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WW1 Era British WD Officer’s Gas Mask With Canvas Satchel By Waring & Gillow With Original Record Of Issue Card. Sn 18125:13 - 18125:13
Waring and Gillow Ltd, Lancaster’s famous furniture business of Gillows and Co dated back to the early 18th century. By the early years of the 20th century it had merged with the Liverpool based company of Waring. They produced a wide range of items for the WW1 war effort using the full range of skills found across each department. This ranged from standard joinery for packing crates, fine woodworking for aeroplane wings, upholstery for tents, haversacks and even uniform tunics. This is an original WW1 era British Officer’s gas mask with WD Satchel by Waring & Gillow . The Gas mask has its original rubber backed cloth covered face mask with hose and filtration canister. The material is fragile. It has shrunk and the perished in areas to be expected with age and service use and is unwearable. The mask has its original eye lenses. The hose is intact and the filtration canister has no dents but does have light surface rust. The mask has ink inspection marks (illustrated) The head straps are present but have become detached on one side of the mask. The canvas satchel has a flap cover with press studs and adjustable shoulder strap. The inside of the top flap is WD marked and is ink stamped by the manufacturer ‘Waring & Gillow’. The outside of the flap is numbered ‘2’ and has other small handwritten numbers (illustrated). The satchel has internal pockets to hold the mask and canister. Attached to the inside of the satchel by its original cord is the mask’s record of issue card. The record has no entries (illustrated). The satchel has storage staining and some holes consistent with age and service use. It is rare to find these gas masks from the Great War. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 18125:13

WW2 Era 1935 Dated M1934 Alpine / Mountain Troops German Heer (Army) Tornister Pony Hide & Olive Canvas Back Pack By G.J Ensink & Co Ohrdruf. Sn 18125:6 - 18125:6
This is an original 1938 dated German Heer Tornister (Back Pack). These packs were used by Apline / Mountain troops during WW2. The pack has leather shoulder straps with sprung alloy clips which have inspection marks. The pack has leather reinforced edges. The rear top edging is dated ‘1935’ together with manufacturer detail ‘G.J Ensink & Co Ohrdruf’. The pack is made of drab olive canvas & folds open with compartments secured by studs and leather straps with buckles. The pack’s flap has the correct brown pony hide covering. Internally the pack has an indistinct rectangular ink stamp, crisp ‘E37’ ink stamp and clen cloth label ‘G.Sch’ (period German quality assurance label). The pack measures 16” height and is 14” wide closed. The Haversack has additional leather tabs for additional strap / equipment carry attachments. The material is clean with no mothing. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 18125:6

Operation Desert Storm Browning Hi Power Leg Holster, Magazine Pouch & 2 Magazines. - L 330
This is an Operation Desert Storm Browning Hi Power pistol leg holster complete with its magazine pouch and 2 magazines. The whole rig has a sand coloured finish. The holster is contoured to the inside to keep it in place on the outer thigh and has a sand coloured belt suspension loop complete with two plastic clipped leg straps to keep it secure and in place. The sand coloured canvas twin magazine pouch has two velcro straps to keep the magazines in place and a belt loop on the back. The price for this item includes U.K. delivery. L 330

WW2 Enfield No4, SMLE, 4T Sniper Rifle Canvas Carry Case. ( 3 now available 6/4/22) MISC 873 - MISC 873
These are WW2 Enfield 4T sniper rifle canvas carrying cases and were issued with the Enfield 4T rifle fitted with a snipers scope to protect them when carrying them on the shoulder. These are WW2 cases for the Enfield 4T sniper rifle cases and most carry wartime stamps to the inside, some being illegible. Some of the cases have had contemporary repairs to the bottom of the case to make them serviceable when the bottom of the case has worn through. There are several cases and one of these cases will be sent out with each order with any requests for the cases left in stock. The price is per rifle case and includes U.K. delivery. MISC 873

British WW2 Era 2 Pounder Anti Tank Gun Leather Tool Box. O 1589 - O 1589
This is a British leather tool kit case for the 2Pr anti-tank gun. The case is in excellent undamaged condition and the lid is reinforced with a piece of plywood riveted to it with various spring steel, brass and wooden tool holders. The box has two quick release buckles on the lid and two metal clamping brackets riveted to the base. The lid has stamped on the buckle side C.M.7.A and a Canadian crowfoot inspection mark. On the photograph of the 2 Pr. gun, the toolbox can be seen mounted on the ready to use ammunition box. The lid of the box has an undamaged yellow contents label pasted onto it. The leather sides are undamaged and the stitching is intact. The metalwork retains most of its original black painted finish. The price includes U.K. delivery. O 1589

WW2 1943 Nazi German Army Gas Mask By BMW With 1937 Dated Filter, Original Steel Canister & Carry Straps. Sn 17235:9 - 17235:9
This is an original WW2 Nazi German Army Gas Mask With Original Steel Canister. The gas mask is clean and complete with rubberised eye pieces and plastic eye lenses. It has the correct rubber face mask and elasticated head straps with buckles. Its field green painted metal mouthpiece has manufacturer mark BMW (Bayerische Motoren Werke AG the famous German car manufacturer) & 43 date (1943). The filter has the Nazi German army Eagle with swastika acceptance stamp, 1937 date and other ink stamped numbers and letters (all illustrated). The rubber mask is embossed ‘2’ & is contained in its original steel canister with fluted cylindrical body and hinged lid with sprung retaining strap which fastens to a steel lug on the body of the canister and fixed shoulder strap bars fitted with original webbing shoulder strap. The underside of the canister has an impressed letter ‘D’. There are no other visible date or manufacturer marks visible but they may be present under its original paint. The inside of the canister’s lid has a hinged steel compartment which contains 2 original replacement plastic lenses in greaseproof packets which have ink printed German text. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 17235:9

WW2 1944 Dated ’37 Webbing Pattern Bren Gun Barrel And Spare Parts Holdall/Spare Barrel Case. MISC 872 - MISC 872
This is a scarce WW2, 1944 dated ’37 Pattern webbing Bren gun canvas holdall/spare barrel bag. This bag is stencilled in black on the inside H&SA 1944 (1944 date) and CAT NoOS18. on the inside of the top flap. The outside of the bag is stencilled in black COVER NO12 RF Mk IV . The bag has an adjustable canvas sling/carrying handle. The price includes U.K. delivery. MISC 872

WW2 1942 British WD Commando Bergen Rucksack By S.N. Ltd With Correct Steel Frame. Sn 15980:22 - 15980:22
This is an original British WW2 Commando Bergen Rucksack. This example is made of rugged canvas & is in great condition for its age. The Bergen un-packed measures approx. 20" x 18" x 11" and is mounted on a steel frame for comfort when carrying. The back of the rucksack has its original reinforced stitched leather anchor points where mounted to the frame and has a top large flap cover with webbing retaining straps and interior lined waterproof cover for additional waterproof protection. The top of the rucksack's body has brass rings stitched into the material for draw cord which is present. The body of the rucksack has a central large flap covered equipment pocket and others on the left & right sides. The rucksack and frame are complete with all of its correct shoulder straps and buckle fasteners. The shoulder straps are ink stamped by the maker ‘S.N Ltd’ & ‘1942' (date) together with WD arrow above ‘20’ mark. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 15980:22

Nazi German 1937 & WW2 1940 Dated German Military / Hitler Youth Leather Trimmed Waxed Khaki Canvas Haversack by Bernard Meyer Gronau. Sn 8341 - 8341
This is an original WW2 era German Military / Hitler Youth Haversack. The Haversack has alloy bars and studs some marked with manufacturer’s combined ‘WG’ mark and Leather shoulder straps with buckles. The Haversack has leather reinforced edges. The rear top edging is dated ‘1940 together with manufacturer detail ‘Bernard Meyer Gronau’ together with contemporary hand written ink names (illustrated) . The Bergen is made of khaki waxed canvas. The Haversack folds open and has cloth compartments secured by studs and straps which together with storage space includes a water bottle / canteen pouch & large map pocket. The Haversack measures 16” height and is 14” wide closed. Fully open the Haversack is 30” length. The Haversack has additional leather tabs for additional strap / equipment carry attachments. The outside of the top flap has a contemporary hand written name and the inside is date ink stamped ‘1937’ together withother letters and numbers (illustrated). The leather has wear and scuffs to be expected with age but is intact. The material is clean with no damage or mothing. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 8341

WWI Imperial German Army Back Pack Reg't Markings 'III.A.9.H'. Sn 7877. - 7877
After WWI German weapons were destroyed at a great scale, but the field equipment remained. Some of the remaining WW1 equipment was re used by the Wehrmacht during the first years of WWII. This is a rare to find original Imperial German Army WW1 Era backpack Haversack. It is made of leather and canvas & in good condition for its age. The pack when closed measures Size: 15" x 13" x 3" when empty & closed. It opens to reveal several compartments with leather straps and buckles all intact. The top of the backpack has a leather carry handle and the backpack is complete with all of it's corect shoulder straps and buckle fasteners. The exterior rear of the pack is mounted with animal skin which is complete but does have some service wear to be expected. The interior of the pack is nicely ink stamped with Regimental & inter War date markings 'III A 9 H', ' H. Lobert' Fahndern 36/75' , R-AIX 1919, 'S.P.Br., '1920'. This is scarce and highly collectable original item. Price includes UK delivery. Sn 7877.
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