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Daggers and Knives

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**WWII Period ‘G.Wolstenholm & Son’ Deck Knife and Scabbard. ED 2559. - ED 2559
The I*XL trademark had originally been registered in 1787 to a W A Smith. The mark books of The Company of Cutlers show I*XL being registered to Wostenholm’s in 1831. Originally the family name was spelt ‘Wolstenholme’ but, story has it that the second George Wolstenholme found this name too long for smaller knives so he omitted the letters ‘l’ and ‘e’. The name has been spelt Wostenholm ever since. Moving to Washington Works, Wellington Street in 1848. It was named 'Washington' after the American trade which made George Wostenholm's fortune. Washington Works was the largest cutlery works of its time, placing cutlery manufacture under one roof of a reported 800 employees and breaking with the established method of small scale cutlery production by Sheffield’s “Little Mesters”. The blade length – 11 ½ cm. Total length including handle – 23 ½ cm. The blade has an ornate serated edge to the top of the spine. This knife has an 11cm Bakelite diamond cut grip handle with a finger guard/quillon. The blade itself is engraved ‘I * XL on the ricasso with ‘G. Wolstenholm and Son Washington Works Sheffield England’ on the cheek. The knife comes with its original brown leather sheath with upper belt loop. The blade and sheath are showing signs of use, but only adds to the history of the item. The price includes U.K. delivery. ED 2559. (Hunting and Survival Box)

WW2 British Royal Marines Double Etched 2nd Pattern FS Fighting Knife With Scabbard, Green Beret, William Rodgers Sheffield Utility Knife With Scabbard Many Original WW2 Photos & Ephemera Attributed to L/Cpl Marine Arthur John Kirkby . Sn 19133:4 - 19133:4
This original WW2 collection is attributed to Marine Arthur John Kirkby, who in the post war years served with the Territorial Army. Lance Corporal Arthur John Kirby was born in 1925 and at the early stage of WW2 volunteered as a Messenger Boy with the local Home Guard based in Norwich. After the war he volunteered for Territorial service with the RAMC and Royal Engineers. The collection comprises: His 2nd pattern FS fighting knife with correct brass hilt . Its 157mm blade is clean and is double etched. One side has ‘The FS Fighting Knife’ within panel, the reverse Wilkinson Sword London within panel. Its original scabbard has blackened external chape. As is common its original 4 sewn on tabs and elasticated retaining strap are absent. All leather & stitching are intact. His private purchase combat / utility knife with 8” fullered blade to the fortes details of William Rodgers I cut my way trademark & Made in Sheffield England. The hilt with compressed leather washer grip and complete with brown leather scabbard. His RM green beret. The material of the green beret is clean and has just a few small stable moth holes. It is mounted with its original RM brass cap badge The badge has its original split pin to the rear. The beret has no manufacturer or date marks to the lining. The beret is approx. UK size 6. All are accompanied by a selection of original photographs, paperwork etc, appertaining to Lance Corporal Arthur John Kirby including a letter dated December 1943 from his old Home Guard Commanding Officer congratulating on becoming a Marine. A Christmas menu for HMS Kenya 1945 and the photographs indicate Far East service. The price for this rare to find original WW2 collection of Royal Marines Equipment including a double etched FS fighting knife with original photos to a named Marine which is worthy of further research includes UK delivery. Sn 19133:4

**EARLY BLADE MARKED**WW2 U.S Army M3 Kinfolks Incorporated Fighting Knife & M8A1 Scabbard With Integral Frog By BM Co (Beckwith Manufacturing Company) & ‘VP’ Victory Plastics. Sn 20215 - 20215
The M3 trench knife or M3 fighting knife was an American military combat knife first issued in March 1943. The M3 was originally designated for issue to soldiers not otherwise equipped with a bayonet. However, it was particularly designed for use by forces in need of a close combat knife, such as Airborne Units and Army Rangers, so these units received priority for the M3 at the start of production. As more M3 knives became available in 1943 and 1944, the knife was issued to other soldiers such as Army Air Corps crewmen and soldiers not otherwise equipped with a bayonet, including soldiers issued the M1 carbine or a submachine gun such as the M3 ‘Grease gun’. Early variants had makers names on the blade, later versions were marked on the guard. This is an excellent original WW2 U.S M3 Fighting Knife & M8A1 Scabbard With Integral Frog ( see page 95 of Cole’s book US Military Knives ). Its 6 ¾” blade retains traces of its original blue finish. The blade has crisp marking ‘US M3 Kinfolks Inc’. Only early blades were stamped with manufacturer marks, later examples had markings on the cross guard. It has the correct undamaged compressed leather washer ringed handle. The pommel top has the Frankford Arsenal ignited grenade mark. The knife is complete with its original green plastic M8A1 scabbard with integral green webbing frog which has a single retaining strap and press stud fastener. The upper mount of the scabbard is stamped 'US M8A1' & by the manufacturer 'BM Co' (Beckwith Manufacturing Company). The rear of the scabbard is cast with ‘VP’ mark of Victory Plastics. The tip of the scabbard is correctly holed for thigh cord. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 20215

**RARE**Victorian 1869-1874 Joseph Rodgers 6 Norfolk Street Sheffield Made For Manton & Co Calcutta Spear Point Bowie Knife With Chequered Horn Scales, German Silver Cross Guard & Leather Scabbard. Sn 19279 - 19279
The Manton family were English gunmakers beginning with John in the early 1800's, then his younger brother Joseph who operated circa 1825-35. J. Manton and Son operated circa 1832-1862 and Manton & Co is listed as operating in London and Calcutta circa 1869-74. Manton’s Calcutta operation specialised in supplying quality firearms and blades to British officer’s & Gentlemen in India. Joseph Rodgers had an unsurpassed reputation for knife making in the 19th century. The Star and Maltese cross were granted to Rodgers by the Company in 1764 and both he and later his sons continued to produce quality knives throughout the Victorian era at various premises in Sheffield including the world famous 6 Norfolk Street. Due to the high quality of their work Rodgers & Sons were awarded Royal Warrants. This is a quality 13” long, Spear Point Bowie knife & Scabbard made by Rodgers at their Norfolk street workshop for Manton & Co Calcutta. It has chequered horn scales secured by German Silver pins. A void German silver plate is mounted on one scale and it has a thick oval German silver cross guard. It has an 8 ¼” double edged, spear point steel blade with central fullers on both sides. One side of the blade is crisply marked ‘Joseph Rodgers & Sons, No 6 Norfolk Street Sheffield’ together with ‘Star and Maltese cross’ trademark and the reverse ‘Made For Manton & Co Calcutta’. The blade has just small areas of staining consistent with age. The excellent, original open top brown leather scabbard has a rear belt loop. All leather & stitching of the scabbard are intact. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 19279

WW1 Imperial German Officer’s Ernst Pack & Sohne Solingen Trench Dagger / Fighting Knife With Carbine Bayonet Blade (Hilt Design Based On German WW1 Dress Bayonet) & Scabbard. ED 2207 - ED 2207
This is a an original WW1 German Officer’s trench dagger / fighting knife. This form of trench dagger were based on dress bayonets issued during WW1 (see page 50 of German Combat Knives 1914-1945 By Mery where similar hilt variants are illustrated). This dagger is 12 ¼” overall with a 7 ¾” steel blade similar to those found on German carbine bayonets (see page 180 item 403 of ‘The Bayonet Book’ by Watts & White). The blade is marked with the trademark of Ernst Pack & Sohne Solingen. It has the correct Eagle's head pommel with correct false bayonet button which pushes in but is correctly non-functioning & forms the Eagles eye and bayonet type mortice slot (this fighting knife was not made for fixing to a rifle). The undamaged chequered wood scales are secured with two rivets. It has an up-swept quillon cross guard. The dagger has its original blackened metal scabbard which has a ball end and frog locket. The scabbard retains some of its original black finish and has no dents. The price includes UK delivery. ED 2207

WW2 Burma Campaign Chindit Special Forces, Fighting Knife / Combat Bowie & Scabbard. ED 2205 - ED 2205
The Chindits – officially in 1943 designated the 77th Indian Infantry Brigade and in 1944, the 3rd Indian Infantry Division was a British "Special Force" that served in Burma and India in 1943 and 1944 during the Burma Campaign in WW2. This is an original combat Bowie carried by Chindit troops. These fighting knives were manufactured in India during WW2 and come in a number of variations. An example the same as ours is illustrated on page 205 plate 493 of Flook’s book British & Commonwealth Military Knives. As is common with these knives there are no manufacturer or date marks on our example. The undamaged wood slab grips are secured to the Tang by 3 rivets. The grips have just light bumps and bruises to be expected with age and service use. It has a clean single edged 7 ½” long blade with correct drop point Bowie type tip. The blade is sharp with just a few small nibbles to the cutting edge consistent with service use. The correct original scabbard is made of leather, stitched along the edges and has a single belt loop to the rear of the scabbard. The scabbard has a leather retaining strap with press stud fastener. The leather has period hand applied ink name ‘Platt’ near to the retaining strap, most likely the name of the Chindit issued with this knife. The price includes UK delivery. ED 2205

**MINT**WW2 USN MK 2 (United States Navy Mark 2) Camillus NY (Cutlery Company New York) Ka-Bar Fighting Knife With USN Mark 2 Grey Plastic Scabbard By BM Co (Beckwith Manufacturing Company & VP (Victory Plastics). Sn 20880 - 20880
This is an original, near mint, WW2 era USN Mark 2 Ka-Bar fighting knife & Scabbard (see page 78 of the book ‘United States Military Knives Collector’s Guide By Silvey & Boyd). The undamaged, grip is constructed of the correct compressed smooth leather washers. It has the correct finger guard and has a pinned steel pommel. The blade is marked on one side ‘USN MK 2’ and the reverse has manufacturer detail ‘Camillus NY’ (Cutlery Company New York). It has a clean, 7” blued, bowie blade with fullers. It is complete with its correct grey plastic scabbard with integral webbing frog and retaining strap with press stud fastener. The throat mount is stamped to the front ‘USN MK 2’ and the rear ‘NORD-8114 (stores code), BM Co (Beckwith Manufacturing Company) 1/6’ and ‘VP’ (Victory Plastics). All markings are illustrated. The tip of the scabbard is holed for thigh cord. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 20880

WW2 Era Nazi German Luftwaffen- Kampfmesser Pilot’s & Paratrooper’s Fallschirmjager Boot Knife With Luftwaffe Acceptance Mark & Scabbard. Sn 20878 - 20878
An original, WW2 German Luftwaffe Luftwaffen- Kampfmesser Boot Knife & Scabbard in excellent condition. These knives were carried in the boots of Luftwaffe pilots and Air crew and were favoured by Nazi Fallschirmjager Paratroopers (see page 78 of German Combat knives 1914-1945 By Mery). The knife has an undamaged, 6 ¾” steel blade which has just light staining consistent with age and has the correct, crisp, Luftwaffe stylised Eagle acceptance mark. The overall length is 11 ¼”. The grips are smooth contoured wood and secured to the tang by three rivets. The grips have just light bumps and bruises consistent with age and service use. Its original scabbard is metal with original black paint. It has the correct pronged metal belt / boot clip to the rear. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 20878

C1900 J. Nowill & Sons ‘Sportsmans Multi-Blade Pocket Knife’. ED 2204. - ED 2204
The Sheffield Directory (1828) listed: ‘William and John Nowill, manufacturers of silver fruit and dessert knives, fancy, pen and pocket and desk knives, also nails, files, button hooks, stilettos, etc., 7 Meadow Street’. On 28 December 1836, Thomas Nowill died aged 78, from ‘natural decay’ as the General Cemetery register termed it (See page242 of ‘The Sheffield Knife Book’ by Geoffrey Tweedale). This is a nice original, British Sheffield made Sportsman’s Folding Knife. It has a 2” single edged blade, claw blade/bottle opener, corkscrew, spike and what could possibly be a can opener. Some of the blades are stamped by the Sheffield manufacturer '' with 'J.Nowill & Sons’ and Sheffield England’. All have staining consistent with age but no damage. It has German polished and chequered grips and a lanyard shackle. When closed the knife measures 3 ½” length (including shackle). The price includes UK delivery. ED 2204. (Drawers)

WWI Dated British Trench Knife Converted from a P1907 Bayonet and Leather Scabbard. ED 2199. - ED 2199
An original WWI British trench knife and leather scabbard made by converting a Wilkinson made P1907 bayonet (A trench knife is a combat knife designed to kill or incapacitate an enemy at close quarters, such as in a trench or other confined area. It was developed as a close combat weapon for soldiers attacking enemy trenches during the First World War. See page 393 No 820 of The Bayonet Book by Watts & White for a pre-cut down version. Marked ‘1907’ below crown, 12’ 17 (December 1917) and ‘Wilkinson’. The obverse has numerous inspection marks and Broad Arrows. Blade length; 20 ¾ cm, 33 cm overall. The fullered blade is in good order *no tip-see images/*. The wooden grips are intact and have minor signs of service wear. The pommel and crossguard have been previously painted. The scabbard with teardrop frog stud is solid with the metalwork and stitching all intact. The price includes UK delivery. ED 2199. (Fighting Knives)
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