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Rare, American, WW1 Era, Wooden Ammunition Box With Tripod Slot for the American .30 Cal. M1917 Browning machine gun. - MISC 919
This is a rare American WW1 era wooden ammunition box for the American .30 Cal. M1917 Browning machine gun introduced in World War 1. This finger jointed wooden box has a heavy duty steel hinge which is retained by seven steel screws and a steel pin. The steel flush mounted spring loaded latch is riveted to the lid. The catch is retained by three screws to the box end. The box is complete with its original brown leather carrying strap attached to lid with two wooden dowels. At the bottom of the inside of the box is a stencil of three 30.06 rounds to show which way the belt has to be loaded into the ammunition box to ensure the belt is not upside down. The gun end of the box has a half found slot above the chamfered end to assist positioning the box in the cradle. The price includes UK delivery. MISC 919

INERT DEACTIVATED. MINT. ‘Royal Ordnance Inert Exhibit’ Unfired British 51MM High Explosive (HE) Mortar. - O 2044
INERT DEACTIVATED. The 51mm mortor replaced the old 2 inch mortar in army service and was used by the British Army from 1980 until about 2007 when it was itself replaced by the 60mm mortor. This is an exhibit from Royal Ordnance that would have been displayed at a trade stand or exhibition and carries a silver label with ROYAL ORDNANCE INERT EXHIBIT printed on it in black attached to the rear near to the fins. This unfired British 51mm high explosive (HE) mortar round was made for the 51mm British L10-A1 mortar. This L1 A1 mortars streamlined steel body retains all of its original dark green finished body and alloy full stabilizing fins. The body of the mortar is stamped RLB (Royal Laboratories) 026 over H. The fins are the later split type are anodised in grey the fins are stamped BN 9 (RoF Blackburn). The mortar is fitted with an inert alloy percussion L127 REP nose fuse and is stamped round its circumference L127 REP . The price for this rare exhibition piece includes UK delivery and no licence is required to possess this inert mortor in the UK if retained as part of a collection or display. O 2044

**RARE**LARGE CALIBRE**C1850 English Deane Adams Deane 30 King William St, London Bridge 5 Shot .700 Calibre Cap & Ball Revolving Rifle With Removable Cylinder, Captive Steel Ram Lever & Removable Steel Hammer Cover. Sn - 18067
Circa 1863 Robert Adams was shop manager for George and John Deane of 30 King William St., London Bridge, and designed the revolver came to be known as the Deane Adams Deane model. Adams split with the Deane firm in 1856. The Deane firm remained at 30 King William St. and became "Dean and son". This is scarce C1850 revolving rifle by Deane Adams Deane 30 King William St., London Bridge. This revolving rifle has a 24 ¾” octagonal barrel which has a clean rifled bore and the rifle is 43” overall. The top of the cylinder frame is faintly signed ‘Deane Adams Deane 30 King William St, London Bridge’. The underside of the barrel is faintly numbered ‘520’. The underside of the action has 'No.18'. Depressing a lever on the frame of the rifle allows the cylinder spigot to be withdrawn and the cylinder to be removed for loading or replacing with a fully charged cylinder. The action frame has light foliate engraved decoration and it has its original captive steel hinged rammer lever. The rifle has a block with post foresight and ‘v’ notch plate rear sight. The original Walnut stock has a chequered panel wrist and steel butt plate. The rifle’s double action only firing mechanism works as it should. The hammer, correctly without spur, is protected by a removable steel cover. The cover is removed by depression of a steel button at the rear of the action. The price includes UK delivery. NB No licence is required to own this item in the UK if retained as part of collection or display. Sn 18067

Italian Copy, American Hawken Style, .50 Calibre Heavy Barrelled Percussion Plains Hunting Rifle. **UK/EU 2023 DEACTIVATION CERTIFICATED**. - D 5983
This is an Italian made copy of an American heavy barrelled percussion Hawken style Plaines hunting rifle. These rifles were popular on the American frontier for hunting and defence. The .50 calibre gave a good stopping power for their time and their shorter barrel was handy in the outback. The rifles usually had a heavy octagonal barrel, and had strong half stocked one piece woodwork. The barrel is held in with a hook and wedge system which made it easier to clean the barrel after use. The rifle is fitted with a heavy octagonal steel barrel and a brass patch box, trigger guard and butt plate. The rifle is fitted with a brass tipped ramrod. The action has been deactivated so the gun is for display purposes only. The gun was deactivated to UK/EU specification in 2023. The price includes UK delivery and deactivation certificate. D 5983
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