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Daggers and Knives

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Victorian Era Galles Christiania, Finnish Form, Puukko Hunting / Fishing Knife With Scrimshaw Etched Polished Bone Hilt German Silver Mounts & Tooled Open Top Leather Scabbard With German Silver Mounts. Sn 15908:1 - 15908:1
A Puukko (Finnish pronunciation: [puH0;kH0;o]) is a small traditional Finnish general purpose belt knife ideal for hunting & fishing with a single curved cutting edge, solid hidden tang and, usually, a flat back. This Victorian era Puuko form knife and scabbard are in excellent condition. It is 7 ¾” overall with a sharp 3 ½” steel drop point blade. The blade has just light staining consistent with age. The top and bottom edges of the ricasso are notched. The knife has a solid barrel shaped polished bone handle with superb scrimshaw foliate etching all around. The hilt has a German silver ferrule & pommel cap with nut securing the full tang. The pommel cap has a period stylised engraved monogram which appears to be ‘H.F’ most likely the initials of the original owner of the knife. The knife comes with its original open top, brown leather scabbard which has German silver frame and single steel hanging ring. The ball end chape of the frame has engraved foliate decoration. The leather has tooled foliate panel decoration on the front aspect. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 15908:1

WW2 US Army Airforce Cattaraugus Folding Survival / Fighting Machete & Original Tin Plate Blade Guard. Sn 15834 - 15834
This is an original American made folding machete / fighting knife by Cattaraugus. The U.S Army, folding survival machete was introduced in 1942 issued to U.S Air crew and originally carried folded in the seat pack attached to parachutes (see page 115 plates 579 & 580 of Stephens book ‘Fighting Knives’). Our example has its original tin plate blade cover which are often missing from these machetes. The machete measures 15 ½” extended & 11 ¼” folded. The 10” blade has some staining consistent with age & service use. The blade is marked by the American manufacturer "Cattaraugus USA". It's original riveted black slab grips are secure & undamaged. The machete's folding lock action operated by thumb lever at the cross guard works as it should. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 15834

Special Limited Edition. The London Knife Book, Signed Leather Bound Limited Edition 75 Of 100, 1820 - 1945 by Ron Flook. BO 318 - BO 318
Special Limited Edition This is a new, signed, leather bound hardback limited edition, 75 of 100 of ‘The London Knife Book, An A-Z guide to London Cutlers, 1820 – 1945’ by Ron Flook. The book has 230 quality pages packed with colour photos of every type of knife made in London during the period, listing all the Cutlers with their details. This book comes with a limited edition 82 of 100 commemorative label and is personally signed by the author Ron Flooks inside the front cover. The price includes UK delivery. BO 318

Post 1963 Boxed, Limited Edition No.772 Of 1500 Buck Custom Knife USA Model 110 Folding Hunter Lock Knife With Etched Blade, Original Wood Buck Display Stand & Care Instruction Pamphlet . Sn 15372:12 - 15372:12
The American Company, Buck Knives was founded in San Diego, California in the early 1900's and is now located in Post Falls, Idaho. The company has a long history through five generations of the Buck family. Buck created their model 110 folding hunter in 1963 when Al Buck decided that a revolutionary lock blade knife was needed by outdoorsmen who wanted a sturdy knife but did not want to carry a long, fixed blade knife. This is an excellent limited edition Buck 110 folding hunter Custom Knife With Original Display Stand, Box and Paperwork. The folding lock knife has a 4” drop point blade. One side of the polished steel blade has a finger groove and is etched with the scene of ‘H.H. Buck’s original business premises and banner with ‘HH Buck’ emblazoned in gilt. The ricasso is marked ‘Buck 110 USA'. The reverse is numbered ‘0772 / 1500’. The knife’s undamaged American Walnut scales are secured by brass and steel pins. The knife has a brass grip frame. Opened the knife measures 9” overall length. The blade locks firmly in place and is released for closing by depression of a steel lever on the back of the grip frame. The knife is complete with it's original Buck wooden display stand which was issued with the knife. The stand has a recessed block to comfortably seat the knife’s butt and slotted block to accommodate the blade edge. The stand has a small plate labelled ‘Buck’ on the front and has 2 holes for wall hanging to the rear. The knife is accompanied by its original care instruction pamphlet and printed ‘Word From The Chairman Of Buck Knives’ leaflet. The knife, stand and paperwork are contained in their original cardboard box emblazoned with ‘Buck Custom Knife’ and image of a knife smith at his forge in gold. The box has a removable lid and retains its original white cardboard sleeve. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 15372:12

**RESERVED**UNTIL 18/12**WW1 Era British Morby & Sons Sheffield Military Folding Clasp Knife With 2 Blades, Gouged Bone Scales & Copper Shackle. ED 2224 - ED 2224
This is a WW1 Era British Morby & Sons Sheffield Military Folding Clasp Knife With 2 Blades (a similar knife is illustrated on page 136 of Flook’s book British & Commonwealth Military Knives). The knife has 2 fold out blades. The 3” single edged blade is signed by the maker. As is common with these military utility knives the tip is absent no doubt due to use in the field. The smaller 1 ¾” tin opener blade has a thumb spur to assist opening. Both blades have staining consistent with age. The blades fold neatly into its steel frame which has undamaged gouged decorated bone scales secured by pins. The knife has a copper shackle. The scales and shackle are identical to the knife illustrated in Flook’s book. Closed the knife measures 4 ½” length. The length with larger single edged blade open measures 7 ½” overall. The price includes UK delivery. ED 2224

Large Early English Victorian Form Heinrich Boker & Co Solingen Germany Chestnut Tree Trade Mark Full Tang Saw Back Bowie knife With Stag Horn Scales & Leather Scabbard. Sn 14878 - 14878
The Chestnut tree on the Böker logo traces its roots back to the first tiny tool shop in Remscheid, Germany. Böker tools were so successful that they were among the most popular of Germans goods 100 years after the company’s humble beginnings. Due to political strife and an unsettled military state, there was demand for sabers so the Böker brothers, Hermann, Heinrich and Robert, began fabricating them in their shop to meet the call of the market. Realizing the demand for all manner of cutting tools and implements not only in Germany but also on a global scale, Hermann Böker emigrated and founded H. Böker & Co. in New York, while his younger brother Robert pursued his trade in Canada, later founding a branch in Mexico in 1865. This branch is still in operation in its country under the name of Casa Böker. Heinrich went to Solingen, where the German tool industry was quickly growing, to further his enterprise. In 1869, he founded Heinr. Böker & Co. with Hermann Heuser, a prominent specialist in the field of cutting tools. With interest and demand for pocket knives, blades for shaving and scissors, the company wanted to unify its global presence and overcome any existing language barrier. In order to do so, Heinrich felt that the chestnut tree from in front of the Remscheid facility was an easy to remember universal symbol to represent the company’s worldwide reach, along with the arrow symbol. Despite the devastation of World War II, an ad from this time period (1874) survived showing both Böker logos. Since the business relationship between the two family branches was always cordial, Heinrich was able to use the Chestnut tree symbol for his Solingen factory, where, since that time, no Böker product has left the Solingen factory without bearing the trademark tree logo. This is an impressive 15 1/2" long, early Victorian English form saw back Bowie by H.Boker & Co Solingen (early Victorian form bowies were made without finger guards). It has stag horn scales secured by 5 rivets through its full tang one piece heavy blade. The single edged steel Bowie blade with fullers is 10 ½” length. The back of the blade has a 6 ½” long deep cut sharp saw back section near to the hilt. The blade is sharp and has just light staining consistent with age. The ricasso is crisply marked by the maker ‘H.Boker & Co Solingen’ together with Chestnut tree trade mark. It's original brown leather scabbard has an integral belt loop with retaining strap (the strap is absent its buckle which has become detached at some point in its history). Price includes UK delivery. Sn 14878

Cased C1950’s George Wostenholm & Son Sheffield I*XL* Bowie Knife. Sn 15372:8 - 15372:8
This is an excellent George Wostenholm & Son Bowie made C1950’s. The knife is in excellent condition. Its polished 6” single edged Bowie blade is crisply marked I*XL* and inscribed with the makers name within banner. The reverse is inscribed ‘Sheffield England’ the back of the blade is decoratively scalloped near to the hilt. The wood grips are secured by brass rivets and one scale is scalloped for grip. The dagger is contained in its original wood case. The case has a hinged lid and single clasp fastener. The inside of the case is lined with felt & white material. The white material has the makers name and I*XL* highlighted in gold. It is contoured to snugly fit the dagger. The price for this excellent piece includes UK delivery. Sn 15372:8

1912-1913 English Sheffield Silver Sterling Silver Hallmarked Blade Folding Fruit Knife By W V & S With Mother Of Pearl Scales & Escutcheon With Monogram ‘E.B.S’ In Period Preston’s Ltd, Bolton Case. Sn 15103 - 15103
A 1912 to 1913 hallmarked silver bladed fruit knife with mother of pearl scales. The slabs are made from quality pieces of mother of pearl and are clean and undamaged. One slab has an inlaid silver shield escutcheon with inscribed monogram ‘E.B.S’. It has a 2 ½” single edged folding hallmarked silver blade Sheffield 1912-13. The unknown makers stamp ‘WV & S’ is incorporated in the hallmark (all illustrated). The blade is clean. The knife measures 6” when open and 3 ½” closed. It is carried in its period fitted, leather covered wood case with hinged lid and press stud catch opener. The case is lined in purple felt and white silk. The silk is ink stamped by the retailer Preston’s ltd Bolton (illustrated). The price includes UK delivery. Sn 15103

RARE, British WW1 era, Military 'Escape Knife' Folding Pocket Knife By Joseph Rodgers & Sons Sheffield. Sn 14765 - 14765
These rare, items are very desirable and much sought after, see page 85 item 434 of Stephen’s book Fighting Knives where an example with the same scale marking as ours ‘RD 354051’ is described as the fore runner to the British Special Forces (Special Operations Executive) escape tool. This WW1 example has German silver scales and lanyard ring. One scale is stamped ‘RD 354051’. It is in very good condition. The knife features an integral wire cutter the arm of which is held to the body of the knife by a German silver hinged 'hoop bar'. It measures 5 ¾”overall when closed and has 2 single edged folding blades. One measures 3" and is crisply marked by the manufacturer 'Joseph Rodgers & Sons Cutlers To His Majesty Sheffield England' together with Crown GR (George Rex). The reverse has Roger’s trademark. The second blade measures 2" and has a thumb lug spur to assist one handed opening. The smaller blade is marked with Roger’s factory address ‘No.6 Norfolk Street Sheffield England’ the reverse with Roger’s trademark. Both blades have staining and service wear to the cutting edges. The price for this rare escape knife includes UK delivery. Sn 14765

Victorian Era German Solingen Made Hunting Dagger Spanish Export ‘El Correo Calidad Superior’ With Ebony & Polished Horn Hilt Inlaid With Antique Ivory Studs, Blade Period Inscribed To ‘S. Lawton’, German Silver Mounts & Leather Scabbard. Sn 14623 - 14623
This is an attractive hunting dagger made in the late Victorian era with German made blade, exported for sale by a Spanish retailer. The Bowie has an ebony handle with raised edges inlaid with antique ivory studs. The hilt also has a polished horn ferrule and pommel. The cross guard with additional ferrule are German Silver. It has a sharp, 9 ¼” long single edged blade with fullers. The blade is clean and marked on one side ‘Solingen’ (Germany) above ‘El Correo Calidad Superior’ (translates to: The Superior Quality Mail). The reverse is period inscribed ‘S.Lawton’ most likely the name of the Victorian English Gentleman who owned this piece. The dagger measures 14” overall length. Its original brown leather open top scabbard has a stitched seam, German silver throat mount and German silver chape with ball end. All leather & stitching of the sheath are intact. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 14623
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