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British, WW2, 1943 Dated Mills 36M Hand Grenade Wooden Transit Box for Twenty Five 36M Grenades. - O 2112
This is an original British WW2, 1943 dated wooden transit box that originally held 25 Mills 36M hand grenades. The box has two steel hinges on one side on the lid and two steel locking straps opposite. The lid an all 4 sides are profusely stenciled as follows the lid is stenciled in white HAND GRENADES with EXPLOSIVES underneath in yellow. The sides are stenciled 25 GRENADES MAM FRAG MK in white S4GGA EA-1-43 (January 1943 date) in yellow LOT in white. Also 37 lbs 020 CU FT SHIPPING TICKET MO in white and LOT EA 1-43 in yellow, (see photographs). The 25 grenade box is harder to find than the 12 grenade wooden box. This box will be additional to any good collection or museum display for the 80th anniversary of the D Day. See pages 111-119 in ‘GRENADE’ British & Commonwealth Hand & Rifle Grenades by Rick Landers. The price includes U.K. delivery. O 2113

INERT DEACTIVATED. German WW2 Hollow Charged Model 40, HEAT (High Explosive Anti Tank) Grosse Gewehr Panzergranate (Large Anti-Tank Grenade). - O 2113
INERT DEACTIVATED. This is a German WW2 model 40, hollow charged HEAT (High Explosive Anti-Tank) Grosse Gewehr Panzergranate (large anti-tank grenade) used in a cup discharger fitted to the standard K98 service rifle and used a special blank cartridge for launching it. This grenade superseded the Gewehrpanzergranate 30, a smaller diameter and less powerful anti-tank grenade. This grenade is complete with the hollow charge cone and the base screws off. The hollow charge cone is made of thin steel. The pre rifled launching spigot is made of bakelite and is reinforced by a steel ring where it attaches to the grenade. The price includes UK delivery and no licence is required to possess this grenade in the UK if retained as part of a collection or display. O 2113
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