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**UNIQUE** Original, Large Victorian 1st Lancashire Volunteer Artillery Brass Barrack’s Bell With Original Striker Mounted For Use On Ebonised Wood Plinth. Sn 17550 - 17550
The Lancashire Artillery Volunteers were first raised in 1859 as part of the Volunteer Force raised in response to threats of French Invasion. A total of 23 Artillery companies were raised initially. However, in Manchester, numerous units that would later form the Lancashire Artillery Gunners had existed from as early as 1804, when the Duke of Gloucester inspected the Heaton Artillery Volunteers before they were shipped off to the fronts of the Napoleonic Wars. Officers and men of the Lancashire Artillery Volunteers continued to give service during the two world wars of the 20th Century. This is an excellent, original, Victorian era Barrack’s Bell of the 1st Lancashire Volunteer Artillery with original Striker (we have been unable to identify which barracks this bell came from). The brass bell in the frame & on its stand is 18” tall and 12 ½” in diameter at its widest point. The diameter of the bell mouth is 9”. The bell is complete with heavy striker and works perfectly with a loud deep resonance. There is a wear ring on the inside of the bell which corresponds exactly to the point of contact with the striker. The bell is mounted on its brass frame with curved arms. The top of the bell has integral spigots which are bolted to the frame and allow the bell to swing freely. The body of the bell is crisply marked ‘1st Lanc. Volr Artillery’. The bell frame is securely brass bolted to its ebonised wood stand which is undamaged and measures 8 ½” x 8 ½” x 2”. This impressive, unique bell weighs approx 17Kg (including striker frame & plinth). The price for this piece worthy of further research includes UK delivery. Sn 17550

MATCHING NUMBERS, MASSIVE FRAME, Modern Colt, American Civil War Era, Colt Army Model 1847 ‘USMR’ (United States Mounted Rifles) 'Dragoon' .44 Calibre Single Action Percussion Revolver With Crisp ‘Indian Wars’ Cylinder Scene. **UK/EU DEACTIVATION CERTIFI - D 1552
The single action, 6 shot, percussion, Colt Model 1848 Army Revolver was a .44 calibre pistol designed by Samuel Colt for the U.S. Army's Mounted Rifles (USMR) also known as "Dragoons". Although the pistols were introduced after the Mexican-American War, it became popular among civilians during the 1850s and '60s, and was also used during the American Civil War. The Colt design lives on today in the form of Colt licenced modern black powder firearms. This quality Colt USMR Dragoon percussion revolver is in excellent condition. It has a walnut grip, lovely case hardened frame, brass trigger guard & captive loading lever. The cylinder is decorated with crisp ‘Indian War’ scene and ‘banners with ‘Model USMR’ and ‘Colt’s Patent’. It has all matching numbers ‘63507’ on the barrel block, frame & butt of the grip frame. The 2 stage barrel is 7 ½” long and it measures 14” overall. It has a brass blade foresight and ‘v’ notch hammer rear sight. Deactivated to UK/EU specification in 2020, the revolver’s cylinder, hammer and loading lever move. The price includes UK delivery and UK/EU deactivation certificate. D 1552

MATCHING NUMBERS, Browning FN Military & Police Model 1922 7.65mm (.32ACP) Semi Auto Pistol and Magazine. **UK / EU DEACTIVATION CERTIFICATED**. D 1553 - D 1553
A Browning Model 1922 7.65mm (.32ACP) semi automatic pistol. This a variant of the Model 1910 and was known variously as the Model 1922 or 1910/22. This was a larger model with a longer barrel, slide extension, and a longer grip frame to accommodate an extra two rounds. This model was aimed at military and police contracts and many examples were produced for various agencies. The FN Model 1910/1922 was initially designed for Yugoslavia. 1910/1922 pistols went on to see extensive service in World War Two, and continued to be manufactured by the Germans after their occupation of Belgium and seizure of the FN factory. This weapon is in very good condition. It measures 7" overall length & has undamaged black vulcanite grips. The grips have the Trade Mark "FN" inside an oval on each side. It retains its original blue finish. It is stamped on the left side "Fabrique Nationale D Armes De guerre Herstal Belgique Browning's Patent Depose". On the right side of the frame near the trigger it is stamped ‘1017’. The barrel, slide, breech and frame are stamped with matching numbers. The breech has Liege ELG mark and calibre detail. The slide is also stamped ‘Gd 1965’ and with FN roundel. It has a safety catch on the left side & military / police lanyard ring at the butt. The magazine is stamped with "FN 7.65". Deactivated to UK / EU specification in 2020 the pistol’s slide, grip safety and trigger move. The price includes UK / EU deactivation certificate and UK delivery. D 1553

Winchester Uberti American Wild West Model 1866 Sporting Rifle Yellowboy .44 Calibre Under Lever Rifle With Brass Furniture, Full Length Tube Magazine & Octagonal Barrel**UK/EU DEACTIVATION CERTIFICATED**D 1554 - D 1554
The iconic Winchester Model 1866 Yellowboy lever-action rifle was a marked improvement over the Henry rifle. The Yellowboy was recreated in the modern era in quality live firearms quality weapons by the Italian Firearms company Uberti. This Uberti Yellowboy rifle has a 24 ¼” octagonal barrel and full length tube magazine. It has the famous yellowboy brass action, brass furniture and superb woodwork. The top of the barrel is stamped 'A.Uberti-Italy' and the brass grip strap 'mod .66 Sporting Rifle'. The bottom of the grip strap is stamped with serial number ‘AC2900’. The action has number ‘1343’. The rifle has a blade fore sight and adjustable rear sight. Deactivated to UK/EU specification in 2020 the weapon’s under lever, hammer & trigger move. The price includes UK/EU deactivation certificate & UK delivery. D 1554

Marlin USA Model 1894 .44 Remington Magnum Calibre Lever Action Carbine With Tube Magazine. **UK/EU DEACTIVATION CERTIFICATED** D 1555 - D 1555
This is very good Marlin Model 1894 lever action rifle. It has undamaged wood and blued metal work. Its 20 ¼” barrel has the manufacturer’s name, USA address, model detail inspection marks. It has a full length tube magazine. The rifle is serial number 24162880. It has a Marlin signature rubber recoil pad, ramp blade foresight & adjustable rear sight. Deactivated to UK/EU specification in 2020 the weapon’s under lever, hammer & trigger move. The price includes UK/EU deactivation certificate & UK delivery. D 1555

SOLD SOLD (LAY-AWAY 10/07) WW2 1944 Dated Russian Izhevsk Arsenal DP-28, 7.62x 54R Calibre Light Machine Gun With Pan Magazine & Bi-Pod **UK/EU DEACTIVATION CERTIFICATED**D 1556 - D 1556
The Russian Degtyaryov DP-28 machine gun (Degtyaryov's infantry machine gun) is a light machine gun firing the 7.62×54mmR cartridge that was used primarily by the Soviet Union starting in 1928. The DP had a reputation as an effective light support weapon. It was nicknamed the "Record player" (proigryvatel) by Red Army troops because the disc-shaped pan magazine resembled a gramophone record and its top cover revolved while the weapon was fired. After WW2 the Chinese Communists used the DP in the Korean War and copied the DPM as the Type 53. A number of the RP-46 variant of the DP have been spotted in present day Somalia, in use with militant forces and also among rebel forces in the 2011 Libyan uprising to overthrow Muammar Gaddafi. This is an excellent WW2 1944 dated Russian DP-28. It has all original wood and metal work which retains its original finish. It is complete with original tripod and 47 round pan magazine. It has sling swivels fitted with webbing sling and has an adjustable tangent rear sight and cone muzzle flash eliminator. The metal is nicely marked with '1944' date together with faint Izhevsk Arsenal arrow mark and other inspection marks. The wepon is number E327. Deactivated to UK/EU specification in 2020 the weapon’s slide and trigger move. The price includes UK/EU deactivation certificate and UK delivery. D 1556

WW1 1915 Dated Imperial German Army Mauser 7.92×57mm Calibre GEW 98 (G98) Rifle**UK/EU DEACTIVATION CERTIFICATED** D 1557 - D 1557
An excellent original WW1 dated German Mauser, 7.92×57mm, GEW 98 rifle. It has all original woodwork which has just the bumps and bruises to be expected with age and service use. The stock has a period inscribed poker work number ‘7’ most likely an armoury number and is impressed with Imperial inspection marks. The metal work has even patina. The breech housing is crisply stamped '‘Waffenfabrik Mauser AG Oberndorf A/N’ Amberg’ below Crown and dated ‘1915’. The action housing is crisply stamped with model detail 'G.E.W 98' (Gewehr 1898) and Imperial inspection marks. The rifle is complete with bayonet slide, cleaning rod, sling swivel, sling swivel lug, block and blade fore sight, adjustable rear sight & steel butt plate. It is serial number ‘2323A’ which is stamped on the breech housing and barrel. Deactivated to UK/EU specification in 2020 the weapon’s bolt and trigger move. The price includes UK/EU deactivation certificate and UK delivery. D 1557

**ALL MATCHING NUMBERS INCLUDING BOLT** WW2 1942 Russian Tula Arsenal Mosin Nagant, 7.62mm Calibre Bolt Action Rifle & Sling**UK / EU DEACTIVATION CERTIFICATED**D 1558 - D 1558
The Mosin–Nagant is a five-shot, bolt-action, internal magazine-fed, military rifle, developed by the Imperial Russian Army in 1882–91, and used by the armed forces of the Russian Empire, the Soviet Union and various other nations. In spite of the age of its design these weapons have shown up in various conflicts around the world until the modern day, being rugged and effective, much like the AK-47 and its variants. This is an excellent original WW2 dated Moisin Nagant Rifle. It has undamaged metal work with original finish and all original wood furniture which is undamaged. The Breech housing is stamped with crisp arrow within star Tula Arsenal mark and dated 1942. Matching numbers are stamped on the breech, barrel and bolt. The weapon has its original cleaning rod, adjustable rear sight, shrouded fore sight and steel butt plate. The stock is slotted for sling anchors and fitted with webbing & leather sling. Deactivated to UK/EU specification in 2020 the weapon’s bolt and trigger move. The price includes UK/EU deactivation certificate and UK delivery. D 1558

American Frontier Kentucky / Plainsman’s .45 Calibre Black Powder Muzzle Loading Flintlock Rifle With Octagonal Barrel By Jukar Spain **UK / EU DEACTIVATION CERTIFICATED** D 1559 - D 1559
Originally Created in the 1730s in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA by skilful immigrant craftsmen from Germany and Switzerland, the Kentucky rifle was the weapon of choice for frontier plainsmen for over a century, until the coming of the "cap and ball" percussion rifle in 1840. The heritage of the Kentucky lives on today in the form of live firing modern American and European made examples. This is a very good muzzle loading flintlock in Kentucky rifle form by the Spanish firearms manufacturer Jukar. This example has an undamaged light coloured wood full stock with brass fittings including trigger guard with extended tang, butt plate, ram rod flutes, side plate and fore end block. The rifle measures 48 ½” overall with a 33” octagonal blued steel barrel. The barrel is numbered 188592 and is signed by the maker ‘Jukar Spain’ together with ‘.45 Cal black powder only’ detail. The rifle is fitted with blade fore sight and brass ‘v’ notch block rear sight. Its steel hammer is fitted with flint. The action has decoration. The wood ram rod has brass end caps. Deactivated to UK/EU specification in 2020 the weapon’s hammer and trigger move. The price includes UK/EU deactivation certificate & UK delivery. D 1559

C1810 Liege Belgium .700 Calibre Flintlock British Royal Navy / Merchant Navy Sea Service Pistol With Brass Fittings. Sn 17555:2 - 17555:2
During the 18th century the British Royal Navy began standardising their Naval small arms. One such weapon was the Sea Service flintlock pistol. These weapons were used by the British Royal Navy throughout the Wars with neighbouring France 1750- 1815. Due to heavy production demands for Sea service pistols during the Napoleonic Wars the British Admiralty turned to their Belgian allies to produce Sea Service pattern pistols to supplement dwindling British made supplies. Liege pistols, although not the fine quality of the British version were robust, heavy and well made. Our Liege made Sea service pistol was no doubt one of those made for the British Navy in the Napoleonic war era and is in very good as found, un-messed with condition. It measures 15 ½” overall with a 9” browned steel barrel. The smooth bore has just light staining consistent with age & use. The barrel has a Liege ‘ELG*’ within roundel mark and another small roundel with Naval anchor mark (illustrated). The heavy walnut full stock has brass furniture and fixed steel lanyard ring. The lock is plain steel and has a faint Crown mark (illustrated). The cocking and firing actions works as they should with a strong spring action. The wood stock has just the bumps and bruises to be expected with age and service use and the metalwork has nice even patina throughout. It has a heavy military hammer. The price includes UK delivery. NB As an antique flintlock pistol no licence is required to own this item in the UK if retained as a part of a collection or display. Sn 17555:2

Late Victorian Era Liege Belgium 54 Bore Brass Percussion Pocket Pistol With 2 Stage Nonagon (9 Sided) Cannon Barrel, Dolphin Hammer & Ornately Hand Tooled Bag Shaped Walnut Grip. Sn 17555:3 - 17555:3
This is an attractive brass muzzle loading percussion pocket pistol made in Liege during the late Victorian era. Its 2 stage nonagon section (9 barrel flats) brass cannon barrel is 3 ½” in length. The smooth bore is clean. The pistol measures 7” overall length. One barrel flat has the liege ‘ELG*’ roundel mark and ‘Crown C’ inspection mark. Its action has engraved scroll work panels on the left and right sides. It has a steel trigger, trigger guard & Dolphin hammer. The pistol's bag shaped wood grip is excellent with hand tooled chequered and scalloped decoration. The pistol cocks and dry fires with a strong spring action. The price includes UK delivery. NB as an antique percussion pistol no licence is required to own this item in the UK if retained as part of a collection or display. Sn 17555:3

RESERVED RESERVED WW2 1943 Nazi German Gong Instrument To SS- Musikschule Braunschweig (SS Music School Brunswick) With Original Period Cushioned Mallet Mounted For Use On Wooden Plinth. Sn 17551 - 17551
The Nazi German Brunswick SS Music School was formed on 1st July 1941. After the Brunswick complex was destroyed in July 1944 it transferred to Bad Saarow. The school provided training in all aspects of music, instruments training, Music theory, Orchestral training Composition etc for Nazi SS bandsmen. This is a rare instrument to the Nazi SS Brunswick music school. The brass gong in its brass frame & on its wood stand is 10” tall and 8” in diameter at its widest point. The diameter of the gong is 6”. The gong is complete with its original period cushioned mallet which sits on brass rests on the wood plinth when not in use. The gong rings with a loud deep resonance. The gong is mounted on its brass frame with curved arms. The top of the gong is secured to the frame by brass wire which allows it to swing freely. The front of the gong is crisply hand tooled with the Nazi Eagle with Swastika National emblem above ‘SS- Musikschule Braunschweig’. The back of the gong has period hand applied etched writing which is mostly indistinct but ‘43’ (1943 date) is visible (illustrated). The gong in its frame is securely screwed to its stepped wood stand which has 4 brass ball feet and measures 8” x 3 ¼” x 1” (including ball feet). The underside of the wood stand has an unknown impressed mark (illustrated). The price for this rare Nazi piece includes UK delivery. Sn 17551
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