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WW2 Burma Chindit & Airborne Forces & Suez Crisis Era 1955 Dated British Enfield MK 3 .303 Calibre Bren Light Machine Gun & Sling **UK/EU DEACTIVATION CERTIFICATED** D 1513 - D 1513
The British Bren Light Machine Gun was introduced in the 1930's and used extensively by British & Allied Forces throughout WW2. Bren Guns were produced predominantly in Britain, Australia & Canada. MK 3 Bren’s were shorter and lighter than MK 2 Brens. They were made by Enfield from 1944 for the war in the East and for Airborne Forces. Post war examples were made from converted WW2 weapons. This is an excellent British .303 Calibre MK 3 Bren Light Machine Gun. All of its metal work & woodwork is in great undamaged condition with original finish and it is complete with its bi pod, flip up rear sight, carry handle & original box magazine. The right side of its frame is crisply stamped 'Bren Mk 3' model detail, Enfield’s combined ‘ED’ mark & '1955' date. The frame is numbered ‘A2757’. The weapon is fitted with an original webbing sling. Deactivated to UK specification in 2020 the weapon’s slide and trigger move and the magazine can be removed. The price includes UK/EU deactivation certificate and UK delivery. D 1513

Cased, Post 2006 FNP9-17 9mm Parabellum Calibre Double Action Semi Automatic Pistol By FNM LLC Columbia SC USA A Division Of Fabrique Nationale de Herstal Belgium. **UK / EU DEACTIVATION CERTIFICATED** D 1486 - D 1486
The FN FNP pistol is a series of semi-automatic, polymer-framed pistols manufactured in Columbia, South Carolina, by FNH USA, a division of Fabrique Nationale de Herstal. The pistol debuted in early 2006 and is chambered for the 9×19mm Parabellum, .40 S&W, .45 ACP, and .357 SIG cartridges. This is an excellent cased example of the FNP9-17 pistol in 9mm calibre. It has a 4” barrel (7" overall). It has undamaged metal work with original wear-resistant polymer frame and ‘FN’ roundel stippled grips. The right side of slide is stamped with manufacturer detail and the right with model and calibre detail (all illustrated). It is serial number FX1H004629. It has fixed combat sights, ringed combat hammer & 2 FN marked magazines. The pistol has its original lined black plastic carry case with catch fasteners. The case contains its original plastic capsule which contains cleaning tools and original instruction pamphlet. Deactivated to UK specification in 2020, the pistol’s slide and trigger move and the magazines can be removed. The price includes UK/EU deactivation certificate and UK delivery. D 1486

Framed Post WW2 British Irish Guards Banner & 2 Irish Guards Pennants . Sn 17543 - 17543
The Irish Guards (IG), part of the Guards Division, is one of the Foot Guards Regiments of the British Army and, together with the Royal Irish Regiment, it is one of the two Irish infantry Regiments in the British Army. The regiment has participated in campaigns in the First World War, the Second World War, the Iraq War and the War in Afghanistan as well as numerous other operations throughout its history. The Irish Guards claim six Victoria Cross recipients, four from the First World War and two from the Second World War. This is a framed banner of the IG with 2 IG pennants. The tasselled maroon and blue stripe cloth banner mounted on a blue background features the embroidered Capstar badge of the IG with motto "Quis Separabit" (Latin)"Who Shall Separate Us?". The banner is clean and undamaged with no mothing. The banner is contained in its glazed wood frame. The frame measures 25 ½”x 24 ½”x 1 ¾”. The top of the frame has 2 holed brass bars for wall hanging. The banner is accompanied by two, IG cloth pennants . One made of blue serge material has ‘Sergeant’s Mess 1st Battalion Irish Guards’ embroidered in gold and the IG Capstar embroidered badge with motto. The rear of the pennant has a tab label ‘Mayfield Jays heraldic embroidery with their Hampshire England address (illustrated). The gold stitch edged with tasselled bottom edge pennant has bullion tasselled cord and is mounted on a brass bar. The second pennant of blue and maroon striped cloth has a tasselled lace bottom edge and printed IG Capstar badge with motto. The rear of the pennant has a manufacturer label ‘Signet Tie Co Made In Linlithgo Scotland’. The pennant comes with its blue and maroon rope tasselled cord. The pennant is mounted on an ivorine bar. The price includes UK delivery (NB we will only ship Internationally without the glazed frame as damage during transport would be inevitable). Sn 17543
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