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Daggers and Knives

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*Scarce* Victorian American ‘Gamblers Dagger’ by ‘Ames Sword Co U.S.A. 19176. - 19176
The Ames Manufacturing Company was a manufacturer of swords, tools and cutlery in Chicopee, Massachusetts, as well as an iron and bronze foundry. They were a major provider of side arms, swords, light artillery, and heavy ordnance for the Union in the American Civil War. They also cast a number of bronze statues which can be found throughout New England. A Gamblers Dagger is a small fixed-blade knife (usually, a dagger) that is designed to be carried in or on a boot. Typically, such a knife is worn on a belt or under a pant leg. If worn around the neck (by means of a chain or lanyard) they become a neck knife. This example is 22cm in total, with a blade length of 14cm. The blade is inscribed ‘Ames Sword Co Chicopee Mass’. The blade has beautiful ornate etchings to both sides. The handle is made from e piece ‘Mother of Pearl’. The sheath is a light tan leather with a belt hook to the top. A scarce and stunning piece for the collector. The price includes UK delivery. 19176.

WW2 British Soldier’s Private Purchase W.H Fagan & Son Sheffield Fairbairn Sykes F.S. Style Fighting Knife/Dagger & Period Adapted Victorian Scabbard Mounted With Middlesex Regiment Brass & Enamel Badge. Sn 18980 - 18980
This is a WW2 private purchase F.S. style fighting knife/dagger by W.H. Fagan Sheffield and scabbard. These knife were private purchase weapons during WW2. The pommel and cross guard are alloy. It has a solid stag antler or bone grip with red and black spacers. The dagger blade measures 136mm and it is 255mm overall length. The FS style blade with medial ridge is clean and sharp. One side of the blade has the maker’s name ‘W.H. Fagan & Son’, the reverse ‘Made In Sheffield England’. The adapted original Victorian era scabbard is in very good condition. Made of dark brown leather it has an integral belt loop with retaining strap and press stud fastener which functions as it should. The scabbard has a brass chape and throat mount. The throat mount is mounted with an original Middlesex Regiment brass and enamel badge. The leather has just surface scuffs to be expected with age and service use. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 18980

Wild West Era American Saloon Gambler’s Concealable Victorian Best English Made German Silver Cutlery Hilt Spear Point Bowie Knife With Etched Blade ‘Never Draw Me Without Reason Or Sheath Me Without Honour’ & Scabbard. Sn 19069 - 19069
During the Victorian era many London & Sheffield cutlers targeted the rapidly expanding market of the American Wild West. This is a small Victorian English cutlery handled spear point Bowie knife easily concealable and in the form carried by Wild West gamblers for self protection in the lawless saloons of frontier towns. The knife has a typical Victorian era cast German Silver, cutlery form handle decorated with stylised foliate design. The hilt has an oval German Silver finger guard. The 4 ½” long, steel spear point Bowie blade has staining and aged patina. One side of the blade has a blued & etched panel with motto ‘Never Draw Me Without Reason Or Sheath Me Without Honour’. The blade shank is marked ‘Best English Cutlery’ The knife measures 8 ¾” overall. There are no visible maker or date marks on the knife. The original brown open top leather scabbard has a German Silver throat mount and chape. One side of the leather has tooled foliate decoration. The leather mounts of the scabbard have minor surface scuffs to be expected. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 19069

WWII Mk I ‘U.S. Navy ’ PAL RH 35 Fighting Knife with Leather Sheath. ED 2577. - ED 2577
The knife is 9 ¾ “ in overall length, with a 5” clip-point blade. The ricasso's are marked: U.S.N. USN (United States Navy) and PAL / RH-35. It has a compressed leather washer handle red spacers and metal blade guard. The blade looks to have been re sharpened, and showing signs of age related marks. The sheath is thick leather, held with steel studs and with an upper belt loop. According to The Official Price Guide of Collector Knives by C Houston Price & Mark D Zaleysky, PAL was originally used as a trademark by the Utica Knife & Razor Company of Utica, NY from about 1924-1939. PAL marked knives of that era used blades imported from Germany, and the blades typically bore the word Germany as well. Another company using the name PAL was established in Chicago in 1934. This company was known as the Pal Blade Company of Chicago, and was started by Otto Kraus. In 1935 the two PAL companies merged into one, known simply as the PAL Blade Company, and opened a manufacturing facility in Plattsburg, NY. Around 1940 PAL purchased the cutlery division of the Remington Arms Company, including of their existing stock of completed knives and knife parts. The price includes U.K. delivery. ED 2577.

UNAVAILABLE Sheffield Made c1950 William Rodgers Double Edged ‘Stiletto’ Knife and Sheath. ED 2573 - ED 2573
The William Rodgers company of Sheffield, England started manufacturing in 1830-1855, the "I CUT MY WAY" trade-mark being sold to John Clarke & son in 1855 and then to the Egginton group in the 1980s. This double edged ‘fighting/stiletto’ knife has a blade length of 14cm with ‘William Rodgers ‘I Cut © My Way’ imprinted to one side of the ricasso and ‘Made in Sheffield England’ on the other side. The blade doesn’t appear to have been sharpened. The lovely 11cm bone grips are ended with a steel pommel, brass finger guard and leather washers with brass ring infills. The thick leather sheath is held with five brass rivets and is topped with a belt loop. A nice knife and sheath for the collector. The price includes U.K. delivery. ED 2573.

**WW2 BURMA BRING BACK**Pair Of Kukris With Scabbards & Frogs Direct From Family Of British RASC Sgt 14895725 N. Wain. Sn 18970 - 18970
British Royal Army Service Corps (RASC) Sergeant 14895725 N. Wain served in Burma during WW2 and beyond. This is a pair of Kukri’s found in his effects by family together with other brought home items. The almost identical Kukris each measure 13 ¼” overall length. The tropical hard wood handles have brass pommel caps. The curved 8 ½” blades have notches often found on kukri blades near to the hilt. The blades have fullers and are undamaged (the blades were found with storage grease much of which has been removed to allow photography of the blades). The blades have no manufacturer or date marks. The scabbards made of wood are covered in leather. The scabbards are fitted with leather frogs which have 2 belt loops and buckles. All leather and stitching are intact. Accompanying this Kukri is a photocopy of a period photograph of Sgt Wain in Uniform. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 18970 (NB. Sgt Wain also brought back a Japanese NCO’s sword with WD War Trophy certificate & a Ghurkha Kukri with scabbard & frog which were found in his effects with these Kukris, they are listed separately on this website with stock numbers Sn 18969 and Sn 18968 respectively)

*Limited Edition* Buck 110 Lock Knife with Wall Display and Box. ED 2571 - ED 2571
The Buck 110 is ‘Bucks’ signature folding knife. First released in 1962 it has an easy opening and closing design with a nail notch lock back design. ‘Hoyt Buck’ produced the first ‘Buck’ knife in 1902 whilst an apprentice Blacksmith. ‘Hoyt’ made each knife by hand, using worn-out file blades as raw material. His handy work was greatly appreciated during World War II. In 1945 Hoyt set up a shop as H.H. Buck and Son. In 1964, the knife industry was revolutionised with the introduction of the Model 110 Folding Hunter, making Buck Knives a leader in the field. A position held proudly today. This example is supplied with a wall display made of American wood and display box. The knife itself is a special edition model numbered ‘0773’ of only ‘1500’ made with ornate engraving to one side of the blade depicting ‘H.H.Bucks’ first store. The other side of the blade shows the production numbered ‘0773/1500’. The blade has never been carried or re-sharpened. Blade length: 9.5cm. Weight: 205g. Handle: Macassar Ebony Diamond wood with brass bolsters. Built in the U.S.A. and originally coming with a 25 year guarantee. A really rare collectors piece. The price includes U.K. delivery. ED 2571

**MINT**1970’s Commemorative Geo Wostenholm & Son Washington Works Sheffield ‘I*XL Land Of The Free Home Of The Brave’ Coffin Handle Bowie Knife With Etched Blade & Leather Scabbard. Sn 18962 - 18962
Along with Joseph Rodgers, George Wostenholm is possibly the most famous name in Sheffield cutlery. Geo Wostenholm’s first knife making works were established in 1785. The Wostenholm business now forms part of the Egginton Group, Sheffield. This is an impressive original I*XL Bowie Knife made in the 1970’s as a Commemorative piece targeting the American market. It is in near mint condition made by Geo Wolstenholm & Son at their Washington Works Sheffield. It has a 9 ¾” long deep swept polished steel bowie blade which is 2” broad at its widest point. The knife measures 14 ¾” overall. One side of the blade has deep etched panels with maker’s name and ‘Sole Manufacturers Of The Real I*XL Cutlery’ and American Motto Panels ‘United States The Land Of The Free Home Of The Brave Protected By The Noble And Brave Volunteers, Americans Ask For Nothing But What Is Right And Submit To Nothing That Is Wrong’ (all illustrated). The reverse has the Company name and address above ‘None Are Genuine But Those Marked I*XL’. It has brass finger guard bolsters & Oak Coffin shaped scales. The scales are secured to the tang by brass pins. The Bowie comes with a brown leather scabbard with integral belt loop and retaining strap with eyelet that fastens to a brass stud on the body of the scabbard. The price for this impressive Bowie by famous Sheffield makers includes UK delivery. Sn 18962

*Custom Made Broad Blade Skinning Knife and Leather Sheath. ED 2556. - ED 2556
The blade is ‘Faux Damascus’, measuring 10 ½ cm to the start of the grip/ finger guard, which measures 4 ½ cm. The grips are tri-colour polished horn with brass inlays and five brass pins, and measure 11 cm to the butt. The spine has an ornate running through the grips and runs 3 ½ cm onto the blade. There is a brass lined lanyard hole *a 2cm hairline crack is running near the lanyard hole, but does not affect the integrity of the grips. The knife comes with its carved original thick leather sheath with rear belt hoop. A very attractive knife and sheath for the collector. The price includes U.K. delivery. ED 2556.

*A Victorian era Silver Mounted’ ‘Koval Sheffield’ Skinning Knife. ED 2548. - ED 2548
A lovely Victorian skinning knife by ‘koval’ made in Sheffield England. Blade length 5 ½ ” *the blade has minor age related pitting to the steel* with stunning polished light horn handle, with a ‘mitre’ shaped pommel in silver Hallmarked hallmark (illegible) with ornate metal work. Just above the silver finger guard is some more ornate silver. The handles are secured by a metal pin. The blade is engraved ‘Koval – Sheffield England’. The sheaths are thick brown leather with more ornate carving and an upper belt loop. A lovely knife and sheath. The price includes U.K. delivery. ED 2548.
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