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Daggers and Knives

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Cased Post 1952 QEII British Wilkinson Sword ‘Best Commando On Course Prize’ 3rd Pattern Fairbairn Sykes FS Fighting Knife With Etched Panel. Sn 20444:10 - 20444:10
An excellent, original, 3rd Pattern Fairbairn Sykes fighting knife with etched Wilkinson Sword panel. These post WW2 quality knives were reputedly presented to the ‘best commando on course’ after completion of their arduous training and are highly prized fully functional fighting knives. The 3rd pattern knife was introduced in 1942 (see page 61 & 62 of British & Commonwealth Military Knives By Flook) and continued to be issued post war. This Commando prize has an undamaged ribbed and blackened alloy handle and oval blackened steel cross guard. It has a 177mm dagger blade with medial ridge. The blade has an etched panel on one side ‘Wilkinson Sword Ltd Made In England QE II Royal Appointment’ within foliate panel & crossed swords legend. The etching is crisp. The dagger is contained in its quality green leatherette wrapped wooden case. The case has a hinged lid and clasp fasteners. The inside of the case is lined with green felt and contoured to snugly fit the dagger. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 20444:10

WW2 British 3rd Pattern Commando Fairbairn Sykes FS Fighting Knife Number 4 Mould Mark & Scabbard. Sn 20447:13 - 20447:13
This is an original WW2 3rd pattern Fairbairn Sykes fighting knife in excellent condition (see Chapter 8 of The Fairbairn Sykes Fighting Knife & Other Commando Knives By Flook). It has an undamaged ribbed alloy handle & 176 mm double edged blued steel dagger blade with medial ridge and blued steel oval cross guard. The hilt has number 4 mould mark near to the pommel. The dagger is complete with original leather scabbard with external blackened chape and belt loop. The scabbard has its original elasticated retaining strap which is as common perished in the centre and retains its 4 original sewn on leather tabs. All leather & stitching are intact. The price for this WW2 FS fighting knife includes UK delivery. Sn 20447:13

*Near Mint* WWI Era Imperial German Fighting / Trench Knife by Gottleib Hammesfahr Solingen Foche & Scabbard with Integral Belt Loop. Sn 5119. - Sn 5119
An original German WW1 Fighting / Trench Knife and scabbard with integral frog (see page 44 of ‘German Combat Knives 1914-1945’ by Christian Mery where a Gottlieb knife & scabbard the same as ours is illustrated). The knife has a 6” unmarked blade with medial ridge and has an overall length of 11”. The blade is crisply marked "Gottlieb Hammesfahr Solingen Foche " on one side, the reverse has a small Imperial Crown Inspection mark. The grips are wooden with typical nine diagonally carved grooves. The undamaged grips are secured with two brass rivets. It is complete with its original metal scabbard. The throat has a leather belt loop riveted to it. The belt loop has a single retaining strap with press stud fastener. The leather of the belt loop is in excellent condition and is intact and secure. The price for this near mint pair includes UK delivery. Sn 5119.

19th Century Piha Kaetta Sinhalese Sri Lankan Knife With Ornate Tooled Blade Highlighted With Silver, Brass And Copper & Carved Horn Hilt Inlaid With Silver Decoration. ED 2557 - ED 2557
The Sinhalese are an Indo-Aryan ethnic group of the island of Sri Lanka. This Piha Kaetta Sinhalese Knife was made sometime in the 19th century (see page499 of A Glossary Of The Construction Decoration & Use Of Arms & Armour by Stone where similar knives are illustrated) . It has the typical 7” single edge blade with panels of ornate tooled decoration highlighted in silver, brass and copper. The blade has just staining consistent with age and is sharp. The knife measures 10 ½” overall and has an undamaged curved horn hilt carved with foliate decoration and mounted with silver & brass escutcheons. The curved brass pommel cap has tooled decoration as does its flamboyant brass finger guard. As is common, the knife is without scabbard. The price includes UK delivery. ED 2557. (Drawers)

C1850 T.B. Elliss Large 6 Bore Percussion Muzzle Loading Wildfowling / Sporting Shotgun With Damascus Steel Barrel & Ramrod. Sn 20472 - 20472
This is an excellent wildfowling/ sporting gun. This gun is 49” overall length. It is a large 6 bore and has a 32 ½” Damascus steel barrel. Its smooth bore has light staining and residue consistent with age and use. It has an excellent walnut stock with chequered wrist, German Silver fore stock cap and stock mounts including an inlaid void disc to the top of the wrist. The stock has a steel butt plate with extended tang. The action plate is signed by the maker ‘T.B Elliss’ (most likely Thomas Elliss recorded in Swaffham, Norfolk 1845 see page 95 of English Gunmakers By De Witt Bailey & Douglas Nie, we cannot find another maker with the surname spelt ELLISS). The action plate also has an engraved game Birds in the field scene. It has a heavy steel Dolphin hammer. The metal work has scrollwork decoration and the trigger guard has an extended tang with pineapple finial. The barrel has a small bead foresight. The piece is complete with its original ebonised wood ramrod with brass end cap and tip which unscrews to reveal a worm. Its cocking & firing actions work perfectly. The price for this large bore fowling / sporting gun worthy of further research regarding the maker includes UK delivery. NB As an antique percussion shotgun no licence is required to own this item in the UK if retained as part of collection or display. Sn 20472

WW1 Era Improvised Italian Fighting Knife Trench Fighting Dagger & Scabbard Both Made From A Cut Down Italian Bayonet & Scabbard. Sn 20419 - 20419
This is an unusual WW1 era Italian Improvised Fighting Knife & Scabbard made from an unknown pattern of cut down Italian form bayonet and scabbard. The knife has a 6 ¼” single edged blade which has no damage and central fullers. It measures 10” overall. It has small slab wood grips secured by rivets & steel cross guard absent muzzle ring. The grips have some old stable worm holes. The grip frame has a small undersized mortice for rifle bayonet lug and there is no release button present found on most bayonets. The button and muzzle ring were both most likely removed when converting to fighting knife. The knife is complete with its improvised scabbard no doubt made from a cut down bayonet scabbard. The leather scabbard has rear seam and brass throat mount with frog locket and external chape. The scabbard’s leather and stitching are clean and intact. The price includes UK delivery Sn 20419

WWII British WD Ralph Martindale Military Machete & Original WD 1943 Dated Leather Scabbard by ‘J.J.B.’. ED 2213. - ED 2213
An original WWII era machete by Ralph Martindale who made these machetes for the British War Department (see page 108 of 'British and Commonwealth Military Knives' book by Flook). The machete has a heavy steel blade which is 15” long and 2 ¾” broad at its widest point and is marked ‘J.J.B. Broad Arrow over 1943’. The grips are the correct undamaged black fibre material and are secured by 5 copper rivets to prevent rusting. The handle is holed for wrist cord. One side of the blade has number ‘10’ and visible WD arrow. The blade has staining consistent with age and service use. The machete measures 20 ¼” overall length. This example is complete with its original heavy duty leather scabbard in excellent condition which has a large belt loop & single retaining strap with stud fastener. The loop of the scabbard is impressed with WD arrow and 83’, together with 1943 date and ‘WD arrow. All leather stitching and rivets are clean and intact. The price includes UK delivery. ED 2213.

**SCARCE**WW2 Era Romanian Axis Powers Army Officer’s Eagle’s Head Hilt Dress Dagger With Crown MI (King Michael 1st) Device & Scabbard With Original Leather Frog. Sn 20192 - 20192
In WW2 Romania joined the Axis Powers on 23 November 1940. As a member of the Axis, Romania joined the invasion of the Soviet Union (Operation Barbarossa) on 22 June 1941, providing equipment and oil to Nazi Germany as well as committing more troops to the Eastern Front than all the other allies of Germany combined. Romanian forces played a large role during fighting in Ukraine, Bessarabia, Stalingrad and elsewhere. Romanian troops were responsible for the persecution and massacre of 260,000 Jews in Romanian-controlled territories, though half of the Jews living within Romania itself survived the war. Romania controlled the third largest Axis army in Europe and the fourth largest Axis army in the world, only behind the three principal Axis powers of Germany, Japan, and Italy. Michael I (25 October 1921 – 5 December 2017) was the last king of Romania, reigning from 20 July 1927 to 8 June 1930 and again from 6 September 1940 until his forced abdication on 30 December 1947. This is an original WW2 Era Romanian Axis Powers Army Officer’s Eagle’s Head Hilt Dress Dagger With Crown MI (King Michael 1st) Device & Scabbard With Original Leather Frog. The small dagger measures 9” overall. It has a nickel plated brass Eagle’s head hilt with red glass eyes. Its chequered polished horn scales are secured by 2 rivets. One scale has the ‘brass crown above MI’ device of King Michael the first. The hilt has a nickel plated brass finger guard with slightly curved quillon. The unsharpened 5 ½” long blade has staining consistent with age. The knife is complete with its original nickel plated steel scabbard with frog bar and ball tip. The scabbard is fitted with original leather frog which has 2 belt loops and steel buckles. All leather and stitching of the frog are intact. There are no maker or date marks on the dagger, scabbard or frog. The price for this scarce Axis Powers piece includes UK delivery. Sn 20192

WW1 German Deer's Foot Trench Dagger Marked 'Acier Superieur Garanti' & Scabbard. ED 2212 - ED 2212
This is an original German WW1 Trench Dagger. It has a deer's foot handle with brass ferrule and wave steel crossguard. It has a clean 5 ¼ " blade with medial ridge (10" overall). The hilt is fitted with original felt washer. The blade is crisply marked by the manufacturer 'Acier Superieur Garanti' between 2 Anchors. The dagger is complete with original thin wood scabbard which has a thin covering of leather *open to one side*. The price includes UK delivery. ED 2212

German WW1 Fighting/Trench Knife And Scabbard. ED 881. - ED 881
This is an original German WW1 fighting/trench knife with a wooden grip and a 6 1/8 inch blade sharpened for its length on one edge. The other has a short false edge. The crossguard and ferrule are made of steel. The knife is contained in its original steel scabbard which retained some of its original black paint and the remains of its belt loop. See Frederick J Stephens book Fighting Knives page 37 items 154 – 156 for similar knives. ED 881
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