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1831 – 1834 English, Gameson & Co London, 90 Bore Over & Under Double Barrelled Revolving ‘Turn Over’ Percussion Pocket Pistol With Screw Off Barrels & Concealed Trigger. Sn 20126 - 20126
David & Joseph Gameson were English London based gunmakers. Between 1831 & 1834 they were operating as Gameson & Co at 67 Threadneedle Street, London (see page 161 of British gunmakers Vol.1 By Brown). This is a nice English turn over percussion pistol by Gameson & Co The pistol has a steel Dolphin hammer, concealed folding trigger guard and round screw off steel barrels. The action hammer and barrels have tooled foliate decoration. One side of the action is signed ‘Gameson & Co’ the other side ‘London’. The pistol features a nice safety feature forward of the trigger which consists of a hooked flange which prevents the percussion cap on the unfired bottom barrel from being struck by accident. It has an attractive bag shaped Walnut grip with chequered panels, German silver butt cap and inlaid oval escutcheon. The pistol’s barrels are numbered ‘1’ & ‘2’. The pistol measures 5 ¾” overall & has 1 ½” turn off steel barrels (the muzzle of each barrel is slotted for tool to assist turn off. The tool is absent but the barrels can be turned off by hand). The smooth bores of each barrel are clean. The cocking & firing actions work crisply. The price includes UK delivery. NB No licence is required to own this antique percussion pistol in the UK if retained as part of a collection or display. Sn 20126

**MINT BORE**Remington USA 1879 Contract Argentine ‘Modelo Argentino 1879 EN (Ejercito Nacional /National Army)’ Rolling Block .43 Spanish Obsolete Centre Fire Calibre Infantry Rifle. Sn 20127 - 20127
An excellent Remington Argentine military contract 'Rolling Block' infantry rifle in .43 Spanish Obsolete Centre Fire Calibre. The Remington Rolling Block rifle was a breech-loading rifle produced from the mid-1860s into the early 20th century by E. Remington and Sons (later Remington Arms Company). The action was extremely strong, and could easily withstand the increased pressure of the new smokeless powders coming into use by the late 1880s. This example in 43 Spanish calibre was no doubt an Argentine Government contract weapon. These rifles were designated ‘Modelo Argentino 1879 EN’. It has a 34 ½” barrel (51 ½” overall). The barrel's rifled bore is near mint clean & bright with crisp rifling. The rifle has an external hammer, bayonet bar, sling swivels, block and blade fore sight and ladder rear sight. The woodwork and metal work are both undamaged. The woodwork has only the minor bumps and bruises from normal use which is to be expected of a weapon of this age and the metal has excellent blue finish. The action tang has Remington’s patents. It's loading and firing actions work crisply. The price includes UK delivery. As an antique obsolete calibre rifle no licence is required to own this item in the UK if retained as part of a collection or display. Sn 20127

Kings Crown Police Presentation, Hand Decorated Truncheon to Dunfermline City Police. Sn 10728. - Sn 10728
A Kings Crown police presentation, hand decorated truncheon to Dunfermline City Police. George V was King of the United Kingdom and the British Dominions, and Emperor of India, from 6 May 1910 until his death in 1936. In 1856 the burgh of Dunfermline resolved to use the title of "city" in all official documents in the future, based on long usage and its former status as a royal capital. This then made the Dunfermline police the Dunfermline City Police. In the late 1990s, the UK government and the Scottish Executive re-examined the definition of a city and produced a list of "approved cities", from which several traditional Scottish cities, including Dunfermline. were omitted. The truncheon is made from a hard wood and varnished. It is hand decorated straight onto the varnish. The top has the Kings Crown in gold, red, green and white and below this "GR" (King George) in gold. Below this is the Dunfermline Crest in gold and red with "Dunfermline City Police in Gold lettering. The truncheon has a broad five groove grip. It is very good condition, the decoration is clear. The truncheon measures 15" long. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 10728.

Original, WW1 Era Aircraft Teak Propeller Boss / Hub Fitted With A Period Barometer By ‘OC’ & Converted For Mantle Or Desk Feature Piece With Commemorative Plaque Inscribed ‘World War 1 1914-1918 W.E. Harker No. 103107 2nd AM RFC'. Sn 15184. - Sn 15184
This is an excellent WW1 era Aircraft Propeller Boss period converted desk or mantle barometer. The original laminated teak propeller boss is undamaged and measures 9 ¾” x 8” x 4”. The centre of the boss snugly houses the original period barometer with glazed, silvered face and silvered dial. The face is marked ‘British Made’ and has a manufacturer’s mark ‘OC’ either side of an anchor motif. The Boss has its original aircraft mounting holes fitted with precision made teak bolts to simulate the original steel bolts that would have secured the boss to an aircraft. The rear of the boss is impressed ‘W.E. Harker’. The bioss is mounted on a matching teak stand with 4 contoured pillars. The front of the stand has a brass plaque inscribed ‘World War 1 1914-1918 W.E. Harker No. 103107 2nd AM (Air Ministry) RFC (Royal Flying Corps)’. The boss with stand measures 11 ¼” x 4 ¾” x 10 ½”. The price for this WW1 aviation piece worthy of further research includes UK delivery. Sn 15184.

**MINT BORE**1891 Winchester USA Model 1886 Lever Action .40-82 WCF Obsolete Calibre 'Buffalo' Rifle With Octagonal Barrel & Full Length Tube Magazine. Sn 20128 - 20128
The Winchester Model 1886 was a lever-action repeating rifle designed by John Browning to handle some of the more powerful cartridges of the period such as the Black powder 'Buffalo' round & as was favoured for hunting large game such as Grizzly Bear, Bull Elk and Bison. This is a rare, very good, original example of the Model 1886 chambered in UK Obsolete .40-82 WCF (Winchester Centre Fire). The .40.82 WCF round has a higher muzzle velocity than many other black powder cartridges and gained a favourable reputation for hunting large game (see page 128 of the book ‘Cartridges Of The World’ by Barnes). The rifle has a 26" octagonal barrel & measures a large 45" overall. The top of the barrel is stamped with calibre detail 40-82 WCF. The barrel’s bore has is near mint clean and bright with crisp rifling. It has all original Walnut woodwork and metal with even patina throughout. The breech tang is crisply stamped 'Model 1886' and the top of the barrel is stamped ' Manufactured by the Winchester Repeating Arms Co New Haven, Conn USA'. The underside of the action has crisp 1884 & 1885 patent detail. The weapon is serial number 57971 which dates its manufacture to 1891. It has a 'buckhorn' rear sight, steel butt plate and full length 9 round tube magazine. It's lever, loading and firing actions work crisply. The price includes UK delivery. NB As an antique obsolete calibre rifle no licence is required to own this item in the UK if retained as part of a collection or display. Sn 20128

Excellent Original British Police 1920's Wootton Lantern By Smiths of Cricklewood. Sn 13907:39. - 13907:39
An excellent condition British Police 1920's Wootton Lantern by Smiths of Cricklewwod. Batteries have been around since 1800 but these were bulky and used a liquid acid as an electrolyte and therefore were impractical for use in any hand-held light. What was to be called the dry cell battery came into being around 1880 but was still too bulky to be considered for use in a convenient personal-use light. In 1887, a true dry cell battery was invented. The dry cell did not require a liquid acid as electrolyte and therefore was “dry”, and so the name. The lamp itself was designed by George Arthur Henry Wootton who was the Assistant (Chief) Engineer of the Metropolitan Police in the 1920s. The patent carries the date of 23rd November, 1922. This lamp was powered by an accumulator of 2 volts and the lens was able to be focused by turning the metal ring around the lens. The lamps were used mainly by police. The manufacturer of these lamps, Smith’s and Son was situated in Cricklewood. The lamp is in very good undamaged condition. The top is released by pushing a button on the side, see one of the photographs. On the top is a rotating on off switch which operates smoothly. There is a compartment in the front under the lens which holds a spare bulb, which is present. The light can be focused by twisting the lens cover on the front, this rotates as it should and the lenses moves forward and back to focus as it should. The bulb in the lamp is also present. There is a manufacturer's plate on the front with "Patent No 201089/22 (1922) Smiths British manfcr The Wootton Lantern". There is also a small push button to the side of the lenses. On the reverse it has two fold out brass handles which open and close smoothly. The bottom has "The Wootton Lantern Patent No 201089 Ser no 62923 sole manufactures S Smith & Sons (Ma) Ltd Cricklewood London". The lantern retains about 80% of the original black paint. It is undamaged. The price includes UK delivery. 13907:39.

**MINT BORE**1880 American Winchester Model 1876 Lever Action .45-75 Winchester Centre Fire Calibre Buffalo / Big Game Hunting Rifle. Sn 20129 - 20129
The Winchester Model 1876 was a heavier-framed rifle than the Model 1866 or Model 1873 and was the first to be chambered for full-powered centre fire rifle cartridges, as opposed to rim fire cartridges or handgun-sized centre fire rounds. The .45-75 Winchester is a centerfire rifle cartridge developed in 1876 for the newly designed Winchester Model 1876 lever-action rifle. Winchester Repeating Arms Company introduced the rifle and cartridge at the United States Centennial Exposition. The Model 1876 rifle used an enlarged version of the famous Winchester Model 1873 action to offer a lever-action repeating rifle using cartridges suitable for big-game hunting. The cartridge and rifle enjoyed brief popularity with Gilded Age American hunters including Theodore Roosevelt, and was issued to the Canadian North-West Mounted Police and to Texas Rangers. This is an excellent original example of the 1876 lever action rifle in the large 45-75 Winchester centre fire calibre. It has a 28” barrel which has a near mint bore, clean and bright with crisp rifling & measures 49" overall length. It has all original Walnut woodwork and blued metal work with original finish. The breech tang is crisply stamped 'Model 1876' and the top of the barrel is stamped 'Winchester Repeating Arms Co New Haven CT King’s Improvement Patented March 29 1866 October 16 1860’ (the patent refers to a convenient new type of loading gate, devised by Winchester plant superintendent Nelson King ‘King’s Improvement’). The weapon is serial number 13436 which dates its manufacture to 1880. It has an adjustable flip up graduated rear sight, blade foresight , steel butt plate with brass sliding trap, steel fore end block, sliding breech dust cover and full length tube magazine. It's lever, loading and firing actions work crisply. The price includes UK delivery. NB As an antique obsolete calibre rifle no licence is required to own this item in the UK if retained as part of a collection or display. Sn 20129

Early 20th Century, Cased, British J. Halden & Co Manchester & London Brass 2 Draw Telescope with Period Wood Desk / Table Stand. Sn 14978. - Sn 14978
J. Halden & Co. Ltd were producers of a range of drawing and surveying instruments and other office materials and had offices at 8 Albert Square, Manchester, London, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Birmingham, Glasgow, Leeds, with their manufacturing base at Rowsley Works in Reddish, Stockport. The business was started by Joseph Halden in partnership with A.G. Thornton in 1878 as a wholesale drawing material importer and mounting paper manufacturer. However, by the 1880s, A.G. Thornton had left the business and moved to his own premises which were based on Deansgate. The company continued producing optical instruments through both World wars and into the 1960’s. The companywas finally taken over in 1969 by the Ozalid Group, which was started as part of the German company Kalle in 1928. This is a very good cased table telescope by J.Halden & Co made in the early 20th Century with original period wood Table clamp / stand. The optics of the telescope are excellent and clear. When mounted in its extended position it is 28 ¾” in length. The brass telescope has a copper sun shade and sliding protective cover on the eyepiece. The scope is crisply engraved near to the eye piece ‘J.Halden & Co Manchester & London’. The stand has a turn screw fitting which attaches securely to the edge of a table or desk. The top of the clamp has a steel wing nut and screw which can be tightened as desired to direct the telescope vertically. The top of the wood clamp fits snugly into the brass mounting bracket of the telescope. When attached to the clamp the telescope rotates freely 360 degrees. When not in use the telescope and stand fits into its wooden case with hinged lid fixed carry handle and hook fasteners. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 14978.

WW2 1940 Leather & Webbing Air Drop Valise To Leiut CoL A.C. Newman VC No 2. Commando, Irvine. MISC 871. - MISC 871
This is an original British WW2 1940 dated air drop Valise constructed from hide & webbing. The valise has a leather carrying handle and a padlock staple on the rear of the bag to secure it. The bag is stamped on the back of the top leather 1940 (1940 date) and a large WD crowfoot. There is also a large black WD crowfoot stencilled in black on the front of the canvas bag. The bag has contemporary painted grey square on the front named to LIEUT. COL A.C. NEWMAN No 2. COMMANDO IRVINE. The bag also has a red painted AE near the top flap on the front. This type of bag was used in air drops due to the ruggedness of its construction to carry maps, plans and other essential kit. Lieutenant Colonel Augustus Charles Newman attached to No. 2 Commando during the Second World War and on the 28 March 1942 in the attack on St. Nazaire, France, Lieutenant Colonel Newman was in charge of the military forces and he was one of the first ashore, leading his men and directing operations quite regardless of his own safety. Under his inspiring leadership the troops fought magnificently and held vastly superior numbers of the enemy at bay until the demolition parties had done their work. The colonel then attempted to fight through into open country and not until all the ammunition was spent were he and his men overwhelmed and taken prisoner. Newman was later awarded the Victoria Cross for his part. This bag is worthy of further research and the price includes U.K delivery. MISC 871.

Nazi German 1937 & WW2 1940 Dated German Military / Hitler Youth Leather Trimmed Waxed Khaki Canvas Haversack by Bernard Meyer Gronau. Sn 8341. - Sn 8341
This is an original WW2 era German Military / Hitler Youth Haversack. The Haversack has alloy bars and studs some marked with manufacturer’s combined ‘WG’ mark and Leather shoulder straps with buckles. The Haversack has leather reinforced edges. The rear top edging is dated ‘1940 together with manufacturer detail ‘Bernard Meyer Gronau’ together with contemporary hand written ink names (illustrated) . The Bergen is made of khaki waxed canvas. The Haversack folds open and has cloth compartments secured by studs and straps which together with storage space includes a water bottle / canteen pouch & large map pocket. The Haversack measures 16” height and is 14” wide closed. Fully open the Haversack is 30” length. The Haversack has additional leather tabs for additional strap / equipment carry attachments. The outside of the top flap has a contemporary hand written name and the inside is date ink stamped ‘1937’ together withother letters and numbers (illustrated). The leather has wear and scuffs to be expected with age but is intact. The material is clean with no damage or mothing. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 8341.

**LARGE**English 1846-1860 John Sampson Liverpool 6 Bore Percussion Wild Fowling Piece / Punt Gun. Sn 20130 - 20130
John Sampson was a Liverpool based Gunsmith recorded as working between 1846 & 1860 (see page 103 of English Gunmakers by Bailey & Nie). This is an excellent large percussion fowling piece/ punt gun by John Sampson. It is 6 bore and has a 36” steel barrel with flat top rib near the breech. It measures 52” overall length. Its smooth bore has staining & residue consistent with age & use. It has a walnut stock with chequered panels at the wrist & Fore stock. The steel trigger guard with extended tang, steel butt plate tang, action and Dolphin hammer have engraved scrollwork decoration. The action is crisply signed ‘J. Sampson’. The top of the barrel is signed ‘J. Sampson 21 South John Street Liverpool’. The barrel has a small post foresight. Its cocking & firing action works crisply. It has a wood ram rod with steel end cap. The price for this large fowling piece includes UK delivery. NB As an antique percussion firearm no licence is required to own this item in the UK if retained as part of collection or display. Sn 20130

WWI Imperial German Army Back Pack Reg't Markings 'III.A.9.H'. Sn 7877. - Sn 7877
After WWI German weapons were destroyed at a great scale, but the field equipment remained. Some of the remaining WW1 equipment was re used by the Wehrmacht during the first years of WWII. This is a rare to find original Imperial German Army WW1 Era backpack Haversack. It is made of leather and canvas & in good condition for its age. The pack when closed measures Size: 15" x 13" x 3" when empty & closed. It opens to reveal several compartments with leather straps and buckles all intact. The top of the backpack has a leather carry handle and the backpack is complete with all of it's corect shoulder straps and buckle fasteners. The exterior rear of the pack is mounted with animal skin which is complete but does have some service wear to be expected. The interior of the pack is nicely ink stamped with Regimental & inter War date markings 'III A 9 H', ' H. Lobert' Fahndern 36/75' , R-AIX 1919, 'S.P.Br., '1920'. This is scarce and highly collectable original item. Price includes UK delivery. Sn 7877.
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