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Daggers and Knives

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WWII 1944 British MkII Pattern Gurkha Kukri & Scabbard By M.A.D 1944. 16276. - 16276
This is an original MkII Pattern WWII dated British Gurkha Military Kukri (Although the history of the kukri is long in Nepal, the knife was first seen by the British during the Anglo-Gorkha War of 1814-16. Wherever the Gurkhas fought, the kukri went with them and there wasn't a single battle where the kukri was not used. It has a 12 ¼” single edged Kukri blade with fullers & notch. It measures 17 ¾ ” overall. The wood handle with raised central band is secured by two large rivets and it has a steel pommel plate. The blade is date/manufacturer stamped ‘M.A.D 1944’. It comes with its original leather covered wood scabbard which has a small brass chape. The scabbard is undamaged *3 small drill holes on upper inner edge* and the leather intact with just areas of light service wear. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 16276. (Hunting & Survival)

*Scarce* Type 2 (End of 1943) U.S. M3 Trench Knife by ‘IMPERIAL’ Complete with its M8A1 Scabbard by P.W.H. ED 867. - ED 867
This is a superb and original Type 2 U.S. M3 Trench Knife with a M8A1 scabbard with integral frog. This Type 2 M3 fighting knife was made by IMPERIAL (Imperial Schrade Corp. was an American knife manufacturer of hunting knives, pocketknives, utility knives, and bayonets during the 20th and early 21st centuries. The consolidation of five forerunner companies, including its namesakes, the Imperial Knife Company, founded 1916, and the Schrade Cutlery Company, founded in 1904) towards the end of 1943. The M3 knife is contained in a M8A1 scabbard made by P.W.H. (Pennsylvania Working Home for the blind) and comes complete with its leg tie. The knifes pommel is stamped with the flaming grenade stamp. The type 2 knife has the usual leather washer grip which is tight with no movement *very minor movement in the finger guard*. This knife is a nice complete and rare to find combination of a blade marked M3 knife in its matching M8A1 scabbard. See M.H.Cole, ‘U.S Military Knives Bayonets and Machetes Book III’ page 97 No 12. The price for this scarce knife and scabbard includes UK delivery. ED 867. (American Knives & Bayonets).

**RARE**AS FOUND**WW2 1943 American Or Canadian Soldier’s Private Purchase 2nd Pattern Fairbairn Sykes FS Fighting Knife By Wilkinson Sword With Etched Panels & Banner To ‘Danny Dullea London 43’ & Quality Period Private Purchase Scabbard. Sn 21449 - 21499
2nd Pattern Fairbairn Sykes 'FS' Fighting Knives were introduced in 1941. Examples with etched blades are illustrated in Chapter 7 of The Fairbairn Sykes Fighting Knife & Other Commando Knives By Flook. American & Canadian special forces soldiers & Officers bought FS fighting knives as private purchase weapons. Examples of named, etched blades are illustrated on pages 96 & 97 of Flook’s book. This example has a knurled 2nd pattern brass hilt and oval steel cross guard. It has an undamaged 162mm blade with medial ridge & blued etched panels. One side has faint ‘Wilkinson Sword London’ with crossed swords legend. The reverse faint ‘The FS Fighting Knife’. One side of the blade has a crisp etched & blued scrolling banner with name and date ‘Danny Dullea London 43’. The dagger is complete with period, quality made private purchase leather scabbard with belt loop and retaining strap with press stud fastener. All leather & stitching of the scabbard are clean & intact. The price for this rare named & dated FS knife includes UK delivery. Sn 21499

SOLD SOLD (LAY-AWAY 29/03) **RARE**ORIGINAL**EARLY PRODUCTION**WW2 Era Nazi German 1933 Pattern SS Man’s Dagger By Rich Abr Herder Solingen With SS Runes, Motto Etched Blade & Scabbard. Sn 21518 - 21518
This is a rare original 1933 pattern SS Man’s Dagger and scabbard. All ranks of the SS were authorised to wear these daggers (see pages 48 & 49 of Johnson’s book Collecting The Edged Weapons Of The Third Reich Vol 1). The blade of this example is crisply marked with the Nazi manufacturer’s trademark of Rich Abr Herder Solingen and is without RZM marks indicating early production (Rich Abr Herder made only circa 1000 1933 pattern daggers with this trademark and are rated rarity 8 (10 being the rarest) in ‘The service daggers of the SA & The NSKK’ by Siegert). The blade has the correct "Meine Ehre Heist Treue" (my honour is loyalty) etched Blade. The blade has areas of staining consistent with age and one small nick on one edge close to the hilt. The black wooden grip is original and undamaged. The Nazi German National Emblem and 'SS' runes roundel are perfectly fitted. It has a solid Nickel cross guard stamped ‘I’ & solid Nickel pommel. The dagger is complete with its original anodised metal scabbard which has just one small dent. The scabbard has a single hanging ring and solid Nickel chape and throat mount. The price for this rare Nazi SS piece includes UK delivery. Sn 21518 (AS WITH ALL OF OUR STOCK THIS ITEM IS GUARANTEED 100% GENUINE)

WWI Private Purchase Trench Knife and Leather Sheath by Manufacturer Wade & Butcher Sheffield England. ED 2400. - ED 2400
A trench knife is a combat knife designed to kill or incapacitate an enemy at close quarters, such as in a trench or other confined area. It was developed as a close combat weapon for soldiers attacking enemy trenches during the First World War. William and Samuel Butcher were the sons of James Butcher, a cutler in Charles Street Sheffield. In the directories of 1821 and 1822 – Wade & Butcher – which traded from 85 Arundel Street Sheffield. The ‘Butcher’ is not identified, but it was presumably Samuel. The other principal was Robert Wade, who had been listed as a razor manufacturer in Arundel Street Sheffield since 1816. With a 12 ¾ cm (22 ¾ overall) single edged blade stamped ‘Wade & Butcher Sheffield England’ to the ricasso to one side with the Company trademark to the other showing light age related staining. The pineapple plastic grips are held with 3 pins. The silver coloured finger guard has minor play but is intact. The brown leather scabbard has an integrated belt loop and the stitching is all intact. The price includes UK delivery. ED 2400. (Small fixed blades box)

German Post WWII Survival Knife with Scabbard and Webbing Frog. 8881:20. Survival - 8881:20
knives are knives intended for survival purposes in a wilderness environment, often in an emergency when the user has lost most of their main equipment. Most military aviation units issue some kind of survival knife to their pilots in case their aircraft are shot down behind enemy lines and the crew needs tools to facilitate their survival, escape, and rescue. This post WWII German example has a blackened 17 ½ cm blade (20 ½ cm overall) with a single sharpened edge point and tip with a ¾ serrated edge and integrated wire cutter is in excellent condition. The hard ribbed plastic grips are held with a locking mechanism above a finger guard. The accompanying plastic scabbard with metal throat and integrated webbing frog and wire cutter attachment is in equally good condition. The price includes UK delivery. 8881:20. (Survival Knives)

**QUALITY MAKERS**C1950 Two Large Display Cased Sets Of John Nowill & Sons Sheffield Cutlers Factory Shop Window Knives & Assorted Cutlery. Sn 21501 - 21501
The earliest record of the business is in the books of the ‘Cutlers Company on 27TH April 1700. This family company was first based in Meadow Street Sheffield, but later moved to Scotland Street around 1840. It was in 1842 that the first of John Nowill sons, William, joined the business after finishing his apprenticeship. His maker’s marks of ‘D*’ and ‘CROSSKEYS’ remain the marks of the company to this day (see Tweedale’s The Sheffield Knife Book page 242). These are 2 original C1950 Display Cased Sets Of John Nowill & Sons Sheffield Cutlers Factory Shop Window Knives & other assorted cutlery. Most of the knife blades contained in both displays are signed ‘J.Nowill & Sons-Sheffield above ‘D’ and Crosskeys’ apart from 4 of the white ivorine or bone handled knives in one of the displays (right hand display in 1st image), which are signed ‘Frank Mills & Co Ltd Wearwell Stainles Steel’, a cutler connected to Nowills ( Frank Mills (1860-1932) was a clothes dealer and table knife blade grinder. The first directory listing of Frank Mills was in 1893 in Charlotte Street, as a table knife manufacturer. In 1903, it became Frank Mills & Co Ltd. Frank Mills, died on Christmas Day in 1932, afterwards, the firm’s address was 135 Scotland Street (the same as Nowill, which had acquired Mills’ assets and marks including ‘Wearwell’, see Tweedale's Directory of Sheffield Cutlery Manufacturers 1740-2013 [2nd edition]). All of the cutlery in both displays are securely wire bound to their felt backboards which both have J. Nowill & Sons & trademark labelling. The 2 piece glazed wood frames are screwed together at the rear (to avoid damage we have not attempted to remove the tools and blades from their mounts). All of the knives and other cutlery are clean and fully functional. Each case measures 36”x18”x 3 ½”. The price is for both cased displays and includes UK delivery (due to size and risk of glass damage International delivery is not available). Sn 21501 (office in front of storeroom door)

**RARE, RHOM ERASED**EARLY PRODUCTION**Nazi German 1933 Pattern SA Dagger By Eickhorn Solingen (Maker Rarity 1) With Motto Etched Blade, Friendship Inscription Erased & Scabbard. Sn 21442 - 21442
The name of the Nazi SA leader & friend of Hitler, Ernst Rohm together with 'Friendship' motto was inscribed on the blades of some SA daggers. In 1934 Rohm was accused of Treason against Hitler and he was executed. After Rohm's death Hitler ordered Rohm's name to be removed from all blades. This is an original early production 1933 pattern SA dagger with Rohm name and inscription period removed as per Hitler’s order and scabbard in excellent condition (later production examples have RZM marks ours is without RZM marks). The wooden grip is undamaged. It has the correct German Eagle with swastika National emblem and 'SA' roundel. It has a Nickel plated cross guard stamped 'Nm', & pommel. One side of its blade has the correct "Alles Fur Deutschland" inscription. The other side has the correct friendship inscription and Ernst Rhom name contemporarily removed and shows areas of rubbing where this process has taken place. The blade has crisp manufacturer’s name and trademark Eickhorn Solingen (the trademark is the correct small squirrel with serrated tail variant without C.E. initials of Carl Eickhorn beneath. Eickhorn made approximately 52,000 of these daggers and are rated as rarity value 1, 10 being highest rarity value in the book ‘The Service Daggers Of The SA & The NSKK by Siegert). The dagger is complete with its original brown metal scabbard with nickel plated chape and locket with hanging ring. The price for this rare to find Rhom erased SA dagger includes UK delivery. Sn 21442

WW2 Italian 2nd Pattern Italian fascist, MVSN (Milizia Voluntaria Sicurezza Nationale) Fighting Knife & Steel Scabbard. ED 2588 - ED 2588
This is an excellent original WW2 Italian 2nd Pattern Italian fascist, MVSN (Milizia Voluntaria Sicurezza Nationale) Fighting Knife (see page 76 plate 379 of Stephen’s book ‘Fighting Knives’). The knife has an 8 ¼” single edged blade which has no damage and just light staining consistent with age. It measures 12 ¾” overall. The blade has its original hilt washer. It has the correct contoured wood handle secured by rivets and blackened steel cross guard. The knife is complete with its original steel scabbard with fixed pressed steel belt loop. The scabbard retains its original black paint & has no dents. There are no visible manufacturer or date marks on either the knife or the scabbard. The price includes UK delivery ED 2588 (Fighting Knives)

German WWI Trench Knife with Antler Handle and Leather Scabbard by Manufacturer Gottlieb Hammesfahr Solingen Foche. Sn. 5308. - Sn. 5308
This is a nice German WWI trench dagger (with the exception of the German Nahkampfmesser or (close combat knife), most early trench knives were fabricated by hand by individual soldiers or blacksmiths for the purpose of silently killing sentries and other soldiers during trench raids. These early "trench knives" were often shortened and sharpened Army-issue bayonets. One type of stabbing weapon, the French Nail, was made by cutting and pointing the steel stakes used to support the barbed wire protecting trenches. Some historians say that some trench knives models were inspired by the Bowie knife. This nice example with maker Gottlieb Hammesfahr Solingen Foche imprinted to one side of the blade. The 6” blade (10 ½ “ overall) is in very good condition with minor age related staining. The one piece Antler grip has silver coloured metal to the base and pommel. It has a brass coloured finger guard above the blade. The scabbard is thick brown leather with integrated belt loop. The leather, stitching and studs are all in good order. The price includes UK delivery. Sn. 5308.
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