish swords in that era were manufactured in Germany or based on German patterns (see page 216 of World Swords by Withers where a similar sword to our example is illustrated but without the Ankara etching). This is an original WW2 era Turkish Army Officer's Dress Sword and Scabbard. It has a wire bound black grip with finger grooves. It has a brass knuckle guard and curved pommel with lanyard ring. The cross guard has 2 langets one bears the Turkish ‘Crescent Moon & Star’ symbol. Its 31 ¼” tapering curved blade is beautifully etched on both sides with foliate panels. One side incorporates the Turkish ‘Crescent Moon & Star’. The ricasso is etched with a combined ‘TC’ mark & ‘Ankara H-O 1.3.1940’. Its brass scabbard with 2 hanging rings and large shoe is undented and retains its original nickel plating. Price includes UK delivery. ED 2536

*Rare Boxed ‘Healthways Topscore 175’ .175 BB Air Pistol. AI 631. - AI 631
Healthways a U.S owned company distributed its air weapons through its sole U.K distributor ‘Parke-Hale Ltd’ in Birmingham. Our example the ‘Topscore 175’ was known as the ‘Model 9100’ in the U.S. Firing up to 50 .175 BB’s and weighing 800g it is a nice looking pistol emulating a ‘Luger’. Serial No 103359. It has sport blade front sights and fixed rear sights. The grips are durable checked epoxy and it has an integral frame. The barrel length is 6 ½ “. The pistol is in immaculate condition, it cocks and fires crisply and comes in its original box with polystyrene cut out. A very rare boxed collectors piece. NB As a post 1939 Air Weapon the restrictions of the Crime Reduction Act apply to the sale and delivery of this item. AI 631.

**IMPRESSIVE**February 1851 Dated Japanese Officer’s Gendaito Shin Shinto Katana Long Sword Carried In WW2 With Signed Tang ‘Kan Roji Moto Tsuna’, Old Iron 18th Century Decorated Tsuba With Melon Flower family Clan Mon Badges, Scabbard, Expert Assessment - 18880
This sword has been assessed by a UK based Japanese sword expert Bill Tagg. His assessment accompanies this piece. In exerts from the assessment he states “Katana long sword carried to war. This is a shin-shinto period blade February 1851 signed ‘Kan Roji Moto Tsuna’ (unlisted smith). A good quality sword with a striking hamonof Choji Midare (stands out). This looks Nioi based. In bright old polish some scratches and finger rust obscuring hada (grain). A big 28 ½” impressive blade is Bizen copy work. Mounted in old Shira Saya honoki wood covered in black leather combat cover. Tsuba is old iron plate 18th Century with later decoration gold / copper inlaid flowers with double mon badges (clan). One side & single mon on the other. Mon is melon flower used by at least 6 families and 3 Daimyo (Lords). The tsuka hilt is long has iron fuchi with gold sea dragon in waves, very unusual shape could even be Kuri kata (cord loop) pressed into service as end cap. Nice condition dark patina. Brought back from 2nd war needing research in Japan to find the sword smith. A quality sword revival period shin Shinto re-producing ancient Bizen master’s work. In his illustrations of the blade he states blade overall length 36 ¾”, Kissaki (point) 35mm. He translates the aforementioned signature & date. The price for this sword with expert assessment worthy of further research in Japan includes UK delivery. Sn 18880

*Inert Czech ‘URG 86 – SK’ Grenade. O 1648. - O 1648
The URG-86-SK is an inert filled grenade with an inert fuze. The manufacturing of these grenades takes place in the Czech company ZEVETA Bojkovice and the VOP Nováky in Slovakia. The fatal fragmentation radius is approx.8m, injury up to 75-100 meters. Delivered to the military in boxes of 20. Selector lever can be set to impact or delay. The price includes U.K. delivery. O 1648.

*Inert* French ‘DF 37/46’ Defensive Hand Grenade. O 1649 - O 1649
After WW2 , the DF (and OF) stayed in service for a long time. The different fuzes give new dimensions, but the body stayed the same as used in WW2.The body was fitted with an adapter to fit the fuze with detonator. Various forms are known. The post-war DF37/46 was filled with 60gram pulverized Tolite. Bodies were made of cast steel and fuzes used on this grenade were the Mle1935, F3 or F5.Its total weight is around 560gram, depending on fuze. This example is a classroom instruction model. These are factory made and are issued with a complete inert fuze with a dummy detonator attached. This detonator has a small drilled hole on the side of it. The price includes U.K. delivery. O 1649.

**SUPERB QUALITY**Victorian Era Mortteer Double London Twist Damascus Barrels 12 Bore Muzzle Loading Percussion Shotgun With Dog’s Head Hammers & Shell Shaped Patch Box. Sn 18911 - 18911
This is an excellent double barrel shotgun. It has all original Walnut furniture with straight hand stock. The underside of the wrist has a void brass shield escutcheon. The shotgun with double 31 ½”, Damascus London Twist steel barrels, has double dog’s head hammers & double triggers. It measures 48” overall. The barrel has a small brass bead fore sight The breech has inlaid gold lines. The gun has German Silver mounts including a hinged silver coloured metal shell patch box. The action is signed ‘Mortteer’ (we cannot find any book or internet reference identifying a gunmaker of that name) and have foliate engraved decoration. The barrel rib has inlaid silver decoration and wording ‘London Twist’ (Damascus). The cocking & firing actions of the weapon work crisply. The barrels smooth bores have just staining and residue consistent with age & use. The shotgun has its original ebonised wood ram rod with brass end cap. The price for this quality piece worthy of further research includes UK delivery. NB As an antique muzzle loading percussion shotgun no licence is required to own this item in the UK if retained as part of a collection or display. Sn 18911

**RARE**Large Frame, American Civil War Era Starr Arms Co New York 1856 Patent .44 Calibre Single Action Army Cap & Ball Revolver. A 1082 - A 1082
This is an original American Starr 1856 Patent single action Army Revolver in .44 calibre. Starr produced double action revolvers used in the American Civil War until the U.S. Ordnance Department persuaded the Starr Arms Co. to create a single-action variant. The company eventually complied, and the Union acquired 25,000 of the single-action revolvers for $12 each between January 1862 and May 1863. This single action example has even patina. It has an 8” round steel barrel (13 ½” overall length) and has a captive steel loading lever. The barrel has a letter ‘D’ & ‘C’ factory inspector’s marks, ‘C’ is repeated on the frame. The barrel’s bore has staining and residue consistent with age & us and crisp rifling. The frame is crisply stamped with manufacturer and patent detail (illustrated in image 2). The weapon has a blade fore sight and notched hammer rear sight. The cylinder has faint number which appears to be 24885. There is no visible number on the frame. The one piece walnut grip is original and undamaged. The action works crisply. This is a scarce American Civil War period revolver. The price includes UK delivery. NB As an antique percussion revolver no licence is required to own this item in the UK if retained as a part of a collection or display. A 1082

SOLD SOLD (14/10) 1884 Patent J. Stevens & Co USA .32 Rim Fire Break Action ‘Tip Up’ Heavy Octagonal Barrel Rifle With Factory Nickel Plated Action & Butt Plate. Sn 18873 - 18873
These break action rifles described as 'tip up' in the American market were made from the 1880’s through to 1895. There were a number of variations, and were made in calibres from .22 Rimfire to .44 Centrefire. They all looked quite similar in appearance. This is an excellent .32 Rim Fire example. It has a 26" very heavy octagonal blued barrel and measures 40 ½” overall. The barrel's bore is clean with typical light but well defined multi groove rifling. One barrel flat is signed ‘J. Stevens & Co Chickopee Falls Mass Pat. Sept 8 1884’. The barrel & action tang have matching numbers 10431.The action and steel but plate have original factory nickel plate finish. The original walnut shoulder stock has just light bumps and bruises to be expected. It correctly has no fore stock. The weapon has fixed shrouded fore sight and flip up rear sight. The loading, cocking & firing actions work crisply. The price includes UK delivery. NB As an obsolete calibre antique rifle no licence is required to own this item in the UK if retained as part of a collection or display. Sn 18873.

Pre WW2 Webley Senior .22 Calibre Air Pistol With smooth barrel & Smooth Brown Grips. Sn 18894 - 18894
This is a Webley Senior air pistol made pre WW2 (see pages 77 & 79 of Webley Air Pistols’ by Bruce’). It is undamaged with brown vulcanite chequered grips correctly without Webley signature roundels. The left side of the cylinder is stamped 'The Webley Senior Made In England' together with 'oil' and arrow indicator pointing to the oil hole located on top of the cylinder. The right side is stamped 'Webley & Scott Ltd, Birmingham' and has the correct pre war patents. The frame has serial number ‘S14471’. The forward barrel block is stamped '.22S' calibre & the front of the cylinder stamped with matching number '471'. The pre war barrel is correctly without central knurled section which was introduced post WW2. It has a blade foresight & adjustable rear sight. The pistol cocks and fires crisply. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 18894

U.S. Army Officer’s 1902 Pattern Sword By Baron With Plated & Etched Blade, Leather Cord, Barrel Knot & Scabbard. Sn 18872 - 18872
An excellent U.S. 1902 Pattern sword (see page 212 of World Swords by Withers). It has a 34” single edged plated curved blade. The blade has some areas of staining and beautifully etched with foliate panels on both sides. One side has ‘U.S’ (army) amongst the panels the reverse has American Eagle device. The ricasso of one side is etched by the manufacturer ‘Baron’ together with trademark. It has a voided white metal 3 bar knuckle guard. It’s original black polished horn or Bakelite grip has finger grooves. The guard is mounted with a period cord which is brittle and become detached in several places. The cord has its original leather barrel knot which is excellent. The sword is complete with its white metal scabbard with shoe & 2 hanging rings. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 18872

1860’s English Manton & Co London & Calcutta Large Bore .750 Musket Calibre Percussion Holster Pistol With Brass Furniture, Cudgel Butt & Captive Steel Ram Rod. Sn 18914 - 18914
The Manton family were English gunmakers beginning with John in the early 1800's, then his younger brother Joseph who operated circa 1825-35. J. Manton and Son operated circa 1832-1862 and J. Manton & Co is later listed as operating in London and Calcutta. This is an excellent percussion holster pistol by Manton & Co London & Calcutta. It has an 8” round steel barrel. The barrel is large calibre .750 Musket calibre. The smooth bore has staining and residue consistent with age & use. The barrel has English black powder proofs. The pistol has heavy brass furniture including cudgel butt and it has a captive steel ram rod. The action plate is signed ‘Manton & Co London & Calcutta’. The all original walnut full stock has just light bumps and bruises to be expected with age. The price for this pistol by a famous maker includes UK delivery. NB As an antique percussion pistol no licence is required to own this item in the UK if retained as part of a collection or display. Sn 18914

Early 1800’s English Hadley London 54 Bore Brass Flintlock Pistol With Black Powder Proofs & Turn Off Cannon Barrel. Sn 18906. - 18906
The only Hadley we can find working in London during the flintlock era is Moses Hadley who is recorded at 25 Ship Yard Temple Bar in 1818 (see page 165 of British Gunmakers Vol.1 by Brown). Other Hadley’s worked in London during the percussion era. This is an attractive brass flintlock pistol with turn off brass cannon barrel by Hadley of London. It is 8 ¼” overall with a 2 ½” screw off cannon barrel. The barrel’s smooth bore has just light staining consistent with age. It has crisp English black powder proofs on the underside of the action. The action is signed on one side ‘Hadley’ within banner on a field of engraved foliate decoration. The reverse is engraved ‘London’ within banner on a field of engraved foliate decoration. It has a steel hammer, frizzen, trigger guard and trigger. The action is strong. The bag shaped walnut grip is undamaged with just light bumps and bruises to be expected. The back of the grip is inlaid with silver oval disc engraved with 'E*E' monogram. The price includes UK delivery. NB As an antique flintlock pistol no licence is required to own this item in the UK if retained as a part of a collection or display. Sn 18906
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