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Military Headgear - Helmets

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RARE, Original, WW1 Era, Prussian Cuirassiers Cavalry Officer's Steel & Brass Helmet With Imperial State Cockades, Spike Top & Fitted Transit Case. Sn 13459 - 13459
The Prussian Cuirassiers were a heavy Cavalry Regiment of the Royal Prussian Army. The Cuirassiers fought in the Second Schleswig War, the Austro-Prussian War, the Franco-Prussian War and World War I. This is an original WW1 Era Prussian Cuirassiers Officer's helmet. It has the correct original large Prussian Eagle helmet plate and strengthened neck protector with riveted edges. The helmet is in excellent condition. The polished steel helmet has just a few small surface dents and undamaged brass fittings. It has a large vented conical spike and correct original leather backed scales chin strap. Both sides of the helmet are mounted with Imperial State cockades, black on one side & red/ black on the other side. It is complete with its original leather sweatband. The black felt lining of the helmet has surface wear consistent with age and service use. It is approx UK size 7. The helmet comes with its original leather covered wood transit case with removable lid and retaining straps with buckle. The top of the case has a carry handle which has become detached at one side at some time in its life (this could easily be repaired). The interior of the case is fitted with padded material. The leather of the case is undamaged and has just surface scuffs consistent with age and use. Price for this excellent original WW1 Prussian Cuirassier’s Officer’s helmet with transit case includes UK delivery. Sn 13459

Spanish Model 1942 Steel Helmet. Sn 1094 - 1094
A mint condition Spanish 1942 pattern Steel Helmet of of identical design to the German WW2 helmet. It has its original green paint and gold badge to the front. Original 3 pad brown leather liner, chinstrap and buckle. Stamped 3140 on inside neck. Size 64. Price includes UK delivery. Sn 1094

UNAVAILABLE Rare, WW1 German M16 Combat Helmet With Original Sectional Camouflage Paint & Padded Liner. Sn 11659. - 11659
WW1 M16 /17 German camouflage combat helmets had many paint design variants (see pages 46-95 of Helmets of the First War By Haselgrove & Radovic). This WW1 German M16 Combat helmet has its original Camouflage sectioned paint pattern in shades of greens and browns sectioned by broad black painted lines. It has no dents and all rivets are in place together with its right chin strap lugs. The helmet retains its original leather headband liner with cloth pads stuffed with horsehair (1 pad is absent). The inside rim of the helmet is stamped '266' (illustrated inset in image 2). It is approx UK size 7 ½ . Price for this rare quality helmet with original camouflage paint includes UK delivery. AS WITH ALL OF OUR STOCK THIS ITEM IS GUARANTEED 100% ORIGINAL. Sn 11659

CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE. WW2 American M 1941 Tankers Helmet, Size 58. Sn 11530 - 11530
A WW2 American M1941 Tankers helmet, size 58. The official designation for this simple 'bump protection' helmet is often suffixed M1938 or M1941. In 1938 the Ordnance Board initiated trials to find a replacement for the infantry and cavalry pattern tank crew helmets then in use. In 1941 the Rawliongs company filed a patent for the design that was accepted by the board and issued to the US forces the same year. The helmet is made from resin impregnated fibre with leather fittings and lining cradle. Typical of tank helmets of the period it provided no ballistic protection but was adequate for bump protection inside the tank. The shell of the M1 helmet could be worn over the tankers helmet if additional protection was needed. (see page 115-116 in 'Tin Hats To Composite Helmets' book by Martin J. Brayley). The helmet is in very good condition. It is complete and has the size 58" (American Metric Size) stamped in black ink inside the rear leather padding. The out side is in very good undamaged condition with just a few marks as your would expect from normal use inside a tank. It has flexible side flaps which house the R-14 earphones and a canvas chin strap which secures with a press stud. The inside leather liner has a draw string adjustment. The price includes Uk delivery. Sn 11530

WW1 British Wolseley Pattern Overseas Service/ Tropical Pith Helmet Solar Topee With Pagri Formation Patches ‘IV’ To The 4th Brigade (RGA) Sherwood Foresters Notts & Derby Regiment. Sn 11320 - 11320
The Wolseley pattern Pith helmet is a distinctive British design developed and popularised in the late-19th/ early 20th century. With its swept-back brim it provided greater protection from the sun than the old Foreign Service helmet and its use was soon widespread among British Civil and Military personnel serving overseas. During the First World War, the Sherwood Foresters had 33 Battalions in service, of which 20 served overseas mainly on the Western Front, but also in Gallipoli, Italy and the Middle East. Over 140,000 men served in the Regiment which lost 11,400 killed. The Regiment won 57 battle honours and 2,000 decorations, including nine Victoria Crosses. This is an original Wolseley pattern pith helmet to the Sherwood Foresters. It has its original 7 fold khaki head band 'Pagri' & vented top mount. The right side of the helmet has its original 4th Brigade Regiment formation patches on either side marked ‘IV’ on a green cloth patch. It is complete with leather sweatband and leather chinstrap. All material and stitching of the helmet, sweatband and chinstrap are undamaged with just the service wear to be expected. The crown of the helmet has the correct brass vent. The inside of the helmet has a nice label ‘Waterproof Tropical Helmet’.. Price includes UK delivery. Sn 11320

Pre 1902, Victorian Home Service Pattern, British Officers Blue Cloth Helmet Of The 1st Volunteer Battalion West Yorkshire Regiment To Captain W.A. White By Hobson & Sons London With Original Transit Tin. Sn 11251 - 11251
The West Yorkshire Regiment (Prince of Wales's Own) (14th Foot) was an Infantry Regiment of the British Army. In 1958 it amalgamated with The East Yorkshire Regiment (15th Foot) to form The Prince of Wales's Own Regiment of Yorkshire. On 6 June 2006 The Regiment was amalgamated with the Green Howards and the Duke of Wellington's Regiment (West Riding) to form the Yorkshire Regiment. The 1st, 2nd and 3rd Volunteer Battalions of the West Yorkshire Regiment sent companies to the Boer War and were granted the battle honour South Africa 1900–02. Captain W.A. White of the 1st Volunteer West Yorkshire Regiment was obviously a successful career Soldier and an entry in the London Gazette dated January 24th 1905 records Lieutenant-Colonel W.A. White as resigning his commission and being granted the Honourary rank of Colonel. This is an excellent Victorian Officer's spike topped pre 1902 Home Service blue cloth helmet of the 1st Volunteer Battalion West Yorkshire Regiment. It has a metal cross piece, spike and rose bosses supporting a velvet backed chin chain. The front of the helmet bears the original Queen’s Crown 1st Volunteer Battalion West Yorkshire Regiment plate with correct lug mounts. The helmet is complete with leather and cloth sweatband and stitched panel lining. The crown has a superb manufacturer's label outlined in gold leaf 'Hobson & Sons 37 & 38 Little Windmill Street Haymarket London W’ (illustrated inset in image 2). The helmet is contained in its original tin transit case with hinged lid & carry handle. The lid has 2 excellent brass plates one a manufacturer’s with Queen’s Crown and detail ‘Hobsons & Sons Military Outfitters’ together with Haymarket address and ‘No. 41,43 & 44 Artillery Place Woolwich’. The other plate is beautifully engraved to ‘Captain W.A. White 1st W.R. Yorkshire Rt’. The tin has some traces of its original Japanned finish. This helmet and tin have been recently acquired from a collector who has had this item in their possession since 1936. A letter from a family member of the last owner explaining some of the features of the helmet & tin accompanies this piece. The price for this fine helmet with Tin to a named Volunteer Battalion Officer which is worthy of further research includes UK delivery. Sn 11251.

Victorian 12th (Prince Of Wales) Lancer's Troopers Lance Cap WD Marked & 1902 Dated With Queen’s Crown Plate & Plume. Sn 9493 - 9493
This is a scarce, original, Cavalry Trooper's Lance Cap of the 12th (Prince Of Wales) Lancer's. The Lance Cap has a skull and peak of black patent leather with yellow & green cloth band. It has a mortar board top with red cloth ridged sides and yellow cord descending the angled corners. It has a brass plume boss with Red horse hair plume. The boss is fitted with a yellow & green material ball mount bearing the embossed 'Queen's Crown with Crossed Lances and 12' of the 12th lancers. The Cap plate has a Victorian Crown at the top over the Royal Arms of Great Britain with 5 Battle Honours including the Crimean War. The leather backed brass chin chain is suspended from two Lion's head ear bosses. The Lance Cap is complete with sweat band and liner. The Crown has ink stamps ‘WD with Arrow’ & ‘9 (September) 1902’ (Queen Victoria died on 22nd January 1901 and was succeeded by King Edward VII, Uniform including Helmets & Lance Caps made during the reign of Queen Victoria continued to be issued with Queen’s crown plates in the early years of King Edward’s Reign). Material on the inside of the helmet has remnants of a size and manufacturer label which is unreadable. It is approx UK size 6. Price includes UK delivery. Sn 9493

Post 1901 Volunteer Artillery Officer's Home Service Pattern, Blue Cloth Helmet With Ball Top Mount, Silver Plated Fittings & Frosted Silver Helmet Plate - 10946
This is an excellent original Post 1901 Ball topped Volunteer Artillery Officer's Home Service blue cloth helmet. It has silver plated fittings including metal cross piece, ball top and rose bosses supporting velvet backed link chin chain. The front of the helmet bears the impressive silver frosted Volunteer Artillery Helmet Plate with Kings Crown, Royal Arms, with scroll below over an artillery piece resting on a scroll. The helmet plate is original with correct lug mounts. The silver plating on the fittings has wear consistent with age. The helmet is complete with leather sweatband, stitched panel lining and red material with draw string all in excellent clean condition. The crown of the helmet has a lovely leather label embossed in gold 'Best London Manufacture'. It also has a small printed size label '6 7/8'. Price for this quality helmet includes UK delivery. Sn 10946

WW2 1941 War Department Marked British Overseas Service Tropical Solar Topee Helmet By Helmets Ltd Wheathampstead With WD Marked Canvas Transit Bag. Sn 10368 - 10368
This is an excellent original WW2 British Overseas Service Tropical Solar Topee Helmet. It's khaki canvas cover is undamaged. It has it's original khaki head band & vented top mount. It is complete with leather sweatband and original foil liner. The foil lining is in excellent condition considering how delicate the linings of these helmets were. The inside of the sweatband is WD & arrow ink stamped together with number 821. The sweatband also has an excellent red 7 white paper label marked by the manufacturer 'Helmets Ltd Wheathampstead' together with WD arrow, 1941 date & size 6 3/4. All material and stitching of the helmet are clean and undamaged. It has one of it's original brass chin strap hooks on the left side. The right hook is absent. The helmet is complete with it's original canvas transit bag. The bag is clean and intact. The bag has it's original cotton draw cord. The inside of the bag is ink stamped 'WD & arrow' together with 'JO 194' & arrow. Price includes UK delivery. Sn 10368

WW2 Belgian Infantry 1926 Pattern Adrian Combat Helmet, Liner & Lion's Head Badge. Sn 10264 - 10264
This is a WW2 era Belgian Infantry 1926 French Pattern 'Adrian' Combat Helmet complete with it's original liner, chinstrap and Lion's head badge. The helmet differs from the WW1 design by being stamped from 1 piece of Steel and having a series of small ventilation holes in the crown instead of a single large hole which was viewed as a weak point of the old design. It retains most of it's original black paint finish. Price includes UK delivery. Sn 10264
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