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**Rare** Original. Westley Richards – ‘Highest Possible’ .177 Air Pistol. 19127. - 19127
Westley Richards patented their 'Highest Possible' Air Pistol in 1907. They were marketed between 1909 & 1914 (see page 584 of The Blue Book Of Airguns By Beeman & Allen). This is a rare to find fully functioning example in excellent condition with blue finish. It has finely chequered black bakelite grips. The pistol's cocking mechanism with sprung release lever in the grip strap is nice & strong & it shoots as it should. It has a 9" rifled barrel (11 ½” overall). The left side of the cylinder is crisply marked ' Westley Richards 'Highest Possible Air Pistol'. The left hand body is also marked ‘Westley Richards & Co London W’ and ‘Patent 24837’ ‘1907’. A very rare collectors piece. Price includes UK delivery. 19127.

British 1871 Pattern 1st (King’s Own Regiment Of Horse) Dragoon Guards Cavalry Troopers Helmet With Horse Hair Plume & Link Chin Strap. Sn 20506 - 20506
Dragoon Guards was the designation used to refer to certain heavy cavalry regiments in the British Army from the 18th century onwards. The British Army first used the designation in 1746, when the King's Own Regiment of Horse, the Queen's Own Royal Regiment of Horse (prior to 1727 the Princess of Wales's Own) and the 4th Horse were re-designated as the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Dragoon Guards respectively. This is an excellent 1871 pattern British 1st Dragoon Guards (King’s Own Regiment Of Horse) Troopers Helmet with horse hair plume & leather backed link chin strap. It has a brass skull with brass fittings, brass top spike with horse hair plume. It has Tudor rose boss devices to each side to support the leather backed brass link chin. It has a very ornate original helmet plate featuring white metal star with central brass wreath bearing Royal Latin motto and large number ‘1’ on an enamel field of black. This helmet is as found and un-messed with, professionally cleaned it would look even more spectacular. It is approx UK size 7. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 20506

Nazi M98 Dress Bayonet By W.K.C. Scabbard & Frog. BAYO 114. - BAYO 114
An standard Nazi M98 dress bayonet and scabbard. The dress sidearm for military and civilian uniformed formations was designated the M98 Dress Bayonet. This bayonet represented a stylised form of the S. 84/98 bayonet purchased by the individual for wear with the walkout dress uniform and was worn by the mainly non-commissioned officers and enlisted personnel. This dress bayonet has a rifle mortise and push button release. It retains the red felt in the mortise slot. This is the short version with a 7 3/4" blade which carries the makers logo along with "W.K.C." The polished steel blade is in excellent condition. The grips are chequered and secured with two rivets. It has a metal scabbard with lozenge shaped frog stud and leather frog. (see 'German Clamshells' book pages 15-16 by Gary L. Walker & R.J. Weinand). BAYO 114.

Post 1902 / WW1 Era British Royal Scots Greys (2nd Dragoons) Bearskin With White Feather Plume, Metal White Horse of Hanover Rear Badge, Liner & Leather Backed Link Chin Strap. Sn 20505 - 20505
The Royal Scots Greys was a cavalry regiment of the British Army from 1707 until 1971, when they amalgamated with the 3rd Carabiniers (Prince of Wales's Dragoon Guards) to form the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards. The prestigious Regiment was particularly renowned for its ‘Grey’ horses & their charge at the battle of Waterloo. Their Uniform included a white feather plume on the right side of their bearskin headwear and a white metal badge representing the White Horse Of Hanover on the rear of the Bearskin (the Scots Greys made alterations to the bearskin in the 1840s. The front plate was dispensed with in 1842, then the plume was discontinued in 1843. The size of the Bearskin was reduced at this time and in 1845 the plume was reinstated but an upright plume 9” high. In the same year the regiment adopted the White Horse of Hanover on the back of the Bearkin). This is an excellent, original Bearskin of The Scots Greys. Its deep pile black fur body is in superb clean condition. The Bearskin is fitted with the correct removable white feather plume of the Scots Grays and Brass King’s Crown ignited grenade plume holder. The back of the Bearskin is mounted with its original white metal, ‘White Horse Of Hanover’ badge . The Bearskin has its original internal wicker basket frame, sweatband / liner and leather backed graduated brass link chin chain (the chain has become detached from its leather backing over time). The bearskin is approx UK size 6 1/2. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 20505

*Near Mint* WII Third Reich Model AK39 German Luftwaffe Pilot's Liquid Filled Wrist Compass. Sn 20514. - 20514
This is a near mint original; WWII liquid filled arm compass issued to German Luftwaffe Pilots. It is complete with its original leather strap with metal buckle for wearing on the wrist with Flight suits. The rear of the Compass is clearly stamped with model detail ' AK39, FI 23235-1'. It also has serial/stock code number '3023916' (all illustrated). The compass functions as it should. Made of black Bakelite it features 360 degree markings on the face. The price for this original Luftwaffe item includes UK delivery. Sn 20514.

**MATCHING NUMBERS EXCEPT MAGAZINES**WW1 1917 Imperial German Army Officer’s Erfurt Luger, PO 8 9mm Parabellum Semi Automatic Pistol With 2 Magazines & WW1 1916 Holster By Wilhelm Moy Hamel**UK 2010 DEACTIVATION CERTIFICATED**Sn 20522 - 20522
This is a very good original, WW1 German Army Officer’s Luger, PO 8, 9mm Parabellum, semi automatic pistol. It has matching numbers 6454 / 54 & the breech housing is dated 1917 together with the Erfurt arsenal name and crown mark. The metal has Imperial inspection marks. The metal work and finely chequered wood grips are undamaged. Deactivated to UK specification in 2010 the pistol cocks & dry fires & the magazines can be inserted & removed. Both of the pistol’s magazines have the correct WW1 era wood toggle butts. One is numbered 2659, the number of the other is faint and looks like 5396. The pistol is complete with original brown leather holster with full hard case lid which has a secure field repair leather patch which can be seen in the images and single retaining strap with buckle fastener & magazine carrier on its right aspect. The rear of the holster has double belt loops. The leather is faintly impressed by the maker which looks like ‘Wilhelm Moy Hamel’ above 1916 date. The holster has it's leather quick draw strap with leather toggle. The price includes deactivation certificate and UK delivery**We can arrange for this firearm to be brought up to the latest UK/EU specification (customers can purchase on our lay-away scheme. The weapon will then be brought up to the EU specification and the relevant certificate obtained prior to the transfer of ownership and delivery)** Sn 20522

WWI Ottoman Empire Turkish Other Ranks M1909 Belt Buckle and Leather Belt. 20538. - 20538
The buckle is brass and rectangular in shape, the back plate has fitted to the centre a white metal circlet that features a five-pointed star above a crescent with a personal insignia. The buckle bears a striking resemblance to those produced by Germany, and demonstrated the strong influence Germany had over the Turkish army at that time. Measuring; Width 46 mm, Height 15 mm, Length 63 mm and in good overall condition with only minor service wear. The leather is supple and the stitching is intact, as is the clasp. The belt has been cut at the buckle end and now measures; 29 ½ “. The price includes UK delivery. 20538.

RESERVED RESERVED Post-War WWI Dated Imperial German ‘Reproduction’ of a Full Artillery Luger 08 Pistol Holster, Wooden Shoulder Stock, Rig and Magazine Pouch. 20521. - 20521
A reproduction WWI Imperial German artillery Luger 08 pistol (The adoption of the Lange Pistole 08 or LP 08, known as the "Artillery Luger", was authorised by the Kaiser on 2 July 1913. This P08 variation was equipped with a 200 mm (7.9 in) barrel, an 8-position tangent rear sight and a board-type shoulder stock with an attached leather holster. In the event of close combat, the pistol was intended to be used as a carbine with the shoulder stock attached to a lug mounted on the heel of the pistol frame.) holster and wooden shoulder stock rig. The Holster is dark brown leather and is maker marked ‘Gustav Reinhardt, Berlin-1915’. The leather is rich and supple and the leather work, metalwork and stitching is all intact. The tool pocket inside the flap which houses the tool *included* is intact as is the cleaning rod *not included* pouch. The double magazine *magazines not included* pouch is in equally good condition with a beautifully aged patina. The hardwood stock has aged well with no damage to the wood or the fixing mechanism. The rig and brass studs are damage free. The price for this impressive set includes UK delivery. 20521.

*Scarce* WWII German Wooden Transit Case For 25 Stuck A.Z.23 umg.m.2V Fuses. Sn. 10900. - 10900
This is a scarce German wooden transit case, with its original waterproof tinplate lining to the sides and bottom used to carry 25 of the A.Z.23 umg.m.2V nose fuses used on the German 88mm high explosive shell. This fuse had 2 delays of 0.15 and 0.20 seconds. This wooden case has the original 1939 dated label on inside of the lid. There are two pairs of black hinges, locking catches and recessed fold out carrying handles fitted to the case. The case measures 14.75” x 17.9” x 7” high. Price includes UK delivery. Sn. 10900.

Italian WW2 Era Rare Ammunition Box With 12 Feed Strips, Each Holding 20 Rounds For The Italian 8mm Breda Model 37 and 38 Es Tank And Infantry Machine Guns. O 1328. - O 1328
This is a rare WW2 era wooden ammunition box containing 12 feed strips, some in their original protective grease each holding 20 rounds for the Italian 8mm Breda Modes 37 and 38 Es tank and infantry machine guns. The box is made of wood with steel reinforcement to all the sides and corners. There are two hinges at the top of the container and a swivelling locking clamp at the other side. The lid of the box has a piece of felt to the inside to stop the strips rattling. There are two leather covered rope carrying handles to the top of the box. The feed strips are made of pressed steel and hold 20 rounds of ammunition in each strip. The box retains much of its original grey painted finish. The price includes UK delivery. O 1328.

British WW1 Medium Mark A Whippet Tank, Hotchkiss Machine Gun Ammunition Box, O 1606. - O 1606
This is an original WW1 British Hotchkiss ammunition box for holding the stripper clips for the British .303 Hotchkiss machine gun mark 1* used in the Medium Mark A Whippet tank in 1918. The Hotchkiss air cooled machine gun was the M1909 model in .303 calibre instead of the French 8mm Lebel cartridge. The clips held 30 rounds in the straight pressed steel clips and were used in the Medium Mark A Whippet tanks in the First World War in the .303 Hotchkiss machine gun mark 1* which had no pistol grip and could also use special 3 round linked clips. This ammunition box is made of pressed steel with a removable top and retains most of its original grey finish with a blue band and stencilling. The stencilling reads MARK V TANK MEDIUM MARK A (This was the Whippet tank carrying 4 Hotchkiss .303 machine guns used in the First World War). HOTCHKISS AMMUNITION BOX. There is also a white label inside the lid of the box describing how the box is to be packed. There are 2 leather closure and handling straps at both ends of the box and are in perfect condition. The price for this rare British tank ammunition box includes U.K delivery. O 1606.

**RARE**MINT BORE**Cased, Victorian .470 Calibre Percussion Benchrest Rifle With Heavy Octagonal Barrel & Long Range Vernier Sights As Used By American Civil War Snipers, Many Original Accessories Some Very Rare & Certificate Of Proof. A 583 - A 583
This is a rare to find Victorian, .470 Calibre Percussion Rifle With Heavy Octagonal Barrel. The rifle is cased and supplied with everything the shooter of this rifle would need. These Benchrest rifles, were the sniper rifle of the American Civil War & were so named because they were so heavy that they were easiest to fire with the barrel resting on a bench or other support. These rifles were used for extreme accuracy shooting at any range up to 1000 yards. Bench rest shooting was and still is a very American sport. In the UK at the turn of the 19th century the shooter would be lying on his side with leather slings to support. The browned octagonal steel barrel of our rifle has a round section at the muzzle to accommodate its loading accessory (included). The barrel is 14lb weight and is 32” long attached to the stock by a single steel taper pin. The barrel is numbered 168 (there are no maker or date marks on the rifle). The barrel’s bore is near mint clean & bright with well defined rifling. The rifle measures 45 ¼” overall length when assembled. The stock has a Scheutzen style butt plate and a set trigger, there is no half click position on the hammer (you set the mechanism first by pressing the rear trigger actuating the set trigger the rifle is now set to fire). The rifle’s cocking and firing actions work crisply. The weapon is contained in its wood case with hinged lid. The case has a carry handle, clasp fasteners and 2 locks (keys absent). The inside of the case is contoured to fit the rifle and it's accessories which consist of a set long range Vernier sight, a Hooded foresight with Vernier adjustment for windage, a Bullet starter tool (fits precisely over the smooth front section of barrel), a Powder flask, a Powder funnel (this puts the powder down by the nipple),a Powder dipper, a Bullet seating rod, a Bullet seating tool, a Cleaning rod screwed at one end to fit brushes in the kit, a Plain base bullet mould by Hensel number 11.9,a Hollow base bullet mould by Hensel number 11.95, 2 Nipple keys, a Brass headed hammer, a Bench rest pad for barrel that is tapped and threaded for the screw, Bullet patches, a Selection of cast bullets .470 cal paper patched and lube, a Selection of plastic bottles for pre weighed charges. The rifle is also accompanied by a British Black Powder certificate of Proof dated 30th April 2001 and a list of the aforementioned accessories. The price for this excellent cased piece with accessories includes UK delivery. NB As an antique black powder percussion weapon no licence is required to own this item in the UK if retained as part of a collection or display. A 583
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