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Daggers and Knives

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*Late 19th Century* German Hunting Type Dagger and Steel Mounted Leather Scabbard. ED 2637 - ED 2637
This German late 19th Century hunting type dagger has a 26 ½ cm double edged blade retains its original polish but it has some patches of light age related staining and minor rust. The Stag horn grips have a steel pommel and a brass acorn shaped cap. The steel collar crossguard and clam shell guard have slight movement. The scabbards leather is fine condition and the locket and chape have age related pitting and surface rust (see pictures). The frog stud replicates the ornate clam shell design. A scarce German dagger and scabbard for the collector/enthusiast. The price includes UK delivery. ED 2637. (Hunting/Survival Box)

A Sgian Dubh Knife and Sheath by Arthur Turner of Sheffield. ED 2636. - ED 2636
Scottish Sgian Dubh 'Gaelic- Black Knife' were carred by heavily armed Scottish Clansmen. Tucked into the sock, this was reputed to be the weapon of last resort. Today it remains an essential part of traditional Highland wear. This is a quality Scottish Sgian Dubh knife by Arthur Turner of Sheffield who have been making quality knives in Sheffield since 1830. This example has a polished steel 3 ¾” single edged blade with fullers on both sides & a scalloped section back edge. One side of the blade has an etching signature ‘Arthur Turner-Established 1830 above winged logo and Sheffield’. The knife measures 6 ½ “overall length. Its solid polished stag horn hilt has a brass ferrule and white metal pommel cap. The Sgian Dubh is complete with tan leather open top scabbard. The scabbard’s white metal fitting has an embossed traditional Scottish design. The price includes UK delivery. ED 2636.

A Victorian Stiletto/Spear point Bowie Knife and Leather Sheath. ED 2635. - ED 2635
A stiletto is a knife or dagger with a long slender blade and needle-like point, primarily intended as a stabbing weapon. A nice antique English Victorian spear point Bowie knife, the double edged blade is 15 ½ cm, just under 18mm at its widest point and 29 cm overall. It has a full tang with ebonised wood/polished antler grips, the cross guard is nickel coloured below ornate collars and pommel. It is complete with its leather sheath which has a nice imprint and belt hook, the stitching is in perfect condition. The blade retains its original polish but it has some patches of light age related staining. There is a registration number of ‘277956’ on either side of the collar, but no makers mark/name. The price includes UK delivery. ED 2635.

A Small Sheath Knife and Scabbard by J.Nowill of Sheffield. ED 2633. - ED 2633
The earliest record of the business is in the books of the ‘Cutlers Company on 27th April 1700. This family company was first based in Meadow Street Sheffield, but later moved to Scotland Street around 1840. It was in 1842 that the first of John Nowill sons, William, joined the business after finishing his apprenticeship. His maker’s marks of ‘D*’ and ‘CROSSKEYS’ remain the marks of the company to this day. This small (16 cm overall-blade length 8 ½ cm) has a single edged blade with ‘scalloping’ to part of the spine and a nice pattern that runs through the Stag horn grips. The blade retains its point and has some staining consistent with age and no rust, it doesn’t appear to have been re sharpened. The Stag horn grips are held with two brass pins above a nice brass bolster which has ‘J.Nowill & Sons-Sheffield above ‘D’ and Crosskeys’. The other side has ‘D’ and Crosskeys’ and Sheffield England engraved. The strong leather sheath is held with five brass studs and all stitching is intact, there is no belt loop. A lovely knife and sheath by a renowned maker. The price includes UK delivery. ED 2633.

I*XL Sheath Knife and Original Leather Scabbard by George Wolstenholm. ED 2632 - ED 2632
The I*XL trademark had originally been registered in 1787 to a W A Smith. The mark books of The Company of Cutlers show I*XL being registered to Wostenholm’s in 1831. Originally the family name was spelt ‘Wolstenholme’ but, story has it that the second George Wolstenholme found this name too long for smaller knives so he omitted the letters ‘l’ and ‘e’. The name has been spelt Wostenholm ever since. Blade length 12 cm (19 ¾ cm overall). The blade has some staining consistent with age and slight rust. The ‘I*XL’ logo is on one side of the ricasso and ‘George Wolstenholm-Sheffied-England’ to the other. The leather washer grips are in near perfect condition and are topped with a large silver metal pommel and a brass finger guard to the base. The original thick leather sheath has the family crest and ‘Made in England’ to the rear. The leather, stitching and press stud are in excellent condition. A good collectors piece. The price includes UK delivery. ED 2632.

Skinning Knife and Leather Sheath by Herbertz of Germany. ED 2631 - ED 2631
With more than 150 years of company history, in 1868, Carl Julius Herbertz founded the company in the blade city of Solingen, which now enjoys an excellent reputation far beyond the German borders. Due to the continuous expansion of the range, C. Jul. Herbertz is now one of Europe's leading suppliers of sports, leisure, hunting and collector's knives and thus proves its competence in everything to do with cutting tools. This skinning knife is 17 ½ cm overall with a 7 ½ cm faux Damascus blade has ‘Herbertz’ printed to the base of the blade. The polished walnut blade is held with two brass and steel pins. It has a brass coloured lined lanyard hole and finger guard. The sheath is made from very thick leather and has a built in belt loop. The leather and stitching is in excellent condition. The rice for this lovely knife and sheath includes UK delivery. ED 2631.

Silver Bladed Thomas Marples of Sheffield Fruit Knife with Mother of Pearl Handles. ED 2630 - ED 2630
Thomas Marples was born in Sheffield in 1832. By 1851, Thomas was a fruit-knife cutler, In 1855, he registered a silver mark from Arundel Street. For fifty years he operated as a specialist in silver pocket fruit-knives from various addresses, but mostly Headford and Milton Streets. His fine knives, produced with a small team of about five men and two boys, have become collectable (Moore, 2008). Apparently, William H. Jackson, Mary Anne’s nephew, took over the business, which continued until about the mid-1920s. Measuring 15 ¼ cm (blade length 6 ¾ cm) the blade is hallmarked silver ‘1870’ has been re sharpened has very minor age related patina and a small fold just short of the tip. The ornately carved Mother of Pearl handles are in unmarked condition held with 3 pins with a silver engraving plate to the middle. A beautiful collectable knife worthy of any collection. The price includes UK delivery. ED 2630.

WW2 Era British WD Fairbairn Sykes FS Commando Fighting Knife Beaded & Ribbed (9 Rows Of Beads) & Scabbard. Sn 19482 - 19482
The Beaded & Ribbed variant of the Fairbairn Sykes FS Fighting knife was available as a private purchase weapon but were also Military issue. Beaded & Ribbed versions have been found with 9,8,7 & 6 rows of beads (see page 127 of The Fairbairn Sykes Fighting Knife & Other Commando Knives by Ron Flook). This WW2 era WD marked Beaded and Ribbed Pattern Fairbairn Sykes fighting knife has a brass beaded and ribbed grip with 9 rows of beads. The hilt is stamped with WD arrow above number ‘2’ mark. It has a 172mm long blued blade with medial ridge. It is complete with original scabbard with external brass chape, 4 original sewn on leather tabs and belt loop with elasticated retaining strap. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 19482

SOLD SOLD (18/04) Victorian C1850 Bowie Knife With Polished Antique Whale Bone Or Whale Tooth Hilt & Scabbard. Sn 19583 - 19583
This is an attractive Victorian era Bowie made C1850. The 12 ¾” long, Bowie has a solid polished antique Whale bone Or Whale tooth hilt. A section of polished pulp or marrow can be seen at the top of the handle which can be seen in image 2. The hilt has a few typical light, fine age related cracks which do not diminish from the attractiveness of the piece and the hilt is totally secure. It has a brass finger guard and ferrule. The blade is 8” length and has just light staining consistent with age, there are no visible maker or date marks on the knife. Its original open top leather scabbard has a white metal chape and throat mount with frog / belt bar. All leather & stitching of the scabbard are intact. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 19583 (NB Antique Marine Ivory Content Comprises less Than 10% Volume & Weight)

*Scarce* French Model 1924 Air Force NCO Dirk. 19584 - 16584
This is a French Air Force NCO dagger as it appears on page 108 of Robert Berger’s “World of Dress Daggers”. All fittings have a squared-off design, including the sheath and grip. The grip is constructed of a dark blue celluloid material with brass fittings *minor scratches*. The crossguard below is very simple with two short quillons and squared ends. The scabbard is constructed of wood with dark blue leather *showing signs of age related wear* and squared-off brass fittings with brass eyelets and carrying rings. The blade is a nickel plate example, having double edged construction with centre ridge, with an aged patina. The ricasso is short and has the name of the manufacturer “R.R.C.”. There should be a small spring assembly installed on the right edge of the blade, which keeps the dagger within the scabbard, this is missing. These daggers were first produced in 1924, but they were worn through the 1950’s. Measurements: Blade - 26 cm and overall – 36 ½ cm. UK delivery for this rare piece is included in the price. 19584. (Drawers)
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