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Pre 1906 Imperial Prussian Carl Eickhorn Solingen Model 1899 Infantry Officer’s Private Purchase Sword With Kaiser Wilhelm II Badge Device On Hilt & Scabbard. ED 2663 - ED 2663
Following the unification of Germany in 1871 under the Prussian King, most of the smaller German states were adsorbed into the Prussian army and adopted their military system. The larger armies of kingdoms of Bavaria, Saxony and Württemberg retained characteristics of their uniform and heraldry. Hence in 1889, when new sword patterns were produced for the German army, some state variation was still tolerated. A degree of consistency can be found in scabbard forms however, with those between 1889 and 1906 being nickel plated and those produced after 1906 being painted black or chemically blued. The sword is almost like a miniaturised Kurassier's sword, with a long, straight, spear-pointed blade, and cocked grip. The blade is usually doubled fullered but single fullered or even flat bladed versions existed. Issue examples have a fixed, decorative, semi-basket guard, whereas private purchase versions often had folding guards. The guards contains a Prussian Eagle and this, or the royal cypher of Kaiser Wilhelm II, was usually applied to the grip. This is a nice original Imperial Prussian Infantry Officer’s private purchase Model 1889 sword. The sword has the correct brass knuckle bow and has Prussian Eagle on a folding langet indicating private purchase. It has an undamaged ribbed and wire bound polished horn grip. One side of the grip is mounted with the correct brass royal cypher device of Kaiser Wilhelm II. The hilt has original leather washers. The sword measures 32 ¾” overall and its 38 ¾” spear point blade with double fullers is clean. The blade is marked with the back to back squirrels above C.E. trademark of Carl Eickhorn Solingen. The sword is complete with its original steel scabbard. The scabbard has a single hanging ring and fixed belt bar. The scabbard has no dents & retains traces of original nickel plating indicating pre 1906 manufacture. The price for this attractive Prussian sword includes UK delivery. ED 2663

Vietnam War Era US Army Marine Corps (USMC) JAC-27 Helicopter Pilot’s Jacket With Formation Patches. U 381 - U 381
This is an original Vietnam war era USMC JAC-27 helicopter pilot’s jacket. The jacket is made of 100% olive green nylon which naturally faded in areas with age. It has 2 large map pockets and a smaller pocket on one sleeve. The jacket has a soft stand-up collar with buttons . It has soft cuffs at the sleeves, elasticated waist band. And full zip which works as it should. This jacket has been lightly worn and is in good condition. The inside of the jacket has a clean label with designation ‘Jacket Helicopter Military Style No. JAC-27’. It also has product information, stores and contact numbers and size ‘Large’ (all illustrated). The jacket is stitch mounted with 4 original colourful cloth formation patches ‘USMC’(badge of the Corps) ‘Airborne above Eagle’s head and wings’, ‘Eagle Winged Helicopter’ & USA Flag. The jacket is approx. UK men’s size 44” Chest. All material is clean and intact. The price includes UK delivery. U 381

C1970’s / 1980’s Northern Ireland ‘Troubles’ & Falklands War Era British SAS Ventile Windproof Hooded Camouflaged Smock. U 382 - U 382
These Camo sniper smocks were used by Special Air Service during the 1970’s & 1980’s and issued to SAS troops during the Northern Ireland ‘troubles’ & Falklands war. This example is in clean lightly worn condition. All fastenings, velcro and zippers are in good order. It has Four pockets on the front plus one on 1 sleeve. Its stand up collar with hood has correct draw strings. The inside of the smock has a nice label with SAS ventile smock designation, stores code, cleaning instructions & size 180 (cms height 5’ 10”) & 104 (cms 41” chest). The price includes UK delivery. U 382

SOLD SOLD (13/08) ’s British & United Nations (UN) Peacekeeping Forces Armoured Fighting Vehicle Crew Combat Helmet With Camouflage Cover, UN Blue Cover, UN Blue Beret By Compton Webb Ltd With Badge & British WD Labelled Carry Bag By Amplivox. HE 846 - HE 846
This is an original collection of British WD / UN peacekeeping items all found together in the WD labelled carry bag. The Armoured Fighting Vehicle Crew Combat Helmet with liner & chin strap has no damage and is clean. The helmet comes with removable cloth camo cover and UN peacekeeping forces blue cover marked to the front and rear with ‘UN’ in large white letters. The beret is mounted with metal UN badge. The blue cloth beret is clean with no damage and has its original label ‘59’ size (UK size 7 ¼) together with British maker detail Compton Webb Ltd & stores code (illustrated). All are contained in the heavy duty British WD labelled dark green waxed material carry bag by Amplivox Ltd which has no tears / damage and has carry handles and draw string top. The price includes UK delivery. HE 846

C1990’s Iraqi Desert Storm Era British Nato Tropical Desert Sand Camouflage Combat Jacket With British Para Jump Wings & Formation Patch Insignia. U 383 - U 383
These C1990’s Tropical Combat jackets were issued to British / NATO troops during the Iraqi wars. This example in correct lightweight cotton material has no damage or mothing and is clean apart from some light storage staining. It has the correct flap pockets and buttoned cuffs. All of the original lightweight nylon buttons are present. The inside of the smock has a nice label with ‘Jacket combat tropical desert dp’ designation, NATO stores code, cleaning instructions & size 180 (cms height 5’ 10”) & 104 (cms 41” chest). One sleeve has cloth British para jump wings above formation patch. The other sleeve has cloth British Union flag above formation patch (illustrated). The price for this combat jacket worthy of further research regarding the formation patches includes UK delivery. U 383

**RARE**WW2 Era Nazi German Mauser HSc 7.65mm Semi-Automatic Pistol. D 1516. - D 1516
The Mauser HSc is a 7.65mm pistol made in Nazi Germany during World War II at Mauser's Oberndorf factory (see pages 35 to 40 of Axis pistols by Still). The designation HSc stood for Hahn Selbstspanner ("self-cocking hammer") Pistole, third and final design "C". The German Army began HSc procurement with an initial order in early 1941 & production ended with the capture of the Oberndorf area by Allied troops in late April 1945. After the area was given to the French production resumed for French use and was concluded in 1946. This is an excellent rare to find Nazi made HSc Pistol. It's metal work and wood grips are in great condition. The left side of the slide is marked with the correct 'Mauser-Werke A.G Oberndorf a. N' factory designation together with Mauser cartouche and 'Mod. HSc' & 'Kal.7.65mm' Calibre detail. The grip strap is stamped with serial number '744497'. The pistol’s trigger guard is Waffenamt, The reverse has Eagle inspection mark. Deactivated to UK specification in 2017, the pistol cocks and dry fires as it should and its magazine can be removed. There are no marks on the magazine.Currently the pistol strips, cocks and dry fires. The price includes deactivation certificate and UK delivery**we can arrange for this firearm to be brought up to the latest UK/EU specification for UK customers (customers can purchase on our lay-away scheme. The weapon will then be brought up to EU specification and the relevant certificate obtained prior to the transfer of ownership and delivery). D 1516.

**Scarce** German 2nd Type M1884/98 Bayonet with Sawback Blade & Metal Scabbard with Brass Letters on the Grip. BAYO 6290. - BAYO 6290
This is the 2nd model of the M1884/98 with a flash guard and new pommel shape. The blade has the trademark of 'Gottlieb Hammesfahr-Solingen-Foche’ with a pyramid and cross logo. The grips have brass letters "SLII" affixed to one side which presumably was a personalisation by the soldier to denote his regimental allegiance. They are contemporary to the piece and are very attractive. The pommel and cross guard are lightly pitted but this does not detract from the overall appearance. This is a scarce bayonet from WWI. (See White & Watts 'Bayonet Book' Pages 115 & 129 item 286). The price includes UK delivery. BAYO 6290. (Box 2)

*Excellent Condition** WWI Dated German S98/05 u A Bayonet by ‘Carl Eickhorn-Solingen’ & Metal Scabbard. BAYO 6291. - BAYO 6291
This is a standard S98/05 bayonet with a plain 14 ½ " fullered, polished ‘immaculate’ steel blade. It has a flash guard and no muzzle ring. It was made by Carl Eickhorn, Solingen and is stamped with their Trademark on the blade. It was made in 1917 and carries the Crown over "W" over "17" plus an inspection mark on the top edge of the blade. There is also an inspection mark on the pommel and another on the crossguard. The unmarked wooden grips are held with two pins. The scabbard is all steel and has minor dents to both sides. It is marked ‘Waffenfabrik-Mauser A G-Oberndcrf An’ ‘2860’. The price includes UK delivery. BAYO 6291. (Box 2)

Norwegian 1894/M1 Krag Bayonet, Scabbard & Frog. BAYO 275. - BAYO 275
A converted Norwegian 1894/M1 Krag bayonet made by converting the Krag 1894 bayonet, scabbard and frog. The bayonet was made by converting the Krag 1894 bayonet from the 1950's by welding a muzzle ring to the cross guard. This was done in the 1950's when Norway, like the Dutch and many other countries were being supplied by the U.S.A. The bayonet has a 8 1/2" long single edged blade which has inspection stamps at the ricasso. It has a stepped muzzle ring welded to the cross guard and also has a push button to release the bayonet from the scabbard, as can be seen in one of the photographs. It has smooth wood grips secured with one screw bolt. The scabbard is the correct scabbard for the bayonet and is steel, painted black. It has a catch to secure the bayonet. The green webbing frog is riveted to the top of the scabbard and is stitched to form a belt loop and it also has a wire belt clip in the US style. The bayonet, scabbard and frog are all in very good condition. (See 'An Illustrated History of Bayonets' Book by Martin Brayley, Page 176 and pages 230 & 238, Item 534 in White and Watts ‘The Bayonet Book’). The price includes UK delivery. BAYO 275.

Victorian English Thomas Renshaw & Son Sheffield ‘Stand’ Trademark Spear Point Bowie Knife with Stag Antler Scales & Leather Scabbard. Sn 19837 - 19837
The Sheffield cutlery firm Thomas Renshaw & Son was founded C1840. The founder Thomas Renshaw was born around 1815. Little is known about his company who used the Trademark ‘Stand’ named after their factory known as ‘The Stand Works’. Thomas died in 1893 leaving 2 sons one of whom William was Manager of the Stand works. Renshaw’s was no longer listed in local directories after 1900 (see page 252 of the Sheffield Knife Book by Tweedale). This Victorian Renshaw & Sons Sheffield ’ Stand’ trademark Bowie Knife has a clean 8” polished steel blade with medial ridge. One side of the blade is crisply signed ‘Stand, above T. Renshaw & Son Sheffield’. It has a brass finger guard and stag antler scales secured by pins. It measures 12 ¾” overall length. The brown leather open top scabbard is clean with all leather and stitching intact. The front rear of the scabbard has a single belt loop. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 19837

AKM 74 NBV Bayonet and Scabbard with Matching Numbers. BAYO 83. - BAYO 83
Introduced in 1983, the AK74 bayonet improved upon the earlier AKM bayonets. Improvements in plastics technology enabled a return to the one-piece moulded plastic grip. This grip has a stippled non-slip surface, with concentric ridges that serve as finger grooves. The grip also incorporates a plastic version of the squared-off Type II pommel. The retention straps of the earlier bayonets were deemed to be unnecessary. The AK74 introduced a radical blade cross-section, that has a flat milled on one side near the edge and a corresponding flat milled on the opposite side near the false edge. The blade has a spear point and the usual hole for use as a wire-cutter. The scabbard is similar to the Type II scabbard.Russian made AKM 74 Bayonet for Bulgaria, called: Model AKM 74 NBV. The serial number: 8675 is printed on the crossguard. It has a saw-back blade with a wire cutter opening. Black plastic grip with three ribs, marked on the crossguard with a Bulgarian Arsenal mark of 10 in a double circle and 1-2 on the pommel. Crossguard with muzzle ring. MRD; 17,5 mm. With a matching black plastic scabbard marked 10 in a double circle and 1-2. White ink stamps 1 and 10. It has a wire cutter provision at the base. Marked 10 in a double circle marking. It has an undamaged black leather belt with retaining strap attached to the scabbard. The price includes UK delivery BAYO 83.

Australian Owen MK I Bayonet Made at Lithgow In 1952 With Wooden Grips Marked SLAZ 52 & Leather Scabbard. Sn 10880:20. - 10880:20
An Australian Owen MK I bayonet made at Lithgow in 1952 with wooden grips marked "SLAZ 52" and complete with a leather scabbard. The bayonet has a Parkerised single edged blade which is fullered. The blade measures 10". The waisted cross guard is straight with a muzzle ring. The ricasso is stamped on one side with "X A52" and on the other side with the War department 'Crows Foot' and "53". The slab wood grips are secured with two screw bolts and both are stamped with "SLAZ 52". The pommel has a cleaning hole and release push button which operates smoothly. The bayonet is complete with a leather scabbard with steel locket and chape which is in very good condition and is stamped with "OA". (see pages 279 item A13, in Skennerton's British & Commonwealth Bayonet Book). The price includes UK delivery. Sn 10880:20.
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