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Military Headgear - Helmets

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WW2 French Army Adrian Steel Helmet - 4973
An excellent original example of a WW2 French Army, Adrian pattern Steel Helmet with its original green painted finish. Nice DP flaming grenade badge. Complete with its black leather 6 point liner. Brown leather chinstrap and buckle. Price includes UK delivery. (sn. 4973 )

WW2 Royal Navy Officers Sun Helmet - 4046
A ggod condition WW2 Royal Navy Officer's sun helmet. Khaki material with wide pagri band and dark blue top line. Leather chinstrap and leather edging. Inside it has a green cloth liner, and asize 6 7/8" leather sweatband. The sweatband is stamped, ""COMFORTEASE", "Royal Letters Patent", Adopted by H.M. Govt.". Needs cleaning or white blancoeing as the RN would wear it on ships. Price includes UK delivery. (sn. 4046 )

German M 38 Luftschutz Helmet - HE 3334
A superb condition WW2, Nazi German M 38 Luftschutz 3-pice "gladiator"Helmet. Dark green original paint. Inside it has its original WW1, M16 style, size 56 leather liner and a black leather chin strap with metal buckle. The helmet is stamped RL-S, 38/28 on the inside neck flap. In excellent condition and price includes UK delivery.

WW2 British Officers Regimental Sun Helmet - 3540
A WW2 British officers sun helmet with pagri band with a scarlet top fold. Khaki cloth, superbly blancoed, green interior, leather sweat band, with makers gold lettering, "Comfortease, Royal Letters patent No. 228467, Adopted by H.M. Govt" and also "Waterproof Tropical Helmet". Original leather chinstrap and two brass buckles. In size 6 7/8" (56). Price includes UK delivery ( sn. 3540 )

WW2 French Artillery Adrian Steel Helmet - HE 313
An original condition WW2 French Artillery steel helmet in green paint with RF Grenade & crossed cannons badge to the front. Original brown leather chinstrap, 6 tongue oilcloth liner. Great condition. Price includes UK delivery.

WW2 Factory Wardens Helmet - 2728
A British WW2 black helmet of a Warden of a wartime factory. It has a transfer of "KH" in blue and outlined in white on a red and gold arrow. The helmet is stamped inside, "P & L, 1940, M.S." and has the name, "SULLY" painted inside. Inside it has a "VERO" made size 7 liner dated 1939. Webbing chin strap. Price includes UK delivery. ( sn 2728 )

WW2 Factory Wardens Steel Helmet - 2730
A very rare WW2 Factory Air raid wardens steel helmet of the Battery Symblem factory. Original grey paint with original blue and white transfer to the front. the shell is stamped, "J.S.S." inside and the Wardens no. "472" painted on it. The liner is unmarked and it has a webbing chin strap. In excellent condition. Price includes UK delivery. ( sn. 2730 )

WW2 Factory Fire Brigade Steel Helmet - 2178
A very rare WW2 Factory Fire Brigade steel helmet of the Battery Symblem factory. Original black paint with original blue and white transfer to the front with painted 'FB' below. The liner is 6 3/4" and dated 1940. The shell has the number '102' painted inside and a paper label, 'F. White' and chin strap. In excellent condition. Price includes UK delivery. ( sn. 2178 )

Northern Ireland Fire Authority Assistant Divisional Officers Fire Helmet - 1783
A very nice Assistant Divisional Officers white Fire Helmet in padded and covered plastic to the Northern Ireland Fire Authority with a front transfer badge worn from 1950-75. It has a broad black & a narrow black rank stripe and inside has its original removable leather liner and chinstrap. Manufacturers stamp in the helmet, "Small, upto 6 7/8". 1974"". Superb condition. ( 1783 )

WW2 U.S. Civil Defence Fire Helmet - 1475
A very nice white painted high crown Brodie Pattern helmet with a transfer to the front of a red Maltese cross within in a white triangle all in a blue circle. Inside it is ink stamped on the rim, "Property of U.S. Govt." and written in pencil on the inside are the details, "A. Fire Fighter # 1895". It has a grey fabric head harness and chinstrap. In excellent condition. Price includes UK delivery. ( 1475 )
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