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Complete, 1970’s British Military Armourer’s General Purpose Machine Gun (GPMG) Tool Kit With Original Waxed Webbing Haversack . Sn 17158 - 17158
This is an original 1970’s era British Military Armourer’s Tool Kit for the British GPMG. The large number of original metal tools / accessories, 2 oil bottles and main spring (all illustrated) are contained in their original fold out waxed webbing haversack with shoulder strap. The haversack has straps with brass buckles to allow the folded bag to hold the tools securely. Internally the haversack has pockets and loops to fit the tools and accessories. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 17158

Victorian Era Gentleman’s Tropical Palm Wood Walking Stick With Animated Hand Carved Snake Device 4 Piece Marine Ivory Handle. Sn 17117 - 17117
This is an attractive Victorian Era Gentleman’s Walking Stick. It has an undamaged, curved, 4 Piece Marine Ivory Handle with hand carved carved snake device. The snake curling around the handle has delicately carved individual scales and inlaid black ebony eyes. The mid section of the handle twists animating the snake to give the appearance of the snake tightening its grip on the hilt. The walking stick measures 38” overall. The tropical palm wood shaft has a brass end cap and a white metal ring near to the handle. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 17117

British ML 4.2 Inch Mortar Sight Mk4. MISC 879 - MISC 879
This is a British ML 3 inch and 4.2 inch mark 4 sight for the British Army’s muzzle loading heavy 4.2 inch mortar used extensively from its introduction in 1942 and whose main use was in firing High Explosive and Smoke rounds. The mortar was used by both British and US forces during WWII. The sight was made by G.D.LTD in 1954 and was designed to measure bearing and angles and would be attached near the muzzle end or was mounted on one of the mortar's legs. The sight is engraved on the body for 3 inch and 4.2 inch mortars with the large alloy drum scale ENGRAVED FOR SIGHT S.B. 4.2 IN MORTAR MK 4. The sight retains most of its original black paint and is complete with its mounting lug. The price includes U.K. delivery. MISC 879

C1950’s Sturdy Fitted Wood & Leather Construction Shotgun Cartridge Magazine Transit Case To Hold 8 Boxes Of Shotgun Cartridges. Sn 16572 - 16572
This magazine made C1950’s is made of sturdy leather covered wood. It measures 13 ½”x 5” x 12” when closed (including handle). It has a hinged lid, reinforced brass edges, leather security straps with buckles, reinforced stitched seams and brass lock with fastener. The lock without key has a Mountain Goat trade mark. The case has a padded leather carry handle. Internally the case is separated into 3 sections fitted to hold up to 8 shotgun cartridge boxes. Each section has a separate leather quick release flap and the case is lined with green felt. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 16572

Early WW2 1940 Silver Plated Brass Regimental Bugle Engraved To The 7th Battalion Manchester Regiment By Boosey & Hawkes London, Presented To The Battalion By Noel M Timson With Lanyard. Sn 16081 - 16081
After distinguished service in both World War I and World War II, the Manchester Regiment was amalgamated with the King's Regiment (Liverpool) in 1958, to form the King's Regiment (Manchester and Liverpool) which was, in 2006, amalgamated with the King's Own Royal Border Regiment and the Queen's Lancashire Regiment to form the present Duke of Lancaster's Regiment (King's, Lancashire and Border). During WW2 the Manchester Regiment served in Italy, North West Europe and the Far East. The 7th Battalion saw much action in Holland during WW2. This is a Silver Plated Brass Regimental Bugle To The 7th Battalion Manchester Regiment With Lanyard. It measures 12" in length and is complete with it's original removable mouth piece marked ‘2/3’ and hanging rings fitted with plaited lanyard. The horn section is crisply engraved with Regimental device, Latin motto, banners ‘7th Battalion’ & ‘The Manchester Regiment’ above wording ‘ Presented By Noel M. Timson February 1940’. The horn is also crisply engraved by the manufacturer ‘ Boosey & Hawkes Ltd, Makers London’ (the first Boosey offices in London opened in 1792 at 4 Old Bond Street, moving to 28 Holles Street in 1816 and 295 Regent Street in 1874. Following the merger in 1930 Hawkes & Sons moved from their offices in Denman Street to join the Boosey staff at Regent Street which continued as the home of the publishing company until 2005 when it relocated to its current offices at Aldwych House.) The bugle has denting consistent with service use and age. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 16081

RARE, WW1 Era German Army Model 1915 Feldfernsprecher Field / Trench Telephone With Original Wood Case & Crank Handle. Sn 15703:58 - 15703:58
The Model 1915 Feldfernsprecher (Field Telephone) is an early telephone used by the Imperial German army during WW1. The phone connects with wires. The user would turn a crank, the field telephone of your counterpart rings and you can talk to them. The telephones could connect troops at the front line to an outpost with the platoon/ company HQ thus avoid using wireless (if you had any). This is a rare to find example. It is complete with its original nickel plated brass handset wired with communication cord, Bakelite ear piece & mouth piece. The fitted case has the correct terminals for attaching communication wires. A terminal block is marked ‘W Ausg’. It also has its original steel crank handle which slots into a winding hole on the side of the case. The hole has a sliding steel cover. The wooden case is well made with its original hinges and steel button catch. The corners of the case have reinforced steel plates. The inside of the lid has remnants of its original instruction label adhered to it. The case measures It measures 8” x 9” x 3 ½”. The case has service wear to be expected and old stable worm holes. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 15703:58

**SOLD**22/11**Victorian Era British Model 1888 Naval Boarding Pike With Ash Wood Shaft And Steel Spear Point. Sn 15714 - 15714
This is an original British Model 1888 Naval boarding pike with Ash shaft & square section steel spear point. These pikes were used in the Victorian Era for boarding enemy vessels and repelling attacks by enemy boarders. The pike has an overall length of 7 ½ feet with a tapering 6" pyramid shaped spear head fixed to its 1 ¼” diameter Ash shaft by two 28” extended tangs secured by single rows of nails. The tangs were extended to this length to prevent the spear point being hacked off by cutlasses during combat. The spear head is securely attached the shaft which has no damage. There are no visible manufacturer, WD or date marks on the pike which may be on the underside the tangs. The price for this piece of British Naval history which would make a great display items includes UK delivery. Sn 15714

Large, Royal Doulton England Winston Churchill Toby Jug. Sn 15547 - 15547
This Toby jug is in the colourful form of Winston Churchill dressed in his iconic attire, smoking his signature cigar stub. The jug has no damage, cracks or chips and retains its vivid colour. The jug stands 9” tall and is 4 ½” base diameter at its widest. The base is stamped by the manufacturer Royal Doulton Made In England together with trademark, title ‘Winston Churchill’ and number 80 which is either an issue number or 1980 date (Winston Churchill themed Toby Jugs were produced by Royal Doulton from C1941 through to the early 1990’s). The price includes UK delivery. Sn 15547

C1964 – 1994 Collection of 3 Admiral Nelson Royal Doulton & Tony Wood Staffordshire Porcelain Figures / Jugs. Sn 15548 - 15548
A collection of 3 pieces commemorating Admiral Nelson. From left to right in the images is a Royal Doulton pot featuring the bust of Nelson. The base has the title 'Nelson', Royal Doulton International Collector’s club mark and 1994 Doulton copyright together with other numbers. The next is a figure of Nelson in Uniform standing at a map table. The base is named ‘The Captain’ and has Doulton 1964 copyright information. The 3rd piece is a small jug in the form of a bust of Nelson. The base of this piece is marked ‘Tony Wood Staffordshire England’ and titled ‘Lord Admiral Nelson’. All markings are illustrated. All of the pieces have vivid original colour and no damage, cracks or chips. The price for this collection includes UK delivery. Sn 15548

1971 To 1974 British Halcyon Skies London Cargo Ship’s Brass Bell With Iron Striker. MISC 890 - MISC 890
The Halcyon Skies was a 27502 Ton Cargo ship laid down in 1971 for Court Lines London. In 1974 the ship was sold to Open Seas Cia Nav, Liberia and re-named Patianna. In 1980 it was sold to Manunited Cia Nav Greece and re-named Anna Xyla. In 1981 it was destroyed by fire at Jebel Dhanna and hulked, then scrapped in 1985. This is the Halcyon Skies London brass ship’s bell used on the ship between 1971 and 1974 before being sold on to the Liberian Company. The bell is 12" tall and the mouth 11” diameter from rim edge to rim edge. It is complete with iron striker fitted with plaited white rope cord. The bell sounds perfectly with a loud deep resonance. The top of the bell is crowned with a thick cast, holed hanging block. The front of the bell is deeply cut with large lettering ‘Halcyon Skies’ highlighted in black paint and the rear ‘London’ highlighted in red paint. This impressive Bell weighs a heavy 11.550 Kg (including striker). The price includes UK delivery. MISC 890.
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