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Daggers and Knives

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‘Buck 501’ Pocket Knife and Leather Pouch. ED 26501 - ED 2651
The American Company, Buck Knives was founded in San Diego, California in the early 1900's and is now located in Post Falls, Idaho. The company has a long history through five generations of the Buck family. The blade is 6.5 cm long (16 cm overall when open) the blade appears to have been re sharpened. The brown plastic grips are held with two pins inside two indented bolsters. The tang has ‘Buck 501 U.S.A.’ to one side. The soft leather pouch is a nice addition and is in good order. The price includes UK postage. ED 2651.

‘Double Sharp’ Pocket Knife and Leather Pouch by ‘George Ibberson-Sheffield’. ED 2647. - ED 2647
Ibberson is a famous and popular name in the Sheffield cutlery industry. From the mid-17th century to the beginning of the 19th century, there were just under a hundred Sheffield cutlers named Ibberson (or Ibbotson). A cutler named William Ibberson operated in the Stannington area to the north west of Sheffield as long ago as 1666, but it has been claimed that the origins of the George Ibberson company can be traced back to a Joseph Ibberson who made cutlery in 1700. In 1873, the company registered its world famous Stradivarius Violin trademark with The Company of Cutlers in Hallamshire. This mark, along with Ibberson’s other great trademark, Double sharp ##, would go on to gain legendary status amongst knife enthusiasts the world over. The blade measures 7 cm and hasn’t been re sharpened. ‘George Ibberson – Double Sharp ## Stainless Sheffield England’ is etched to one side of the polished blade. The unmarked two tone grips are held with three brass pins below two brass bolsters. The knife fits the black leather pouch perfectly, the stitching is intact. The pocket knife measure 16 ½ cm overall when opened and 9 ¾ cm when closed. The price for this collectable pocket knife includes UK delivery. ED 2647.

**SOLD**Boxed George Wostenholm I*XL Twin Blade Pocket Knife. ED 2646. - ED 2646
Along with Joseph Rodgers, George Wostenholm is possibly the most famous name in Sheffield cutlery. Geo Wostenholm’s first knife making works were established in 1785. The Wostenholm business now forms part of the Egginton Group, Sheffield. The larger of the two blades measures 7 cm and has ‘I*XL George Wostenholm-Sheffield England’ inscribed and the smaller measures 5 cm and has ‘Stainless Steel’ inscribed. Both blades are in excellent condition and haven’t been re sharpened. The white horn grips are held with three brass pins above brass coloured bolsters. The knife measures 9 ½ cm when fully closed. A lovely pocket knife from a legendary maker. The price includes UK delivery. ED 2646.

*Scarce* Post-War Prototype 2nd Type ‘Wilkinson’ Survival Knife with Leather Sheath. ED 2645. - ED 2645
The construction of knives for military purposes has continued unabated since the war. Knife fighting was gaining popularity in mercenary training programmes. Wilkinson developed this survival knife prototype (second type) and forerunner to the pattern subsequently put into production, see Fighting Knives –An illustrated guide to fighting knives and military survival weapons of the world by Frederick J Stephens, Page 119 item 599. This item is 31 ¾ cm long overall (blade length 18 ¼ cm) the blade is 4 ¼ cm at its widest point, weighs ½ kg and has ‘Wilkinson Sword’ and logo above ‘Reg’d Design App For’ to one side above the finger guard. The blade is undamaged but has staining relating to its age. The wooden grips are held with two pins with and integrated lanyard hole. The leather sheath has an integrated belt loop *part missing see pictures* with a heavy brass stud. The price for this very scarce knife and sheath includes UK delivery. ED 2645. (Fighting Knives)

American ‘Buck 110’ Locking Pocket Knife and Leather Sheath. ED 2644 - ED 2644
Bucks folding hunter was created in 1963 when Al Buck decided that a revolutionary lock blade knife was needed by outdoorsmen who wanted a sturdy knife but didn’t want to carry a long fixed blade knife. He was right, and the result proved to be the key to the company’s future. The Model 110 was unveiled and within six months this innovation was the hottest knife in the industry. The folding hunter after over 50 years is still one of America’s bestselling knives and still made in the USA. This knifes blade length is – 9 ½ cm and has ‘BUCK 110-U.S.A’ imprinted and hasn’t been re-sharpened, the total length including handle is – 21 ½ cm. The knife has a 12 ½ cm hardwood grips including brass bolsters and pins.. The knife comes with its mint original thick leather sheath with ‘Buck Knives’ and ‘110’ imprinted which has a brass fastening stud and rear belt hook. The price includes U.K. delivery. ED 2644.

H.M. Slater Ltd Folding Pocket Knife and Leather Sheath. ED 2641. - ED 2641
The Slater cutlery business was founded in 1858 by Warrington Slater (1838-1907), who owned it with his brother, Walter Slater (1840-1917). They were the sons of John Marriott Slater and Ann Warrington. John (d. 1871) was spring knife cutler in Garden Street and then Pea Croft. Warrington was described in the Census (1871) as a spring knife cutler and local preacher (he was a Baptist). The firm was first listed as W. & W. Slater in Eyre Street (at the factory of George Butler), but was soon known as Slater Bros. The company manufactured pen and pocket knives, table cutlery, Bowies and dirks, many of which were shipped to South American markets. The firm is known to have made pocket knives for Frederic Barnes & Co for shipment to South America. In 1876, the firm moved to 94 Scotland Street. A full-page advertisement in a Sheffield directory (1884) announced: ‘Every Knife Made by Good Workmen … the Very Best Cast Steel Exclusively Used’. The number of patterns was precise: 5,914. Unwin & Rodgers’ knives and pistol-knives are pictured, perhaps because Slater had bought its old stock. Slater’s marks included VENTURE’ and ‘BEEHIVE’. He acquired the latter in 1876 (it had been used by John Hinchliffe and also apparently by Cockhill). The locking blade length is 7 ¾ cm long (16 ½ cm overall). The immaculate hardwood grips are held with four brass pins beneath brass pommels which are held with six brass pins. The blade is un sharpened and carries the ‘Venture’ brand name above ‘H.M. Slater’ and Stainless Steel. The thick leather sheath has a nice patina with all stitching in place and leather tab fastening. A very nice piece by a respected maker. The price includes UK delivery. ED 2641.

*Limited Edition* Boxed ‘Schrade Wolstenholm’ Folding Knife. ED 2640 - ED 2640
In 1977, Schrade bought Richards holdings in Sheffield, England which included: Richards on Moore Street, a 180,000 sf factory making scissors, pocket knives and kitchen cutlery. Rogers Wostenholm on Guernsey Road making two famous brands, the Jas. Rogers R20;Star and CrossR20;, and the I*XL brand.Schrade IXL products produced at Morse Street factory until 1982. Also the Richards hollow ware factory R20; SatinsteelR21;. Mr. Tony Gibbs was given the managing directorship of these factories. According to member Sebago, the Schrade/I*XL knives were made at the Richards of Sheffield, factory, Moore Street in 1980/81. Five patterns were made and the bolsters were stamped (hallmark fashion) S W (head device) 0. The zero would indicate 1980 production. The S W would indicate Schrade / Wostenholm. The lock backs were made at Camillus, sent as skeletons to Sheffield where they were hallmarked on the bolsters, the handles were added, & the knives were finished. The patterns were; Three different size lockbacks (White micarta. Stag and Red Bone, as well as a three blade stockman in Red bone and a three blade* canoe in Stag. The knives were sold singly and in serial numbered sets with a display case. The faces of the blades were etched with a "Schrade Wostenholm" banner. Many were later sold without a serial number. The factories were sold by Imperial in August of 1982 to a British firm, Western Knives. It closed in October of 1983. The late James Parker leased the I*XL trademark from the people that held it for a short while (c.1983/4). The Egginton Group purchased both the Rodgers and the I*XL trade marks in 1986. I noted with interest that Joseph Rogers knives are currently advertised in the Australian collector's magazine Knives Australia. Unused and in its original box with paperwork, this limited knife has three blades measuring 9 ½ cm , 7 cm and 6 ½ cm. The longer blade having ‘1787 Schrade- I*XL-Woltsenholm Limited Edition to one side and Sheffield England to the other. The stag horn grips are held with 3 brass pins with brass pommels either end, one of which carries the Shrade/Wolstenholm stamp. A boxed unused special edition knife that would complement any collectors cabinet. The price includes UK postage. ED 2640.

**SCARCE PATTERN**J.E. Middleton & Sons Sheffield Spear Point Bowie Knife With Unusual Turned Twist Form Faux Buffalo Horn Hilt With Copper Wire Binding & Ornate Brass Fittings. Sn 19625 - 19625
Throughout the 1970’s and 1990’s the famous Sheffield cutlers J.E. Middleton & his sons Ron & Roy specialised in producing quality classic English & American design Bowies at their Rockingham Street, Sheffield premises. This is an excellent , scarce pattern Middleton knife. It has a 7 ¾” polished steel spear point dagger blade with medial ridge. The knife measures 13” overall length. The blade is stamped ‘J.E Middleton & Sons Rockingham Street Sheffield’. It has a brass finger guard with tooled edge decoration and ornate brass ferrule. The unusual, attractive, turned twist form faux Buffalo horn hilt with Copper wire binding is undamaged with all wire tight and intact. It has a brass pommel cap. The Bowie is complete with its open top brown leather scabbard with stitched rear belt loop. The scabbard is impressed ‘RM’ (either Ron or Roy Middleton who made the scabbards for Middleton & Sons Bowies). All stitching & leather of the scabbard are clean & intact. The price for this rare pattern Middleton in near mint condition includes UK delivery. Sn 19625

Large Fred James Sheffield Hand Made 'America Land Of The Free & Home Of The Brave ' Bowie Knife With Etched Blade, Polished Horn Scales & Leather Scabbard. Sn 19624 - 19624
Before his death in 1986 Fred James was Sheffield's best known Bowie Knife maker. He began his career in 1935 at Johnson's Portobello Works & continued work at Wostenholm's Washington Works in 1956. In 1971 when the companies of Wostenholm and Rodgers merged, James began his own knife making business (see pages 214-215 of The Sheffield Knife Book By Tweedale). This Fred James Sheffield made Bowie Knife & scabbard are in excellent condition. The knife has polished horn scales secured with brass pins. One scale has an inlaid void brass plate. It has a brass cross guard and ferrule. It has an 8 ¾” polished steel bowie blade which has a notch similar to those found on Kukri knives (13 ¾” overall). One side of the blade is etched with elaborate scroll work and wording "America Land Of The Free and The Home Of The Brave". The ricasso is stamped "F. W. James Sheffield". The open top scabbard is brown leather with belt loop stitched to the rear. The belt loop is impressed with crown device. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 19624

SOLD SOLD *BOXED**1980’s USA Gerber Mark 1 Military Combat Knife Designed By The Now Deceased RW Loveless & Scabbard harness Assembly. Sn 19604 - 19604
The now deceased Robert Waldorf Loveless aka Bob Loveless or RW Loveless, was an American knife maker who designed and popularised the hollowground drop point blade and the use of full tapered tangs within the art of Tactical knifemaking. He is cited by other knife makers and collectors as one of the most innovative custom knife makers in the world. Loveless specialised in combat knives. He designed the Gerber Guardian knife model for Gerber Knives in the 1980's and for a time was Gerber's Lead designer. This is an excellent rare to find boxed Gerber Mark 1 Combat knife. It has a black composite grip holed for wrist cord which does have areas of wear consistent with age and use. It has a 5” clean double edged spear blade with medial ridge and 2 ¼” saw back section (9" overall). One side of the blade is correctly marked with the Gerber name & trademark. The reverse is stamped 'A9574S' at the ricasso. The knife is complete with it's 2 original black leather scabbards with single retaining straps & stud fasteners. The scabbards are backed with Velcro to attach to their original Gerber webbing harness assembly rig for belt, shoulder and ankle carry. The price for this increasingly scarce boxed combat knife includes UK delivery. Sn 19604.
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