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Daggers and Knives

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**MINT**Cased Commemorative WW2 Fairbairn Sykes 3rd Pattern FS Fighting Knife 'Commando 1940-45' By Wilkinson Sword With Etched Blade. Sn 19108. - 19108
The British Commandos were formed during the Second World War in June 1940, following a request from the British Prime Minister, Winston Churchill, for a force that could carry out raids against German-occupied Europe. Initially drawn from within the British Army from soldiers who volunteered for the Special Service Brigade, the Commandos' ranks would eventually be filled by members of all branches of the United Kingdom's armed forces and a number of foreign volunteers from German-occupied countries. Reaching a wartime strength of over 30 individual units and four assault brigades, the Commandos served in all theatres of war from the Arctic Circle to Europe and from the Mediterranean and Middle East Theatre to South-East Asia. Their operations ranged from small groups of men landing from the sea or by parachute to a brigade of assault troops spearheading the Allied invasions of Europe and Asia. All Commandos were issued with the iconic FS Fighting knife. This superb 3rd pattern FS Commando dagger was produced to Commemorate the British Army Commandos WW2 Service 1940-1945. The knife is in pristine condition. It has a beautiful 175mm blued blade etched on both sides with gold foliate design panels. The ricasso is etched at the ricasso with the manufacturer's detail 'Wilkinson Sword Made In England' with their crossed swords legend and Queen Elizabeth II Royal Appointment all in gold. The ribbed handle and cross guard retain all of their original gold coloured plated finish. The dagger is contained in its original wooden box with hinged lid covered in green leatherette material. The case has clasp fasteners. The inside of the case is lined in green felt & white silk & is contoured to snugly fit the dagger. The exterior lid of the box is emblazoned with the Wilkinson Sword name & Crossed Swords legend together with the stylised image of a Commando shoulder title in Gold & 1940-1945. The silk lining of the case lists the WW2 Battle Honours & Military Decorations Awarded to the Commandos all in gold. The price for this excellent commemorative piece includes UK delivery. Sn 19108.

**MINT**LARGE**1837-1860 Victorian Henry Thomas Underwood & Co 56 Haymarket London Bowie Knife With Red Deer Antler Handle, Ornate Brass Fittings & Ornately Tooled Leather Scabbard. ED 892 - ED 892
The Underwood family of London based Cutlers began their knife making heritage with Yeeling Underwood in 1791. Henry Thomas Underwood was recorded as working at 56 Haymarket between 1822 until his death in 1860. The family business continued making knives marked ‘Underwood’ until 1925 when the company ceased trading (see page 177 of ‘The London Knife Book 1820-1945’ by Flook). This is a near mint, large, Victorian Bowie Knife made by Henry Thomas Underwood. It has a clean 10 ¼” long polished steel Bowie blade. The blade is 1 ½” broad at its widest point. The knife measures 16 ¼” overall. One side of the blade is crisply marked with ‘Crown VR’ (Victoria Regina. Queen Victoria’s reign began in 1837) above maker detail ‘Underwood & Co 56 Haymarket (London)’. It has an ornate brass ferrule & its brass cross guard has scalloped edges. The hilt is solid polished red Deer antler crowned with an ornate brass pommel which is embossed ‘RD308525’ most likely a registered patent number. The Bowie has its original superb brown leather scabbard. The scabbard has ornate deep cut tooled decoration to the front aspect. It has a large single belt loop and retaining strap with press stud fastener. All stitching & leather of the scabbard are excellent. The price for this impressive Bowie includes UK delivery. ED 892

**MINT**AS NEW & UNUSED****2016 LIMITED EDITION**RIO BRAZIL OLYMPICS COMMEMORATIVE**Original Boxed 24 Carat Gold Plated Swiss Victorinox ‘Gold Climber’ Folding Multi Blade / Tools Swiss Army Knife With Original Neck Strap & Illustrated Knife Care Leaflet. - 21171
In 2016 Victorinox launched a limited edition gold version of their iconic Swiss Army Climber Pocket Knife to celebrate the Rio Olympics 2016. The knife advertised as the ‘Gold Climber’ has unblemished 24 carat gold-plated scales with Victoronix Swiss emblem shield and name. Limited to only 20,000 pieces worldwide, the Victorinox Climber Gold Swiss Army Knife is a true collector’s item. When closed the knife measures and has 14 functions: 1. blade, large 2 ½” marked ‘Victorinox 2. blade, small 1 ½” 3. can opener 4. screwdriver 3 mm 5. bottle opener 6. wire stripper 7. screwdriver 5 mm 8. reamer, punch and sewing awl 9. corkscrew 10. scissors 11. multi purpose hook 12. toothpick 13. tweezers 14. key ring It comes in its original special limited edition cardboard box with ‘Victorinox Gold Climber 2016’ cardboard sleeve. The box contains the knife & its original neck strap with sprung clasp fastener which is still in its unopened cellophane packaging and its original illustrated knife care leaflet. The price for excellent piece includes UK delivery. Sn 21171 (presentation daggers box)

Custom Made Skinning Knife with Gut Hook and Leather Sheath by Renowned Maker Alan Wood. 21169 - 21169
Alan Wood has been a professional knifemaker since 1985 and has become the UK’s most emulated craftsman due to his practical and attractive designs. Alan Wood is well known for his collaboration with survival expert, Ray Mears. Alan also works with Casstrom of Sweden and they produce the Safari knife of Alan’s design. He no longer produces a catalogue and has yet to set up a new website. Waiting time for one of his custom-made knives is currently 12 months. This piece measures; blade-6 ½ cm (17 ¾ cm overall). It is a single edged blade with a gut hook and small serrated edge. It is laser etched to one side ‘A. WOOD England’. The one piece blade runs through the hardwood Walnut? grips which are held with five brass pins. It has a lanyard hole which comes with a green chord. The thick custom made sheath has lighter stitching running throughout, and an integrated belt loop. The price for this piece from a renowned maker includes UK delivery. 21169. (Drawers)

*Hand Made* Custom Skinner by English Custom Knife Maker Alan Wood and Leather Scabbard. 21170. - 21170
Alan Wood has been making custom knives professionally since 1985; his knife making started when he was around 11 years old, after he had seen on TV the 1952 film ‘The Iron Mistress’. Alan is in great demand as a knife designer, as well as a custom knife maker. He has links with the Woodlore knife now taken as ‘THE’ knife for actual Bushcraft use. Ray Mears, the world-renowned Bushcraft and survival instructor contacted Alan, as he wanted a British knife specifically designed for Bushcraft. Alan also works with Casstrom of Sweden and they produce the Safari knife of Alan’s design, he no longer produces a catalogue and has yet to set up a new website (taken from a piece in Gun Mart). This fine example has a single edged 9 cm blade with a serrated lower edge (21 ½ cm overall) signed/engraved to one side ‘A. WOOD England’. The grips are a polished onyx coloured composite material contoured for grip held with five brass coloured pins with a lanyard hole containing a lace strap. The one piece blade runs through the grips and is outlined with a dark red detail where it meets the grips. The thick leather bespoke scabbard has an integrated belt loop and is solidly made, with all stitching intact. The price for this custom piece from a renowned maker includes UK delivery. 21170. (Hunting/Survival)

PUMA Skinner Knife with Antler Grips and Original Leather Scabbard. 21168. - 21168
PUMA's story begins in 1769, when Johann Lauterjung registers his trademark in Solingen, Germany. For a long time the company is run by the Lauterjung family. In 1876 PUMA started producing pocket knives and stilletos. Around 1936 the company is placed under the authority of the German regime for the war industry. After the liberation in 1946 PUMA's focus shifted back to the civil market. In 1956 PUMA designs its most famous knife, the White Hunter. Ever since PUMA has continued to develop and innovate and introduced a completely new collection in 2003: the PUMA IP. A collaboration with large knife factories spread out all over the world. It is the first time this German knife brand crossed its borders into international territory. This example has a double edged 5” (9 ½ “overall) blade with a serrated lower edge. The blade is in good condition with minor surface scratches from use. It is etched *faintly* ‘PUMA SKINNER’ Genuine Pumaster Steel Germany to one side of the blade. The lovely antler bone grips are held with 3 brass pins and have brass lined lanyard hole. The crossguard is stamped; 96083. The accompanying original leather scabbard has the PUMA logo to the front along with brass rivets with the PUMA head logo on each. It has ‘MADE IN GERMANY DBGM 1865840’ imprinted to the rear. There is a leather leg strap attached also. The leather is in good condition as is the stitching and metalwork. The price includes UK delivery. 21168. (Hunting/Survival)

*Handmade* ‘PUMA White Hunter’ 6377 Hunting Knife and Original Leather Scabbard. 21167. - 21167
This iconic knife was the result of a collaborative effort by PUMA and the East Africa Professional Hunter’s Association. It was first introduced in 1956 and set the standard by which all other hunting knives were measured for the next 50 years. Otto von Frankenburg, the husband of Renate Lauterjung, a decendant of Franz Lauterjung was in charge at PUMA .It was von Frankenburg’s influence in the company that transitioned the company into a comprehensive hunting knife maker. He enlisted the help of a friend, Walter Frevert, who was the Head of Forestry in Germany. Both men were active hunters. Designed by Puma and field tested in Africa, the locals gave it the name White Hunter, named after the European and North American hunters who came often to Africa on Safari. Many of these knives were often presented as gifts to the guides and trackers by the hunters at the end of the hunt. The double edged knife is made from one piece of steel with 2 serrated edges. The polished blade is 15 ¼ cm in length and is lovely condition with only minor signs of use. The hardwood grips are held with 3 brass studs with a lanyard hole and are unmarked. The blade is laser etched; 6377 Handmade PUMA WHITE HUNTER Genuine PUMASTER Steel W.Germany. The original PUMA leather scabbard is made from thick tan leather imprinted with the PUMA logo to the front, made in Germany DBGM 1865340 and brass metalwork. There is an integrated belt loop and leg strap hole. The price for this iconic piece includes UK delivery. 21167. (Hunting/Survival)

**EARLY BLADE MARKED**WW2 1943 U.S M3 Fighting Knife & M8A1 Scabbard With Integral Frog By BM Co (Beckwith Manufacturing Company) & VP (Victory Plastics). Sn 21091 - 21091
This is an original WW2 U.S M3 Fighting Knife & M8 Scabbard With Integral Frog (see pages 95-101 of Cole’s book U.S Military Knives). Its 6 ¾” blade has no damage & aged patina. The blade has crisp marking ‘US M3 1943’. There is no visible maker mark, usually found on these blades, the maker mark may have rubbed off during service use. Only early blades were stamped with marking, later examples had markings on the cross guard. It has the correct undamaged compressed leather washer ringed handle. & the top of the pommel has the Frankford Arsenal ignited grenade mark. The knife is complete with its original green plastic M8A1 scabbard with integral green webbing frog which has a single retaining strap and press stud fastener. The upper mount of the scabbard is stamped 'USM8A1' & by the manufacturer 'BM Co' (Beckwith Manufacturing Company). The rear has ‘VP’ (Victory Plastics) above number 16. The tip of the scabbard is correctly holed for thigh cord. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 21091 (American Knives & Knife Bayonets Box)

**UN-ISSUED CONDITION**WW2 ‘KI’ (Kinfolks) M3 Fighting Knife & M8 Scabbard With Integral Frog By BM Co (Beckwith Manufacturing Company) & ‘VP’ (Victory Plastics) & Coiled Leather Thigh Cord. ED 889 - ED 889
An excellent WW2 US M3 Fighting Knife By Kinfolks, M8 Scabbard With Integral Frog & Coiled leather thigh cord all in excellent un-issued condition. Kinfols Incorporated werer based in Little Valley new York USA, they made approx. 135,548 M3 fighting knives (see pages 95-101 of Cole’s book U.S Military Knives and page 97 item No.16 where a cross guard marking the same as ours are illustrated). The underside of the cross guard is stamped "US M3 KI (Kinfolks)". The compressed leather ringed handle and blade are undamaged. The top of the pommel has the 'ignited grenade' Frankford Arsenal mark. The knife has a blackened 6 ¾” blade with medial ridge & is complete with original green plastic M8 scabbard with integral green webbing frog which has a single retaining strap, press stud fastener and hanging bar. The upper mount of the scabbard is stamped 'USM8' & by the manufacturer 'BM Co'(Beckwith Manufacturing Company). The rear of the scabbard is marked ‘VP’ (Victory Plastics) above number ‘32’. The chape is holed for thigh cord and fitted with original coiled leather thigh cord. The price includes UK delivery. ED 889 (American Knives & Knife Bayonets Box)

Pair of Finnish Hunting/Skinning Knives and Leather/Brass scabbard. 21042. - 21042
This ensemble combining a larger leuku and a smaller puukko in the same sheath. The puukko is used for smaller camp chores and whittling, and the larger leuku is intended for butchering, skinning, chopping, and heavier duty camp tasks. Both knives have laminated wood grips with engraved brass coloured pommels and bolsters with hanging rings attached. The unfullered single edged blades are engraved with the company name ‘Iisakki Järvenpää Kauhava – Finland’(Iisakki Järvenpää was a Finnish self-taught knife smith and knife manufacturer. Järvenpää initially made simple work knives, but already in 1888 he made a gift knife for the hereditary prince of Russia and future emperor Nicholas II.). The larger blade measures; 10 ¾ cm (21 ¼ cm overall) and the smaller blade measures; 7 ¼ cm (15 ½ cm overall) both are in excellent unused condition. The inlaid tan leather scabbard has brass coloured engraved furniture and a belt loop attached. Again this is in excellent condition. The price for this striking set includes UK delivery. 21042. (Drawers)
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