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SOLD SOLD (20/10) Early WW2 1940 Nazi German Mauser K98 Bayonet By ‘WKC’ Later Etched Nazi Runes & Panel ‘1 Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler’ (1st SS Panzer Division Hitler’s Bodyguard), Loyalty Motto & 1939 Scabbard By Elite Diamant With Frog BAYO 722 - BAYO 722
An original WW2 K98 rifle bayonet with later etching that makes this a collector’s piece in its own right. The 10" single edged fullered & blued blade is marked by the manufacturer at the ricasso 'WKC’ which is (Weyersberg Kirschbaum & Cie Solingen). The reverse is numbered ‘1631’. The spine is dated ‘40’ (1940). The blade is crisply etched on one side with panel ‘Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler’ incorporating Nazi Runes. The reverse has the Nazi motto ‘Meine Ehre heißt Treue’ translated into English means ‘loyalty is my honour’. The pommel has a blued and etched panel , key within Shield ‘1’ & SS runes insignia of the 1st SS Panzer Division ( the 1st SS Panzer Division (German: 1. SS-Panzerdivision "Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler" began as Adolf Hitler's personal bodyguard, responsible for guarding the Führer's person, offices, and residences. Initially the size of a regiment, it eventually grew into an elite division-sized unit during World War II). The pommel is Waffenamt. The pommel mortice slot is lined with red felt. The steel bayonet release button functions as it should. The bayonet has attractive undamaged 2 tone Camo effect grooved Bakelite grips & has an original black painted steel scabbard. The neck of the scabbard has date ‘39’ (1939) and manufacturer detail ‘Elite Diamant’. It also has number ‘2789’. The scabbard is fitted with an original period leather frog with belt loop and retaining strap with buckle. There are no visible date or manufacturer marks on the frog. All leather and stitching of the frog are clean and intact. The price for this desirable collector’s piece includes UK delivery. BAYO 722

*c1910* Nepalese Kukri with bone handle & Sheath. ED 2540. - ED 2540
*c1910* Inside curved Hunting Dagger with Carved Horn Handle and Sheath. ED 2540. Early 20th Century Nepalese Kukri with bone grip and scabbard. Sharp for use. Total length 15 ¼ “blade length 11 ½ “. The blade is 5cm at its widest point. The functional ornately carved bone handle is 4” from the ricasso to pommel. There is a double choil at the base of the blade. The upper spine of the blade has a nice scalloped style engraving to each side. The original sheath is heavy leather in excellent condition with two upper belt loops. The price includes U.K. delivery. ED 2540.

German Hunting Knife and Scabbard by Gebruder Rauh Grafrath Solingen. ED 2544 - ED 2544
This is a nice Inter War by Gebruder Rauh Grafrath Solingen who were best known for cut throat razors. The knife has a 5 inch single edged blade with a short false top edge and is marked to the blade with the makers monogram and Gebruder Rauh Grafrath Solgingen. The crossguard is made of steel with ball finials and the grip is made of bone, carved on one side with two running stags. The scabbard is made of white metal and leather with a belt attachment or frog stud to the top mount. The price includes U.K. delivery. ED 2544

WW2 1942 Nazi German ‘duv’ Berliner-Luebecker Maschinenfabrik, Luebeck Plant 27mm Trench/ Flare Signal Pistol With Leather Holster, Clearing Rod & 2 x WW2 Dated Inert Deactivated Rauchspurpatrone Flare Cartridges (Blau (Blue) 1941, Rot (Red) 1944). D 145 - D 1459
This is a nice WW2 Nazi German 27mm Trench/ Flare Signal Pistol. Aluminium frame pistol has no signs of damage or repair and is ‘in the white’. It has great condition undamaged original black chequered bakelite grips. It's break action works as it should & it cocks and dry fires crisply. It is complete with it's original military lanyard ring. The frame is stamped with the Nazi maker code ‘duv’ (Berliner-Luebecker Maschinenfabrik, Luebeck Plant) together with ‘42’ (1942 date). The frame has number ‘2113C’. The pistol is crisply Waffenamt and has Nazi German army /heer acceptance stamps. The pistol is complete with original black leather holster with full flap cover, retaining strap, 2 rear belt loops with hanging rings and clearing rod which is held in a purpose made carrier on the front aspect of the holster. There are no visible maker or date marks on the holster. The leather and stitching of the holster are in excellent condition. The pistol is accompanied by Two WW2 Dated Inert Deactivated Rauchspurpatrone Flare Cartridges (Blau (Blue) 1941 Rot (Red) 1944. The price includes 2015 UK deactivation certificate and UK delivery (NB UK deactivated flare/ signalling pistols do not need to be re proofed to the new UK/EU specification. D 1459

*Silver Mounted’ ‘Koval Sheffield’ Skinning Knife. ED 2546. - ED 2546
A lovely skinning knife by ‘koval’ made in Sheffield England. Blade length 4” with a stunning polished horn handle with a ‘hoof’ shaped pommel in sterling silver with ornate metal work. Just above the silver finger guard is some more ornate hallmarked silver. The handle is secured by a metal pin. The blade is engraved ‘Koval – Sheffield England’. The sheath is thick brown leather with more ornate carving and an upper belt loop. The silver is hallmarked ‘SB over HB’ by Samuel Biggin & Son, 42 Cambridge St, Sheffield. A lovely knife and sheath. The price includes U.K. delivery. ED 2546.

SOLD SOLD (25/10) WW2 1943 Nazi German Walther (ac) 27mm Trench Signal / Flare Pistol & 2 x Inert deactivated Flares Rauchspurpatrone Flare Cartridges (Rot / Red 1944 Green 1940) . D 1470 - D 1470
This is an original WW2 Nazi German Signal / Flare Pistol. Made of Aluminium it has undamaged black bakelite grips. It is fitted with military lanyard ring and it's break action and firing mechanism work crisply (deactivated to UK specification in 2003). The frame bears the number '3314' together with 'ac' which is the Nazi German Wartime manufacturer's code for Walther. The pistol is accompanied by Two WW2 Dated Inert Deactivated Rauchspurpatrone Flare Cartridges (Green 1940 Red 1944). The price includes UK deactivation certificate and UK delivery (NB UK deactivated flare/ signalling pistols do not need to be re proofed to the new UK/EU specification). D 1470

Inter War / WW2 era German Gerard Landlicht 4x Magnification Sniper Telescopic Sight For Mauser G98 & K98 Rifles With Leather Lens Protector Covers. Sn 18787 - 18787
The German Gerard optics company was a separate scope manufacturer from a Landlicht. Gerard was producing optics beginning in 1908. Landlicht purchased Gerard in the early 1920s and soon added both names to their scopes. This is a very good original WW2 era German Gerard Landlight 4x Sniper Telescopic Sight for Mauser Gewehr98 and K98 rifles. The sight is undamaged and the optics with 3 post reticle function as they should. The blued steel tube is marked "Gerard Landlight” above ‘G’. One side of the elevation adjustment dial base is numbered ‘54721’. The scope measures 10” overall length. It is fitted with original period Akah DRGM (Deutsches Reich Gebrauchs Muster German Copyright / Patent) marked mount. The scope has its original, period, leather lens protector covers. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 18787

**RARE**1930’s Polish Army Marked (WP Wojsko Polskie) Karabinek WZ.24 (Model 1924) Polish Mauser Rifle Knife Bayonet By Perkun Society Of Motors Factory, Scabbard & Leather Frog. Sn 18933 - 18933
The Karabinek (Polish: carbine) was a bolt-action short rifle based on the German Mauser Kar98. The Polish Karabinek Mauser rifles were in service with the Polish Army in the 1930’s until the start of WW2. The rifles were equipped with a Polish made knife bayonet similar in design to Mauser bayonets. This is a rare original Polish Model 1924 Karabinek/ Mauser knife bayonet (see page 241 item 541 of the bayonet Book by Watts & White). It's 9 ¾” single edged fullered blade is undamaged with just light staining consistent with age. The ricasso is crisply stamped by the Polish manufacturer on one side 'Perkun' (Society of the Motors Factory Perkun) , number 118252 and ‘s’ within square inspection mark. The reverse has the Polish Eagle mark and 'W.P' Polish Army mark (W.P. (Wojsko Polskie - Polish Army). The pommel is stamped with model detail ‘bg.wz 24’. The steel release button works as it should. The bayonet measures 15" overall. It's slab wood grips are undamaged with just the bumps and bruises consistent with age and correctly secured by 2 screw bolts. It is complete with steel scabbard with ball end and steel locket. One side of the throat has number 1651j. The other side has unreadable indistinct rubbed letters or numbers. The scabbard has some dents. The scabbard is fitted with a period brown leather frog. The leather and stitching have areas of service wear. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 18933

SOLD SOLD (21/10) WW2 Era Italian Fascist MVSN (Milizia Voluntaria Sicurezza Nationale) Leaders Alloy Eagle’s Head Hilt Dagger With Fascist Device & Scabbard With Original Hangers & SPQR Marked Clip. Sn 18929 - 18929
This is an original WW2 era Italian MVSN Leader’s Dagger & Scabbard. It measures 12 ¼” overall. It has an alloy Eagle’s head hilt with black bakelite inserts on the left and right sides. One insert has an inlaid brass fascist device. The hilt has an integral curved finger guard. The hilt retains its original factory nickel plating. The 7 ¾” polished steel blade is clean & undamaged. The knife is complete with its excellent original black alloy scabbard with plated furniture & 2 hanging rings. The rings are mounted with original copper linked ringed hangers with brass plate ‘M’ device of the Milizia Voluntaria Sicurezza Nationale. Attached to the ‘M’ device is a sprung clip embossed with Roman Eagle and motto SPQR (an abbreviation for Senātus Populusque R!3;mānus or “The Senate and People of Rome" the emblematic abbreviated phrase referring to the government of the ancient Roman Republic). The price includes UK delivery. Sn 18929

**VERY LARGE**Inter War Era German Geco (Genschow & Co Berlin) Folding Bowie Knife With Stag Antler Grips, German Silver Fittings & Leather Scabbard. Sn 18927 - 18927
The German company Genschow & Co emerged from the Badische detonator, primer and ammunition factory Ernst Schreiner founded in 1898 by ammunition manufacturer Ernst Schreiner , who sold the company to Gustav Genschow in 1903. Genschow put this together with the Badische Schrot- und Gewehrpfropfenfabrik GmbH from Durlach . The Badische Munitionsfabrik GmbH emerged from the two companies , which was incorporated into Gustav Genschow & Co (GECO) in 1906 . The Company’s registered office was in Berlin. During the First World War , the company expanded, the workforce grew from 178 to around 700 employees. Due to the greatly reduced demand after the war, Genschow was able to keep afloat with the manufacture of hunting weapons as well as hunting and sports ammunition. It was only with the beginning of remilitarization by the National Socialists and the outbreak of the Second World War that the entrepreneurial boom succeeded and GECO was able to grow into an important armaments company. This is an excellent extra large folding Bowie Knife by Geco. It is 12 ¾” overall length when folded & in its original leather open top scabbard. The knife's 10 ¼” blade is undamaged and has just light areas of staining consistent with age. The blade is crisply marked on one side with the manufacturer’s trademark ‘Geco’. It has attractive thick Stag Antler scales which are in great condition secured by brass pins. It has German Silver bolsters. One bolster has a hinged release lever for opening and closing the blade. When fully extended the knife measures 15” overall. One scale is mounted with a void German Silver shield. The knife is complete with original open top brown leather scabbard which has an integral single leather belt loop stitched to the rear of the throat. It has a German Silver chape with ball end. All leather & stitching of the scabbard are clean & intact. The price for this impressive folding Bowie includes UK Delivery. Sn 18927

WW2 1942 Nazi German 1st Type P38 9mm Semi Automatic Pistol Dark Brown Leather Hard Case Holster Marked With Nazi Code ‘jhg’ (Gustav Genschow & Co Westerwald) & Waffenamt ‘a286’ (Carl Ackva Bad-Kreuznach). Sn 18925 - 18925
An original WW2 dated 1st type P38 Nazi German holster made of dark brown cow hide (see page 185 of German Pistols & holsters 1934-1945 Vol 1 By Whittington). The top is secured with a leather strap which passes through a riveted plate with bar on the body of the holster and riveted plate on the lid. The holster has a magazine carrier stitched to the right aspect. The reverse of the holster has two leather belt loops. The outside of the holster has nice original patina. All of the stitching is in good secure condition. On the inside of the holster it retains the leather 'pull' strap. The rear of the holster is faintly stamped with Nazi wartime Code ‘jhg’ (Gustav Genschow & Co Westerwald) & Waffenamt ‘a286’ (Carl Ackva Bad-Kreuznach) together with date stamp ‘42’ (1942). The price includes UK delivery. Sn 18925

SOLD SOLD (25/10) **AS FOUND**DISPLAY ONLY** 1885 RIC (Royal Irish Constabulary) British WD MK II Enfield Martini Henry 577x450 Obsolete Centre Fire Calibre Carbine. A 1083 - A 1083
The armed Royal Irish Constabulary (RIC) was Ireland's major police force from the early nineteenth century until the partition of Ireland in 1922. The loyalty of the Irish Constabulary during the outbreak of the 1867 'Republican Rising' was rewarded by Queen Victoria who granted the force the prefix 'Royal' in 1867. The RIC was disbanded in 1922 and replaced by the Garda Síochána south of the new border, and the Royal Ulster Constabulary to its north. This is an original example of the MK II Martini Henry Artillery Carbine in .577x 450 calibre put into RIC service after British Military use. The right side of the action is faintly stamped 1885 with 'Crown VR' and ‘II above 2’ Mark II designation. The metal work has WD with broad arrow inspection marks. The woodwork is all original and has the knocks bumps and bruises consistent with years of military and police service. It’s bore has residue and staining consistent with age and use. The rifling is crisp. It is complete with original bayonet bar, sling swivels, steel butt plate, cleaning rod, block and blade fore sight & ladder rear sight. The carbine measures 38” overall length. The stock is fitted with a brass disc, stamped 'R.I.C' to the Royal Irish Constabulary together with number '3604' (illustrated). The stock is stamped with a British WD roundel, '2' designation and numbers (illustrated). The rifle cocks and dry fires but at some point in its life when sold out of service the breech has been cut making it suitable for display only. The price for this carbine, a piece of Irish policing history includes UK delivery. NB As an obsolete calibre, antique firearm no licence is required to own this item in the UK if retained as part of a collection or display. A 1083
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