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A Collection Of 12 Various Scottish Sgian Dubh Dirk Knives With Scabbards (THE PRICE IS FOR ONE DIRK ). Sn 17803 - 17803
Scottish Sgian Dubh 'Gaelic- Black Knife' were carried by heavily armed Scottish Clansmen. Tucked into the sock, this was reputed to be the weapon of last resort. Today it remains an essential part of traditional Highland wear. This is an excellent collection of 12 Various Scottish Sgian Dubh dirks with scabbards. They each have various form hilts, some with traditional Cairngorm ‘jewel’ top mounts, Scottish themed badge mounts and embossed white metal fittings. The blades of numbers 4, 7, 10 & 12 are marked ‘Art Pewter Stainless Steel Made In Scotland’. The blade of Number 8 is marked ‘Stainless’. The back of the simulated Stag horn hilt of number 7 is decorated with a Poem of the famous Scotsman Robert Burns ‘My heart is in the Highlands, my heart is not here, my heart is in the Highlands, a chasing the Dear’. All are in excellent condition with clean blades protected by storage grease. The price is for one individual knife each & includes UK delivery. Sn 17803 (Please Note the number to the left of the dirk you want to order and quote the number at time of purchase)

WW2 Era German Holster For Walther PP 7.65m / .32 Auto Semi Automatic Pistols & Spare Magazine. L 331 - L 331
This is an original, WW2 era, brown leather holster for Walther PP 7.65 mm / .32 auto pistols. The holster has a flap, top cover and single retaining strap with single brass stud fastener. The front aspect of the holster has a magazine pouch which is covered by the flap when closed. The rear of the holster has 2 belt loops. The magazine pouch contains an original walther PP magazine. There are no markings on the magazine. Its loading plate and spring are present and function as they should. All leather & stitching of the holster are clean and intact. The price includes UK delivery. L 331
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