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WW2 1940 Leather & Webbing Air Drop Valise To Leiut CoL A.C. Newman VC No 2. Commando, Irvine. MISC 871 - MISC 871
This is an original British WW2 1940 dated air drop Valise constructed from hide & webbing. The valise has a leather carrying handle and a padlock staple on the rear of the bag to secure it. The bag is stamped on the back of the top leather 1940 (1940 date) and a large WD crowfoot. There is also a large black WD crowfoot stencilled in black on the front of the canvas bag. The bag has contemporary painted grey square on the front named to LIEUT. COL A.C. NEWMAN No 2. COMMANDO IRVINE. The bag also has a red painted AE near the top flap on the front. This type of bag was used in air drops due to the ruggedness of its construction to carry maps, plans and other essential kit. Lieutenant Colonel Augustus Charles Newman attached to No. 2 Commando during the Second World War and on the 28 March 1942 in the attack on St. Nazaire, France, Lieutenant Colonel Newman was in charge of the military forces and he was one of the first ashore, leading his men and directing operations quite regardless of his own safety. Under his inspiring leadership the troops fought magnificently and held vastly superior numbers of the enemy at bay until the demolition parties had done their work. The colonel then attempted to fight through into open country and not until all the ammunition was spent were he and his men overwhelmed and taken prisoner. Newman was later awarded the Victoria Cross for his part. This bag is worthy of further research and the price includes U.K delivery. MISC 871

RARE, WW1 Era German Army Model 1915 Feldfernsprecher Field / Trench Telephone With Original Wood Case & Crank Handle. Sn 15703:58 - 15703:58
The Model 1915 Feldfernsprecher (Field Telephone) is an early telephone used by the Imperial German army during WW1. The phone connects with wires. The user would turn a crank, the field telephone of your counterpart rings and you can talk to them. The telephones could connect troops at the front line to an outpost with the platoon/ company HQ thus avoid using wireless (if you had any). This is a rare to find example. It is complete with its original nickel plated brass handset wired with communication cord, Bakelite ear piece & mouth piece. The fitted case has the correct terminals for attaching communication wires. A terminal block is marked ‘W Ausg’. It also has its original steel crank handle which slots into a winding hole on the side of the case. The hole has a sliding steel cover. The wooden case is well made with its original hinges and steel button catch. The corners of the case have reinforced steel plates. The inside of the lid has remnants of its original instruction label adhered to it. The case measures It measures 8” x 9” x 3 ½”. The case has service wear to be expected and old stable worm holes. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 15703:58

WW2 Era U.S. Navy Bakelite Ship’s Bulkhead Clock By Chelsea Clock Company Boston USA With Key. Sn 15752 - 15752
This is a very good original WW2 era US Navy bulkhead Clock. It has a 5 ½” diameter circular matt black dial with luminus hands, centre sweep seconds hand and numerals enclosing the detail 'US NAVY SER No. 46326E’ & Manufacturer name ‘CHELSEA CLOCK CO BOSTON’. The face has an ‘F’ ‘S’ Fast Slow selector lever and key hole for winding (the clock has its steel key). The clock is contained in its original black Bakelite case with brass rimmed glazed Bakelite hinged cover. The cover is secured to the casing by a Bakelite topped brass screw which is attached to the cover. The casing & glass are undamaged. The rim of the casing has holes for bulkhead or wall mounting. The rear is embossed by the manufacturer ‘CHELSEA CLOCK CO BOSTON’. The clock is in full working order. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 15752

WW2 1944 American Made British Tank / Armoured Vehicle Wireless Set No. 19 MK II Mobile Radio Transceiver With Correct 1944 Wireless Set No. 19 MK II Aerial Variometer Signal Booster. Sn 15703:45 - 15703:45
The Wireless Set No. 19 was developed in 1940 by the British War Office's Signals Experimental Establishment and by Pye Radio. The Pye model was replaced with the MK II model in 1941. The sets proved valuable for armoured fighting in the Western Desert. In 1942, the No. 19 Mk II was produced in America & Canada by Northern Electric Co, Canadian Marconi Co. and RCA Victor. The British design was improved and interchangeability of components such as the valves, was instituted. A majority of American / Canadian sets used English/Cyrillic front panel lettering, the result of a Lend-Lease contract to the Soviet Red Army. The WW2 mobile radio transceiver was designed for use by Tank / armoured troops of the British Army. The radio provided 3 communication channels: The A set provided longer range communications within the squadron or regiment: The B set or "troop set" provided short range communication between tanks in a troop. The IC channel provided internal communication between crewmembers inside the tank. A rear-link tank in the HQ unit would join its A-set to a wider network, and relay relevant messages to the commander on the B set. This would extend a squadron net to the regiment, or a regimental net to the wider brigade. In normal use the three channels were mixed onto the IC for monitoring. The commander or operator could then select the A or B sets to remove them from the IC and allow push-to-talk. A warning lamp would light if both were on the B set, leaving the A set unmonitored. The other crew members could only use the IC. This is an excellent complete original American made Signal Corps Wireless Set No. 19 MK II. The set has been examined internally and all component parts are present but we have not had it working. It is sold as seen and we cannot give any guarantee regarding functionality. The set has the correct English/Cyrillic front panel lettering and all of its original knobs, dials and gauges. The steel casing is undamaged and without dents. The front of the control panel has a plate with crisp model designation / Manufacturer codes and ‘44’ (1944) date (illustrated). The set measures 17” width x12” depth (including 2 small carry handles on the front panel) x8” height. The steel casing retains all of its original green paint finish. The set is accompanied by its original Aerial Variometer signal booster. The top of the steel canister shaped instrument has an indicator gauge and the case has a plate with crisp model designation / Manufacturer codes and ‘44’ (1944) date (illustrated). The casing is undamaged and retains its original green paint. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 15703:45

Victorian Era British Model 1888 Naval Boarding Pike With Ash Wood Shaft And Steel Spear Point. Sn 15714 - 15714
This is an original British Model 1888 Naval boarding pike with Ash shaft & square section steel spear point. These pikes were used in the Victorian Era for boarding enemy vessels and repelling attacks by enemy boarders. The pike has an overall length of 7 ½ feet with a tapering 6" pyramid shaped spear head fixed to its 1 ¼” diameter Ash shaft by two 28” extended tangs secured by single rows of nails. The tangs were extended to this length to prevent the spear point being hacked off by cutlasses during combat. The spear head is securely attached the shaft which has no damage. There are no visible manufacturer, WD or date marks on the pike which may be on the underside the tangs. The price for this piece of British Naval history which would make a great display items includes UK delivery. Sn 15714

Large, Royal Doulton England Winston Churchill Toby Jug. Sn 15547 - 15547
This Toby jug is in the colourful form of Winston Churchill dressed in his iconic attire, smoking his signature cigar stub. The jug has no damage, cracks or chips and retains its vivid colour. The jug stands 9” tall and is 4 ½” base diameter at its widest. The base is stamped by the manufacturer Royal Doulton Made In England together with trademark, title ‘Winston Churchill’ and number 80 which is either an issue number or 1980 date (Winston Churchill themed Toby Jugs were produced by Royal Doulton from C1941 through to the early 1990’s). The price includes UK delivery. Sn 15547

C1964 – 1994 Collection of 3 Admiral Nelson Royal Doulton & Tony Wood Staffordshire Porcelain Figures / Jugs. Sn 15548 - 15548
A collection of 3 pieces commemorating Admiral Nelson. From left to right in the images is a Royal Doulton pot featuring the bust of Nelson. The base has the title 'Nelson', Royal Doulton International Collector’s club mark and 1994 Doulton copyright together with other numbers. The next is a figure of Nelson in Uniform standing at a map table. The base is named ‘The Captain’ and has Doulton 1964 copyright information. The 3rd piece is a small jug in the form of a bust of Nelson. The base of this piece is marked ‘Tony Wood Staffordshire England’ and titled ‘Lord Admiral Nelson’. All markings are illustrated. All of the pieces have vivid original colour and no damage, cracks or chips. The price for this collection includes UK delivery. Sn 15548

1971 To 1974 British Halcyon Skies London Cargo Ship’s Brass Bell With Iron Striker. MISC 890 - MISC 890
The Halcyon Skies was a 27502 Ton Cargo ship laid down in 1971 for Court Lines London. In 1974 the ship was sold to Open Seas Cia Nav, Liberia and re-named Patianna. In 1980 it was sold to Manunited Cia Nav Greece and re-named Anna Xyla. In 1981 it was destroyed by fire at Jebel Dhanna and hulked, then scrapped in 1985. This is the Halcyon Skies London brass ship’s bell used on the ship between 1971 and 1974 before being sold on to the Liberian Company. The bell is 12" tall and the mouth 11” diameter from rim edge to rim edge. It is complete with iron striker fitted with plaited white rope cord. The bell sounds perfectly with a loud deep resonance. The top of the bell is crowned with a thick cast, holed hanging block. The front of the bell is deeply cut with large lettering ‘Halcyon Skies’ highlighted in black paint and the rear ‘London’ highlighted in red paint. This impressive Bell weighs a heavy 11.550 Kg (including striker). The price includes UK delivery. MISC 890.

MASSIVE, WW2 Era Japanese Silk 'Yosegaki Hinomaru' House Banner To Wish Good Luck To Soldiers Departing For War. Sn 15390:10 - 15390:10
This is an excellent original Japanese 'yosegaki hinomaru' or good luck banner. Flag. The massive banner is 4.267 metres overall length and 68.5 cm width. These banners were made by family members and friends of Japanese Soldiers going to war and contained personalized messages and / or signatures. The banners would be hung outside family homes of Soldiers departing for war in the hope that the messages would bring them good fortune. This banner is made of white silk and on one side has a hand painted colourful panel at the top featuring the Imperial Chrysanthemum ‘Mon’ badge and crossed flags, one depicting the ‘rising sun’ sunburst battle flag, the other depicting the Japanese National ‘red sun’ flag. Below the panel there are large Japanese script characters for the full length of the banner (the characters bottom to top are illustrated left to right in image 3). The banner has stitched edges and the bottom edge has original small tassels. The material has no mothing or other holes and just areas of light staining consistent with age. The price for this massive WW2 Japanese good luck banner includes UK delivery. Sn 15390:10

Edward VII 1905 Centenary Presentation Plaque ‘Death Of Nelson’ At The Battle Of Trafalgar 21st October 1805 Containing Copper from HMS Victory From The Lords Of The Admiralty To The British & Foreign Sailors Society. Sn 15373 - 15373
On 21st October 1805 The British Vice-Admiral Horatio Nelson, 1st Viscount Nelson received a fatal gunshot while pacing the deck of his flag ship HMS Victory during the battle of Trafalgar. In 1905 to commemorate the death of Nelson, his iconic speech ‘England Expects Every Man To Do His Duty’ & the British victory this plaque was created using original copper from HMS Victory and presented by The Lords Of The Admiralty to The British & Foreign Sailors Society. The centrally mounted shield shaped copper plate measures 6 ¾” x 5 ¾”. It is embossed with commemorative / presentation wording and ‘ER VII’ (Edward Rex) Royal Cypher below a depiction of HMS Victory under sail (all illustrated). The plate is secured by 4 copper screws to the wood shield shaped plaque which measures 10”x8”x ¾”. The rear is mounted with cord for wall hanging. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 15373
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