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Military Headgear - Helmets

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WW1 German 1918 Pattern 'Drooped / Duck Bill' Steel Combat Helmet With 1921 Pattern Liner, Chin Strap & Double Inter War / WW2 Decals ( Nazi Party Swastika Shield & Hitler Youth /Hitlerjugend / HJ) Shield. Sn 17758 - 17758
This is an original WW1 German 1918 pattern 'Duck Bill' steel combat helmet so called because of its drooped duck bill like front brim. The helmet has even patina. It has no dents and all rivets/ pins and steel chin strap bales are correctly in place. There are no visible manufacturer or date marks on the inner rim or crown. The left side of the helmet features its original Nazi swastika shield decal and the right has its original Hitler Youth (Hitlerjugend / HJ) decal indicating re-issue to the HJ inter war / WW2. The decals have excellent colouring and have just light rubbing to be expected. The helmet is complete with original undamaged and clean leather 1921 pattern liner and leather chin strap with buckle. As with all of our stock this helmet is guaranteed 100% genuine. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 17758

SOLD SOLD (LAY-AWAY 02/10) **RECENT LOFT FIND**WW2 Japanese Infantry Steel Camouflage Combat Helmet With Original Paint ‘Star’ Badge, Liner & Cloth Tape Chinstrap. Sn 17731 - 17731
This is an original WW2 Japanese Infantry Combat Helmet complete with its original leather liner & original cloth tape chin strap. The steel helmet has its brown and green camouflage paint. The front of the helmet has the original metal ‘star’ badge. The helmet has areas of old stable rust and is in as found un-messed with condition. The liner is clean and undamaged. The top of the helmet has the correct small ventilation holes. The helmet is approx. UK size 7. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 17731

**RARE**WW2 U.S. Army M1938/ M1941 Tankers Helmet By Wilson Athletic Goods Manufacturing Company, Size 7 ½ With Correct Original M1938 Tanker’s Resistal Goggles . Sn 17768 - 17768
The official designation for this simple 'bump protection' helmet is often suffixed M1938 or M1941. In 1938 the Ordnance Board initiated trials to find a replacement for the infantry and cavalry pattern tank crew helmets then in use (see page 130 of Government Issue Collector’s Guide by Enjames). The helmet is made from resin impregnated fibre with leather fittings and lining cradle. Typical of tank helmets of the period it provided no ballistic protection but was adequate for bump protection inside the tank. The shell of the M1 helmet could be worn over the tankers helmet if additional protection was needed. The helmet is in excellent, near un-used condition. The padded leather lining has a crisp ink roundel manufacturer stamp ‘Wilson Ath Goods Mfg Co & 7 ½ (size). It has flexible side flaps to house R-14 earphones. The helmet is mounted with its original M1938 Tanker’s Resistal Goggles. At the outbreak of WW2 Harry Buegeleisen Company registered this design of goggles (see page 131 of Enjame’s book). The goggles are clean and undamaged with red tinted lenses, alloy frames with soft leather support and webbing strap which fits correctly to the helmet. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 17768

SOLD SOLD (07/10) **SCARCE** Irish Free State Army 'Coal Scuttle' Model 1927 Helmet By Vickers Ltd Number 4484 of only 10,021 With Liner & Chin Strap. HE 819 - HE 819
An excellent condition, original, steel alloy, Irish Free State Army 'Coal Scuttle' Model 1927 Imperial German style helmet made by Vickers Ltd. Vickers made just 10,021 helmet shells all individually numbered. It has its original finish and bronze coloured helmet badge. Inside it has its original leather liner with correct 3 pads, each with their original inside padding. It has its original leather chinstrap with alloy buckle. The inside of the neck guard is crisply stamped V Ltd (Vickers), number ‘H4484’ and '27' (Model 1927 designation) together with another small indistinct mark (all illustrated). The helmet is clean and has just a few small dents. It is approx. UK size 7 ½. A copy of a contemporary image showing a formation of Irish Free State soldiers marching in full uniform wearing their ‘Coal Scuttle’ helmets is illustrated in image 3. The price for this scarce helmet includes UK delivery. HE 819

French Late 1800's Third Republic Era Model 1876 Cuirassier Cavalry Regiment Helmet By Alexis Godillot With Plumes & Horse Hair Mane. Sn 17563 - 17563
An original Model 1876, France, Third Republic, Cuirassier Cavalry Regiment Helmet produced by Alexis Godillot (1816-1893). The helmet has a black painted metal skull, a brass peak binding, ear to ear wreath with ignited grenade to the centre. The skull has no dents. It has a leather backed scales chin strap with buckle and ornate ear roundels. It has a superb Medusa head finial with 'shaving brush' plume in its original brass holder and removable red ostrich feather plume to the left side. It also has a plaited red horse hair falling mane. The rear of the helmet is stamped 'Alexi Godillot' and with faint numbers which appear to be '15 6 74 9'. The helmet has its original leather sweatband liner which has some service wear. It is approx UK size 6. The price for this impressive helmet includes UK delivery. Sn 17563

SOLD SOLD (09/10) WW2 1943 ‘Arnhem’ British All Steel 2nd Pattern Paratroopers Jump Helmet By BMB With Liner, Leather Chin Strap & Original Camouflage Netting. Sn 17616 - 17616
This is an excellent original WW2 1943 dated 2nd Pattern British Paratroopers Jump Helmet. This pattern of helmet were manufactured during 1942 and 1943 and mainly worn by Paras who saw action in Italy, Normandy, Arnhem & Germany (see page 92 of For King & Country By Glenn). 2nd Pattern helmets featured an all manganese steel shell without fibre rim and leather chin strap. This helmet has the correct 2nd Pattern features and retains its original olive green finish. It has no dents. It is complete with liner & leather chin strap with chin cup. The leather sweatband is date stamped '1943' together with manufacturer's mark 'BMB' and size '6 3/4'. The helmet is fitted with original camo netting. As with all of our stock this item is guaranteed 100% original. The price for this WW2 dated Paratrooper’s jump helmet in superb condition includes UK delivery. Sn 17616

VERY RARE WW1 British Machine Gun Corps (MGC) MK II 1918 Pattern Brodie Trench Helmet With Period Hand Painted MGC Crossed Vickers Heavy Machine Gun Badge Device, Cavalry Branch Horseshoe Formation Mark, Brodie Ink Stamped Oil Cloth Sweat Band Chin Strap - 17411
The Machine Gun Corps (MGC) was a Corps of the British Army, formed in October 1915 in response to the need for more effective use of machine guns on the Western Front in WW1. The MGC had units in the Infantry, Cavalry & Royal Navy. The Cavalry Branch of the MGC consisted of Machine Gun Squadrons, one per cavalry brigade. The MGC was disbanded in 1922. This is an original WW1 MK II 1918 Pattern British Brodie Steel helmet to the MGC Cavalry Branch, a sleeper, in as found unmessed with condition.. It has its original textured olive paint & some shallow small dents consistent with age and service use. The front of the helmet has period hand painted crossed Vickers HMG’s (the badge of the MGC. One side has a hand painted horseshoe formation mark indicating issue to the cavalry branch of the MGC. It has its correct small central copper rivet at the crown and chinstrap bales attached with correct split pins. It is fitted with its original black oilcloth headband with partially visible red ink 'Brodie' manufacturer's stamp. The inner rim is stamped with indistinct numbers. It has its original brown leather chinstrap with buckle. The helmet is approx. UK size 7. The price for this very rare MGC Brodie helmet includes UK delivery. Sn 17411

Original WW2 1942 Camo Single Decal M35 Helmet By ‘CKL’ Eisenhuttenwerke, Contemporarily Painted Operation Dragoon US 6th Army with Liner & Chin Strap HE 818 - HE 818
An original WW2 1942 dated camo German M35 helmet, liner and chin strap. The helmet is period painted on the front to commemorate Operation Dragoon, the Allied Invasion of Southern France on the 15th August 1944 where the US Army was involved. The helmet has a white square painted on the front which is edged with a black line, inside the square it has "Operation 601 Dragoon Provence TD" with a 'Y' painted in black with 8 white stars painted on it. The helmet is a veteran 'bring back'. The helmet has a single 'eagle with swastika' decal on the left hand side and is camo painted in shades of tan, brown and green. Inside it retains the brown/tan leather liner and draw string both of which are in very good condition. The black leather chin strap is secured at both ends onto metal buckles and has a buckle for adjustment. The chin strap is date stamped with "1942 and RBN /1/1151/0005" as can be seen in one of the photographs. The inside of the helmet is painted green and the inner rim is stamped with shell size '64' and manufacturer code manufacturer code ‘CKL’ which is Eisenhuttenwerke. This is a very good condition, complete M35 helmet. The price includes UK delivery. HE 818 (Commission)

WW2 Home Front, National Fire Service (NFS) Tommy Helmet Marked ‘A62’ With Liner & Chinstrap. HE 877 - HE 877
The Auxiliary Fire Service (AFS) formed in January 1938 and fire stations were set up in buildings such as schools, garages and factories. A recruitment drive was launched with as many as 28,000 fire fighters required to support London Fire Brigade's 2,500 officers and fire fighters. To provide a unified service throughout the country, the National Fire Service (NFS) took control on 18 August 1941 when all AFS were merged with local brigades to form a national service. By 1943 over 70,000 women had enrolled in the NFS in the United Kingdom. This is an excellent original, WW2, steel NFS 'Tommy' helmet. The helmet has all of its original green paint with red band and King’s Crown NFS insignia. The inner rim of the helmet is stamped ‘A62’. There are no date marks but they may be present under the paint. The rim also has period hand painted number ‘579438’ possibly the number of the NFS member who was issued with the helmet. It has its original black oil cloth liner and sprung webbing chinstrap all of which are completely intact. The helmet is undamaged with no denting. It is approx. UK size 6 ½. The price includes UK delivery. HE 877

C1930’s Nazi Freikorps WW1 German M16 Infantry Helmet With Liner & Chin Strap, Contemporaneously Converted For WW2 Use. HE 876 - HE 876
Freikorps were irregular German military volunteer units that existed from the 18th to the early 20th centuries. After WW1 during the period when Germany was banned from militarization, the Nazis secretly began re-arming. In this era the Friekorps were issued with WW1 equipment including combat helmets and uniform. This original WW1 German M16 helmet is one of those issued to the Friekorps after the Nazis came to power and contemporaneously repainted and adorned with Nazi insignia. Originally painted in WW1 green paint it has been overpainted with gray paint and large Nazi Swastika applied to the front. One side is numbered ‘73’ in original white paint. It has no dents and all rivets and steel chin strap loops are correctly in place. It also has its original leather chin strap. There are no visible date or manufacturer marks on the helmet but they may be present under the paint. The helmet is complete with original leather padded liner and headband. All leather and stitching are intact. The helmet is approx UK size 7. The price for this helmet with connections to both world wars includes UK delivery. HE 876
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